HIRAM-MAXIM Streaming New Track “One”

51559-hiram2bcover2bwebHiram-Maxim will release their debut album early next month and the band has unloaded a massive new track titled “One.” The track is one hell of a crusher, coming in at more than eleven minutes and it holds strong throughout. This band is vicious and I’m really digging them, so they come highly recommended. Check out “One” after the jump.      Continue reading

SWORN IN Announce New Album “The Lovers/The Devil,” Stream New Track

sworninloverI almost missed the news that Sworn In would be releasing a new album in April titled The Lovers/The Devil. I passed over it a few times before actually noticing it and I’m glad I did. I have an odd fascination with Sworn In and I enjoy their music, so learning of the bands impending release was exciting. On top of the album news, apparently I did miss the band releasing a new track titled “Sunshine” last week, so I’m including that below as well as the information about The Lovers/The Devil.     Continue reading

ABIOTIC Streaming New Track “Cast Into The Depths,” DYING FETUS Frontman Guests

abioticcasTechnical death metal horde Abiotic will be unleashing their new album Casulstry in April and the band is already building up intensity. Abiotic has unloaded a new track titled “Cast Into The Depths” and as if that wasn’t enough, the track features guest vocals by Dying Fetus frontman John Gallagher. Fuck. That’s a devastating track. Check it out, along with the album details, below. Continue reading


gruesomeGruesome, a new supergroup featuring Matt Harvey of Exhumed and Gus Rios (formerly of Malevolent Creation) will be unleashing their monstrous debut via Relapse Records in April and they have given us all a little teaser to mull over. After hearing these two minutes, I am beyond stoked to check out what this band has to offer. This is straight up OSDM and it’s damn fine. Check out the teaser below.      Continue reading

ROTTING OUT Streaming New Track “End Of The Road”

rottingoutreckoningI have been championing the new EP from Rotting Out titled Reckoning for a while now and I can’t wait until the album drops. I want it so bad I can feel it in my knee caps. Oh wait, that’s just the new track the band has released! The track is titled “End Of The Road” and it is fucking spectacular. Check out a stream of the track after the jump.      Continue reading

LEVIATHAN Streaming New Track “Within Thrall”

Leviathan-Scar-Sighted-620x614I have expressed my absolute adoration for Leviathan, calling them one of my all-time favorite black metal bands, and I have been highly anticipating the release of the bands new record Scar Sighted next month. Leviathan has unleashed its second track from the album titled “Within Thrall” and it is glorious. It’s filthy, raw and sickening, just as Leviathan‘s music should be. Check out the track below and prepare to be enTHRALLed.       Continue reading

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Streaming New Track “Krokodil”

imperialtriumphantI remember listening to and enjoying Imperial Triumphant a while back, but the band had slipped past me. Well, luckily the band has made its way back to me because not only are they planning the release of a new album Abyssal Gods, but the band is currently streaming a new track. The track is titled “Krokodil” and it’s a fucking doozy. It’s a brutal, slow and ravaging track of more than eight minutes. Check it out below.     Continue reading

PISS VORTEX Releases Music Video For “Devouring Intent”

PISS_20VORTEX_cover_web_originalPiss Vortex, the Danish grinders that won the hearts of two Aftermathers (Lane and I) last year have made their way back onto AA real fast. The band has just released their first music video for their track “Devouring Intent.” This video is extremely raw and DIY and it’s pretty fucking cool. You gotta love Piss Vortex. Amirite? Check it out below.     Continue reading

TRAITORS Release Music Video For “The Hate Campaign”

traitorsRemember that band Traitors I talked about last month? Well, the band has made it’s way back onto my radar and have released a new music video.  The video is for the title track off of the bands new album and it’s pretty cool. I’m not totally into the video, but the song is fucking crushing. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New EP “Home Is Where The Hatred Is”

primitive-man-home-is-where-the-hatred-isWe fucking love the sludge menace that is Primitive Man. The band is a beast of epic proportions and if you’re late to the party, you can now hear the bands new EP Home Is Where The Hatred Is, which saw it’s release today. MetalSucks premiered the EP for all to hear and you seriously have to hear it. It’s fucking phenomenal. And I don’t even get paid to say that. Enjoy.      Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Announce Tour Dates This Spring

NYC black metal horde Mutilation Rites will be hitting the road this spring with support from Mantar. The trek will see Mutilation Rites hit up SXSW and will wrap up in good ole Canada. You can check out all of the dates below and see where you will be seeing some sickening black metal and filthy sludge. This is most definitely something you want to see.     Continue reading

CHIEFS Streaming New Track “Vovi”

chiefsHeavy stoner rockers Chiefs will release their new album Tomorrow’s Over next week and the band has released a track titled “Vovi” for streaming. I really love this track and I think this band has the makings of a band on part with Red Fang and bands of that ilk. Check out “Vovi” after the jump and see for yourself.     Continue reading

KEEP OF KALESSIN Streaming New Album “Epistemology”

Keep-of-Kalessin-EpistemologyOkay, I admit that it has been a long while since I’ve listened to Keep Of Kalessin. It was probably around the release of Reptilian that I stopped listening to them, but I don’t remember the band utilizing the technique of “clean vocals” back then. Well, apparently in my Kalessinless times, the band has changed up their vocal stylings on certain tracks (although the harsh vocals seem kinda whack to me also). I just don’t feel like they fit alongside the music. Maybe it’s just me. Judge for yourself and stream Keep Of Kalessin‘s Epistemology below.       Continue reading

TORCHE Streaming New Album “Restarter” In Full

Torche_Restarter-600x600Well, thank god. I was growing tired of posting about Torche singles. The band has finally made Restarter available to stream online. Trust me, fuckers, you want to hear this. This is definitely one of the raddest albums you will be hearing all year, so keep a close watch on it. Torche never do anything nice and easy and this album is a crusher of souls. Check out a full stream below.      Continue reading

ADVENTURES Streaming Debut LP “Supersonic Home”

adventures -supersonichomeNow, for something awesome that isn’t metal in the least. Adventures, who share three-quarters of their members with Code Orange, will be releasing their debut full-length next week and the band is currently streaming the album in full. If you have yet to get into Adventures, then the time is now. This band is spectacular and their debut Supersonic Home is phenomenal. You can check out the album below. Get into it.      Continue reading