Exclusive Interview: NUMBERS

Ryan MajorisI was recently introduced to a band called Numbers thanks to my buddy Jimmy Rowe (of HBIH) and the power of Facebook and, after listening to the bands latest album, decided to interview bassist Ryan Majoris. We discussed the bands new album, his current jams and what he does outside of Numbers. Check out the full interview after the jump and get up on this.    

Hey Ryan! How’s it going, man?
Whatup Ross! Everything’s spectacular my friend. Hope all is well with you.

Can you introduce yourself for my readers who may not know about you and your band Numbers?
Sure. My name is Ryan and I play bass in Numbers out of Seattle, WA. We are a four piece that’s been playing together for about 3 years now.

You guys recently released your new album Three. Tell me a little about the album.
When we first started playing in 2011, we quickly put out an EP that a lot of people were pumped on. We had a lot of people saying, “Put out a full-length please!” and we were doing everything we could to make that happen. We toured a little bit and finally decided we had to buckle down and do it. Because of certain things like transitioning between guitar players during the recording process and other life events, it took a little longer than we wanted it to (Sorry again for everyone who pre-ordered and waited a while!) but it finally got out and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

You refer to your band as “Electronic Jazzcore.” What exactly does that mean?
Haha, whenever someone mentioned what genre we were, whether it was in person or online, it was always so different. As a band we joke around a lot so we picked something that was the most ridiculous thing we could think of and ran with it. We all kinda like it now so we’re sticking with it.

As a bassist playing music this intricate, who would you say are your personal influences?
As far as metal goes, I’d have to say Arif from Protest the Hero is my biggest inspiration. That was the first time I heard excellent slap/tap bass on a metal record that I actually enjoyed listening to. Not just some dude noodling around.  Besides him, Dan from BTBAM has some amazing counter melodic bass lines going on, especially in Parallax 2 (“Electric Boogaloo – Editor) that I don’t hear too much mention of but it’s beastly. Gotta mention Victor Wooten as well even though he’s not metal. That dude opened my eyes to what a bass guitar can do.

What is currently in your playlist? What have you been jamming to lately?
Dude, I fly through music. I can listen to an album once or twice and then be ready to move on. Lately though, I’ve been jamming a lot of electronic music. Artists like Trifonic, Lights out Asia, and Josh Decker. Lushlife is also a really great hip hop artist out of Philly who’s poised to do big things. A couple film score composers as well like Joseph Trapanese and Steven Price.

What do you do when you’re not slappin’ dah bass?
Haha, I take music pretty seriously so I try to fill my day with being as productive as possible with music which includes a lot of Numbers. I practice guitar/piano a good amount, give private lessons, play in musicals, play bar gigs, and even do the occasional film scoring. If I’m not doing music I try to get to the gym, watch sports/movies, play some video games, or just kick it with my gf or some friends.

What’s up next for Numbers?
We have a good amount of shows booked through August 2014 but we’d like to get some more. Some weekend warrior dates would be great too. Then hopefully some touring in the Fall.


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