DIABOLICUM Streaming New Album “Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows)”

The long-awaited new album from cult industrial black metal outfit DiabolicumIa Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows), can now be streamed in its entirety over at CVLT Nation. The album will officially be released on July 7 via Code666. Pre-orders can be placed here. If you like fiery, Satan-spawned black metal goodness, then you will enjoy the hell out of Ia Pazuzu. Check it out here.

MYRKUR Releases “Onde Børn” Music Video

UntitledOne-woman black metal act Myrkur will soon release its debut LP M for all to hear. It has been a hard wait on me because I love Myrkur and I look forward to hearing the album in full. I also like the visualizations that come with her music. Most recently a music video of the song “Onde Børn,” which comes off of M, surfaced and it is beautiful. You can check out the video for yourself below.     Continue reading

MUTILATION RITES Release “Contaminate” Music Video

mutilation rites contaminateOne of America’s raddest black metal acts, Mutilation Rites have released a new music video on this fine day. The video is for their track “Contaminate” off of the bands most recent album Harbinger. The video was directed and produced by Mutilation Rites guitarist Michael Dimmitt and you can check it out below. Love this track and the video is pretty cool as well.      Continue reading

THE CLEARING PATH Streaming New Track “Holy Waters”

[Photo by Virginia Sarediy]

One man blackened hardcore purveyor Gabriele Gramaglia, AKA The Clearing Path, has premiered a new track from the forthcoming debut, Watershed Between Earth And Firmament, over at Decibel. The track is titled “Holy Waters” and will appease fans of Young and In the Way and the like. The track balances icy melodies and fiery black metal assaults as it rampages your eardrums with a hardcore gallop. Check it out for yourself below and get that head a banging.

Stream the previously released track, “Sacred Mountain”, if you missed it.

Watershed Between Earth And Firmament will be released on July 11.

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BLAZE OF PERDITION Streaming New Album “Near Death Revelations”

Polish enigmatic black metal outfit Blaze of Perdition have premiered their forthcoming record, Near Death Revelations, over at Decibel. The record will officially be released this Friday, June 26, via Agonia Records. Pre-orders can still be placed at this location. The album is a furious slab of black metal that was birthed in the most treacherous pit of Hell and will appease any fan of Valkyrja, Deathspell Omega and the like. Stream it for yourself at this location.

LOCRIAN Streaming New Track “Heavy Water”

So, you remember when I was really stoked about that last Locrian track I heard? Well, guess what, I am suuuuper excited about latest track that emerged today. The track is titled “Heavy Water” and it is weird, spacy, loud and powerful. Locrian were a late find for me, but I am totally looking forward to the bands new record Infinite Dissolution. Check out “Heavy Water” below, thanks to Noisey. It’s sick.      Continue reading

DIABOLICUM Streaming New Track “Silent Spring”

Swedish industrial black metallers Diabolicum have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows), over at Decibel. The song is the raw, noisy and bleak “Silent Spring”, which spews out malevolent riff after malevolent riff as it slowly builds into a haunting and depressive climax. The band provided a single statement regarding the new tune:

The world has not gotten worse, just more disgusting.

Stream the track at this location.

Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss Of The Shadows) will be released on July 7 via Code666.

I AM THE TRIREME Streaming New Track “Grey Fields Of Ash”


Philadelphia black metal outfit I Am The Trireme have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, Gnosis: Never Follow the Light, over at Eternal-Terror. The track is titled “Grey Fields of Ash” and it churns out icy, tremolo picked blasphemy, melodic death metal assaults and the occasional symphonic nuance. The throat-shredding screeching and bestial growls only help to propel the track into heavier territory. Stream the track for yourself after the break.

Gnosis: Never Follow the Light will be released on June 30 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions . Pre-orders can be found here.

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