FUCKED UP Streaming New Track “California Cold”

Every year Fucked Up release yet another installment in their Zodiac series. This year we will get a taste of Year Of The Hare. If you know Fucked Up, you know what you can expect from the music, but it’s still an amazing listen. The B-side of Year Of The Hare is called “California Cold” and it is an 8-minute blazer. You can check out the track below. It’s sick.      Continue reading

STOP BREATHING Announce Sophomore EP “V,” Release Details

I’m n0t super familiar with Stop Breathing, but I am a huuuuge fan of hardcore, so I looked into the band when I found out they were releasing a new album and, shocker, I am beyond stoked to hear the bands new record V. The band is the straight up west coast hardcore that I love so much. You can check out the details for Stop Breathing‘s V below and check out their Santa Cruz EP, which destroys!     Continue reading

SIX FEET UNDER Streaming New Track “Gruesome”

Death metal legends Six Feet Under will release their amazing new record next month and the band has released a stunning new track titled “Gruesome.” Now, with Chris Barnes being the head of the hydra in SFU, I am not surprised that the band chose to release a new track on 4/20, but I thought it might be something more pot-provoking. Regardless, check out the new beast below.      Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Onward Toward A Red Horizon”

32fd2-onward-smallWho doesn’t love new Meek Is Murder? I know that I fucking adore these dudes and their music and I listen to them non-fucking-stop. Well, it won’t be long before the Meek release their new record Onward/Into The Sun and they have unloaded an unholy slab of vicious heaviness upon us. The track is titled “Onward Toward A Red Horizon and you can check it out after the jump. Fucking do it.     Continue reading

PARADISE LOST Streaming New Track “No Hope In Sight”

Metal legends Paradise Lost will release their new album The Plague Within in June and the band has released a really cool lyric video for their new track “No Hope In Sight.” This band has been in my library for a long time now and I always look forward to material from them. It seems to me that The Plague Within will most definitely be a phenomenal record. Check out “No Hope In Sight” below and see for yourself.      Continue reading

FROM FIRST TO LAST Streaming New Track “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good”

FFTL - DTAny Harry Potter fans out there? Of course you’re there. Well, if you have a soft spot for the Wizarding World, then this new From First To Last track may tickle your fancy. The band is currently streaming a new track titled “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good,” which of course is a reference to the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order Of The Phoenix. Well, on top of the title and subtle references, the band has incorporated pieces of the Harry Potter film theme, which is pretty cool. I’m digging the track and suggest you check it out after the jump.    Continue reading

NOISEM Streaming New Track “1132”

noisem blossoming decayLords of heavy, Noisem, will unleash their fierce new album Blossoming Decay in June and if you can’t hold off any longer then I have some good news for you. Noisem has released a new track titled “1132” and it is fucking fantastic. I love this band, but even if I wasn’t sure about them, I would love this track. Crush your way past the jump and see if you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’.     Continue reading

DAWN OF AZAZEL Streaming New Track “Controlled Burn”

New Zealand’s Dawn Of Azazel are here and they are ready to fuck you up. These heavy hitting down-underers are a force to be reckoned with and if you doubt me, check out the bands new track “Controlled Burn.” Imagine getting splashed in the face with battery acid while simultaneously being beaten with a hockey stick and loving every minute of it. There. Now you know what this sick new Dawn Of Azazel track is all about. Check out “Controlled Burn” below and get a dose.      Continue reading

BROKEN CROSS Streaming New Track “Forsaken Existence”

Swedish act Broken Cross are prepping the release of their debut album Through Light To Night and the band has released a new track titled “Forsaken Existence.” It’s a strange brand of heaviness that I am not super familiar with but it is interesting. I definitely want to check out more from this melodic monstrosity. You can check out the new track below and be sure to check back for more details concerning Broken Cross‘s new record.      Continue reading

PRURIENT Streaming New Track “Greenpoint”

prurientPrurient will soon be releasing their new double album Frozen Niagara Falls next month and a new track has arisen. Full of Prurient‘s standard noise and psychotry, “Greenpoint” is a phenomenal–repeat, PHENOMENAL– track. I love it. The track is a little over ten minutes, but it is such a wonderful listen. You can check out this feedback-driven beast after the jump.      Continue reading

PERIPHERY Release Music Video For “The Bad Thing”

peripheryband2014_638Djentlemen, Periphery have released a new music video. The band released their fantastic double album Juggernaut back in January and it’s still a steady listen for me. Well, the band has released a music video for their track “The Bad Thing.” The video was shot live and it’s pro-fessional. Look it up in the book. It’s cool. Check it out below.      Continue reading

DRUDKH Streaming New Album “A Furrow Cut Short” In Full

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortI love Drudkh. The band is fascinating and they have been crafting phenomenal black metal for a looooong time. Well, they will be releasing their new album A Furrow Cut Short in May and you can now hear the album in full. I have listened to this bad boy one full time all the way through and a few tracks here and there and I gotta admit… I fucking love it. Check out the full stream of A Furrow Cut Short after the jump. All praise Drudkh.     Continue reading

FIGHT AMP Streaming New Track “Ex Everything”

fight amp-constnatlyoffLoveable rockers at Fight Amp will release their highly anticipated new record Constantly Off in June and the band has given us a sickeningly sweet taste of said album in the form of “Ex Everything.” This track is fuzzy, feedback-laden and fucking gorgeous. I adore Fight Amp and anything they release, so there is no doubt that Constantly Off will be a choice listen.     Continue reading