grouppicYou may remember that American Aftermath recently sponsored the Southerwestern US tour featuring the amazing bands Godhunter and Secrets Of The Sky and the band took the time to compile a full tour diary detailing the trek. The diaries were curated by a member of each band and it is highly entertaining. You can check out the diaries after the jump. Also, don’t forget to check out the interviews I conducted with the bands here and here.     

Godhunter/Secrets Of The Sky June 2014 Tour Diary
Commentary by: David from Godhunter and Ryan from Secrets Of The Sky

Day 1 & 2 – (Godhunter): We left Tucson at 5am. At some point before tour we came up with the idea that we would do as many night or early morning drives so we didn’t have to use the air conditioner and we would save some gas. By lunchtime we were somewhere in no man’s land between Phoenix and Vegas, aka “hell on Earth”. Everyone was dripping in sweat. Dick took a nap in the back seat of the van and had a fever dream about a fire demon chasing him across the face of the sun. But we were saving money, right? By the time we got to Vegas for Day 1 of Doom In June we were all dehydrated and near delirious. Perfect shape for a doom fest!

(Secrets Of The Sky) We started our 10 hour trek from the Bay Area to Vegas early Friday morning, June 6th. We arrived in Vegas to stay at the illustrious Motel 6 next to Hooters. Stifling heat, a couple of prostitutes, and plenty of drunk “bros” wanting to fight. Ahh Vegas! After a quick trip to the liquor store, we made our way over to the Cheyenne Saloon to catch the first night of the 4th annual Doom In June festival. Here we met our tour mates, Godhunter, for the first time. I knew this would be a memorable tour when just a few hours later several of them were tripping hard on acid. Anyway, the bands on the first night sounded great. Spiralarms, Night Demon and Satan’s Host were just a few of the acts featured on the opening night. The next morning, after a night of standard Vegas partying, we headed back to the Cheyenne Saloon for our turn to rock this Vegas crowd to the core. First show technical difficulties aside, we played a tight 3 song set. Overall, we were pleased with the response and had a great time in the City of Sin.

(Godhunter) Technically only one of us was tripping on acid, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Some kid approached us in the parking lot of Doom In June and sold one us a $15 hit of acid. Kind of on the pricey side, but fuck it, it’s Vegas. We had some first show issues during our set too, but it all got straightened out by the third song in and we ripped it up for the rest of the set. Folks seemed stoked and we had a great time. Shortly after our set is when shit got really crazy. The acid kicked in and a couple of the guys spent the entire night walking up and down the Vegas strip. They drank 3 bottles of vodka and barely made it to van call at 6am. One of them actually tried to load his stuff into Secrets Of The Sky’s van and they had to convince him it was the wrong van. While this was going on Andy almost got mugged by a couple of pimps and Jake and Matt got propositioned by at least half a dozen hookers. Vegas, man. Vegas…

Day 3 & 4 – (Secrets Of The Sky) Early Sunday morning (June 8th) around 6:00am, after being accosted by some drunk chicks on the strip while waiting for the van to pick me up, we made our way back up to the Bay Area for a hometown Oakland show at the Stork Club. We’ve played here several times before and the hometown crowd never disappoints. Being from the Bay Area, we were all able to sleep at home before the next show in San Jose on Monday night (June 9th). We played a venue called the Rock Shop with several killer local bands. It was at this show my bass and amp decided to take a shit on me. Luckily I was able to grab another bass from a local promoter by the name of Donovan and the tour progressed onward.

(Godhunter) This was our first time playing Oakland. Everything we heard about the place was true. It took a half an hour to find somewhere to park, people kept asking us for change (And why do homeless people always ask bands for money? We’re just as broke as them.), and when Jake and Charlie were trying to do an interview a stray dog took a giant shit right next to them. We found some amazing food though, and the show was killer. Cormorant closed down the Stork Club and that band is incredible. Clay from Secrets Of The Sky put us up for the night, so we got to hang with his bulldogs all night. Tour dogs rule! We were down in San Jose the next night at the Rock Shop. Somehow we ended up sharing the bill with The New Classic from our hometown. Great dudes and a great band, but an odd mix for a show. Life Of Refusal and Catapult The Dead rounded out the bill. Very eclectic, but all the bands slayed. We smoked a lot of weed in a park too, which is apparently the thing to do in San Jose.

Day 5 (Secrets Of The Sky) After a short 5 hour drive down the coast, we arrived in Ventura on Tuesday night (June 10th) to play a venue called Billy – O’s. About ¾ through our final song, the power went out. We’re still unsure if this was due to the sheer power of our amps overloading the venue’s circuits or if they were just tired of hearing us play and wanted the next band on stage. I’m going with the first option. In addition to a sweet stage setup, Billy O’s also served some pretty tasty pizza. Even though I had a giant slice after the show, I still couldn’t help but take a couple of slices from Godhunter’s massive pizza when they weren’t looking. I’m sure they would’ve been cool with it though Since our next show was just a short drive away in LA, we stayed in Ventura on Wed. afternoon and got a couple tattoos. Thanks Mowgli!

