THE BANNER Streaming New Track “Send Me Down”

the banner greyinbgThe Banner will unleash their unholy new record in December and the band has unveiled a new track from Greying titled “Send Me Down” and it’s a fucking doozy. This track shows the band expanding upon their sound and performing a crushingly heavy doom-like acrobatic routine without the use of a net and quickly jumping into something a bit more Banner-esque. Check out this vicious slab of awesome after the jump. FUCK EVERYTHING UP.    Continue reading

GIANT SQUID Streaming New Album “Minoans”

GIANT-SQUID_MINOANS_cover-with-logo-608x624Giant Squid are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I was never super into the band before Lane told me to check out Minoans, which blew me away. I have listened to this album a few times all the way through now and I highly suggest that you do the same. There are very few bands doing what Giant Squid are doing and even less who do it well. Check out a full stream of Minoans after the jump, courtesy of Noisey. ENJOY!     Continue reading

EXALT Streaming New Album “Pale Light”

exaltCanada’s own Exalt will be releasing their phenomenally crafted new album Pale Light, which will be released next week, is a beat down if I’ve heard one. The band took me by storm and I hope that they can have the same effect on you as they have on me. If you’re new to the band or if you’ve been anxiously awaiting Pale Light, you can stream the album in full right now! Just click on over after the jump.      Continue reading

PISS VORTEX Streaming Self-Titled Album

PISS_20VORTEX_cover_web_originalLane and I have come to adore Denmark’s own Piss Vortex. The bands vicious hardcore attack is unbelievable and we both swooned over their self-titled album, due out next week. If you have been curious about the Dannish act, you can now stream their new album in full thanks to Invisible Oranges. Check out the album after the jump and let the sweet, aggressive sounds of Piss Vortex wash over your body all nice and smooth-like.      Continue reading

NE OBLIVISCARIS Streaming New Album “Citadel”

Ne-Obliviscaris-CitadelProg metallers Ne Obliviscaris somehow alluded me with their new album Citadel. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this album, but it’s pretty cool. I’ve enjoyed the bands music in the past and I intend on giving Citadel a thorough listen very soon. You, like me, can now listen to the album in full right now. After the jump, stream away at the new record from these Australian prog kings.      Continue reading

GREBER (FUCK THE FACTS, THE GREAT SABATINI) Streaming New Album “Kiln Hardened Psalms”

Greber - 'Kiln Hardened Psalms' (album stream)

Thunderous bass and drum duo Greber  have premiered their forthcoming full length, Kiln Hardened Psalms, over at The duo is comprised of The Great Sabatini drummer/vocalist Steve Vargas and Fuck the Facts‘ bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon. When these two get together, sludgy mayhem is made. The band issued the following statement regarding the new record:

“Hardened Psalmsis about restraint, skill, emotion and the sound of two awesome dudes, one riding a bass like a surfboard, the other in a drum kit like a barrel, plunging down the steepest face of Mount Everest, sober but mad, screaming their way through the almost impassable barrier of snow, rock, trees, starving animals and unstoppable velocity.”

If that sounds awesome to you, then check out the album over at now.

Kiln Hardened Psalms will be released on November 1st through the band themselves and Handshake, Inc.

SSS Streaming New Track “Slave To Persuasion”

SSSFierce thrash is a thing of beauty and I could tell you were all craving a bit today, so this post is essential. By now you should be aware of the awesomeness of SSS and their forthcoming album Limp.Gasp.Collapse. Well, the band has released a new track by the title of “Slave To Persuasion” and it is a fucking beast. You can stream the track after the jump and immerse yourself in the awesome nature of this brutal beatdown. Enjoy.     Continue reading

CANCER BATS Detail New Album; Stream New Track “Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake”

cancer_bats_announce_new_album_details_for_searching_for_zeroI adore Cancer Bats. That is all you need to know. I have always loved the band and I have been anxiously awaiting new material from them. Well, it looks like the time is upon us all, as Cancer Bats have released details about their upcoming album Searching For Zero. In addition to the track list, album title and album art (see above), the band has released a lyric video for the track “Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake,” which is a phenomenally crushing track. After the jump you can peep the track list and listen to the new track. JAM IT OUT.     Continue reading

I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN Release Music Video For “Calvert Street”

Beloved_IKTPQWhen I Killed the Prom Queen released their comeback record earlier this year, I was beyond stoked. As a huge fan of metalcore, IKTPQ is one of my favorite bands and I was saddened when they went away. When they came back, I expected the band to have lost a step or two, but I was wrong. The band came back as strong as ever and Beloved is an amazing record. The band has just released a new music video fort their track “Calvert Street” which comes off of Beloved. You can check out the track after the jump and be sure to pick up the album, available now via Epitaph Records.     Continue reading

THE CRINN Streaming New Track “Endless”

Crinn_SilentBetrayerDamn. It seems like just the other day that The Crinn released a new track. Oh yeah. That was just the other day (see here). Well, if you liked “Silent Betrayer,” you’re going to love “Endless.” The Crinn are one of those phenomenal bands that just prides themselves on releasing spectacularly heavy tunes. Check out the new track after the jump and bangyerfuckinhead.     Continue reading

BLACK SHEEP WALL Announce New LP “I’m Going To Kill Myself”

Black_Sheep_Wall_02_c_Anthony_Pham_2011I am a superfan of Black Sheep Wall and I was beyond stoked to find out that the band will be releasing a new album in January. Are you also stoked for this news? You totally should be. The band has put out some amazing releases over the last two years and I know that they will in no way let down the fans of their vicious sludge madness. After the jump you can check out a track off of the bands EP It Begins Again and read a blurb from the bands guitarist Scott Turner. You know, to pump you up for I’m Gong To Kill Myself.     Continue reading

CRETIN Streaming New Track “Fourteen”

dB48_cretin_flex_mockupI know a lot of people are fucking ecstatic that Cretin are finally releasing a new album (Stranger, due out in early December) and I am one of them. The band is a long time favorite of mine and I know that Stranger is going to absolutely decimate. Well, if you need a little convincing and the first track the band released wasn’t enough, you can check out the bands Decibel Magazine Flexi-Disc contribution. This track won’t appear on Stranger, but any new Cretin is good Cretin. Check out the track below via MetalSucks. Continue reading