ODIUM Stream New Track “Dead”

Melodic death act Odium will release their new record Terraform at the end of the month, but the band has unloaded a killer new track called “Dead” upon us all. The track is a grooving, chugging throat-ripper and I am really feeling this. Check out the new track below and see if you’re diggin Odium.      Continue reading

NIGHTRAGE Streaming New Album “The Puritan”

I’m not sure why I haven’t been posting about Nightrage. The band is fun and enjoyable and their new album The Puritan is really cool. Not only is it cool, it was released yesterday! If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, now is the perfect time. The band has released the album online for all of us to stream. I haven’t gotten into anything like this in a while, but Nightrage have my attention. Cool jams. Check out a full stream of The Puritan below.     Continue reading

VOICES Streaming New Album “London”

UK’s Voices (Akercocke, My Dying Bride) have premiered their forthcoming full length, London, over at CVLT Nation. The 14-track dismal behemoth combines elements of death metal, progressive metal, black metal, dark folk and ambient into one heavy and interesting listen. The album will officially be released on January 27 via Candlelight Records and pre-orders can be placed here. In the meantime, stream the album right now.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Streaming Covers EP “Grind ‘Em All”

TBDMI love The Black Dahlia Murder. I feel that this band creates haunting and amazing music, even when it’s not their music. The band released their new EP Grind ‘Em All on Black Friday and you can listen to the whole thing right now. The EP features covers of Left For Dead, Sedition and Gyga. All of them are amazing while flowing through a Black Dahlia filter. Check out the EP below. YEEEE-AH!      Continue reading

AT THE GATES Release Music Video For “Death And The Labyrinth”

AtTheGatesAtWarWithRealityLegendary Gothenberg act At The Gates have fucking returned! After damn-near twenty years, they will be unleashing their new album At War With Reality at the end of the month and let me tell you, this shit slays. I was only a pup when At The Gates released Slaughter Of The Soul, so I never thought I would see them release an album in my lifetime, but I was wrong. The shit has hit the fan and it smells wonderful. Check out a new music video for the bands track “Death And The Labyrinth” below.      Continue reading


Exclusive Interview: THE NAUTILUS

The finest, cerebral, contorted guitar playing I have seen has come from the hands of The Nautilus’ Ross Albrecht.The Nautilus bind the fluid propulsive rhythm of The Black Dahlia Murder and supplement it with Gojira-esque melodies.   Also, add the finest British Columbian weed with overt Canadian thrash influences and you would have the slightest hint of what they sound like.

Having shared the stage with bands like Tesseract, Cloudkicker, The Ocean, Mouth of The Architect, and Intronaut, the band should have not been too surprised to see their debut EP being raved about by MetalSucks via their “Unsigned and Unholy”posts. Ross gives us a briefing on the Vancouver band.


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AT THE GATES Streaming New Track “At War With Reality”

at-war-with-realityIt has been 19 years since Gothenburg metal legends At The Gates have released a new album and the time is upon it. Finally, one of my all-time favorite bands is releasing a new record and, judging by the albums title track, it is going to destroy. Yes! The band has released the title song from At War With Reality and it’s pretty amazing. At The Gates obviously still have the chops to make amazing music (*cough*In Flames*cough*). Check out the track after the jump and get schooled.     Continue reading

GHOST BRIGADE Release New Album Teaser

ghost-brigade-500a0b685e6cdFinnish death/doom sextet Ghost Brigade will be releasing a new album in November and the band has released a preview teaser for the album, which you can check out after the jump. From what I’ve heard from the teaser, this album is going to be phenomenal. Check it out and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the forthcoming IV – One With The Storm.
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WRETCHED Streaming New Track “Morsel”

wretchedI fell out of touch with Wretched a few years ago, but based on how they are sounding now, I might be back in. The band will be releasing their new album Cannibal in June and to go along with this announcement, the band is currently streaming a rad new track (shall I say tasty?) called “Morsel.” After the jump you can check out a wildly insane animated video to accompany the track. It’s killer. Check it:       Continue reading

ARCH ENEMY Releases New Lyric Video

Arch Enemy 2014Arch Enemy will release their new album, their first with their new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (formerly of The Agonist) in early June and the band has a new lyric video for the song “As The Pages Burn.” I think this track is pretty cool, but I do agree with HBIH, I think Alissa is doing exactly what Angela did for all of those years. He voice has a lot of promise and it’s not being fully executed. Anyway, not my choice.

Check out the track:      Continue reading

INSOMNIUM Streaming New Album “Shadows Of The Dying Sun”

Insomnium band pic 2014

Finnish melodic death metal outfit, Insomnium, have premiered their sixth full length album, Shadows of The Dying Sun, over at Metal Sucks. The album is officially out today via Century Media, and you can still purchase your copy at this location. While you’re spending your hard-earned money, stream this record here.

Review: NUX VOMICA – “Nux Vomica”

Nux-Vomica-ArtworkFuriosity is the name of the game and a ton of bands play it. The fraction of those bands who both play it and play it interesting enough to keep my attention are bands who earn my respect, especially if I have never heard of said band before. Such is the case with Nux Vomica, who I have only learned of recently. This is a band that creates pissed off, crusty music and isn’t one-and-done in less than ninety seconds. I mean, the first song on the bands new record is seconds away from being twenty minutes in length. Continue reading

AT THE GATES Tease New Material In Short Video Clip

AT THE GATESLegendary Swedish melodic death metal outfit At The Gates haven’t released a new album since 1995’s classic Slaughter Of The Soul, which is arguably one of the greatest albums of all time. What am I saying? That’s not arguable at all. It is one of the greatest albums of all time. Anyway, At The Gates have released a thirteen-second video clip for… Something new.

What is it? Well, after pausing the video at the EXACT right moment (pictured above) you can make out what are unmistakably lyrics. I did some quick Googling and came up with absolutely nothing. So I think it’s pretty obvious what this could be: At The Gates are working on new material. FUCK YES! Check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

CHILDREN OF BODOM Release “Halo Of Blood” Lyric Video

Children Of Bodom, who I was a fan of for a hot minute but kinda fell out of touch with over the last few years, released their new album Halo Of Blood last year and the band has now unleashed a lyric video for the albums title track. I find it strange when bands release lyric videos so long after the release of the album. You’d think everyone who cares about the album probably already knows the lyrics.

Regardless, check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

CARCASS Release Video For “Unfit For Human Consumption”

CarcassThe legendary Carcass made headline after headline with the release of their long-awaited, highly anticipated new album Surgical Steel and now the band has unleashed a new music video! The video is for the track “Unfit For Human Consumption” and it is… Weird? No, that’s not the right word. Freaky? Closer. I’m not sure how I feel about the video, but you can figure it out for yourself. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading