ENSLAVED Release New Lyric Video “One Thousand Years Of Rain”

Enslaved - In Times - ArtworkLegendary act Enslaved will be unleashing their new album In Times in a few weeks and the band has released a new lyric video. The video and track in question are “One Thousand Years Of Rain,” which is an absolutely amazing track. As of posting this, I have listened to the track numerous times. It’s great. Check it out for yourself below.      Continue reading

Exclusive: RAMLORD Stream Their Self-Titled EP

ramlord-stIf you have been following American Aftermath for a while, you’ve definitely seen the name Ramlord a few times. I love the New Hampshire-based black metal outfit and I have yet to hear them produce any music that wasn’t spectacular. Well, that isn’t going to change in 2015, as the band will unleash their new, self-titled EP next month. With just over two weeks until the 7″ is released, I am proud to premiere Ramlord by Ramlord in all of it’s glory. Check out a full stream after the jump.     Continue reading

BOSSE-DE-NAGE Release Teaser For New Album “All Fours”

bosse-de-nageWe haven’t heard much from the camp of Californian black metal act Bosse-De-Nage since their 2012 split with Deafheaven. Well, the band will be making their return this year and they will unleash their new album All Fours. The band have given a few details about the album, including a teaser, as well as a strange, enigmatic statement. Check it all out below.     Continue reading

MELECHESH Streaming New Album “Enki”

melecheshenkicover_638Israeli blackened death metal band Melechesh are going to make a splash with their new album Enki. The album is due out in Early March and it is a fucking beast. If you haven’t heard any of the tracks that Melechesh have released, you can now stream the album in full! Trust me, this is some shit you want to hear. Check it out below.     Continue reading

PYRAMIDS Streaming New Track “The Substance Of Grief Is Not Imaginary”

pyramidsPyramids are a band that I have always found myself listening to when I had no idea what kind of music I wanted to hear. The bands sound is so weird and so varied that it is instantly interesting. Pyramids will unleash their new album A Northern Meadow next month and they have released a new track for your streaming pleasure. The track is titled “The Substance Of Grief Is Not Imaginary” and it’s fucking phenomenal. Check out the track below. You’ll listen to it three times just to begin to take it all in.       Continue reading

LEVIATHAN Streaming New Track “Within Thrall”

Leviathan-Scar-Sighted-620x614I have expressed my absolute adoration for Leviathan, calling them one of my all-time favorite black metal bands, and I have been highly anticipating the release of the bands new record Scar Sighted next month. Leviathan has unleashed its second track from the album titled “Within Thrall” and it is glorious. It’s filthy, raw and sickening, just as Leviathan‘s music should be. Check out the track below and prepare to be enTHRALLed.       Continue reading

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Streaming New Track “Krokodil”

imperialtriumphantI remember listening to and enjoying Imperial Triumphant a while back, but the band had slipped past me. Well, luckily the band has made its way back to me because not only are they planning the release of a new album Abyssal Gods, but the band is currently streaming a new track. The track is titled “Krokodil” and it’s a fucking doozy. It’s a brutal, slow and ravaging track of more than eight minutes. Check it out below.     Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Announce Tour Dates This Spring

NYC black metal horde Mutilation Rites will be hitting the road this spring with support from Mantar. The trek will see Mutilation Rites hit up SXSW and will wrap up in good ole Canada. You can check out all of the dates below and see where you will be seeing some sickening black metal and filthy sludge. This is most definitely something you want to see.     Continue reading

KEEP OF KALESSIN Streaming New Album “Epistemology”

Keep-of-Kalessin-EpistemologyOkay, I admit that it has been a long while since I’ve listened to Keep Of Kalessin. It was probably around the release of Reptilian that I stopped listening to them, but I don’t remember the band utilizing the technique of “clean vocals” back then. Well, apparently in my Kalessinless times, the band has changed up their vocal stylings on certain tracks (although the harsh vocals seem kinda whack to me also). I just don’t feel like they fit alongside the music. Maybe it’s just me. Judge for yourself and stream Keep Of Kalessin‘s Epistemology below.       Continue reading

SARPANITUM Streaming New Track “By Virtuous Reclamation”

UK black/death metal outfit Sarpanitum have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Blessed Be My Brothers, over at Stereogum. Titled “By Virtuous Reclamation”, the track is full of gravity-defying death metal acrobatics, glowing atmospherics and hyperspeed drumming that is difficult for the mind to grasp. Guitarist/bassist Tom Hyde issued the following comments on the track:

“The song takes place during the Council of Clermont, specifically the speech given by Pope Urban II with the aim of manipulating Christian Europe into taking arms against Islam in the East and effectively starting what we now know to be the First Crusade. It is a grim reminder of how, throughout history, the elites exploit spirituality in order to make false claims and turn religions and races against each other in war. Musically it is filled with chaotic melody, brutally intense drumming and vibrantly ancient atmospheres.”

Head over to Stereogum to stream the track now.

Blessed Be My Brothers will be released on February 17 via Willowtip Records. Pre-orders can be placed here.

SANNHET Streaming New Track “Revisionist”


Brooklyn instrumental metal trio Sannhet have premiered the title track from their forthcoming album, Revisionist, over at Decibel. “Revisionist” is a storming black/post-metal metal that is triumphant, melodic, sinister and all together dynamic. Feel free to stream the track after the break.

Revisionist will be released on March 3 via The Flenser. Pre-orders can be placed here.

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SHINING Streaming New Track “Vilja & Dröm”

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverSweden’s Shining (the black metal one, not the weird jazzy one) will be releasing their latest offering IX: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends in April and the band has released the albums first track. “Vilja & Dröm” is a beast of black metal debauchery. Shining never disappoint, so I knew from the get that IX would be rad. Well, upon first listen, this new track is ‘mazing. Check it out below.    Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Streaming New Track “Bag Man”

primitive-man-home-is-where-the-hatred-isWe love Primitive Man around here and the bands imminent new EP Home Is Where The Hatred Is is coming soon, so it’s not surprising that the band would unload (at least) one more new track in the two weeks leading up to the albums release. “Bag Man” is the track that CVLT Nation premiered today and it’s a phenomenal slab of unholy thunder. The band has truly outdone themselves on Home Is Where The Hatred Is, as has been proved with both of the bands new tracks. Stream “Bag Man” below for fucks sake.     Continue reading

Review: DEAD IN THE MANGER – “Cessation”

Dead In The Manger made an interesting entrance last year with the release of their debut, six-track EP, Transience. The band, who remain shrouded in anonymity, combined blistering black metal instrumentation with the ferocity and hyper-speed rhythms of grindcore. The six-movement record was immediate and dismal, as one would expect from a grind/black metal hybrid. To follow up that release, Dead In The Manger have crafted another six-track album that will, once again, drag you into the deepest depths of a blackened abyss.

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DEAD IN THE MANGER Streaming New Album “Cessation”

Dead-In-The-MangerBlackened grindcore heathens Dead In The Manger will unleash their immensely vicious Cessation next Tuesday and if you cannot wait to get some of that sickeningly unholy grind, you can now stream the album in full! The good folks at Steel for Brains has unleashed all of Cessation. This album is soooo incredible. You’ve got to hear it. Check it out after the jump, thanks to SfB.     Continue reading