Best Of 2013: Greg Meisenberg of A FUCKING ELEPHANT’s Favorite Albums Of The Year

2013bestI’m gonna be a dick and plug some Nefarious releases.

We kicked the year off with the Constants & Axioms/Kemptville digital single from Seven Nines and Tens, released Jan 1, 2013. And we’re ending 2013 with El Drugstore‘s full-length debut, Plague Ship, out Dec 31. Fuck yeah. How about those for bookends?

Other mentions:
ZeviousPassing Through the Wall
East of the WallRedaction Artifacts
How to Destroy AngelsWelcome Oblivion
Call of the VoidDragged Down a Dead End Path
Kayo DotHubardo

American Aftermath Presents: DOPPELGÄNGERS – A Covers Compilation

DoppelgangersWell, folks, Lane and Gnarly would like to apologize for the Summer Of Sludge 2 compilation taking so long and eventually morphing into Autumn Annihilation, but to make up for that little mishap, we have brought you yet another compilation for your streaming and downloading pleasure! We know you love free music as much as we do, so here’s the skinny: We haven’t done a covers compilation in a while, so why not do one that is all encompassing?

We have bands covers music from all across the spectrum and it’s phenomenal. After the jump you can check out the track list and stream Doppelgängers! Continue reading

Review: IRON LUNG – “White Glove Test”

By: Bryan Batiste

Two piece powerviolence masters Iron Lung return with their first LP in five years, which seems like an eternity amongst others in the genre. Powerviolence bands are typically known for large outputs of new material, given the short song structures and production rate. Iron Lung have participated in many splits and even put out some EP’s in their hayday, but give years between full lengths is fairly hard to come by. Continue reading


nashgumalpracticeBy: Eli Zeger

Los Angeles’ Malpractice Insurance and Spain’s Nashgul (both on To Live A Lie Records) traveled from different sides of the world to join forces on a vicious split.

The tracks on this album are straight-ahead, brutal, hardcore powerviolence tunes.     Continue reading