MARUTA Streaming New Track “Protocol For Self Immolation”

maruta - remainIn their run of five tracks in five days which started right here with us yesterday, Maruta have released their second track of the week. This track, a little ditty titled “Protocol For Self Immolation” is a grinding slab of awesome off of the bands upcoming record Remain Dystopian and… Yeah. It rules. Maruta will be premiering another new track tomorrow, but for now, get a dose of the “Protocol For Self Immolation.”      Continue reading

THE EARLY NOVEMBER Releases Music Video For “Boxing Timelines”

the early novemberThe Early November recently released their amazing new album Imbue and the band have had a quick turnaround and have now released a music video for their new song “Boxing Timelines.” Admittedly, this is one of my favorite tracks on Imbue. It’s a really great song and I really like the video the band has crafted for it. You can check out the video after the jump. I honestly think this is some of The Early November‘s best work to date. Thoughts?       Continue reading

BLOOD DRUGS Releases Music Video For “Division”

blood drugsPsychrockers Blood Drugs released their spectacular album Blood Drugs and now the band has released a new music video. The video is for their song “Division” which comes off of said self-titled album. The video is pretty cool. It takes place in pretty closed quarters, but it’s it’s still cool. The song is great, even if you’re not digging the video. Get a dose of Blood Drugs below.      Continue reading

MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Reptilian Soul”

Oooooooh, Mutoid Man, you so niiiiiice. I love this band and their funky sound. The band will release their new album Bleeder next month and the band is streaming a new track titled “Reptilian Soul.” This track is fucking phenomenal and I cannot wait to hear Bleeder in full. Mutoid Man keep getting better and better and why would they not, they feature members of Cave In and Converge. Get rad with “Reptilian Soul” below.     Continue reading

HARM’S WAY Release “Left To Disintegrate” Music Video

harms wayMan, I love Harm’s Way. Those dudes are amazing and they are just all around good dudes. The band has premiered a new music video for their fantastic track “Left To Disintegrate,” which you can check out after the jump. The video is very cool, mainly because it was directed by Max Moore, who only does amazing work. Check out the new Harm’s Way video not because you have to, but because you want to. Enjoy.     Continue reading

HATEBEAK To Release New Album “The Number Of The Beak”

Everyone’s favorite parrot-fronted deathgrind band Hatebeak is back and plotting the release of their first full-length album. The Number Of The Beast will see it’s release in late June and if you’re as stoked as I am about this news, you’ll be thrilled to know that Hatebeak are currently streaming a handful of the songs off of the album. You can check out those tracks after the jump. You can also find the pre-order link for the bird shit colored vinyl. Yeah. You read that correctly.     Continue reading

SKINLESS Streaming New Track “Barbaric Proclivity”

skinlessonlyDeath metal titans Skinless are making their highly anticipated return to the fold this year and their new album Only The Ruthless Remain is shaping up to be beyond killer. These slashers don’t play around when it comes to their vicious brand o’ death metal and if you go into this with a weak stomach, you will regret it. Skinless never do anything nice and that is very evident in their latest offering, “Barbaric Proclivity.” Check out the beast of battery below.     Continue reading

Exclusive: lLLOGISTICAL RESOURCE DEPT. Premiere “March Of The Urchins”

Album CoverAre you digging proggy rock that gives nods to Rush and bands of that ilk? Well, I might have something here you might be interested in. I was recently introduced to a band called Illogistical Resource Dept. who play a weird brand of spacy rock. Their music is definitely unusual, but it is pretty cool too. If you’re interested, may I present an official stream of the bands new track “March Of The Urchins.” The track is very bass-heavy and it’s got a fun groove to it. Check it out below and see if it’s your kinda jam.     Continue reading

KEN MODE Streaming New Track “Management Control”

Man, Success is definitely going to be one of the best albums of the year. This much is clear. KEN Mode are a fucking beast and each and every album shows the band advancing in their craft. I personally think the band can do no wrong and Success is going to live up to it’s title. Further proof? KEN Mode have unleashed a new track titled “Management Control” and it will lay you out. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Release NSFW Music Video For “Loathe”

loath videoWe know that Primitive Man are pretty fucked up, right? The band is gruesome and brutal and crushingly good. The band has released a new music video and it is extremely fucked up. The NSFW video is for the bands track “Loathe” and, for the love of humanity, don’t watch it around your mom or religious representative. Like, seriously. The hell is wrong with you, Ethan? Check out some Primitive Man visuals below.      Continue reading