It was a pretty slow weekend, so I spent a lot of my time on some more quick reviews. This time around I checked out new records from Hierophant, Alpha And Omega, All Pigs Must Die and there is also a bonus review for underground hardcore act The Last March Of The Ents. Continue after the jump to see what I thought of these fantastic records.    

Hierophant – Great Mother : Holy Monster
For the love of all things chaotic, Hierophant are an anomaly that came out of nowhere and hit me square in the face. The first time I heard this band was on our sister site CVLT Nation, where a track was being exclusively streamed. I knew this band would make a lifelong impact on me from that moment. From the opening seconds of Great Mother : Holy Monster, you are introduced to a completely organic and chaotic, while remaining beautifully crafted, slab of punishing dark hardcore. Vicious from the moment “Son of the New Faith” kicks into gear and lasting through “Son of the Black Mirror,” there is not a single dull moment on this record. Hierophant are a band that I came to love very, very quickly and spending just five minutes listening to Great Mother : Holy Monster will show you why.

Rating: A++
Favorite track: “Son of Public Castration”

Alpha And Omega – No Rest, No Peace
I am pretty new to Alpha And Omega, but I knew from the moment their latest record No Rest, No Peace kicked off that this band was no joke. Hardcore punk merged with the riffing and attitude of Slayer and Cro-Mags, respectively. This band has a mean disposition to writing catchy, crushing, thrashy tunes, which turns me on quite a bit. Powerful chugging riff after even more powerful chugging riff, this album doesn’t lose momentum as it pushes on, it becomes Cain Marko and destroys everything in its path. The addition of (properly used) gang vocals also hits a soft spot with me, as I am a fan of this (when it is done appropriately). The opening riff of “Downfall” is so infectious that I found myself constantly going back and jamming this track on repeat. Alpha And Omega may not have the history that Slayer does (and I hope they never will, R.I.P. Slayer), but they have the strength and the will, which will set them up as a staple of thrashy hardcore from here on. Hoo-rah.

Rating: A+
Favorite track: “Downfall”

All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature
My motherfuckers! All Pigs Must Die are a house favorite here at AA and for good reason. These dudes do not play around when it comes to their own brand of vicious hardcore mastery. Every release that All Pigs Must Die has under their belt at this time prove that they are behemoths of the hardcore world. As APMD prepped their new album Nothing Violates This Nature, the world stood on their tiptoes, impatiently awaiting new material. When this album came into my possession, I was hooked on it like a Brooklyn crack head. Chaos ensues, just as the albums opener (“Chaos Arises”) alludes to, as soon as this album kicks off. Followed up by nine more momentous, monolith-sized ruthless hardcore jams, Nothing Violates This Nature stands tall as one of the meanest, nastiest records of the year, and not just in the category of hardcore. I wouldn’t be surprised to see All Pigs Must Die atop many a Year End List in December, especially with tracks such as “Holy Plague” and “Faith Eater” gracing this monster.

Rating: A++
Favorite track: “Faith Eater”

The Last March Of The Ents – The Ever Distorting
When you’re a fan of hardcore, you often have to stick your head out of the press releases and go searching for something new and even further underground. After searching through subterranean levels of hardcore punk, I learned the existence of The Last March Of The Ents. While this band is not what you would call revolutionary, they are fucking phenomenal. They’re a little bit Black Flag and a little bit Baptists, so all in all they are pretty great. All of these elements can be experience in the bands latest release The Ever Distorting, which is chocked full of heavy riffing, pulverizing drumming and emotionally-driven vocals. The Last March Of The Ents should be sitting nicely on your hardcore playlist, so make sure they get a spot on there.

Rating: B+
Favorite track: “Ruler Of Crows”

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