TEMPEL To Release New Album “The Moon Lit Our Path” In June

Instrumetal two-piece Tempel released their phenomenal album On The Steps Of The Temple back in 2012 and the band have now set this summer for the release of their sophomore effort. The new album will be titled The Moon Lit Our Path and it will be out this June. Knowing the band and their debut album, I am sure that this new one is going to be great. Be sure to check back as more details become available.

ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Track “Glow”

royal thunder - crooked doorsI am getting so fucking excited about this new Royal Thunder album. I mean, I keep hearing tracks from it and I cannot wait to hear the album in full. Well, until that time comes, the band has given us all a new track to stream! The new track is called “Glow” and it is spectacular. Check out the track below and let it wash over you. Enjoy.      Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Downward”

We love Meeks Is Murder here on AA because they rule. The band is always spectacular and I always look forward to listening to new music by them. It doesn’t feel like it was waaaay back in 2011 that the band released their Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky EP, but it was and the band has teamed that up with a new EP to bring us their third full-length. Outward/Into The Sun is sure to destroy and the band has gifted us with a new track titled “Downward.” Check it out below. It’s sick.      Continue reading

36 CRAZYFISTS Release Music Video For “Swing The Noose”

36CRAZYFISTS_photo236 Crazyfists released their latest album Time & Trauma last month and the band have quickly followed it up with a music video for their track “Swing The Noose.” I’m not sure how I feel about the video because, well, there are no nooses. It’s a strange video about building up walls to keep yourself secluded from the outside world. Check it out below and see what you think.     Continue reading

COMEBACK KID Release Music Video For “Losing Sleep”

cbkHardcore act Comeback Kid have released their new music video for their track “Losing Sleep” which comes off of the bands most recent album Die Knowing. The track is spectacular and the video is pretty cool also. You can check out the video below and, if you haven’t, go out and pick up Die Knowing because it’s an amazing record.     Continue reading

SKINLESS Set New Album “Only The Ruthless Remain” For June Release

skinlessonlyOne of my favorite death metal bands are back! We talked a while back about Skinless reuniting for a few shows here and there and that was cool and all, but it wasn’t new music. Well, it has now been announced that the band will unleash a new a record this June! Yes! How amazing is that? New Skinless! The album is titled “Only The Ruthless Remain” and it will feature seven new tracks that are sure to devastate. Check out the album art up top. Rad.


RETOX Release Music Video For “Die In Your Own Cathedral”

retox6It’s amazing what you can fit into just a minute. If you’re doubtful, check out Retox‘s new music video. “Die In Your Cathedral” has a whole helluva lot going on and it’s pretty cool. I love this song and the video was very interestingly shot. Check it out below and see what you think.     Continue reading

NOISEM Prepare “Blossoming Decay” For May Release

noisem blossoming decayThrashers Noisem have picked May to release their new album Blossoming Decay. The bands debut album Agony Defined was released in 2013 and I am beyond stoked that the band will unleash some sickening new material on us all this spring. The band has released a teaser for Blossoming Decay, which you can see below. Get pumped.       Continue reading

LEVIATHAN Streaming Cover of BLACK FLAG’s “My War”

dBFlexi_053_Leviathan-620x620You should all know by this point that I love Leviathan. I would probably go as far as to call them my favorite black metal band of all time. Jef’s musicianship is unlike any other and he creates truly dark and haunting music. Well, the dude has taken it one step further (and awesome-er) by putting on wax (or plastic) a cover of Black Flag‘s “My War.” Leviathan + Black Flag = ALL OUT WAAAAAR. Check out a stream of the beast below. Pun intended.    #BlackMetalFlag    Continue reading

MUSE Release New Video For “Psycho”

Muse-psychoMuse will return this summer with Drones and it’s already sounding pretty sweet. The band has released what they call a lyric video but what looks (to me) to be a full on music video with the lyrics on screen for their new track “Psycho.” It’s a really cool visualization and the song is brilliant. “Psycho” is a rocking beast of a track. I am so excited. Check out the track and video below.      Continue reading

KEN MODE Release Trailer For New Album “Success”

Noise metallers Ken Mode will release their new album Success this June and the band has released a trailer for said album. Now, while this doesn’t really give us a taste of new music, it still got me extremely excited. You can check out the full teaser below and see how it makes you feel. I always welcome new Ken Mode material, so bring on the madness.     Continue reading

MINSK Streaming New Track “The Way Is Through”

minsk-the-crash-and-the-drawIt’s been a few weeks since we heard a new Minsk track, but one has graced us this fine day. The band will be releasing their new album The Crash & The Draw next month and the second track off of the album has made it’s way too us. You can check out this blistering beast by the name of “The Way Is Through” below. It’s a banger. Enjoy.     Continue reading

DEAD TIRED (ALEXISONFIRE) Streaming Debut Record

deadtiredAround Halloween of last year I posted about Dead Tired, which features Alexionfire vocalist George Pettit, and then I didn’t hear anything else about them. Well, the band will release their debut, self-titled album next week and it is currently streaming in full. This is really fucking cool and if you dug the track I posted about back in October, you’ll love the rest of the album.      Continue reading

THEORIES Release Lyric Video For “Burnt Concrete”

theoriesSeattle-based grinders Theories will be unleashing their Metal Blade debut at the end of the month and nothing is slowing the band down. They have just released a new lyric video for their new track “Burnt Concrete,” which is a beast of a track. This album is a monster and you’re going to love the fuck out of it. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

WILL HAVEN Streaming New Track “The Comet”

Are you not fucking excited based on the headline alone? Will Haven are back and they are as fierce as ever. The band will release its new record this may and they have just graced us with a heart-stopping new track titled “The Comet.” This track comes in hard and heavy and is an unrelenting force of nature. Check out the track below if you know what’s good for you.      Continue reading