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CANNABIS CORPSE Streaming New Track “Zero Weed Tolerance”

cannabis corpse fwtbWeed-covered death metal horde Cannabis Corpse will release their latest offering From Wisdom To Baked in a few short months and the band has unleashed a phenomenal new track titled “Zero Weed Tolerance.” Cannabis Corpse continuously evolve and expand and I always look forward to anything this band puts out. Check out the new track below.     Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Track “The Killing Gods”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-GodsA while back I wrote about a new Misery Index track “The Calling” from their forthcoming The Killing Gods and now the deathgrinders have unleashed yet another masterpiece. This time around, the band has unveiled the albums title track and it is absolutely astonishing. Check out this blistering bastard below.     Continue reading

LOUDBLAST Streaming New Track “A Bloody Oath”

Loudblast-Burial-GroundFrench metal band Loudblast, who I posted about when they released the first single off of their new album Burial Ground, have released a new track and it’s great. The track is called “A Bloody Oath” and you can check it out after the jump. Trust me, it’s Loudblast. Have they steered you wrong yet? Nope.      Continue reading

AUTOPSY Streaming New Track “Burial”

Autopsy have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves, over at Pitchfork. The new track is entitled “Burial” and trudges along with low-end, sludgy riffs before exploding into a dissonant death metal attack during its final moments. Head over to Pitchfork to check it out.

Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves will be released on April 22nd (Europe) and April 29th (North America) through Peaceville.

VADER Streaming New Track “Where Angels Weep”

vader-tibi-et-igniPolish Death metal titans Vader will be releasing their new Tibi Et Igni next month and, in anticipation, the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Where Angels Weep.” This track is a positively crushing representation of what Vader have been doing for all these years. It’s fantastic. Check it out after the jump and enjoy.

Also, hooray for my 2,700th post!     Continue reading

PSYCHOTIC GARDENING Streaming New Track “Origin Of The Infection”

Winnipeg death metal outfit Psychotic Gardening have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Hymnosis, over at No Clean Singing. The track is entitled “Origin of the Infection” and it is a menacing little jam that utilizes its mechanic-like riffs to bash your brains in. Head over to No Clean Singing to check it out.

Hymnosis will be released on May 13th.

SEPTICFLESH Streaming New Track “Order Of Dracul”

Septicflesh Titan promotional photoSymphonic death metal legends Septicflesh will release their new album Titan in late June and the band has released the first single off of the album. The track is called “Order Of Dracul” and it is amazing. You can check out the track after the jump.     Continue reading

SKINFATHER Streaming New Album “None Will Mourn”

Skinfather-None-Will-MournEpic Californian Entombed-worshipers Skinfather will release their new album None Will Mourn next week via Streetcleaner Records, a label created by Nails front man Todd Jones. I can tell you right now, this album DESTROYS and if you don’t believe me, check out Eric’s review of the album here. Trust me, you need this record in your life.     Continue reading

ABORTED Streaming New Track “Coffin Upon Coffin”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoThe great masters of sickening gore Aborted will release their latest monstrosity The Necrotic Manifesto in just two weeks and the band has released a lyric video for their track “Coffin Upon Coffin.” Holy shit, this band gets better and better with every release and I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the new record. Check out the lyric video for “Coffin Upon Coffin” after the jump.      Continue reading

RUDE Streaming New Track “Haunted”

rude-soulrecallCalifornia is just teaming with amazing music, isn’t it? A new band fresh out of the state goes by the name Rude and they are pretty rad. Their music is very reminiscent of ’90s era death metal, of which the band obviously worships. Dude, this is sickeningly sweet. The band is streaming a track from their debut called “Haunted” and you can check it out after the jump. DO IT. NOW.     Continue reading

7″ Review: HERESIARCH – “Wælwulf”

GD17V4.pdfHeresiarch I have never heard of before a few weeks ago, but the bands brand of blackened death metal is something that I adore. The level of old school death metal that is housed within this 7″ is ungodly and unforgiving. Think of Father Befouled, shake it up a bit and add in a little Satanic Warmaster. Let simmer for three tracks and then blast on high.    Continue reading

Lift For Justice II: BENCHPRESS Streaming New Track “Penance”

1475777_434601863308672_1472253842_n The Pennsylvanian metallic hardcore rippers in Benchpress are at it again. Following the release of two crushing EPs and a recent European excursion, the Lewistown executioners have finally returned with a new track entitled “Penance”, off of their upcoming May 6th double-tap split with San Juan Holy Terrorists, Martyrs Tongue. Stream the track below and pre-order the split via GTR Records on limited vinyl with digital download here and purely digital download here.

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GRAVEHILL Streaming “Death Curse” In Full

Gravehill-Death-Curse-1024x1024Blackened death metal horde Gravehill have put out one of the gnarliest albums of the year and definitely one of the filthiest. The album is called Death Curse and I have already told you about one of the brilliant tracks from the album. But wait, that’s not enough for you? You want more? Well, have I got something for you! Gravehill are currently streaming their new album in full! Check it out:      Continue reading

LIONS OF TSAVO Offering “Traverser” For Free Download

traverserBlackened death metalcore act Lions Of Tsavo who released the fantastic Traverser last year are currently offering up this album for free download until April 14th. This offer is to support the bands upcoming Southeast tour, of which you can check out the dates for below. So click on over and stream and download the album and then figure out if this tour is coming near you.       Continue reading