If You Can’t Trust Me: IRON CHIC Streaming New Album

Iron ChicWhen the band emerged, I didn’t really think I would be getting into Iron Chic. I thought their name was funny enough but I didn’t think their music would live up to my expectations. As a huge fan of punk, the term “melodic punk” isn’t usually something I usually seek out, but I decided it was time I check into Iron Chic because, well just because. As it turns out, the band is currently streaming their new album The Constant One right now and you can check it out below thanks to the Dan Ozzi over at Noisey!    

The Constant One will be released on November 5th via Bridge Nine Records.

And now, if you don’t mind, I want to tell you why I fell for Iron Chic:

  • The album art caught my attention because it was simple and captivating but what really got my attention were the names of two of the albums tracks. The eighth track on the album is titled “A Serious House On Serious Earth,” which to a lot of people, would be just that, a song title, but to me it rang a bell in my childhood.
  • I know what you’re thinking: “What the hell are you talking about, Gnarly?” And I’ll explain. My lifelong love has been comic books. I collected until I was twelve years old when I sold my comics to buy a game console. A year ago, I decided I wanted to rebuild my collection so I started buying and reading like crazy. One book that I read as a youngster was Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum which was subtitled A Serious House On Serious Earth which was a Batman graphic novel released in 1989. It is one of the most disturbing and mind-bending Batman books I have ever read and if you haven’t, I highly recommend it. So, when Iron Chic chose to name a song after this piece of comics history, I am on board. Then I saw the title of the albums final track “Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow” and my fucking head exploded.
  • Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow is arguably one of the greatest Superman stories ever written and it was penned by the great Alan Moore in 1986. This book also marked the final artist contribution by comic book legend Curt Swan. So when a band pays homage to comic books I grew up on, of course they win points, but when their music is good, they win major points.
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