Quick Review Of BABY GODZILLA’s “Knockout Machine”

When a song starts off immediately and makes you want to punch the person closest to you right in the jaw, you know you’re in for a good time. This was the exact reaction I got from pressing play on the new EP by Baby Godzilla. On top of having an extraordinary name, this band packs a punch. The first track kicks off as a menacing sonata under the title “A Good Idea Realised” and instantly kicks you in the face with spectacular riffing and gut-wrenching screams from the pit of hell. The only thing to top that is the follow-up track “Trogloraptor” which is as amazing as its title alludes to it being. Leading in with feedback and entering into a fury of whacky, spastic riffing, this track is a doozy if I’ve ever experienced one.

“Whorepaedo” kicks into gear with a powerful, bass-driven intro before jumping into gear and running your ass over. The manic guitar work and frantic vocal style really set this track on fire. There is a nice little interlude around the middle of the track that rules all. This track utilizes a lot of feedback along with the hearty riffing. “A Great Idea Bastardised,” I’m assuming is a retort to Knockout Machine’s opening track “A Good Idea Realised” and is even more crazy than the former. Blistering by, this track is a punishing slab of vicious hardcore mastery.

“In the Name Of Science and Progress” breaks right in with loads of feedback and the immediate impression of this being a sludgy track. You’d be wrong though, because Baby Godzilla continue their expansive hardcore prowess as soon as you’re comfortable with the slow and steady. The vocals on this track are very interesting because they aren’t styled in a single fashion, they go from melodic and clean to raw and throat-ripping. Good job, boys. Loved it.

Download Knockout Machine here:

  • Rating: A++
  • Favorite track: “Trogloraptor”
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