Straight To The Point: Quick Reviews of LORD SNOW, SACRIDOSE, and BONE DANCE

Lord Snow is a female fronted screamo band from Chicago that has been making waves in the underground these past few years with their own incredible brand of dissonant emoviolence. On their latest LP, Solitude, they blaze through 11 songs in roughly 19 minutes. Each song bleeds into the next like the multitude of dead found on a battlefield. With literally no let down between songs, Lord Snow leaves you no time to rest with one song after another destroying you with their off kilter drums, utterly scathing guitars, and maniacal banshee shrieks. Vocalist Steph lays waste with a scream that can peel the paint off walls coupled with brief spoken word interludes. With the exception of 2 songs, all the songs on this debut are sub-2 minutes which only goes to show that Lord Snow find their strength in brief bursts of screamo violence. Highly Recommended.

FFO: Orchid, Punch, Stresscase, Usurp Synapse
Rating: 9/10
Label: Self Released
Release Date: 30 September 2013

What we have here, on Tampa Bay band Sacridose’s new 7″ Anxiety Tremors, is pulse-quickening grindcore with more than a little powerviolence thrown in the mix. Featuring members of the almighty Cellgraft and the singer of scene stalwarts Bastard Deceiver, Sacridose are all killer and no filler. All d-beats and blast beats right from the get go Sacridose add lightning quick punk riffs and some absolutely scalding female vocals to their grind concoction and come up with something akin to Faiza-era Hatred Surge or an even faster and harsh Punch. Tampa Bay has been the hot bed of American grindcore these past few years with the aforementioned Cellgraft and Bastard Deceiver and now with the new kid on the block Sacridose to carry the tattered grindcore flag you can rest assured that that the grimy city on the bay will continue to churn out the rocking and raging jams for years to come.

FFO: Insect Warfare, Rape Revenge, P.L.F., Mehkago N.T.
Rating: 10/10
Label: Self Released
Release Date: 05 September 2013

Hot off the heels of the success of their debut LP, released in the USA by Melotov Records and in Europe by Throatruiner, Bone Dance return to torment your ear drums with the vinyl reissue of their 2010 wrecker of an EP Snakecharmers. 3 songs of no-holds-barred sonic terrorism. Combining the chaotic hardcore of Deadguy and early Converge, the dark math of Coalesce and Gaza ,and the sludge driven washes of Dystopia, Bone Dance fill the void of deceased mathcore bands the world over and on Snakecharmers they demonstrate why their arsenal of misanthropic auditory missiles stands head and shoulders above most extreme bands, genre be damned. Featuring some of the most expressive vocals heard in hardcore, the singer goes all out and holds nothing back as he spits and snarls his way through the lyrics like a madman. The drums are on point and the guitarwork is suitably technical but never needlessly show offy, they only serve to propel the songs on their way to their inevitable devious conclusion. While the lyrics are dark and negative, just how you like them. Utter desert driven nihilism indeed.

FFO: Gaza, Coalesce, Botch, Dystopia
Rating: 9.5/10
Label: Melotov Records
Release Date: 27 August 2013

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