(Godhunter) We’ve played Billy O’s in Ventura a few times before and it’s always a rad place to play. Weirdest fucking stage setup on the west coast, but all the people that work there are great and treat bands really well. The Fucking Wrath closed down the show this time. They’re amazing live and incredible dudes to boot. We’re all really stoked to see them in Tucson this fall at Southwest Terror Fest.

Day 6 – (Secrets Of The Sky) On Wed. evening (June 11th), we arrived in Glendale to play a killer club called The Complex. Sound wise, I think this was one of the best nights on the tour and I can’t wait to play here again. Thanks to Wovoka and Nightsword for helping to make this an awesome show.

(Godhunter) The best thing about playing LA is always the weed. This time it was o good we had a weed hangover the next morning. We can’t even keep up with all the different names they make up for it, but that part doesn’t even matter. The show at the Complex was rad and Wovoka is dope band, but still, the weed, man…..the weed. We also crossed paths with the Doom Lord of California while we were in town. By law, we shouldn’t tell you about what happened after that. Needless to say though, more weed.

Day 7 – (Secrets Of The Sky) After LA, we made our way down to Palm Desert to play at an outdoor venue called 29 Palms on Thursday (June 12th). This is the other show where my amp decided to completely give out on me. Must’ve been the heat. Anyway, Dick from Godhunter came to the rescue and let me use his rig for the remainder of the tour. 29 Palms definitely had a cool outside stage, but the inside bar though reminded me of something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You gotta see it to believe it. After the show we went back to the hotel, but as usual Garrett and Clay hand not had enough to drink yet so we headed on up the road to a local bar. Big mistake. We strolled into a locals bar full of skinheads and fraternity “bro” type dudes. For some odd reason, we weren’t welcome there, which they made abundantly clear. After a slight misunderstanding, we made our way back to the hotel to drink without a bunch of douches breathing down our neck. Oh the road!

(Godhunter) I’m *pretty* sure that we warned the Secrets Of The Sky dudes about the bars in 29 Palms, but maybe I forgot. The last time we played there we went in one bar and immediately got kicked out. I guess playing Iron Maiden on the juke box is a very bad idea in 29 Palms. I don’t know. The venue we played at was cool as shit. Very rad outside stage. The bar itself is a trip. We like playing there because it’s one of the places that Kyuss came up at, but man, take a walk around the place and you might think you’re in a fun house. There is a real working guillotine and a “time machine” and a bunch of other shit that I can’t even describe. And of course we made a trip to see the Sky Valley sign on the way out of town. The high desert is a rad place. Next stop was our hometown…

Day 8 – (Godhunter) WE GET TO SLEEP IN OUR OWN BEDS! That’s all that mattered at this point; a hot, comfortable shower in our own bathroom and a very nice night’s sleep in our own bed. The show in Tucson was great too, of course. Lots of friendly faces and a great crowd for Secrets Of The Sky. Some of our friends in local bands showed up, which is always good for the party, but of course Pepe from Lethal Dosage got arrested for pissing behind a dumpster in the alley behind the bar. Oh well, it’s not a Tucson show unless someone gets arrested!

(Secrets Of The Sky) On Friday (June 13th) we made our way down to Tucson Arizona to play the District Tavern. The place was packed and it was good vibes all around. The stage was pretty small so we lined up our amps behind our drummer. Killer crowd here, we can’t wait to come back and play Southwest Terrorfest here in October. Afterwards we all crashed at Dave from Godhunter’s place. Thanks to Miki and Dave for showing us such great hospitality. We ended up getting pretty damn stoned and listening to KISS on vinyl till the wee hours of the morning. Good stuff for sure.

Day 9 – (Secrets Of The Sky) Saturday (June 14th) was the final day of the tour and we made our way over to the Tempe Tavern on the outskirts of Phoenix. The Tempe Tavern also had some killer grub but after a couple of spicy wings, my colon was ready to blow. The one thing about being on tour is that you’re constantly shitting in strange places. This was no exception as there was no lock on the stall so I had to hold the door closed with one hand and wipe with the other. Tempe Tavern, please get that lock fixed soon! This last show again had a great turnout and we played with some killer Phoenix bands including Sorxe and Cave Dweller.

(Godhunter) Phoenix was a great way to end this tour. Lots of friends came out and Naught opened up the show with their first ever live set and proceeded to blow the doors off the place. Cave Dweller and Sorxe were great as well. At this point everyone was happy that the tour went well, but we were all ready to get home and get back to normal for a while. Many hugs and high fives were given out at the end of the night. It’s always a blast to go out on the road, but when you can do it with a great group of dudes like Secrets Of The Sky, it really does make the whole thing more fun. We’re gonna hole up in the jam room for the rest of summer and finish writing the next album. Secrets is heading right into the studio to record their next album, then we’re meeting up with them again in October for a couple festivals. Seriously can’t wait to party with these dudes again!

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