Best Of 2013: Ron Varod Of KAYO DOT’s Favorite Albums Of The Year



Anna Calvi “One Breath” – Anna still sticks to the moody atmospheric elements that were what drew me to her 2011 S/T debut but tries out a few new approaches on this one. The songs don’t rely on the guitar to carry the whole song, it’s used as more of a lead instrument with less chordy sections. There’s also a lot fuzzed out St. Vincent-esque moments in songs like “Piece by Piece” and “Love of My Life” and a lot of sweet baritone guitar action!

Geryon “Geryon” – Usually duo bands sound like they settled because they couldn’t find another member or are too lazy to find a way to make it work. Geryon sound fuller and more suffocating than most 3-5 piece death metal bands out there. Really refreshing and awesome.

Infantephant “Cyclelicoptippopacalypse” – This EP is jam packed with really tight prog with beautiful soaring vocals. It kinda sounds like a way more energetic/technically proficient Mew.

BRIAN! “BRIAN! I” – Awesome/Strange prog band from Ithaca, NY that I discovered when they played with my old band So is the Tongue. Sort of has a Residents meets King Crimson Vibe.

Kevin Hufnagel “Ashland” – Most of the time in my eyes Ukulele is a joke/novelty instrument. Kevin could probably make a string on a broomstick sound majestical, I don’t know how he does it.
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