SHINING Streaming New Album “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends”

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverSwedish black metal act Shining will soon release their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends and the band is now streaming the album in full. I’ve been listening to this today and I really dig it. I have always been a fan of Shining and I will always listen to whatever they put out. You can check out a full stream of the album after the jump. Do it. It’ll crush you.     Continue reading

UNLEASHED Release Lyric Video For “Defenders Of Midgard”

Unleashed are death metal legends who have been crushing and killing since the ass-end of the 1980s and they are one of those bands who released amazing music every. fucking. time. The band don’t need Satan in their vicious tunes. Norse mythology and death slash destruction are where the fuck it is at. Check out a new track off of the bands new album Dawn Of The Nine after the jump. The track is titled “Defenders of Midgard” and it’s siiiick. Enjoy.      Continue reading

AUGUST BURNS RED Streaming New Track “The Wake”

You guys probably know by now, but I love August Burns Red. I always get excited when the band releases new music, so when the band released a lyric video for the first track off of their new album Found In Far Away Places, I was excited. When I actually heard the track, titled “The Wake,” I was overjoyed. August Burns Red sound so incredible on this track that I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. Check out “The Wake” below.      Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Track “Hope Smasher”

maruta - remainDeathgrinders Maruta will soon release their new album Remain Dystopian, their first album on Relapse Records, and it is shaping up to be a destroyer of worlds. The band has just unloaded a new track titled “Hope Smasher” and it is a beast to be reckoned with. I love Maruta and I am definitely looking forward to laying my paws on this new record, the bands first since 2011! Check out “Hope Smasher” below.     Continue reading

DEATH Streaming New Album “N.E.W.”

deathNo. Not that Death (i.e. the Chuck Schuldiner one). The proto-punk band from Detroit. If you haven’t heard the story of Death, the band that was almost lost forever, check out the documentary A Band Called Death (currently streaming on Netflix). It is a fascinating story about a band consisting of three brothers that actually broke up in 1977. The bands original recordings surfaced in 2009 and, after decades, the album was finally released. Unfortunately guitarist David Hackney had passed away from lung cancer and never saw the bands music explode.

Well, if that interests you, the band is releasing their new album N.E.W. and you can stream it right now. Click on over after the jump and get a dose of the rock and roll that you’ve been craving. Enjoy.     Continue reading

THE BANNER And OLD WOUNDS Announce Split 7″

Holy shit. I am so fucking stoked that a The Banner / Old Wounds split is in my future. I love both of these bands and, since they are both from New Jersey, it’s about fucking time. Kick this shit into gear and let it be miiiiine. While there is currently no release date or any other information, let alone a song, it is still really exciting. Are you down with the idea of this split? Check out a track from each band below.     Continue reading

BLURRING (Ex-BRUTAL TRUTH) Streaming New Track “The Devil I Know”

I have never heard the name Blurring before, but apparently the band has existed since 2012. The band features members who have spent time in Brutal Truth, Nuclear AssaultKalibas and Warblade, which seriously excited me. I mean, that is a whole helluva lot of talent packed into one nice, tight grindcore package. Good news, kiddos. Blurring are streaming a new track titled “The Devil I Know” and you can check it out below. GET PUMPED.     Continue reading

BLOOD DRUGS Streaming Self-Titled Album

blood drugsRemember that rad band Blood Drugs that I posted about the other day? Well, look here in case you didn’t see it. Well, the band is now streaming their self-titled album in full! Trust me when I say that this album is fucking great. I’ve listened to it a few times all the way through and it crushes. You can check out Blood Drugs in full below. DO IT. DO IT OR… Something.      Continue reading

TODAY IS THE DAY Release Music Video For “Heathen”

Holy shit. You know how awesome Today Is The Day are? Well they are just as great when you haven’t listened to them in a while. Not sure why, but it has been a bit since I listened to the band and they are sooooo sick. The band has released a new music video for their track “Heathen.” This track is one of my favorites off of the bands most recent album Animal Mother. Check out the video below.    Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Skid Etiquette”

We all love when our facts get fucked, right? I know I do. I have been in love with Fuck The Facts for a good long while now and guitarist Topon Das used to be an occasional contributor here on AA. Well, the band is prepping the release of their new split with Fistfuck— How perfect is that, btw?–and you can hear a blistering new beat down right now. The track is titled “Skid Etiquette” and it will fuck you the fuck up. Check it out.     Continue reading

BEHEMOTH Release Music Video For “Messe Noire”

The Satanist was definitely a high note in Behemoth‘s career. I think we can all agree on that. Well, the band has released their music video for “Messe Noire” which appears on The Satanist. It is definitely an interesting video and you can see for yourself by clicking on over after the jump. Nergal, please.     Continue reading

UPSILON ACRUX Streaming New Track “Remnants of the Habitable Epoch”

THE_UPSILON_CD-P_v03I’m do not have a wide knowledge of math rock and the like. That is more Lane’s territory. That’s not to say that I don’t like the music, I just don’t know much about it and I don’t find myself looking out for it. That is, until Upsilon Acrux was recently introduced to me. I don’t know how I went this long without knowing this band. They have released six albums and I’m waaaay behind. The band is currently streaming a fantastic new track titled “Remnants Of The Habitable Epoch” and it is good enough to introduce you to Upsilon Acrux and give you an idea of what to expect from their forthcoming seventh album Sun Square Dialect. Check out the new track below.     Continue reading

GOATSNAKE Streaming New Track “Elevated Man”

goatsnake - black age bluesYay! New Goatsnake! I haven’t thought about Goatsnake in a few years, mainly because the band hasn’t released an album in fifteen years. Holy shit! FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS SINCE FLOWER OF DISEASE came out. This site wasn’t even a consideration back then. Well, luckily for us faithful fans, the band is plotting a Summer release for their new album Black Age Blues and they have unloaded a sweeeet new track titled “Elevated Man.” Said track is grandly awaiting your listening after the jump.     Continue reading

Topshelf Report: Minnesota Clinch Spot In The Playoffs #GetWild

We don’t talk about sports here on American Aftermath, but I am a sucker for hockey and, with the impending playoffs, thought it was about time that I kick off a hockey column. So, with that said, I present The Topshelf Report. This was an interesting week for me as a huge fan of the Minnesota Wild. The team wasn’t looking so hot over the last week with three consecutive loses (to the Rangers, Red Wings and Jets respectively), last nights win over the Blackhawks was enough to push them over into Playoff territory.      Continue reading