KATAKLYSM Release “Shattered” Music Video

kataklismAaaaand now we’ve only two music videos to go! Kataklysm will release their new record Of Ghosts And Gods on Friday and their goal of releasing a music video each day until then has come to fruition. Today the band released their music video for “Shattered,” which I think is my favorite of the videos. Check it out below and see for yourself.   Continue reading

KATAKLYSM Release “Carrying Crosses” Music Video

kataklysm2Well, here we are again. Another day, another Kataklysm music video. The band has been doing pretty well on these videos and the most recent is no exception. Today the band has released their video for “Carrying Crosses” and I really like it. You can check out said music video after the jump. The time is now.     Continue reading

KATAKLYSM Release “Soul Destroyer” Music Video

kataklysmKataklysm are da bomb and they are keeping up with releasing a music video each day until Of Ghosts And Gods is released. Today the band has released a music video for my favorite track off of the album “Soul Destroyer.” You can check out the video below and stay tuned for more videos in the coming days.      Continue reading

NILE Streaming New Track “Call To Destruction”

nileNile have released a new track off of their forthcoming record What Should Not Be Unearthed. The track comes in the form of a lyric video featuring some graphic images. These images come with a disclaimed, as shown above. The track is gargantuan and I fucking love it. Check out the video and track below. Watch at your own risk.       Continue reading

KATAKLYSM Release Music Video For “Marching Through Graveyards”

kataklyzmWell, Kataklysm have just unveiled today’s music video. This time we have gotten the video for “Marching Through Graveyards,” which is a brutal death metal beatdown in and of itself. The video isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but I dig the song. Check out the video below and see how you feel.     Continue reading

KRAANIUM Streaming New Track “Hung By Your Entrails”

Norwegian slam death metal outfit Kraanium have premiered a new track from their forthcoming fourth full-length, Chronicles of Perversion, over at Decibel. The new track is titled “Hung By Your Entrails” and it features a plethora of demented, down-tuned oppression and some of the more grotesque vocal stylings you will hear today. Listen to the track here and punch the nearest elderly person.

Chronicles of Perversion will be released on September 18 via Comatose Music. Pre-order here.

*Warning, NSFW artwork*

OGOTAY Streaming New Track “Entering The Void”


Polish death metal quartet Ogotay have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, Dead God’s Prophet, over at No Clean Singing. Titled “Entering the Void”, the track churns out down-tuned, groove-laden malevolence in abundance. Riff after bludgeoning riff crushes skulls underneath their weight. In short, it’s heavy. Check out the track at this location now.

Dead God’s Prophet will be released on August 1 via Selfmadegod.

KATAKLYSM Release Music Video For “Breaching The Asylum”

kataklysmzKataklysm will unleash their other-worldly new record Of Ghosts And Gods at the end of the month and they are doing something pretty rad. Up until the release on the 31st, the band is releasing a music video EACH DAY. The video of the day is Kataklysm‘s crusher “Breaching The Asylum.” I love this track and I think the video is really rad. Check it out below.     Continue reading

KRONOS Streaming New Album “Arisen New Era”

Death metal crushers Kronos will unload their new album Arisen New Era later this week and you don’t have to wait any longer! The band has released the album online for all of us to hear and it is glorious. It’s everything I wanted Kronos to create and then some. Check out the beast from below after the jump.     Continue reading

APOPHYS Release “The Red Planet” Video

Dutch death metal outfit Apophys have released the official video for their track “The Red Planet”. The track, which comes from their new Prime Incursion full-length, is set to a clip directed by Sebastiaan Spijker at Beyond the Digit, with makeup and effects by Timmermans at Horror Grime NL. The band issued the following comments on the new video:

“The lyrical theme behind ‘The Red Planet’ is the idea of creation and transcending what has been done before. The main character in the song creates something so perfect he values it above anything else. We tried to weave this concept into the plot of our new video; you will witness an entity from a place unknown fashioning his own form of life, only to keep wanting more after the success of the first one. Things get chaotic, risky, and weird. In the end, his experiment results in five human-like organisms that will be the start of a completely new race.”

Check out the video after the break.

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