KILLER BE KILLED Release Music Video For “Curb Crusher”

Killer-Be-Killed-Killer-Be-KilledI love Killer Be Killed, the supergroup featuring members of Mastodon, Soulfly and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The band released a phenomenal debut album a while back and, after a handful of shows recently, they have released a new music video. This video was shot around their recent shows and it’s pretty cool. Check it out below and let us know what you think.      Continue reading

SIGH Release Music Video For New Track “Out Of The Grave,” TRIVIUM Frontman Guests

sigh gravwardIf there is one thing you should know about Sigh at this point in life, it is that this band never does anything conventional or “inside the box.” This is very, very apparent in the bands new music video for “Out Of The Grave.” This video is being called NSFW everywhere else I’ve seen the story, but I think that everything is moving waaaay too fast in this video for anything inappropriate to be pinpointed. Regardless, check out the new Sigh video below.      Continue reading

OCEANO Streaming New Album “Ascendants”

Next week Oceano will release their new album Ascendants, which some people are having trouble digesting. I didn’t used to like this band whatsoever, but I feel they have somewhat matured over the years. I think they are becoming a competent band, just as long as they continue to progress and improve. Well, the bands new record Ascendants shows quite a bit of improvement, if I do say so myself. Check out the album below and see if you agree with me about Oceano.      Continue reading

THEORIES Streaming New Album “Regression”

theoriesWho wants to start their day off with some killer death grind madness? Well, you’re in luck! Theories, who will be unleashing their Metal Blade debut Regression next week, are currently streaming their new album in full. I’m tellin’ ya, this album is fucking incredible. I have listened to it a handful of times and it keeps getting better. Check out a full stream (via Invisible Oranges) below.      Continue reading

GRUESOME Streaming New Track “Savage Land”

gruesome savage landIf you’ve been keeping up with Gruesome on this site, then you know that I am super stoked for this album. I adore death metal when it is done in a grand and interesting fashion. Well, Gruesome, who share members with Exhumed, Possession and Malevolent Creation, have crafted an album that will decimate all. A band boasting that kind of membership and channeling Death and Obituary, it’s unbelievable. The band has released their debut album Savage Land‘s title track and you’ve gotta hear it. Check out the track below.   Continue reading

LIFELESS Streaming New Album “Dream”

lifeless fdreamWho’s a fan of hardcore?! THIS GUY! Who loves Lifeless?! THIS GUY!? Well, kiddos, the time has come. The amazing band Lifeless has released their album online for all to stream and enjoy. The album, titled Dream, is available now via Fast Break! Records and you can stream the entire album below. I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to Dream for the majority of today. It’s a pretty great album.    Continue reading

AUGURS & DEATHGRAVE Streaming New Split

augurs-deathgraveIf it hadn’t been for Lane, I might not have heard this amazing split because the names Augurs and Deathgrave were not on my radar before he told me about them. The bands are both crushing and the split as a whole is pretty amazing. If you’re needing some sickening sickness in your day. Check out the split below and be sure to buy it. It’s only four bucks.   Continue reading


Yeah, you read the headline correctly. Oscar-nominated actress Juliette Lewis, who was incredible in both Hellion and Kelly & Cal last year, has been announced as the vocalist for Giraffe Tongue Orchestra. GTO is the supergroup consisting of members of Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and The Mars Volta and now, Juliette Lewis. This isn’t the actresses first foray into music, as she has been the vocalist of a few projects in the past including Juliette & The Licks, a solo career and standing in with the New Romantiques. Check out Juliette & The Licks after the jump with a blurb from Ben Weinman of Dillinger.      Continue reading

CATTLE DECAPITATION Ready New Album For 2015 Release

cattle decapJesus. It’s been a while since we had a sick, nasty dose of Cattle Decap in our lives, hasn’t it? Well, the good news is we will be getting our fix sooner rather than later! Cattle Decapitation posted the above photo, which leads us to believe that the band has completed work on their new album. I am so excites! The album will most likely see release through Metal Blade, Cattle Decapitation‘s longtime home. How pumped are you? Such excites. Check out some past Cattle Decap below to tide you over.    Continue reading

ROLO TOMASSI Streaming New Track “Stage Knives”

rolo tomassi stage knivesI don’t know a lot about Rolo Tomassi, but Lane has told me numerous great things about the band, so when they released a new track, I was interested in hearing it. Well, I was beyond blown away at the power this band has. And they’ve been around for ten years! Well, the band will unleash their new album Grievances in June and the band is currently streaming their new track “Stage Knives.” Its incredible. Check it out below. Seventeen times.      Continue reading

FATHER MURPHY Release Music Video For “A Purpose”

Well, I’ve seen some fucked up shit in my day and I am still surprised by some of the shit that comes across my radar. Today? Today that fucked up shit is Father Murphy‘s music video for their song “A Purpose.” The video is stop-motion paper craft and it features the popular topic of Jesus/Christianity. Also, it’s pretty insane. Check out the video below and see if it tickles your whatever.     Continue reading

VANNA Release Music Video For “Toxic Pretender”

vannaLast year I was introduced to a Vanna, whom I now adore. Their latest album Void, which was released last year really made an impression on me and I can’t wait until I start hearing new music from the band. Well, it’s not new music, but the band has released anrew music video. The video is for their song “Toxic Pretender” and while I love this song, this is one of my least favorite kind of videos: the “walking through the streets with your friends, screaming into the camera” video. Eh. Maybe it’s just me. Check out the video below and see what you think.      Continue reading

DISGRACE Stream New Album “True Enemy” In Full

Disgrace_TrueEnemy_Cover1500x1500pxHoly shiiiiit! Are you reeeeaaaddddy to stream what will most likely be the heaviest and nastiest thing you will hear today? Well, Disgrace, the southern California-based hardcore horde are currently streaming their new album True Enemy and you’ve gotta check this shit out. The album doesn’t come out for a week, but you’re going to want it after checking out the stream below.      Continue reading

CHON Streaming New Album “Grow”

10931543_942675832424225_5320168032500016445_nSo yeah, I never listened to Chon before today. I admit it. I also regret it. This band is pretty sick and not what I expected to hear, but I love it. Grow is definitely a grand album and it’s something that I’m glad I stumbled into today. If you’re like me and you’re new to Chon, then now is the time to get introduced because the bands new album is now streaming! Check out Grow below and take in a huge toke of Chon.      Continue reading

MISERY INDEX & LORD DYING Announce The Killing Gods Tour

Who wants to get their faces crushed at varying speeds?! Oh, come on. Yes you do. Well, you are going to have just that done to you if you find yourself at one of the upcoming Misery Index / Lord Dying shows on their upcoming The Killing Gods tour. It’s not a super-long trek, but it is definitely worth it, so be sure to check out any of the upcoming dates and get blasted.     Continue reading