Aftermath Exclusive: COLONY’s “Faithealer” EP

GKR023.5Rising from the ashes like the mythical phoenix, Hudson Valley’s Colony have made their ascension back into the public eye with their powerful, awe-inspiring four-song EP Faithealer. The band called it a day after circumstances left them short a guitar player but now they have returned and are back in full effect (as they say). I am proud to present to you all this phenomenal release that should be on everyone’s radar. Continue to be blown away.

colonyPromoCan you introduce yourself for my readers and let them know what you do in Colony?
My Name is Tom, I play guitar and share vocal duties in Colony.

The band lineup is as follows (I don’t know if you want to just omit this part and post it in the article so people know who I’m referring to when I address everyone by name):

  • Mario Cipriano – Guitar
  • Dave Harris – Bass/Vocals
  • Kevin McCauley – Drums
  • Tom Burkland – Guitar/Vocals

The band got back together not too long ago. What’s the story behind the break up and what made you get back together?
We never viewed our hiatus as a “break up.” There was never any drama or any juicy details as to why we had stopped being an active band. We all love playing music and genuinely enjoy being in Colony; but at the end of the day none of us have ever expected to make Colony a career.

So basically what happened was that Mario was presented with an opportunity to move out to California and none of us wanted to move on with Colony without him.  So instead of breaking up we decided just to put the band on the back burner for the time being until we could be a semi-active band again.  Fast forward to today, Mario has been able to spend some time in New York so naturally we’ve been getting together to write music and play shows.

You guys have a new record, can you tell me a little about it? Writing, recording, themes.
The Faithealer EP is the result of a record we had written that never really came to fruition. We wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that we had planned to release on Glory Kid as a LP and none of us were really stoked on the final product. When the whole hiatus thing happened we decided to release a handful of the songs to have something to show of our effort. The B-side of the tape is a live session we recorded at The Dial in Murrieta, CA with the help of our friend Wayne Ballard (Toxicbreed’s Funhouse).

What’s next for Colony?
We’re currently writing new music and trying to play shows whenever we can. We’ll probably bring some songs we recorded at the same time as Faithealer back to the drawing board and try to re-work some stuff. We’ve got two shows coming up: one in our area and one in Worcester, MA March 7th and 8th respectively. Bust as of now we’re pretty much taking everything one day at a time.

While we were on hiatus Kevin started a new band called Zeddmore, they also have a tape out and they’re awesome so everyone should check them out. #HVHC


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