THIS GIFT A CURSE Release Music Video For “Swinelord”

swinelordOne of my favorite albums of 2015 has got to be This Gift A Curse‘s All Hail The Swinelord. This band absolutely blew me away and this album is fantastic. The band has just unleashed their new music video for their track “Swinelord,” which you can see below. It’s a really awesome video. Get up on this.     Continue reading

ABBATH Stream New Song “Winter Bane”

I’ve known this album was coming soon but I have, for some reason, put it off. While skimming the news sites today I came across Abbath‘s new track “Winter Bane,” which is fucking phenomenal. I mean, this is really fucking good. If you’re digging this or if you, like me, missed all of the news, check out “Winter Bane” now. It’s rad!      Continue reading


One of the darkest, rawest and most vicious albums of the year definitely comes in the form of a collaboration between Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues titled N.V.. The album was heavily influenced by one of the greatest extreme albums of all time, Godflesh‘s Streetcleaner and it also c0-produced by Justin Broadrick along with Corrupt Moral Altar‘s Tom Dring. If this sounds like something you’d like to dip your toe into, stream the full effort below. It made me go “woah…”     Continue reading

REVENGE Stream New Album “Behold.Total.Rejection”

Annnnnd the time has come for you to stream one of the filthiest, sickest albums of the year, Revenge‘s Behold.Total.Rejection. This disgusting slab of blackened filth was one of my most anticipated albums of the year and I have not been disappointed. This album seriously crushes, so stream it below or buzz off.     Continue reading


[Photo by Brain Sayle]

One-man blackened industrial conjurer Gnaw Their Tongues and black metal horde Dragged into Sunlight have premiered a new track from their upcoming collaborative album, N.V., at Noisey. Titled “Omniscienza”, the new track churns out mangled, spiraling riffs and thunderous drumming spawned from the bowels of Hell. Layers of noise and haunting atmosphere collide head-on with sinister melodies to create a malevolent tune. Check it out right now.

N.V. will be released on November 13 via Prosthetic Records. Pre-order here.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Stream New Album “The Accuser”

USBM act Abigail Williams will release their comeback record The Accuser tomorrow and it’s pretty sick. I’ve been listening to it all day and I’m really digging it. The band is currently streaming the album in full and you can check it out below. Decibel is hosting the stream, which is available after the jump for those who aren’t meek of heart.     Continue reading

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Releases NSFW Music Video For “Nuummite”

abigail williamsAmerican black metal act Abigail Williams are prepping the release of their new album The Accuser and they have just released their new music video. The video is for their new song “Nuumite” and it is seriously weird. I love the track, which is slower and more ambient than some of Abigail Williams past material, but the video is kinda fucked up. Check it out for yourself below. Also, NSFW.       Continue reading

REVENGE Stream New Track “Nihilist Militia (Total Rejection)”

One of the rawest, sickest, most vicious albums of the year is coming from black metal heathens Revenge. The band will unleash Behold.Total.Rejection next month and I’m almost too anxious. I want this immediately. Well, Revenge are currently streaming a fantastical new track titled “Nihilist Militia (Total Rejection)” and it crushes so hard. Stream away after the jump.     Continue reading

NAUGHT Stream Self-Titled Debut Album

Well, I’m not sure where all the Naught news slipped past me, but I just caught wind of the band and their self-titled debut, which is due out tomorrow. This band is a ferocious blackened doom beast that will grip you and thrust you into the bowels of Hell. So to speak. Naught is amazing and I plan on binge listening to this album. Check out the stream below via No Clean Singing.     Continue reading

THE BODY & KRIEG Stream Collaborative Track “Bottom Of The Bottom, Bottom Of The River”

Apparently this is the year for collaborations. I just posted about the Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues collabo and now there is a killer song from The Body and Krieg that you need to hear. The track is titled “Bottom Of The Bottle, Bottom Of The River” and it is terrifying. It’s dark, haunting and mesmerizing. Check out the track below and see what’s up.     Continue reading

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT & GNAW THEIR TONGUES Stream Collaborative Track “Visceral Repulsion”

Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues will release their collaborative album N.V. next month and the band is currently streaming a vicious new track titled “Visceral Repulsion” with our homies CVLT Nation.  This is seriously one of the rawest, sickest track I’ve heard in a good while. Go on, crush your mind with this new track after the jump. So damn good.     Continue reading

DEAD TO A DYING WORLD Streaming New Album “Litany”


Dallas-based seven-piece apocalyptic metal outfit Dead to a Dying World have premiered their upcoming full-length, Litany, at Noisey. The album will officially be released Friday, October 16, via Tofu Carnage RecordsGilead Media and Alerta Antifascista. The album combines elements of doom, crust, black metal and classical into a monolithic, cinematic experience. Feel free to stream the opus after the break.

Continue reading

SO HIDEOUS Stream “Laurestine” In Full

sohidcoverAbsolutely one of my favorite albums of 2015. So Hideous are just amazing and everything they release is gold. It may seem like I blow this band pretty hard on here, but I really do love the guys and their music. Laurestine is a beautiful album that I can listen to over and over and I want you all to do the same. Stream the album below and do it now.     Continue reading

Premiere: CAPE OF BATS Give You A Dose Of “Violent Occultism”

NAC_4-Panel_Jcard_BACK_Template_forILLUSTRATORA genre of music that I find mesmerizing is blackened punk. It’s filthy, it’s raw and it’s amazing. I really love Raspberry Bulbs and now I’ve been turned on to a new band called Cape Of Bats. These guys absolutely destroy with their doom-influenced blackened punk madness. The band has given me the first five tracks off of their forthcoming album Violent Occultism and you can stream those after the jump. Check it out. It’ll crush you.     Continue reading

REVENGE Stream New Track “Silent Enemy”

Canadian blackened filthmongers Revenge are right at the top of my most wanted list. The band will release Behold.Total.Rejection in November and I am sooo pumped. The band has already released one new track and they have now given us another. This sickening jaunt is titled “Silent Enemy” and it is fucking rad. Stream it below. Revenge is a dish best served through headphones at full blast.      Continue reading