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Review: JAR’D LOOSE – “Turns 13″

Jar’d Loose’s 2012 debut, Goes to Purgatory, was almost too good to be true. The Chicago quartet expertly combined the driving rhythms associated with bands like Helmet, with subtle noisy debauchery and offbeat vocals. The end result was an eccentric, fresh take on the 90′s-tinged alternative metal and noise rock sound. Goes to Purgatory was pretty straight forward, but was pulled off with finesse and provided the framework for the band’s sound. But a band as odd as Jar’d Loose are not above pushing their own boundaries. Their sophomore full length, Turns 13,  shows the band extending their tendrils into new territories while still maintaining their dirty sound.

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Review: LIONHEART – “Welcome To The West Coast”

wttwcepI’ve recently started listening to a band called Lionheart, who are fairly new to me but they have a handful of releases under their belts. Their latest offering caught my eye not too long ago after I watched one of their music videos. I was instantly intrigued based on my love of this style of metallic hardcore. Lionheart kick shit into gear right away and they destroy. That’s a fact.     Continue reading

7″ Review: HERESIARCH – “Wælwulf”

GD17V4.pdfHeresiarch I have never heard of before a few weeks ago, but the bands brand of blackened death metal is something that I adore. The level of old school death metal that is housed within this 7″ is ungodly and unforgiving. Think of Father Befouled, shake it up a bit and add in a little Satanic Warmaster. Let simmer for three tracks and then blast on high.    Continue reading

REVIEW: SKINFATHER – “None Will Mourn”

Situated by membership and sound in the context of contemporary rising Southern California hardcore, Skinwalker walk the edge along with bands like Power Trip as niche groups prominent among the hardcore underground but not yet broken in the mainstream of their appropriate genres. While the latter Power Trip has found its corner amongst the hardcore world with recent success beyond following the release of their latest record, the approaching three-year career of Skinfather seems to have walked the path of stagnation, having under their belt but two EPs and a record of inconsistent touring with prominence overshadowed by their peers, by the genre disconnect among their main fanbase. 2014 brings Skinfather’s debut record, None Will Mourn, to the front by way of Todd Jones of Nails’s  label Streetcleaner Records. Continuing the group’s evolutionary incline towards a more expansive death metal style whilst refining their hardcore assault, None Will Mourn is definitely the group’s finest work to date and just may be the group’s breakout record. Continue reading

Review: TIGER FLOWERS – “Dead Hymns”

The Brooklynites Tiger Flowers have been making quite a stir in New York in recent years. The metallic hardcore outfit is slowly becoming a household name in Brooklyn, and is really starting to garner attention abroad. Partnering with Deathwish, Inc and Melotov Records for the release of their debut full length is sure to rake in more potential listeners and hopefully get the band the recognition they deserve. Dead Hymns is the name of that aforementioned full length and it is 31 minutes of blistering chaos, grumpy riffing, and emotionality.

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Review: THANTIFAXATH – “Sacred White Noise”

thantifaxathAs a huge fan of black metal, I love it in all shapes and sizes. It’s not often that a band hits me with something new right out of the gate and blows me away. It’s been a long time since a band hit me like the first time I heard Mayhem or Shining but a band has come to my attention over the last few weeks who have completely blown me away. The band is called Thantifaxath and they are the future of black metal universally.     Continue reading

Review: PYRRHON – “The Mother Of Virtues”

The Mother of Virtues cover art

There is very little you can do to prepare yourself for the disorienting madness that is Pyrrhon. You could study the technical death and experimental metal greats for hours on end, but you may still find yourself at a loss for words. The New York experimental metal quartet have unleashed an utterly polarizing, 54 minute behemoth that is sure to perplex and mesmerize those who allow it to enter their ear canals.  The Mother of Virtues is proof that there are still boundaries to be pushed and areas left to explore in metal.

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Review: GRAVES AT SEA – “This Place Is Poison” EP

GravesatseaGraves At Sea are a band that has come across my radar a few times but I have never really given much attention to. I have obviously made a huge mistake because the bands new EP This Place Is Poison is a haunting, thundering sludge record that quickly booms into play. Consisting of two songs and totally about twenty minutes, this EP is just long enough to tell you everything you need to know about a band.       Continue reading

Review: CULT LEADER – “Nothing For Us Here”

The hype surrounding Cult Leader’s debut release, Nothing For Us Here, has been quite monumental. It’s not surprising considering the popularity of previous incarnation, Gaza, among the metal and hardcore crowd. Gaza’s disbandment was sudden and surprising, as was the formation of Cult Leader, which features 3/4′s of the original members. With Gaza’s popularity and the controversy surrounding their demise,  all eyes are surely on Cult Leader now. Some may wonder if this new outfit will deliver all the goods that Gaza once did. Well, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  Cult Leader is not a far cry from Gaza, but it is also on the verge of becoming something different than its sister band.

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Review: EPISTASIS – “Light Through Dead Glass”

epistasisEpistasis is a New York City experimental metal quartet that aim to make their music as confrontational, polarizing, and plain unsettling as possible. Light Through Dead Glass is the band’s new six track EP and the second release from this fairly new act. Epistasis combine elements of black metal, technical metal, noise, classical and others into a malevolent stew that is unfit for human consumption. But you would be wise to taste this psychotic concoction, because it is far too good to pass up. For the next 27 minutes, you belong to Epistasis.

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Review: NUX VOMICA – “Nux Vomica”

Nux-Vomica-ArtworkFuriosity is the name of the game and a ton of bands play it. The fraction of those bands who both play it and play it interesting enough to keep my attention are bands who earn my respect, especially if I have never heard of said band before. Such is the case with Nux Vomica, who I have only learned of recently. This is a band that creates pissed off, crusty music and isn’t one-and-done in less than ninety seconds. I mean, the first song on the bands new record is seconds away from being twenty minutes in length. Continue reading

Review: SCHOOLBOY Q – “Oxymoron”

Schoolboy QI am new to ScHoolboy Q and his latest offering Oxymoron is the first I’ve listened to. When I go into a rap album, there are a lot of factors that need to be present to keep my attention. First and foremost, the artist has to be interesting and they need to have a good flow. ScHoolboy Q has both of those factors. Another thing he has is that he brought the right people in to work on this album. The beats are off the charts and the featured rappers fit perfectly in the mix. Continue reading