ECTOVOID Streaming New Track “Possessed By Ancient Dread”

Alabama death metal outfit Ectovoid have premiered a new track from their upcoming 4 Doors to Death split with Trenchrot, Sabbatory and Cemetery Filth, at Metal Underground. The new track is titled “Possessed By Ancient Ancient Dread” and it churns out five minutes of nauseatingly heavy death-infused doom that is sure to raise the death and crush coffins. Stream the track after the break.

4 Doors to Death will be released on January 22, 2016, via Unspeakable Axe Records.

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SEROCS Streaming New Album “And When The Sky Was Opened”

Multinational technical death metallers Serocs have premiered their forthcoming full-length, And When The Sky Was Opened, at Metal Injection. The album will officially be released on November 27 via Comatose Music and can be purchased here. This new record is a swirling abyss of unbridled death metal chaos that is sure to excite avid fans of Cryptopsy and the like. Check it out now.

SPINEBREAKER Stream New Track “River Of Pain”

Spinebreaker are one of those phenomenal bands who perfectly blend old school death metal and crusty hardcore. This is definitely one of my favorite genres, which was also recently perfected by SkinfatherSpinebreaker also absolutely kill it and to prove it, the band is currently streaming their new track “River Of Pain,” which comes off of the bands debut album Ice Grave. Check out the track below via Blow The Scene.       Continue reading

FIRESPAWN Release Music Video For “The Emperor”

firespawnWhat happens when members of Entombed A.D., Unleashed and Defleshed get together to create sounds with instruments? You get Firespawn. This band slipped past me, but their debut album Shadow Realms was released today and along with it comes a music video for their track “The Emperor.” This is a really rad track and I’m definitely going to check this record out. Check out the video below.     Continue reading

SPINEBREAKER To Release “Ice Graves” In 2016

San Jose’s OSDM horde Spinebreaker will let loose their debut album Ice Graves in the new year. This band is already beginning to make waves with the rumors about their massive sound alone. We can expect to start hearing tracks from the album in the coming weeks and the album will drop via Creator-Destructor in mid-January. Check out the album’s track list below and the rad album art up top. Cannot wait.     Continue reading

OBSCURA Detail New Album “Akróasis”

obscuraarkoWoah. Has it really been five years since Obscura released an album? That’s madness. Well, it is well past time for some new techdeath from one of my favorite in the genre. The band has announced its plans to release Akróasis in February and this news made my head explode. You can check out the details for Obscura‘s triumphant return below and check out a teaser while you’re down there. SO SICK.     Continue reading

ABHORRENT Stream New Track “The Elegance Of Asymmetry”

Death metal supergroup Abhorrent, whose members find themselves in the ranks of The Faceless, Spawn Of Possession and Absvrdist, will unload their new record, Intransigence, at the end of the month and they have just released a new track from the album titled “The Elegance Of Asymmetry.” This track features guest vocals by the great Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder. It’s so rad. Check it out over on Metal Injection, NOW.

VASTUM Stream New Album “The Hole Below”

Man, today is the day that rad albums will stream. First Revenge and now Vastum. Vastum have created another one of the most vile, crushing albums of the year with their The Hole Below. This record destroys and Noisey is currently hosting a stream of it. Stream it after the jump if you’ve got the stomach. It’s rad. Check it out Below.      Continue reading

ABHORRENT DEFORMITY Streaming New Album “Entity Of Malevolence”

North Carolina death metallers Abhorrent Deformity have premiered their upcoming album, Entity of Malevolence, at Friedhof Magazine. The record will officially be released this Friday, October 30 via Comatose Music. Entity of Malevolence is over 33 minutes of blasphemous savagery that features a seemingly endless barrage of nauseating riffs. Check it out now.

HORRENDOUS Stream New Album “Anareta”

This Friday will see the release of some really rad tunes and Horrendous‘s destructive new record is one of them. The album is titled Anareta and it is chock full of that ferocious death metal you’re dying for. The band are streaming the album a few days in advance and you can check it out below via Stereogum. Getchu some of this beast.      Continue reading

VASTUM Streaming New Track “Amniosis”

Vastum Promo 2015B_web [photo credit Al Cummings] [Photo by Al Cummings]

San Francisco death metal outfit Vastum has premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Hole Below, at CVLT Nation. Titled “Amniosis”, the savage new tune churns out disemboweling death metal goodness in abundance. It’s vile and malevolent and everything needed in a death metal jam. Stream the track after the break.

Hole Below will be released on November 6 via 20 Buck Spin.

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HOODED MENACE Stream New Album “Darkness Drips Forth”

Definitely one of my favorite bands, the deathdoom horde Hooded Menace will unload the full weight of their new album Darkness Drips Forth on Friday and the band is now streaming the monster in full. This is seriously one of my favorite albums of the year already. Hooded Menace always rule. Check out the stream below.     Continue reading

GRAVE RITUAL Stream New Album “Morbid Throne”

Alabama death horde Grave Ritual will release their new album Morbid Throne next week via Dark Descent Records. I am super stoked for this release because these guys crush and kill with their brand of OSDM. The band is currently streaming their aforementioned new album, which you can check out below. It crushes hard. Stream away.     Continue reading

CRYPTOPSY Stream New Track “The Knife, The Head And What Remains”

Death metal legends Cryptopsy will release their new album The Book Of Suffering – Tome 1 at the end of the month and the band have just unleashed the fury that is “The Knife, The Head And What Remains” off of said album. The track is based on true events in which a man, believing he was being instructed by God, beheaded a passenger on a Greyhound bus. You can check out the bands blurb about the event and the song below and check out the actual track over on Decibel. So fucking heavy.       Continue reading

TURBID NORTH Release Music Video For “The Pyramid Drones”

turbid northDeathgroove titans Turbid North will release their new album Eyes Alive next month and the band have just unveiled their new music video for “The Pyramid Drones.” The video is really rad considering it is a performance video. The video was directed by the bands own Nick Forkel and I think it came out great. Check out the video below.     Continue reading