Stream: THE DRIP’s “A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics”

thedripSo, I found out about The Drip a good long while back and I have grown to absolutely love these dudes and their music. The Drip are a grinding whallop packed like a bowl with hatred and intensity. The band is preparing for the release of their new EP, which also stands as the bands Relapse debut, of which I am beyond stoked to be premiering here today.To go along with the stream, I caught up with guitarist and homie Bobby Mansfield for a few questions. Check it out after the jump where you can also stream A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics.     

Bobby! What’s happening dude? How have you been?
Doing well. Writing and rehearsing. The usual.

Congrats to you guys on your signing to Relapse. How stoked are you to be on a label with so many amazing bands?
We’re beyond excited about signing on with Relapse, it’s and absolute honor to be part of. Always been one of my favorite labels. Being label mates with some of our favorite bands is incredible.

You guys are releasing a new EP called A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics, which I am currently streaming. Can you tell me a bit about the albums? Any themes present and whatnot?
There’s no real themes to A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics, it’s all fury based. We play the music we want to hear. Taking influences from many styles of extreme music. Aggression is what we strive for. Far batter a representation than our last efforts.

What is your favorite track on this record?
Favorite track would have to be “Rise To Failure”. It’s the newest on the record and funnest to play. It incorporates some of the new elements and styles we’ll be representing on our full length.

Dude! I saw you on the news! Well, not really. I saw a clip of you on the news in your home state. What was that about?
Haha. I actually work for the TV station that interviewed me. I was getting Oil for my shitbox mini van.

A Presentation Of Gruesome Politics will be released on April 15th via Relapse Records.

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