MORTALS Release Music Video For “View From A Tower”

mortalsBrooklyn’s blackened, sludgy, hardcore heathens Mortals unleashed their new album Cursed To See The Future earlier in the month and the band have followed it up with a music video for their track “View From A Tower.” I adore this band and I really dig the song, but the video just doesn’t do anything for me. Check it out after the jump and see if it tickles your funny places.     Continue reading

CASTEVET Call It Quits

castevetbandIt’s always a bummer when bands you really love decide to call it a day. This has been the case many times for me with bands like Alexisonfire, Bone Dance and Heartless and now another band has been laid to rest: Castevet. The post-rock/black metal band formed in 2006 and released two full-length albums and an EP on top of relentless touring and gigging around the world. This band will definitely be missed and I’m sad to see them go. After the jump you can stream the bands most recent album Obsian as well as their previous LP Mounds Of Ash.      Continue reading

BLACK ANVIL Streaming Cover Of KISS’ “Under The Rose”

black anvilBlack Anvil have a penchant for being a dark and brooding band but it appears that there is more to the band than meets the ear. The band has unleashed their cover of Kiss‘ “Under The Rose” and it is phenomenal. While the guitars remain heavy, the clean vocals add something interesting to the mix. Although I will say that said clean vocals are very haunting. All in all, I think the cover is a success. Check it out after the jump and tell us what you think in the comments.      Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Streaming New Album “Harbinger”

mutilation ritesNew York’s blackened worshipers Mutilation Rites have released a few singles off of their new album Harbinger and now the band has unleashed the full fury of said album upon the world. With only a week left until the albums release, I know those of you who worship the Mutilation have been in a frenzy to hear the bands masterful works. That is why I am proud to inform you all that Decibel Magazine is streaming Harbinger in full! Yes! After the jump you can get a heavy dose of black metal all over your face, neck and chest.     Continue reading

MAMMOTH GRINDER Streaming New EP “Cosmic Crypt”


Still famished from the gargantuan slaughter-fest that was last year’s Underworlds, Mammoth Grinder have returned with new material in the form of a four-track tape EP entitled Cosmic Crypt, streaming now exclusively over at Noisey and available for purchase on the band’s upcoming East Coast tour with Power Trip. Featuring three new tracks capped at the end with a Rudimentary Peni cover, Cosmic Crypt returns to the more savage and unpolished production of the band’s older discography, amplifying the celestial suggestions of the new EP with a more distant yet still vicious pummeling. Check out Cosmic Crypt via Noisey here and peep the full details and dates for the band’s upcoming tour with Texan crossover thrash brothers, Power Trip, below.  Continue reading

MAVETH And EMBRACE OF THORNS Streaming Split Tracks


Helsinki black/death metal neophytes Maveth will be joining their-long-running Athens peers Embrace Of Thorns for an eight track split of epic proportions, spanning a hefty thirty-seven minutes and entitled “A Plague Through The Heavens” later this August. Set to be released by the excellent Dark Descent Records, two preview tracks for the release can be streamed below and album artwork by Daniel Desecrator can be viewed above. Pre-orders for the record are available via limited vinyl here or digital download here.


PTAHIL Streaming New Album “Born Against”

ptahil born againstAmerican black metal act Ptahil are apparently releasing a new album and I had no idea it was happening. Usually I would have heard something about this, but it has somehow slipped by me completely. Luckily, I caught it early enough to post about it before the albums official release date. The band is currently streaming the aforementioned album Born Against and you can stream it below. If you were aware of the band before, then you know what you’re in for. Check out this ferocious slab of black metal filth after the jump.     Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Streaming New Track “Gravitational Collapse”

mutilation ritesNew York’s black metal horde Mutilation Rites will release their phenomenally heavy new record Harbinger later this month and the band has released the brutally blackened track “Gravitational Collapse” for you all to enjoy. This track is four minutes of blistering riffs and madness, so it’s something that you should stream im-fucking-mediately. Check it out after the jump or get bent, loser.     Continue reading

WOLVHAMMER Streaming New Album “Clawing Into Black Sun”

WH-CIBSBlackened crust heathens Wolvhammer, who have gained a huge amount of respect from me over the years and now have one of the top spots in my list of favorite bands, will be releasing their phenomenally dark and aggressive new album Clawing Into Black Sun next week and to pump you all up, you can now stream the album in full!* Click on over after the jump and get your mind bent!       Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Streaming New Track “Gasmask Terror”

Belphegor-Conjuring-the-Dead-620x620Blackened death metal horde Belphegor are back and they have brought the apocalypse with them. The band will release their new album Conjuring The Dead in August and the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Gasmask Terror.” This track encompasses everything I love about Bephegor and projects it through a deadly filter. Check out the track after the jump if you know what’s good for you.       Continue reading

CRADLE OF FILTH Streaming Remastered Demo “Total Fucking Darkness”

Cradle of Filth are currently streaming their remastered 1992 demo, Total Fucking Darkness, over at Decibel. The record is out now via Mordgrimm and can be purchased on LP here. A retail version on blue vinyl and digipak CD is slated to be available through Amazon and other outlets at a later date. In the meantime, stream the record at this location.


VUYVR Streaming New Album “Incinerated Gods”

Vuyvr - incinerated godsSwiss black metal band Vuyvr are one that I have heard about and seen around but I never actually sat down to listen to them and I am so fucking disappointed in myself for not checking them out sooner. This band is phenomenal and their new album Incinerated Gods fucking destroys. Insane black metals done the way I’ve always wanted it done. Check out a full stream of Vuyvr‘s new album before it is released next month. DUDE.      Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Streaming New Track “Contaminate”

mutilation ritesNew York’s black metal horde Mutilation Rites has wowed me over and over and now they have done it again. I knew from the moment I heard the band would be releasing their sophomore album Harbinger that it would be amazing. Well, guess what? I was right. Again. The band has released a new track called “Contaminate” and if you don’t listen to this monster right now, your day is going to suck. That’s a fact. Check it:       Continue reading

PANOPTICON Streaming New Track “Chase The Grain”

panopticonPanopticon have always been an interesting band and one that I always find new things in every time I listen to them. The band has just released a new track titled “Chase The Grain” from their new album Roads To The North. The track is odd but beautiful at the same time. It’s as much black metal as it is folk and it really expounds upon the bands sound. Check out this twelve minute beast after the jump, courtesy of StereoGum.     Continue reading

GOATWHORE Release Lyric Video For “FBS”

goatwhoreIn their standard fashion, Goatwhore have made their comeback with vigor. The band has unleashed the seventh track from their forthcoming record and it’s a beast. I have always loved what Goatwhore have put out, and it seems that this release will not leave fans in the lurch. Check out the new track “FBS” via the lyric video after the jump. It rules hard. Trust me. I’m a doctor.       Continue reading