American Aftermath Exclusive: TRAP THEM Vs. ALL PIGS MUST DIE

Back during SXSW 2011, Thrasher Magazine and Converse shoes put on their yearly Death Match showcase; this year the headlining act was Trap Them. Due to an incident the prior day where All Pigs Must Die set was cut, Trap Them was nice enough to give up half of their set to APMD, but instead of cutting the set short, Trap Them just let APMD set up their gear on stage with TT’s and perform in between Trap Them songs! It was a pretty sweet event and lucky for you guys, I was there to capture it on an SD card.

Posted above is Trap Them’s intro featuring Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) as the second drummer. Posted after the jump is the rest of the show Continue reading

Start Your Morning Off With Footage From The A389 IX Anniversary Bash

Last weekend, record label A389 held their annual weekend long hardcore festival in Baltimore, Maryland. The festival is usually a pretty notable show that combines a mixture of classic hardcore bands with current up and comers. This year the fest featured performances from the likes of IntegrityFull Of Hell, Like Rats, Weekend Nachos and several other artists.

For those of you who aren’t luck enough to live on the east coast, the incredible Metal Nick was there to capture a lot of the mayhem. Posted above is a sweet bootleg of Despise You ripping shit up. To view more Despise You as well as footage of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats continue after the jump.  Continue reading

Music Documentary Sunday: Watch AMERICAN HARDCORE


It’s a lazy Sunday around these parts, so I figured we’d bring back your favorite series “Music Documentary Sunday!” This week we are featuring the 2006 documentary American Hardcore which focuses on the birth and evolution of the hardcore punk scene in the early ’80s. The doc features exclusive interviews with Henry Rollins, Phil Anselmo, Ian Mackaye, Moby and many others.

It’s a very entertaining film for those who are just entering the scene as well as those who want to relive the “glory days” of hardcore. I personally really enjoyed American Hardcore. My only real complaint is that the movie basically claims hardcore died in the ’80’s…. Whatever… Despite that one misconception, the film has managed to become one the most notable and extensive films on the history of hardcore; you can watch it after the jump – Continue reading

American Aftermath Exclusive: Remember That One Time We Filmed A CONVERGE Set?

It’s Friday again and since Rebecca Black is no longer providing the world with original content, I figure we here at AA should fill the void. As most of you should know by now, everyone at American Aftermath has an erection of massive proportions when it comes to all things Converge. Well on their recent tour outing with Torche and Kvelertak, I snuck a video camera into their stop at Club Dada in Dallas, Texas and here is what ensued –     Continue reading

WTF Moment: WAYNE STATIC Performs with DMC of RUN DMC

Run DMC recently reunited to play Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. The next day DMC played a solo show and this is what went down.. The title of the article says it all. Seriously, what the fuck? It’d be one thing if I just found this around the internet, but no, I actually had to watch the abomination in person.

But hey, at least I saw Kreayshawn right after this…


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— Josh Huddleston

WTF Moment: DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Guitarist Joins Singer KIMBRA On Stage


So it looks like jazz/pop singer Kimbra was not bullshitting when she claimed to be collaborating with The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman. Featured above is a fan-filmed video of Wienman performing a guest guitar solo with the singer during her recent CMJ showcase performance.

I will admit that his solo starts off a little bland at first but does inevitably flow into the noisy signature style that we’ve all come to love. I can’t wait to hear the studio project from these two when it finally surfaces. Some might find it odd that Wienman’s guitar style could fit so perfectly with a jazz pop fusion but anyone who really jams DEP knows that this could potentially be a match made in music heaven.


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— Josh Huddleston

Chris Colohan On LEFT FOR DEAD’s Upcoming Reunion,Vinyl Rerelease


From his tenure in the now defunct Cursed to his current antics in southern-tinged hardcore act, Burning Love, Chris Colohan has contributed much to the hardcore scene and to the history of extreme music in general. Chris also has his own blog, missingpers0ns, where he speaks on film, music, shows, and general ongoings in his life. With the upcoming Left For Dead reunion coming up with A389’s Bash, Chris  had some things to say about the matter viewable via missingpers0ns here. In it, he goes on about the inception of the reunion, its motivations(or more appropriately lack of), and general nostalgia for the old times. Left for Dead will play Saturday January 19th, 2013 at the 9th Annual A389 Bash. Tickets are long sold out but for those that do end up missing it, A389 will also be releasing a remastered discography of their lifework on vinyl. Stream a track from it below.

Too Little, Too Late: LENG TCH’E Post New(ish) Music Video


Who releases a music video for a two year old song? Razor grind (whatever the fuck that means) band, Leng Tch’e,that’s who! The band has debuted a new music video for ““, a track that was featured on the band’s 2010 release, “Hypomatic”. The performance video consists of several clips from the band’s past performance at the Obscene Extreme Music Festival. OEF is known for it’s somewhat outrageous attendees, which in this case makes for a pretty cool video.

As someone who has kind of grown out of Leng Tch’e over the past 7 years, the video for does not exactly reignite my romance with the band even though I do dig the video. It actually makes me wanna go to OEF more than it makes me wanna jam Leng Tch’e, but whatever.


