Best Of 2013: Josh’s Favorite Releases Of The Year

Oh hai guyz, it’s that time of the year again where everything dies and your Facebook feed is inundated with ‘Best Of’ lists from every site on the interwebz; today will be no different. In 2013, we saw the release of many phenomenal albums, so many in fact, I didn’t even have enough time to properly digest every album I listened to. Given this little fact, there are lots of albums I would have liked to included but will not. The following should not be read as if the numerical order indicates ranking but rather just as a list of albums, however entries 10-1 are my most listened to. This lists contains LP’s, EP’s, 7in’s and splits as well as multiple genres; it will not be sub-categorized.

P.S. Sunbather isn’t on here…

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Metal Comedy Skit Hour: Dank Nugs Episode One Featuring Former Members Of THE FACELESS


Film director Richie Valdez has teamed up with two former members of The Faceless to create a short “comedy” skit about one of my favorite subjects….. Dank Nugs. The skit centers around two homies (Derek Rydquist, Brandon Giffin) and their journey to score some nugs. Just remember this is based in Califorina so getting the weed isn’t the problem…

Even though this is a stand alone episode, Valley Scums is set to be a webisode series. So expect more in the future. Until then, watch the sketch above and check out the outtakes from the shot after the break. Continue reading



Yes, you are reading the headline correctly.. In true what the fuck fashion, hip-hop artist Tyler, The Creator has recorded a song with pre-teen icon Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. The track which was also co-written with Mary J. Blige will be featured on Cyrus’ upcoming 2013 release.

When asked about the collaboration, Miley Cyrus had this to say to Cosmopolitan –

I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige, and Tyler, the Creator heard it and said, ‘I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.’ And he killed it!

Most of the music world might find this as some what of a shock and some might even go as far as to call Tyler a “sellout”, but anyone who actually follows Odd Future shouldn’t surprised by this move. The group is always making Miley Cyrus jokes and group leader Tyler probably saw this as an excellent publicity stunt as well as a way to have some fun with his persona.

God damn, this is going to be ridiculous. I can’t wait to check this out…


— Josh Huddleston

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Watch SHAI HULUD Record Guitar For Their Upcoming Album


As the release date for “Reach Beyond The Sun” nears, Shai Hulud in conjunction with Metalblade Records have been very busy keeping our ear vaginas moist. This time the group has chosen to tease us with a clip of band guitarist and mastermind Matt Fox tracking guitar for the song “The Mean Spirits, Breathing“.

There really isn’t much to say about the video other than the song clips sound fucking awesome and I can’t wait to hear the album in full. Continue after the jump to watch the in-studio session and make you buy Reach Beyond The Sun when it comes out in 19 days! Continue reading

Mourning Jams: Introducing POMEGRANATE TIGER

Good morning, American Aftermathers! In today’s (resurrected) Mourning Jams segment, I would like to introduce you to Canadian instru-metallers Pomegranate Tiger. This unsigned progressive metal act is based out of Ontario and has been active since mid-2010. The group’s sound is not too dissimilar to that of djent groups like Animals As Leaders, however these kids tend to skimp out on the chugging nu metal influence and go with a more progressive tinge.

I know this genre is a niche kind of thing but expect big things from this group. I bet it won’t be long before we see them opening for acts like Between The Buried and Me. Their first full length, Entities, is scheduled to be released tomorrow but lucky for you this fine group of young gentlemen is giving you the opportunity to check out that album right now! Continue after the jump to listen to Pomegranate Tiger’s first release…. Well what are you waiting for, it’s pretty awesome! Continue reading

American Aftermath Exclusive: TRAP THEM Vs. ALL PIGS MUST DIE

Back during SXSW 2011, Thrasher Magazine and Converse shoes put on their yearly Death Match showcase; this year the headlining act was Trap Them. Due to an incident the prior day where All Pigs Must Die set was cut, Trap Them was nice enough to give up half of their set to APMD, but instead of cutting the set short, Trap Them just let APMD set up their gear on stage with TT’s and perform in between Trap Them songs! It was a pretty sweet event and lucky for you guys, I was there to capture it on an SD card.

Posted above is Trap Them’s intro featuring Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) as the second drummer. Posted after the jump is the rest of the show Continue reading

Bringin’ Metalcore Back: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Posts Teaser For New Album

The mighty godfathers of metalcore, Killswitch Engage, made their return to the forefront of the metal community yesterday when they unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album, “Disarm The Descent“. The announcement was made in the form of what looks to be an iMovie created clip featuring a whole thirty-seconds of new music!!!

This is probably the metal communities most anticipated release as a collective, while it’s probably a release I might check out just to see if it’s as sterile as I remember KsE being. To all our readers that are shitting themselves with excitement over this news, you can watch the new clip after the jump. Oh, and try to contain your gushing, this isn’t Blabbermouth…. Continue reading

Watch SHAI HULUD Track Vocals In The Studio


As all of you should know by now, hardcore Shai Hulud have re-enlisted the talents of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert to handle the vocal duties on their upcoming album, “Reach Beyond The Sun“. The band recently put the finishing touches on said album and have been teasing us with goodies ever since.

