KATAKLYSM Streaming New Track “The Black Sheep”

Death metal horde Kataklysm will deliver their new record Of Ghosts And Gods at the end of the month and the band has unleashed another new track. This track is a phenomenal boomer with some killer deathchugging and it is called “The Black Sheep.” You can check out the track below. Do it, man. We all love Kataklysm.       Continue reading

DEATHRITE Streaming New Track “Toxic Hammer”

Death n’ roll destroyers Deathrite will unroll their new album at the end of the month and the band have given us a vicious taste. The band has released their new track “Toxic Hammer” and it is a crushing blow to the dome. Check out the track below. Do it now.     Continue reading

JUNGLE ROT Streaming New Album “Order Shall Prevail”

VR728_JungleRotAnd it is a grand day. Jungle Rot are edging in on the release of their spectacular new album Order Shall Prevail and if you’re waiting impatiently, the time is now. Order Shall Prevail is currently streaming over on Decibel and it is glorious. Head on over and get a taste of Jungle Rot 2k15. Radcycle.     Continue reading

AVULSED Streaming New Track “To Sacrifice And Devour”

Spanish death metal horde Avulsed will unleash their new 5-song EP Altar Of Disembowelment in early September and a new track has made its way online. The song is titled “To Sacrifice And Devour” and it is a pulverizing display of relentless death metal. Check out the new track below and let Avulsed smash your face.     Continue reading

IMMORTAL BIRD Streaming New Track “Neoplastic”

Chicago’s Immortal Bird have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Empress/Abscess, over at Decibel. The new track is the album’s opener, “Neoplastic”, which launches cataclysmic and scathing riffs that run the gamut of blackened death metal and grindcore in every direction. It is a harsh and unforgiving track that aims to grind you into bits. Weekend Nachos‘ frontman John Hoffman also makes an appearance on the track. Check out the tune here.

Empress/Abscess will be released on July 14 via Broken Limbs Recordings/Manatee Rampage Recordings.

CUT UP Streaming New Album “Forensic Nightmares”

Cut Up - Forensic NightmaresShit. How have I been sleeping on Cut Up? I mean, it’s not like this band is on some nobody label, it’s on fucking Metal Blade! This band is so sick that I’m having trouble articulating words in the proper fashion. Cut Up are a fast, aggressive and rad-as-fuck death metal horde and their new record Forensic Nightmares will see release next week. Check out the record below.      Continue reading

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Streaming New Track “Vlad, Son Of The Dragon”

Ooooooh yeaaaah! The Black Dahlia Murder are back with a vengeance! One of my favorite bands will release a new record this year and it will be called Abysmal and we have now gotten our first taste of the record. The first song Dahlia have given us is “Vlad, Son Of The Dragon” and it is a destroyer. If you know and love The Black Dahlia Murder, then this is going to rub you in all the right places. Ooh yes. Love it. Check out the track below.       Continue reading

KRONOS Streaming New Track “Infernal Abyss Sovereignty”

And like lightning from the hand of Zeus, a new Kronos track has arisen. The distinguished, pulverizing French death metal horde will unload their new album Arisen New Era at the end of next month and it is de-struc-tive. The proof is in the pudding. And by pudding I mean the new track “Infernal Abyss Sovereignty,” which crushes and grooves. Check it out below and let Kronos be your master. Continue reading

American Aftermath Present: KALIYA & BARING TEETH Tour

kaliya smWhooooooo. Man. We here at AA have had a bad run with tours. I think we have been invited to host three in the past and all but one of them fell through, leading to us promoting something that didn’t happen. We did host a rad tour for Secrets Of The Sky and Godhunter that was beyond killer, though.

This time around however, the shit is going to take off. We are proud to announce a short run featuring Kaliya and Baring Teeth! The tour takes place here in the southern Mid-West, where Lane and I are located, and it will kick off in mid-August. So if you want to get bash out of your skull, Kaliya and Baring Teeth will definitely crush you. Check out the dates below as well as the rad-as-hell full poster.     Continue reading

PUTRIDITY Streaming New Track “Portraits Of A Soiled Innocence”

Italian brutal death metallers Putridity have released a new track from their forthcoming album, Ignominious Atonement, which is due out on August 18 via Willowtip Records. The new track is titled “Portraits of a Soiled Innocence” and it features a relentless barrage of gore-splattered, murderous riffs and sadistic drumming, not to mention horrifyingly vile vocals. Check it out, if you dare, after the break.

Be sure to check out the previously released track, “Conceived Through Vermination”, here.

Continue reading