Review: TRANSIENT- “Transient”

Even in this day and agem women are discriminated against. From the workplace to the home, women find themselves fighting all the way for the same things that men take for granted. Even in metal, you’ll still find the stereotypical misogynist who believes women have no place in the pit , or worse, have no place as the frontwoman in a band. However, it’s women like Transient singer Krysta Martinez who continue to fight an uphill battle for women everywhere. And on their self-titled LP, grindcore band Transient make it perfectly clear that women not only are able to hold their own playing guitar or bass, they also possess the pipes to scream and shout with the best of them.

Transient must subscribe to the Rick Rubin school of thought in that you start off an album with one of your strongest songs. Because with “Bottom Feeder”, you get an idea of where Transient are coming from. Alternating between blastbeats and brief breakdowns, the song is a tone setter for the rest of the album, immediately making it clear to the listener that Transient mean business. On the second track, “Goad”, a simplistic yet catchy hardcore riff tunnels its way into your cranium and makes its home there, forcing you to bang your head along with the song. While for the most part vocalist Krysta sings in an unhinged hardcore scream , on such songs as “False Philanthropy” and “Antipositivism”, she proves she’s more than capable of dropping a few notes and growling with an impressive guttural grunt. Aside from the vocals, Transient distinguish themselves with the surprising technicality they bring to each song. The riffs are razor sharp, at times even a little mathy, the drums not only keep the beat but they hit every d-beat and blastbeat perfectly on time even as the guitars sprint at breakneck speed. Not everything is all blastbeats and bluster however as with many grindcore bands are want to do, they slow it down at times to a creepy sludgy crawl. But if you’re not into that and you’re a total speedfreak be happy in the knowledge that for the most part, from beginning to end, every song is a lesson in speed. 16 songs in total and with a running time at about 20 minutes, you know Transient aren’t messing around. On “Cataphora” Transient even demonstrate a strong ability at working a groove with the vocals and guitars doing a stellar job at summoning a strong melody that will have you nodding your head even as you are headbutting the wall. On “Pythia Misunderstood” they even pull off a time change mid-song that Ed Gein would be proud of. And on the audacious song “The Shape of Grind To Come” they take a page out of Refused’s songbook and offer their own blueprint for what grind will look like in the future, which is groove heavy guitarwork replete with blastbeats and bottom heavy bass.

All in all Transient’s self titled is a superb mix of the old school and the new school, with all the earmarks of classic grindcore in the vein of early Napalm Death and Terrorizer but also a more modern technical approach. Not only is Transient’s self-titled one of the more promising debuts to come out of the underground in recent memory but it is easily one of the best grindcore albums to come out all year and without a doubt will most certainly find itself on many a critic’s year end Best Of Lists.

FFO: Buried at Birth, Landmine Marathon, Brutal Truth, Ed Gein
Rating: 9/10
Label: Six Weeks Records
Release Date: 10 September 2013

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2 comments on “Review: TRANSIENT- “Transient”

  1. yknow other sites have managed to cover this band without even mentioning the fact that the vocalist is female and you’ve managed to focus on that the entire article.

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