DRUDKH Streaming New Album “A Furrow Cut Short” In Full

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortI love Drudkh. The band is fascinating and they have been crafting phenomenal black metal for a looooong time. Well, they will be releasing their new album A Furrow Cut Short in May and you can now hear the album in full. I have listened to this bad boy one full time all the way through and a few tracks here and there and I gotta admit… I fucking love it. Check out the full stream of A Furrow Cut Short after the jump. All praise Drudkh.     Continue reading


Photo by Stefan Raduta

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are all, like me, likely shitting your pants about the headline of this post. I mean, fuck. That is a good goddamn tour package and it is sure to be one hell of a show. Taake, Wolvhammer and Young And In The Way on select dates,  I mean, come on. Do you want your summer blackened like your coffee?! Check out the dates below to see where you’ll be seeing these killer bands.     Continue reading

SHINING Streaming New Album “IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends”

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverSwedish black metal act Shining will soon release their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends and the band is now streaming the album in full. I’ve been listening to this today and I really dig it. I have always been a fan of Shining and I will always listen to whatever they put out. You can check out a full stream of the album after the jump. Do it. It’ll crush you.     Continue reading

DRUDKH Streaming New Track “Cursed Sons II”

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortFascinating black metal act Drudkh have released a new track today titled “Cursed Sons II” and it is about damn time. I feel like it takes too long in between Drudkh releases. The band’s music is something that has always been on my radar and I love them and their craft. You can check out “Cursed Sons II” after the jump and think happy thoughts.      Continue reading

VATTNET VISKAR Announce New Album “Settler” + Tour With EARLY GRAVES

vattnetI love my homies in Vattnet Viskar. The band is always compelling and entrancing, and I almost shit myself when I found out that they would be releasing a new album this year. The album has been dubbed Settler and it is due out this summer. Before the album drops, you can get stoked for the short run Vattnet will take with Early Graves! Check out those dates after the jump. Excite!      Continue reading

SIGH Streaming New Track “Kaedit Nos Pestis”

sigh gravwardEpic black metal act Sigh are prepping the release of their upcoming album Graveward and they have unleashed a new track titled “Kaedit Nos Pestis” for your listening pleasure. This is the opening track on the album and is also one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard thus far. Check out the track for yourself below and see how you feel. I love it. Enjoy.      Continue reading

FORGOTTEN TOMB Streaming New Track “Bad Dreams Come True”

Italian blackened doom outfit Forgotten Tomb have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love, over at Steel for Brains. Titled “Bad Dreams Come True”, the seven-minute leviathanic track cycles between massive, bending grooves, menacing melodies and icy black metal assaults. Stream the beast for yourself at this location.

Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love will be released on April 17 (Europe) and April 21 (North America) via Agonia Records.

SHINING Streaming New Track “Framtidsutsikter

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverShining, the SDBM band from Sweden not the jazzy one from Norway, will be releasing their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends at the end of next month and the band has released their third and final single off of the album. The track is titled “Framtidsutsikter” and, after it’s somewhat somber intro, it proceeds to crush and destroy with rage and angst. Check out the track below and get run over. YES.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Announce Spring Tour Dates With Canadian Grinders WAKE

WAKE and Primitive Man, two of the most promising young bands in extreme music are making preparations for their upcoming spring tour which will see them getting the party started right in Denver May 15 and bringing things to a close in St.Louis 5/28. With stops along the way in D.C., with The Body and Water Torture, and in Charm City at MDF with the millions of amazing bands that play that event every year.
This tour will cover both ends of the extreme music spectrum with Primitive Man bringing the slow, crushing, low-end pain with their punishing brand of blackened sludge/doom while WAKE will be providing the SPEEEED!! with the unending power and mania that is their hardcore/grind attack.

Continue after the break for tour dates and tour poster:

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NEPENTE Streaming New Track “I Will Get Your Soul”

Colombian blackened death metal outfit Nepente have premiered the title track of their forthcoming EP, I Will Get Your Soul, over at The Independent Voice. The track begins with some acoustic strumming before exploding into an onslaught of scathing, gore-splattered riffs and black metal melody. Feel free to stream the track after the break.

I Will Get Your Soul will be released on March 31 via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

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SIGH Release Music Video For New Track “Out Of The Grave,” TRIVIUM Frontman Guests

sigh gravwardIf there is one thing you should know about Sigh at this point in life, it is that this band never does anything conventional or “inside the box.” This is very, very apparent in the bands new music video for “Out Of The Grave.” This video is being called NSFW everywhere else I’ve seen the story, but I think that everything is moving waaaay too fast in this video for anything inappropriate to be pinpointed. Regardless, check out the new Sigh video below.      Continue reading

HYPOTHERMIA (LIFELOVER, etc) Streaming New Track “Svartkonst”

Swedish trio Hypothermia (Lifelover, Kall) have premiered the title track from their upcoming album, Svartkonst. The track is a nearly seven-minute instrumental composition that combines the intensity of black metal with heavy nuances of shoegaze and post-rock. The end result is a hauntingly gorgeous track that is worth several repeats. Feel free to stream the track after the break.

Svartkonst will be released on May 15 (Europe) and May 19 (North America) via Agonia Records. Pre-orders can be found here.

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FROSTHELM Release “A Storm Of Teeth” Lyric Video

North Dakota-based thrash/black metal hybrids Frosthelm have premiered the lyric video for their new track ” A Storm of Teeth”, which comes from their upcoming album The Endless Winter. The track features all of the frostbitten tremolo picking, high octane drumming and bone-crushing thrash you can possibly handle. The lyric video can be viewed after the break along with a stream of the album’s title track.

The Endless Winter will be released on March 22.

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LEVIATHAN Streaming Cover of BLACK FLAG’s “My War”

dBFlexi_053_Leviathan-620x620You should all know by this point that I love Leviathan. I would probably go as far as to call them my favorite black metal band of all time. Jef’s musicianship is unlike any other and he creates truly dark and haunting music. Well, the dude has taken it one step further (and awesome-er) by putting on wax (or plastic) a cover of Black Flag‘s “My War.” Leviathan + Black Flag = ALL OUT WAAAAAR. Check out a stream of the beast below. Pun intended.    #BlackMetalFlag    Continue reading

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Streaming New Album “Abyssal Gods”

imperialtriumphantExperienced black metal legion Imperial Triumphant will release their new album Abyssal Gods next week and if you can’t wait that long to get the filth and depravity washed all over you, then wait no longer. The band has teamed up with our good friends CVLT Nation to stream the new record in full. Give Imperial Triumphant a slice of your Friday by clicking on after the jump and streaming Abyssal Gods. Go forth and be blasted.     Continue reading