MOON TOOTH Stream New Track “Queen Wolf”

The aggressive, proggy new project called Moon Tooth will release their debut album Chromaparagon in February. This album is already garnering buzz and it is definitely going to be something to keep your eye on. The band has just released a new track titled “Queen Wolf,” which you can stream below. It’s really cool and I recommend sitting back and enjoying it.     Continue reading

THE MOTH GATHERER Release Lyric Video For “Attacus Atlas”

Doom destroyers The Moth Gatherer will release their new record The Earth Is The Sky on Friday and the band has just released a lyric video for their track “Attacus Atlas,” which is a wonderful song. I’m really digging The Earth Is The Sky and I think all of you readers will enjoy it also. Check out “Attacus Atlas” below.     Continue reading

GRAF ORLOCK Stream New Track “A Descent Proposal In A Shitty Alley”

One of my all time favorite bands is the cinema-grind act Graf Orlock. They’re music is wild, chaotic and fucking insane. The band will be releasing their new EP Crime Traveler next year and if you want a dose of it right now, then I’ve got amazing news for you. Graf has unleashed a new track titled “A Descent Proposal In A Shitty Alley” and you want/need this in your life. Check it out below, via Noisey.     Continue reading

SPINEBREAKER Stream New Track “River Of Pain”

Spinebreaker are one of those phenomenal bands who perfectly blend old school death metal and crusty hardcore. This is definitely one of my favorite genres, which was also recently perfected by SkinfatherSpinebreaker also absolutely kill it and to prove it, the band is currently streaming their new track “River Of Pain,” which comes off of the bands debut album Ice Grave. Check out the track below via Blow The Scene.       Continue reading

THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE Stream New Track “Carrying Icons”

Chaotic hardcore heathens The Rodeo Idiot Engine will be releasing their highly anticipated new album Malaise next week, but the band want you to embrace the album by streaming a new track titled “Carrying Icons.” This is one of the nastiest, fiercest tracks I’ve ever heard from TRIE. Check out the track below, via CVLT Nation.      Continue reading

BARONESS Streaming New Track “Shock Me”

Baroness are a band that I’ve always really enjoyed but I have really been digging them lately. I’ve relistened to Yellow and Green this week and it’s a really solid album. Doing this just made me want to delve into the bands forthcoming Purple even more. Baroness have just unloaded their new jam “Shock Me,” which comes with a rad lyric video. Check it out below and see what’s up.     Continue reading

FUCKING INVINCIBLE Stream New Track “Cross/Uncross”

One of my favorite bands of the last few years is Fucking Invincible. These dudes absolutely slay and they’re prepping the release of their new EP I Hate Myself And Want You To Die next month. If you loved what you heard last year, then know that you’re in for some rad shit. The band is currently streaming their new track “Cross/Uncross,” which you can check out below, courtesy of our friends CVLT Nation.     Continue reading

THIS GIFT A CURSE Release Music Video For “Swinelord”

swinelordOne of my favorite albums of 2015 has got to be This Gift A Curse‘s All Hail The Swinelord. This band absolutely blew me away and this album is fantastic. The band has just unleashed their new music video for their track “Swinelord,” which you can see below. It’s a really awesome video. Get up on this.     Continue reading

FIRESPAWN Release Music Video For “The Emperor”

firespawnWhat happens when members of Entombed A.D., Unleashed and Defleshed get together to create sounds with instruments? You get Firespawn. This band slipped past me, but their debut album Shadow Realms was released today and along with it comes a music video for their track “The Emperor.” This is a really rad track and I’m definitely going to check this record out. Check out the video below.     Continue reading

SPINEBREAKER To Release “Ice Graves” In 2016

San Jose’s OSDM horde Spinebreaker will let loose their debut album Ice Graves in the new year. This band is already beginning to make waves with the rumors about their massive sound alone. We can expect to start hearing tracks from the album in the coming weeks and the album will drop via Creator-Destructor in mid-January. Check out the album’s track list below and the rad album art up top. Cannot wait.     Continue reading

THE MOTH GATHERER Stream New Track “The Black Antlers”

15eaa900-8cf5-4d31-a3d1-9bf485682002One of the sneakiest albums of 2015, which only came to my attention within the last week, comes from Swedish doom act The Moth Gatherer. This band is extremely heavy and really fucking rad. They are currently streaming a new track titled “The Black Antlers.” This is definitely one of the sickest tracks on The Earth Is The Sky. Check it out below!     Continue reading

ABBATH Stream New Song “Winter Bane”

I’ve known this album was coming soon but I have, for some reason, put it off. While skimming the news sites today I came across Abbath‘s new track “Winter Bane,” which is fucking phenomenal. I mean, this is really fucking good. If you’re digging this or if you, like me, missed all of the news, check out “Winter Bane” now. It’s rad!      Continue reading

BIG|BRAVE Release Video For “Look At How The World Has Made A Change”

big braveBig|Brave are an interesting band that Lane showed me not too long ago. The band is currently supporting their newly release Au De La which is available via Southern Lord Recordings. In support of the album, the band has released a strange, yet enticing music video for their nearly twelve minute opus “Look At How The World Has Made A Change.” Check out the video below.      Continue reading

CHAIN GANG GRAVE Stream New Album “Bury Them And Keep Quiet”

Loud, raucous hardcore act Chain Gang Grave will unleash their album Bury Them And Keep Quiet on the unsuspecting masses on Friday and you need to be ready for this. This band is raw and rad and they’re currently streaming the aforementioned album over on Stereogum. I’m digging this madness and I think you will to. Check out a stream of Bury Them And Keep Quiet below. RAD.     Continue reading