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— Josh Huddleston


Stream DEATH GRIPS Live Performance At Tonight’s CMJ Showcase

Hip hop favorites Death Grips and Flying Lotus are performing tonight at an NPR showcase during this years CMJ festival in New York City. Luckily for all us non east coasters, NPR will be streaming the concert. So once the show starts (I am assuming around 9pm eastern time), you can head over to NRR’s page and stream the entire event live.

So it looks like I might have figured out what I am doing tonight. I mean I’ve already seen DFGRPZ 3 times but never while in my boxers, taking bong rips. This should be fun.

P.S. I’d like to add that Mitt Romney wants to cut the funding for NPR… Fuck that guy.

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— Josh Huddleston

American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch A Full DEATH GRIPS Set From Last Years Fun Fun Fun Fest


Last November I attended the wonderful Fun Fun Fun Fest in downtown Austin, TX. The act I was most excited to see (not including Danzig playing The Misfits songs :sigh:) was undoubtedly the hip hop phenomenon known as Death Grips. The group played two shows; one night and one day. The footage featured in this article was taken at the night performance.

The bill for the show that night was originally B.L.A.C.K.I.E, Trash Talk, Death Grips and Kool Keith. However, due to some personal issues Trash Talk was unable to perform. Normally, that in and of itself would ruin any show for me, but this was fucking DFGRPZ, and not only that, it was my first time to see them. It’s probably a given due to the amount in which I fan boy over these guys, but the show was fucking amazing… Don’t take my word for it, watch the rest of DFGRPZ set after the jump.

Continue reading

What The Fuck Is Up With Buses In Europe?: BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME’s Bus Goes Up In Flames

Between The Buried and Me are the latest victims of the bus disaster virus that seems to be plaguing Europe. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the buses on that continent? It seems like so many bands have been having issues with their transportation over there. Anyway, it’s being reported that group was leaving a show last night when their fuel line ruptured causing their bus to catch fire.

I’m glad to report that no one in the band or crew was injured. Other than being a scary moment, it seems like the BTBAM has been unaffected by the incident since none of the their gear was damaged and they won’t be missing a show. So in reality, this is non-news, but you can read an official press release after the jump as well as some comments from the band making light of the accident if you’d like.

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American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch Pretty Much All Of T.R.A.M’s Only Performance


Instrumental jazzy prog band T.R.A.M originally seemed like they were going to make big waves in the undergound music pool, but  now are slowly fading into another forgotten studio project. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this group, the band consists of Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders), Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders), Eric Moore (Suicidal Tendencies)and Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez (The Mars Volta). To date, T.R.A.M have only played one show.

The only show the group ever played, they headlined and it was a free event during SXSW 2011′ that featured The Faceless and Meek Is Murder. I was lucky enough to attend this show and bootlegged 3 out of the four songs they played. Continue after the jump to watch almost the entire set from the progressive super group (it includes some Eric Moore drum cam style footage).

Continue reading

WTF Moment: Is That LIL’ WAYNE On Stage With TRASH TALK???

Ummm yeah, so apparently that is LilWayne on stage with Trash Talk…. Or rather on stage with the Trash Talk/Odd Future collaboration known Trash Wang. As always, OFWGKTA closes with their anthem “Radicals” and uses Trash Talk as their backing band, but this time Weezy comes out on stage to rap scream along. After this awful noise, Trash Talk goes into “F.Y.R.A“; I honestly doubt Wanye stayed out for their but we will never know cause no one at the show cared to film Trash Talk’s set. :(

It’s obvious that this is going to sound like shit but you can watch the video below if you’d like. I know I was just hating and all but if I were there I totally would have been turnt up and stage diving on people…


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— Josh Huddleston

American Aftermath Exclusive: Watch EARTH CONTROL (Owen Hart) Perform during SXSW ’11

In honor of the news that the wonderful Earth Control will soon be releasing new music, I am going to share a few videos of the band performing at SXSW in 2011. Featured above is a video from the very first time I ever saw the band Owen Hart (now known as Earth Control). In the video the band performs the song “Methlaham” to about 20 people at a Brooklynvegan showcase. Overall it was a good performance but honestly, it’s kind of hard to rage to a band at 11am….

The video below is of the band playing in some random kids garage. It’s pretty awesome, maybe like four kids there have heard of the group, and yet some how they still manage to make the crowd mosh hard enough to short the power out…. At both shows I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat with the band’s vocalist for quite some time. He is a stand up dude. Ah, good times..


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— Josh Huddleston

Music Documentary Sunday: In Honor Of CAR BOMB’s New Album, Watch “WHY_YOU_DO_THIS”

It’s sunday funday again, You know what that means, right?  It’s time to turn off that stupid football game and get some insight to what it’s like touring in a tech metal band. In honor of Car Bomb‘s new album”w^w^^w^w“, please watch the documentary “Why_You_Do_This“. The film is produced and directed by Car Bomb’s vocalist Michael Dafferner, and it’s pretty good.

The documentary follows Car Bomb on their first few tours and documents the band’s constant struggles. It also features interviews from members of The Chariot, Gojira and Lamb Of God. Watch the film, you’ll enjoy it.


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— Josh Huddleston