XERXES Streaming New Track “Collision Blonde”

xerxes - collision blondeI last posted about Xerxes last month when they released a new track off of their forthcoming album Collision Blonde. Well, if you were excited for that track, then you’ll be just as excited, or maybe more for the title track off of the album! You can check out a stream of the song over at NPR now. It’s really dreamy and really amazing. Love it. Enjoy.
Collison Blonde will be released on October 21st via No Sleep Records.

WARSAWWASRAW Streaming New Album “Sensitizer”

warsawwasrawLane and I have been championing Warsawwasraw for months now and the time has finally come for all of you to join us in our love of the band. That’s right, right now you can check out the debut album from this noisy hardcore act Sensitizer. If you know whats good for you and you love loud, aggressive music, get some Warsawwasraw in your life. Check it out after the jump, courtesy of Noisey.     Continue reading

MONUMENTS Release Music Video For “Atlas”

monuments-The-AmanuensisMonuments are a band that I found myself fascinated with earlier in the year and I really enjoy the bands latest album. The band has just unveiled their new music video for their song “Atlas,” which happens to be one of my favorites. You can check out the music video after the jump. Radcycle.     Continue reading


shreddy kruegetLast week I posted about Shreddy Krueger, a band I had just heard about because they covered my favorite Alexisonfire track. Well, the band is back and they have released their cover of Foo Fighters hit song “My Hero.” Their cover does a lot of justice to the original and I dig it. You can check out the cover after the jump. I’m assuming all of these will be put on an album eventually. That’s what people do, right? Check it.     Continue reading

PITY SEX Announce Split 7″ With ADVENTURES, Stream New Track “Acid Reflex”

Adventures__Pity_Sex_-_SplitMichigan indie-rockers Pity Sex have announced that they will be releasing a split 7″ with Code Orange side project Adventures. I love both of these bands, so I am stoked that they will be not only releasing new music, but that they will be together on wax. Freakin’ sweet, right? Well, don’t think that Pity Sex stopped at just that awesome announcement. The band is also streaming a rad new track titled “Acid Reflex,” which you can check out after the jump. It’s amazing. Simple as that.     Continue reading

RINGS OF SATURN Release Teaser For “Lugal Ki En”

rings_of_saturn_lugal_ki_en_artworkPsychotically technical death dealers Rings Of Saturn will be releasing their new album Lugal Ki En next month and the band has released a five minute teaser for the album, which has got me extremely excited. This beast is sure to be a crushing blow to everyone’s skull when it drops and until then, enjoy snippets from the songs of Lugal Ki En. Jamz.      Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: SOCIETY SUCKER Premiere “Sentenced”

soiety suckerCrawling out of the murk that is the North Carolinian hardcore scene last year, Society Sucker are out to decimate reality and crush all of your hopes and dreams. Taking cues from our hardcore forefathers but staying as relevant as Trapped Under Ice and Suburban Scum, this band is definitely going to make waves with the release of debut, self-titled EP. If you are prepared to headbang until you can’t anymore, check out “Sentenced” off of the forthcoming Society Sucker EP after the jump. YEAH. GET BENT.
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ANTROPOMORPHIA Streaming New Track “Carved To Pieces”

Antropomorphia-RitesOvPerversionAntropomorphia took my world by storm a year or so ago and now the band has returned with what might be one of the most vicious death metal album of the year. The band will be releasing Rites Ov Perversion next Tuesday and are tempting the world by streaming one of the most aggressive tracks on the album. This beast is titled “Carved To Pieces,” which is exactly how it left my brain after the fourth listen. Stream it and like it, fuck. Enjoy the Dutch death.       Continue reading

UNEARTH Streaming New Track “The Swarm”

unearthwatchersofruleUnearth are back and in full effect. I fell out of touch with the band a few years back, so I’m not 100% sure what their last few albums have sounded like, but the band has released a stream of their new track “The Swarm” off of their forthcoming record Watchers Of Rule which sounds pretty promising. I mean, it sounds like the Unearth that I saw at 8:30 in the morning back in 2004. Check out “The Swarm” after the jump and see if it tickles your fancy.       Continue reading

MYRKUR Streaming Debut EP

myrkurScandinavian one-woman black metal act Myrkur is a band that jumped onto my radar a week or so ago and I have really been enjoying what I’ve heard from her self-titled debut record, which is to be released next week. The band has a very dark and intense sound and I think this will definitely be a contender for EP of the year. Check it out over on Pitchfork and see what you think.

OLD WOUNDS Streaming New Track “Bloodpact”

death projectionMy hardcore homies Old Wounds will be unleashing their fantastically crafted new EP Death Projection next week (Sept. 16th). In anticipation of the albums release next week, Pitchfork has unveiled a rad new track titled “Bloodpact.” I love Old Wounds and I think this EP is some of the bands best work to date. Don’t believe me? Well, check out “Bloodpact” here and see for yourself. Nooch.

PUIG DESTROYER Streaming New Track “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team”

34580-puigdestroyer2We here at American Aftermath love baseball-themed grindcore outfit  Puig Destroyer and with that, we are excited about the bands forthcoming full-length. The band has just unleashed a badass new track for all to hear and it’s called “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team.” If I’m not mistaken, the band has no issues with fantasy football, but they are all tired of hearing about teams relentlessly. Can’t blame them. Check out the new track below.      Continue reading

FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS Release Music Video For “Bombay”

ForTheFallenDreams-Promo-600Post-metalcore act For The Fallen Dreams released their pretty rad new album Heavy Hearts and the band has now released a music video for their track “Bombay.” I really love this track and the video is pretty cool, so check it out after the jump, wontcha? If you’re new to the band, Heavy Hearts is a great place to start and it’s available now through Rise Records. Enjoy.       Continue reading

TEXAS IN JULY Streaming New Album “Bloodwork”

texas in july - bloodworkTexas In July are a band that I was not totally familiar with before I checked out the bands new record about ten minutes before starting this post. I have seen the name, but never sought after them. Well, I regret not listening sooner because this band is pretty rad. It always shocks me that metalcore can exist in 2014 and not be godawful, but Texas In July kill this. The bands new album will be released next week and you can stream the effort in full below. Sound off in the comments and let me know if you’re digging them as much as I am.      Continue reading