Review: MEEK IS MURDER – “Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters”

There was nowhere to go but up after Meek is Murder put out their highly acclaimed debut full length, Algorithms, in 2011. Their high octane grinding hardcore, partially inspired by the late 90’s/early 2000’s breed of chaotic and metallic hardcore, was enough for Decibel Magazine to label them “the best mathcore to come along since that genre’s big hitters – Botch, Coalesce, Converge – dominated the late 90s.” After last year’s Back to The Future inspired EP, Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky, it was high time for Meek is Murder to craft their next full length and show off their skills yet again. The end result was Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters; a thirteen song, twenty minute hurricane of ferocity and intricacy.

Roaring feedback and a mighty pick scrape on “Last Year” initiates the chaotic twenty minute dirge into hell and back. The next seven songs blaze by and leave a trail of dead in their wake. Vocalist Mike Keller’s agonized scream of “it passed you by” on “Passerby” signals the procession of hardcore insanity. The track rips into crawling, melancholic riffs that are reminiscent of the Count strumming away on his haunting organ. From there Meek is Murder conjure bouncing, cycling riffs and erratic drumming on the next few grinding tracks that last under two minutes each. You will get your teeth knocked in by the erratic hardcore riffing of “Dumb as Death’s Head”. Your skull will be shredded to bits by “You Had a Horse”s rhythmically bastardizing assault and ever changing song structure that behaves as if it is stricken with dissociative identity disorder. Meek is Murder take the basis of sensory-overloading metallic hardcore and fit it into intense grindcore lengths. It’s not until the chugging monstrosity of “Less is More” that the songs become longer as the album draws to a close. The nearly four minute “Ghost Moth” is definitely the highlight of the album because of its ability to aggregate a great portion of the album’s musical motifs into one. “Ghost Moth” is a fever dream of jarring grooves and metallic crushing chords caught in aberrated rhythms intertwined with intricate tapping leads. “Ghost Moth” really shines in its final moments with its breakdown of soaring, bluesy riffs that would remind one of Kurt Ballou’s guitar work on the slower Converge songs. To be honest, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters is not foreign territory for Meek is Murder. But compared to Algorithms or even Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky, everything seems more urgent, faster and heavier than before.

Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters is Meek is Murder at their heaviest and most vehement. The songs are hyperactive bouts of pure auditory chaos torn from the pages of Botch and Converge and fed through the band’s own discordant psyches. It’s certainly not a departure from the Meek is Murder formula but it does serve its purpose in completely annihilating everything. If Algorithms wasn’t enough, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters is another reason for you to watch out for this band.


Rating: 9/10
Label: Self-released/Threshold of Pain
Release Date: October 22nd, 2013
Favorite Tracks: “Dumb as Death’s Head”, “You Had a Horse”, “Paper Hands and The Desert Sea” and “Ghost Moth”
For Fans Of: Converge, Coalesce, KEN Mode, Breather Resist, Botch, and Tiger Flowers.

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One comment on “Review: MEEK IS MURDER – “Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters”

  1. This record is going to rule. I have only discovered you guys in the last month, but it was perfect timing, as you have a new album at the exact time that i am in complete awe of the beauty of Algorithms, and eager for more MiM. So yeah, thank you for making great albums.

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