FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Disabused”

FTF-AbandonedEveryone’s favorite Canadian grindcore outfit Fuck The Facts will be releasing their new Abandoned EP in October and the band has unleashed their new track “Disabused.” As always, Fuck The Facts kill this track, but then again, who would ever doubt the masterful grind that FTF have been releasing all these years? Check out this rad track after the jump. DO IT.     Continue reading

ELECTRIC WIZARD Streaming New Album “Time To Die”

Electric-Wizard-Time-to-Die-620x663Legendary doom act Electric Wizard will be releasing their phenomenally heavy new album Time To Die next week and NPR is currently streaming this beast in full. That’s right! I know everyone on the planet is as excited about the new Electric Wizard as I am, so this is beyond thrilling. This album is as heavy and as grand as I hoped it would be, so lets just all head over and listen, shall we? Check out a track below and then head over and stream the album here.     Continue reading

RINGS OF SATURN Release Lyric Video For “Unsympathetic Intellect”

rings_of_saturn_lugal_ki_en_artworkRings Of Saturn are a fun band, huh? I’ve only recently gotten into the band but I have to say they are extremely fun and br00tal. The band will unleash the wild and heavy Lugal Ki En in October and the band has release a new track in the form of a lyric video. The track is titled “Unsympathetic Intellect” and it’s, you guessed it, rad. Check out the track and video after the jump.       Continue reading

DIVIDER Streaming Debut Album “All Barren”

cover-GKR031Sludge monsters Divider released their fantastic debut album All Barren today and the band teamed up with AltPress to stream the album in full. I really hope you people have been keeping up with this band but if you haven’t then today is the day you get caught up. This band has crafted one of the filthiest, most disgustingly rad albums of the year and I want everyone to listen to it. Rage on after the jump.     Continue reading

AT THE GATES Streaming New Track “At War With Reality”

at-war-with-realityIt has been 19 years since Gothenburg metal legends At The Gates have released a new album and the time is upon it. Finally, one of my all-time favorite bands is releasing a new record and, judging by the albums title track, it is going to destroy. Yes! The band has released the title song from At War With Reality and it’s pretty amazing. At The Gates obviously still have the chops to make amazing music (*cough*In Flames*cough*). Check out the track after the jump and get schooled.     Continue reading

MYRKUR Releases Music Video For “Nattens Barn”

One-woman black metal act Myrkur released a phenomenal EP not too long ago that I haven’t been able to get enough of. I mean, it’s a spectacular record through and through and I can’t wait to hear more from this project. Myrkur has also released a pretty rad music video for her track “Nattens Barn” which comes off of the aforementioned EP. Check out the video after the jump. MOARPLZ.     Continue reading

NO BRAGGING RIGHTS Streaming New Album “The Concrete Flower”

No_Bragging_Rights_-_The_Concrete_FlowerNo Bragging Rights will release their new album The Concrete Flower tomorrow and the band has released a full stream of the album for the world to hear. I’m really enjoying this album and this is pretty much my introduction to No Bragging Rights, so this has made a good first impression. You can check out the album after the jump, courtesy of Revolver. Stream and enjoy.     Continue reading

BAPTISTS Streaming New Track “Calling”

baptists bloodminesOne of the raddest hardcore bands killing it right now is Baptists, who absolutely crush on every release they put out. I think the bands pending release Bloodmines might be their best yet and to further prove my point, the band is currently streaming their new track “Calling,” which you can hear after the jump, thanks to Metal Injection. I love this mid-paced crusher and I can’t wait to hear the rest of Bloodmines! Stream below.      Continue reading

SSS Streaming New Track Featuring CARCASS’ Jeff Walker “Dead Wood”

SSSSSS are one amazing thrash band that I love. The band hasn’t released a full-length album since 2011 but released an EP last year on their new label Prosthetic Records. Well, SSS will be unleashing their new full-length this fall and the band has unleashed a monstrous new song titled “Dead Wood.” If that’s not enough to entice you, said song features guest vocals by death metal vocal legend Jeff Walker of Carcass. Holy fuck. Get to streamin’ kiddos. Peep the song out after the jump.      Continue reading


trap them by angela owens

Photo by Angela Owens

Lane told you about Trap Them covering tracks from Edge Of Sanity and Hot Snakes for Decibel’s FlexiDisc series and now you can stream both of the covers! I adore both Trap Them and cover songs, so I was euphoric before I even listened to the tracks (both of which are magical). You can check out those covers after the jump, courtesy of MetalSucks.       Continue reading

TODAY IS THE DAY Release Music Video For “Masada”

animal motherToday Is The Day always pleases my earholes and I like seeing really intriguing, off-the-wall music videos, so today is a nice day because I get both. I get new Today Is The Day and I get an insane David Hall-directed music video for the bands song “Masada.” I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or my upbringing void people of the Jewish faith, but I wasn’t aware of what the name of the song was derived from until I looked it up. Apparently it’s the name of a plateau in which a bunch of Israelis committed mass suicide. METAL! Check out the video for “Masada” after the jump.      Continue reading

HOSTAGE CALM Release Music Video For “A Thousand Miles Away From Here”

hostage calmHostage Calm have released their new album Die On Stage and the band has quickly followed up with a music video directed by the one and only Max Moore. I love this guys videos and I think Hostage Calm are incredible so, put the two together and you get awesome. Check out the bands music video for “A Thousand Miles Away From Here” after the jump. Enjoy!      Continue reading

ANAAL NATHRAKH Streaming New Track “Monstrum In Animo”

anaal-nathrakh-desideratum-600x600Blackened grindcore heathens Anaal Nathrakh will be releasing their new record, their first for new label Metal Blade Records, and the band has unleashed their beastly new track “Monstrum In Animo” over on Decibel. This track is vicious, it’s loud and it’s apocalyptic. You can stream the monstrosity after the jump. If you dare. Continue reading

REVOCATION Streaming New Track “Madness Opus”

Revocation-DeathlessRevocation are one of those bands that constantly and consistently improves. The band is always becoming heavier and more amazing with each album and I think their new album Deathless will be their best yet. Don’t believe me based off of the albums title track (see here), then let the band “Madness Opus” destroy you with amazeballs. Check out a stream of the track below, courtesy of Noisey. Continue reading

THE CONTORTIONIST Streaming New Album “Language”

the contortionist-languageThe Contortionist released their highly anticipated and highly praised new album Language today and I am so thrilled that the world will finally get to hear this masterpiece. I have watched The Contortionist go from deathcore to one of the leading and most fascinating progressive bands of the day. Language is a phenomenal album that I find myself listening to constantly, so you should do the same. Stream the album below. Go, The Contortionist, go!      Continue reading