GIANT SQUID Announce Indefinite Hiatus

California’s aquatic-themed sludge purveyors Giant Squid have announced that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Guitarist and vocalist Aaron Gregory stated that there are no new plans to write another album or play any new shows at this time, but feels there is more to be said by the band in the future. Gregory mentioned new musical projects, vinyl re-releases and other special releases and merchandise to keep the band alive. The entire statement can be read after the break.

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FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND Call It Quits, Announce Final Tour

Funeral For A Friend are a band that I have enjoyed for a long time now. I always found their music fun and now I have to say goodbye. It hasn’t been too long since I said goodbye to Alexisonfire and today Funeral For A Friend have called it quits. The band announced via their Facebook that “We’ve had many curveballs thrown at us over the last fifteen years, some we’ve managed to avoid and others that quite nearly derailed us but we’ve always said to each other that when it’s time for this to end then we end it on our own terms, no one else’s.”. This sucks, but no band lasts forever. After the jump you can read the bands full announcement.     Continue reading

HONDURAN Announce Breakup

Portland hardcore trio Honduran recently announced that they have officially called it quits. The band’s statement is as follows:

“well the time has come. after 6 years of completely ripping shit up we’ve called it quits. there’s no more gas in these old, rusty tanks. we always said if it’s not fun, we won’t do it. so here we are. thanks for all the love & support throughout the years. keep street eagles blasting & remember to tell the youth about it so it never dies.

dropped from a mile up,

jason, corey & kevin”

The band released their final album, Street Eagles, in 2013. Stream it after the break as well as view their “Yawnmower” video.

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WATER TORTURE Announce Disbandment

New York’s noisy, bass and drum duo Water Torture have announced that they will cease to be a band. The band’s statement is as follows:

Welp, its been real, thanks yall for the support over the years. We will be posting announcements for the final show/shows. And ill be posting a way to buy what ever merch is left as well. We had a really good run and made alot of friends over the past few years. Im sure there will be new projects from us as well, but there will be no further new recordings or tours. For now thanks for giving a fuck about what we did, we love you.

The band’s final release, 2014’s Pillbox, can be streamed after the break.

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POISON IDEA Cancel Upcoming Dates, Go On Indefinite Hiatus

Well, you can’t discount Poison Idea for being dishonest. The band has called off all of their upcoming tour dates and have gone on an immediate indefinite hiatus. The band has sited “some health/sanity issues, personal matters and addressing some unfortunate band behavior.” So, at least they were up front about their whole situation to an extent. We don’t know the exact reason for the hiatus, but it’s gotta be something serious. Farewell.

The band recently released their new album Confuse & Conquer on Southern Lord.

Everything Ends: HIVESMASHER Call It Quits

hivesmasher quitWell fuck me. It sucks to see bands that I love call it a day, but that time must come for all bands, I suppose. Today we saw the end of Hivesmasher after nine amazing years. This band has done so much to help us here at American Aftermath and we loved having them contribute to the site and just be awesome dudes. This is one of those times where I will tell you to never forget Hivesmasher. I know that I will still keep them in my mind and on my iPod. Check out some choice Hivesmasher shit after the jump.     Continue reading



Despite plans for an album following their latest EP Reckoning and a previously announced spot on this year’s Warped Tour, California hardcore act Rotting Out have broken up. The disbanding has been addressed briefly and in little detail by both vocalist Walter Delgado on his tumblr page here and the band as a whole on their official Facebook here.


A Sad Day Indeed: INDIAN Call It Quits

It is a sad, sad day for us who listened to and loved Indian. The sludge act was most definitely influential and they were one of my favorites. It sucks a fat one to see them go, but there comes a time when bands move on. Like Battlestar Galactica, this has all happened before and it will all happen again. Rest in peace, Indian. We will remember the fond memories, and you music will live on forever. Crush.     Continue reading


Quirky instrumental math rockers Adebisi Shank have announced their disbandment. The band offered the following statement regarding the news:

“Dear friends,

We hereby announce the end of a band called Adebisi Shank. From the three of us to all of you, thank you for coming with us on this crazy journey. To Cathy and the Sargent House crew past and present, thank you for believing in us.

Life and music moves on – Lar is making music in All Tvvins, Vin is producing/mixing, working on video games and other cool stuff as VMC Sound, and is also one half of Speed of Snakes. Mick will continue to train for his UFC career.

This Thursday and Friday in Whelans, we will play on an Irish stage for the very last time. Join us if you can. After that, we intend to honour our one existing overseas tour commitment.

To any kids starting bands we offer one piece of advice – play music you love, with people you love, for the people you love.

We saw a million faces

Vin, Lar + Mick (-_-) xxx”


Adebisi Shank released their third and final album, This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank, early last month. You can stream it after the break and check out their past discography here.

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CASTEVET Call It Quits

castevetbandIt’s always a bummer when bands you really love decide to call it a day. This has been the case many times for me with bands like Alexisonfire, Bone Dance and Heartless and now another band has been laid to rest: Castevet. The post-rock/black metal band formed in 2006 and released two full-length albums and an EP on top of relentless touring and gigging around the world. This band will definitely be missed and I’m sad to see them go. After the jump you can stream the bands most recent album Obsian as well as their previous LP Mounds Of Ash.      Continue reading

MONOGAMY PARTY Announce Disbandment

Seattle noise rock outfit Monogamy Party recently announced that they will cease to be a band. The band will be playing three final shows in the Washington area, which can be seen below.

5/1 – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA w/ Haunted Horses and KA
5/30 – Mootsy’s – Spokane, WA w/ Gaytheist
6/7 – The Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Constant Loves, Sandrider, and others

If your ears have not been graced by Monogamy Party’s debauchery before, now is as good a time as ever to check them out. Stream their Pus City EP, full length False Dancers, and watch their video for “Crimes” below.

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Dan Lilker Retiring From Music, BRUTAL TRUTH To Call It Quits

Dan-LilkerDan Lilker, famed bassist and founding member of AnthraxNuclear Assault and Brutal Truth, has announced that as of October 18th, 2014 he will be retiring from music and touring. This date is his 50th birthday and considering he has been playing music since before I was born, I think he deserves it.

Unfortunately, with his retirement, Brutal Truth will be calling it quits at the same time. This is a major bummer for grindfreaks the world over but we did get six full-length albums and numerous splits and EPs spanning more than two decades. You can check out Dan’s full statement after the jump and listen to Brutal Truth‘s last album End Time after the jump.      Continue reading


Italian technical metal outfit Psychofagist recently announced that the band will be going their separate ways. The band have released a handful of mind-splitting releases and didn’t quite get the recognition they deserve and where definitely on to something unique with their music. The band’s official statement reads:

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