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Exclusive Interview: ENABLER’S Jeff Lohrber

Enabler has since their formation in 2009 gained a sizable following by releasing a plethora of LPs, EPs, and splits showcasing their potent combo of punk,hardcore,thrash,grind, and crust. Following up on their critically acclaimed 2012 LP All Hail The Void, released on Southern Lord Records, will be La Fin Absolue Du Monde, a rawer ,even more intense exercise in brutality than anything else in Enabler’s discography.

Singer/guitarist/main songwriter Jeff Lohrber was kind enough to sit down with me for an interview via email. Read on after the break.

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REVIEW: SKINFATHER – “None Will Mourn”

Situated by membership and sound in the context of contemporary rising Southern California hardcore, Skinwalker walk the edge along with bands like Power Trip as niche groups prominent among the hardcore underground but not yet broken in the mainstream of their appropriate genres. While the latter Power Trip has found its corner amongst the hardcore world with recent success beyond following the release of their latest record, the approaching three-year career of Skinfather seems to have walked the path of stagnation, having under their belt but two EPs and a record of inconsistent touring with prominence overshadowed by their peers, by the genre disconnect among their main fanbase. 2014 brings Skinfather’s debut record, None Will Mourn, to the front by way of Todd Jones of Nails’s  label Streetcleaner Records. Continuing the group’s evolutionary incline towards a more expansive death metal style whilst refining their hardcore assault, None Will Mourn is definitely the group’s finest work to date and just may be the group’s breakout record. Continue reading

ENABLER: Second Full Length To See Spring Release; New Spring/Summer Tour Dates Announced

Milwaukee based hardcore/crust/thrash/grind/whatever unit Enabler will see the release of their second full length, La Fin Absolue Du Monde this spring. Set to hit stores in vinyl and CD versions this May 27, just one day after their debut appearance at Maryland Deathfest. A collaborative effort between San Francisco based Creator-Destructor Records and NYC-area-based The Compound, the label arm of media/PR outfit The Earsplit Compound, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, (“the absolute end of the world” in French) , comes hot on the heels of  Shift of Redemption and Flies , the two EPs the band released in 2013.

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In this review Profane Existence, one the most trusted names in crust/d-beat, were kind enough to furnish me with preview copies of their 2013 Limited Edition Singles Series. With 12 7″s of some the best crust, d-beat, powerviolence, grind,Oi!, and even some folk punk; your ears will sure to never find themselves bored with this eclectic mix of all things punk.

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Straight To The Point: Quick Review of SOKUSHINBUTSU’s “Holy Ground”

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Formed out of the remnants of the late and great Lapse and Eddie Brock comes Sokushinbutsu, a new Baltimore based group so accurately self-described as “not metal dudes playing death metal”. Presenting death metal strained through the filters of hardcore, powerviolence, grindcore and d-beat, Sokushinbutsu assault with a bite not ill-compared to the more recent iterations of Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge on their debut demo Holy Ground, albeit sustained with a bit more focus. In accordance with the aforementioned groups and in contrast to the dirgy death metal archetype, Holy Ground’s tracks run short and sweet with the majority of tracks running under two minutes, however, the tonality and vocals remain firmly ingrained in doomed out death metal, making the group’s excursions and diversions into their more familiar genres seem just that, extremely moshable “additives” to an already firm death metal base. Holy Ground is currently available for streaming below and free download via Sokushinbutsu’s official bandcamp here. Follow Sokushinbutsu through their official Facebook here and be sure to lookout for a tape version via Arctic Night Records soon as well as a full length from these maniacs on the horizon.


Rating: 9/10
Label: Self-released
Release Date: September 23rd, 2013
Favorite Track: “Nail Through The Immortal Hand”
For Fans Of: Coffins, Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge

Review: MAMMOTH GRINDER-”Underworlds”

By Lane Oliver

In the four years since Extinction of Humanity, the Austin metal-heads Mammoth Grinder have been carefully crafting their next opus. With a few splits and 7” hinting at what’s to come, the body will still not be fully prepared for Mammoth Grinder’s third full length, Underworlds. Underworlds is a high velocity, bone shattering collection of the band’s most virulent material to date. These are the unholy chants to summon some subterranean beast from its billion year slumber to wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting civilization and your ear holes.

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A389 Recordings Exclusive Record Store Day Releases


Record Store Day is in less than two days and with it comes a commodious amount of diverse releases from multiple genres and artists…a slew of releases of which I couldn’t give two shits about. In relation, A389′s got some pretty spiffy releases coming up Saturday, of which RSD’s official site and pull-list have forgotten about. Ilsa. Seven Sisters Of Sleep. Like RatsRingworm. Ring any bells? Check out the full A389 RSD details as well as a stream/free download of A389′s MMXIII(2013) Digital Mixtape, which includes unreleased and exclusive tracks from The Love Below, Full Of Hell, Integrity and more, all below. Continue reading

Shift Into Overdrive: ENABLER Streaming New Track

I’m still kicking myself for passing over Enabler‘s fucking incredible album from 2012, All Hail The Void. I mean, I got the album, and then I got buried in a million other things and completely spaced on it. Listening to it recently, I can’t believe how big a mistake I made. Luckily for me, I’ll get another go this year, as Enabler are prepping to release a new EP next month.

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NAILS, XIBALBA, EARLY GRAVES Announce U.S./Canada Spring Tour



Southern California’s finest in hardcore bludgeoning: Nails, Xibalba, and Early Graves are set to embark on a nine date trek across Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada starting late April and extending towards early May. I’m pretty sure these are the kinds of show people enter without ever knowing if they are coming back. Look out for Nails’s upcoming LP, Abandon All Life out March 19th via Southern Lord Records and pick up Xibalba’s excellent Hasta La Muerte and Early Grave’s Red Horse out now via Southern Lord Records and No Sleep Records respectively. Peep the full tour circuit and details courtesy of GlueHC after the jump.  Continue reading

Conquering The Bloodthirst: DISGRACE & HARNESS Streaming Songs From Split 7″

I can never thank Eric enough for turning me onto deathcrust brutalizers Disgrace last year. These dudes are truly epic and crushing and I love all of their tunes. Well, Disgrace has teamed up with fellow death commandos Harness to release a 7″ split and if that statement alone doesn’t make you cream your pants, maybe you will after listening to a track from each band.       Continue reading

Start Your Morning Off With Footage From The A389 IX Anniversary Bash

Last weekend, record label A389 held their annual weekend long hardcore festival in Baltimore, Maryland. The festival is usually a pretty notable show that combines a mixture of classic hardcore bands with current up and comers. This year the fest featured performances from the likes of IntegrityFull Of Hell, Like Rats, Weekend Nachos and several other artists.

For those of you who aren’t luck enough to live on the east coast, the incredible Metal Nick was there to capture a lot of the mayhem. Posted above is a sweet bootleg of Despise You ripping shit up. To view more Despise You as well as footage of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats continue after the jump.  Continue reading