The first teases came in the form of two amazing new songs (which can be heard by going here), now the group of misanthropists have unleashed several minutes of in-studio footage. In this in-studio segment, you get to see Gilbert and band guitarist/mastermind Matt Fox work on laying down vocals and working on patterns. To view the video, continue after the jump Continue reading

WTF Moment: SNL Cast Member Mentions DEATH GRIPS On Rachael Ray


Just a few days ago, television’s cooking icon Rachael Ray featured Saturday Night Live and Portlandia cast member Fred Armisen as the guest on her show. At some point in the interview, Ray gives her guests one minute of free time to purvey any message that they choose. In this particular instant, Armisen chose to go on a thirty-second tangent about “a musician who he thinks is the greatest ever”. That musician was none other than Death Grips drummer Zach Hill! According to Armisen, Hill has “reinvented how you drum”.

Man, that is some killer press, too bad it’s going to be wasted on people who’d rather listen to Justin Beiber. Can you just imagine America’s bored house wives casually youtubing Death Grips? Yeah, pretty fucking awesome, right? To view the clip of Armisen on Rachael Ray click here.


— Josh Huddleston

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I Don’t Think You Are Ready For This New DEVOURMENT Track

The masters of Slam, Devourment, have hooked up with fine gentlemen over at Metalsucks to premiere a super fucking heavy new song. The new track entitled “Justifiable Homicide” is featured on the band’s upcoming Relapse release, “Conceived In Sewage“.

Unlike almost every other Devourment song out there, this one actually features riffs other than slam riffs! It’s actually pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. Now don’t get discouraged and think what I just said means that “justifiable Homicide” is light on the slam, cause we all know that ain’t ever fucking happening. For those of you who feel like getting their skull crushed with heaviness, click this link! For those who don’t want their skull to be crush with heaviness, maybe you are reading the wrong sites….

— Josh Huddleston

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DANNY BROWN Is The Black Brad Pitt


Featured above is the strange music video for Evil Nine‘s collaboration with rapper Danny Brown. The track is titled “The Black Brad Pitt” and the video features everything you’d want in a music video; Diamonds, a African solider dancing and a random chick! Yeah, it’s that strange, but at least the track isn’t bad at all.

Oddly enough, this is the first Danny Brown song I ever heard (which was when I randomly watched his set at Fun Fun Fun Fest) and I haven’t heard it since, but yet still remember all the words.. Anyway, soak in all the Danny Brown you can before he drops OLD drops later this year. it’s going to be a banger.


— Josh Huddleston

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Rise and Grind: Check Out VAGINAL BEAR TRAP’s Newest Album

Good mourning, American Aftermathers! On this terrible Friday morning, I bring you the gift of brutal deathgrind. Late last year, San Antonio, Texas grinders Vaginal Bear Trap (also known as V.B.T.) released a fantastic full length by the name of “Just The Tip“. Posted above is that album, so feel free to listen to it while you smoke a blunt or do a beer bong or whatever it is that you gotta do to get yourself mentally prepared for you shitty day at work.     Continue reading

Former Member of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Starts Grind “Supergroup”

According to the reliable bros over at Metalsucks, former drummer of The Black Dahlia MurderShannon Lucas, is currently working on putting together a new grind project featuring Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) on vocals and Shane Embury (Napalm Death) on bass. Less notably the group features former Wartorn guitarist, Adam Faris. The group was originally conceived by Lucas prior to joining TBDM, but was put on the side line due to the groups busy schedule.

Apparently the guitar parts have been finished for quite some time and the band is just waiting for Embury to lay down some bass riffs before the ball really gets rolling. As of now, the group remains nameless but will be entering the studio in April to record vocals and drums for their first release. We will keep you updated as info is released.

— Josh Huddleston

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No More Angst: HYBRID Signs To Deepsend Records

Spain’s finest technical metal act known as Hybrid has inked a deal with Deepsend Records! This means that their new album “Angst” will finally be released in the United States on April 30th. This news excites me since it has been five years since Hybrid released their incredible debut album, “The 8th Plague”.

Here is the official press release –

Spanish experimental metallers Hybrid have signed with Deepsend Records to release their sophomore album Angst on April 30th in North America.

The album was produced by founding member and drummer Chus Maestro, mixed at Sadman Studios (Wormed) and mastered by Alan Douches (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan) which feature their heavy and organic trademarked sound far from the non-credible modern superproductions.

The follow-up to their acclaimed 2008 debut The 8th Plague, is a conceptual behemoth of extreme metal that drives the listener through a progressive and intricate songwriting enriched with arrangements and dynamics able to keep the audience aware all time since the first listening.

Not unlike the game changer Planisphaerium by countrymen Wormed in 2003, Hybrid’s Angst could very well be the country’s next great output. A true Hybrid of genres canvasing all aspects of extreme music into one-cohesive yet complex vortex of sound. The twisted extreme death metal of Wormed, the frenetic mathmetal of Dillinger Escape Plan combined with the jazz elements of Candiria and progressive fusion of Cynic creates an impressive album that will appeal to fans of death metal, grindcore and progressive metal.

woah, doesn’t that sound awesome? For those of you whom may be unfamiliar with this awesome band, continue after the jump to hear an advanced stream of their new material. Continue reading

The Drummerless: Lyle Cooper Quits THE FACELESS

Those of you who have seen The Faceless perform in the past week or so may have noticed that their drummer, Lyle Cooper, has been MIA. This has led some on the webz to speculate about Coopers further involvement in the band. To clear up any rumors, Lyle took to his Facebook and let the world know that he is no longer a part of The Faceless. This is what he had to say –     Continue reading