This Is Supposed To Hurt: XBRAINIAX Call It Quits

Following the September announcements that Pittsburgh hardcore/crust/grind band Heartless and Canadian fastcore band Rape Revenge would be ending as an active entity, today another blow to the hearts of true punks everywhere is made with the announcement that Michigan fastcore/powerviolence band XBRAINIAX is officially calling quits. In an American Aftermath exclusive, Lucas of XBRAINIAX revealed to this contributor that after several years of inactivity the members of the cvlt thrashcore band have collectively decided that the time was right for this period of their lives to come to an end. The long running XBRAINIAX made a permanent impact in the underground extreme music community with such classic albums as the 99 song Hail Fastcore and their most recent LP Deprogrammed. While their name was something of an inside joke their music was anything but. Arguably cranking out some of the fastest material to ever be put on wax , XBRAINIAX never put out sub-par material, every release was highly anticipated and always delivered and punks everywhere will shed a tear and pour out a little bit of their 40 to the memory of future fastcore legends XBRAINIAX.

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