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Review: NUX VOMICA – “Nux Vomica”

Nux-Vomica-ArtworkFuriosity is the name of the game and a ton of bands play it. The fraction of those bands who both play it and play it interesting enough to keep my attention are bands who earn my respect, especially if I have never heard of said band before. Such is the case with Nux Vomica, who I have only learned of recently. This is a band that creates pissed off, crusty music and isn’t one-and-done in less than ninety seconds. I mean, the first song on the bands new record is seconds away from being twenty minutes in length. Continue reading

AT THE GATES Tease New Material In Short Video Clip

AT THE GATESLegendary Swedish melodic death metal outfit At The Gates haven’t released a new album since 1995′s classic Slaughter Of The Soul, which is arguably one of the greatest albums of all time. What am I saying? That’s not arguable at all. It is one of the greatest albums of all time. Anyway, At The Gates have released a thirteen-second video clip for… Something new.

What is it? Well, after pausing the video at the EXACT right moment (pictured above) you can make out what are unmistakably lyrics. I did some quick Googling and came up with absolutely nothing. So I think it’s pretty obvious what this could be: At The Gates are working on new material. FUCK YES! Check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

CHILDREN OF BODOM Release “Halo Of Blood” Lyric Video

Children Of Bodom, who I was a fan of for a hot minute but kinda fell out of touch with over the last few years, released their new album Halo Of Blood last year and the band has now unleashed a lyric video for the albums title track. I find it strange when bands release lyric videos so long after the release of the album. You’d think everyone who cares about the album probably already knows the lyrics.

Regardless, check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading

CARCASS Release Video For “Unfit For Human Consumption”

CarcassThe legendary Carcass made headline after headline with the release of their long-awaited, highly anticipated new album Surgical Steel and now the band has unleashed a new music video! The video is for the track “Unfit For Human Consumption” and it is… Weird? No, that’s not the right word. Freaky? Closer. I’m not sure how I feel about the video, but you can figure it out for yourself. Check it out after the jump.      Continue reading

Ruthless Omnipotence: JUNGLE ROT Release New Music Video

Jungle RotI like Jungle Rot. I do. Earlier this year the band released their latest album Terror Regime and I stated that it was my favorite album they have done in a long time and now the band has unleashed the music video for their track “Ruthless Omnipotence.” You can check the video out after the jump.

I like this track a lot, but the video, I’m not crazy about. The whole “band-walking-through-the-streets-while-the-vocalist-screams” comes off pretty cheesy when it’s not a hardcore or punk band doing it. Still, check it out. The track rips regardless if you’re into the video or not.      Continue reading

CARCASS Streaming “Surgical Steel” B-Side: “Zochrot”

I don’t know if anyone else had to Google to term “Zochrot” after listening to the rad new Carcass jam by the same name, but I did. I had no idea what it meant, but apparently it is an Israeli non-profit organization that promotes awareness of the Nakba. What is the Nakba? It was the 1948 Palestinian expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.

Well, that took some time and I listened to the new Carcass B-Side (which is available via Decibel Magazine Flexi Disc)  twice just looking into the subject. I guess that means it’s a really killer track. You can stream the track below and see if you’re feeling it. Also be sure to check out Lane’s review of the album here.     Continue reading

Review: CARCASS – “Surgical Steel”


The four years Nine Inch Nails fans had to wait for a new album is nothing compared to what Carcass fans had to endure. The devoted cult of the highly influential British death metal act had to wait a daunting seventeen years for a new full length record. The aforementioned sixth full length record is Surgical Steel; the first taste of new Carcass since 1996′s Swansong. Just like all albums bands release after a lengthy hiatus, there is a lot of pressure on Surgical Steel and Carcass in general. But one listen to this new forty-seven minute cataclysmic beast and you will question if the band had even went away at all.

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CARCASS Release New Track “Unfit For Human Consumption”

The highly anticipated new record from Carcass, Surgical Steel, is due out on September 17th and the band is adding to the hype with the release of another cut from the forthcoming outing. The Gauntlet have premiered the new song “Unfit for Human Consumption”, a track that stabs deep and twists and twists. It hurts so good. Head over to The Gauntlet now to stream this bad boy!


They Currently Destroy: FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Release New Lyric Video

Well, damn me. 2013 seems to keep churning out releases by bands that I have never liked before that blow me away. First with Bleed From Within (review here), then IWABO (review here) and now I’m pretty intrigued with new music from Fit For An Autopsy. Like the aforementioned bands, I have never been into this band, only listening to a few tracks and thinking they were kind of ‘meh.’

I am currently on my fifth listen to the bands new track “Still We Destroy,” which the band has just released in the form of a lyric video and I gotta say, it’s pretty rad. I though these dudes were weak deathcore, but I will say I was very far off. You can check out the new track after the jump. Enjoy.     Continue reading

Excised And Anatomised: EVOCATION Streaming CARCASS Cover

Not too long ago I told you about Evocation and their (soon to be released) new EP Excised And Anatomised which is a covers album. The album features fantastic renditions of tracks by the greats At The Gates, Napalm Death and more. The band has unleashed the first cover from the album and what is it you ask?     Continue reading

Revocation Debut New Track “Fracked”


Progressive tech thrashers Revocation are currently streaming an all new track entitled “Fracked” off of their upcoming epic fourth full length, the self-titled Revocation, exclusively over at Loudwire. The anti-fracking anthem is definitely my favorite of the teased tracks so far, a more sustained and expansive track that treads along a more progressive inclination, boasting some almost electronic sounding complimentary basswork and an epic solo section. Musings aside, you can stream “Fracked” via Loudwire here and pre-order Revocation via Relapse Records here, out August 6th. Be sure to catch Revocation on the remaining dates of this year’s excellent Summer Slaughter tour.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Release New Track “Elegy”

Fleshgod Apocalypse have released a new track from their upcoming album, Labyrinth, which will be released on August 20th through Nuclear Blast. This new track is entitled “Elegy” and it is a blistering slab of macabre metal infused with enthralling classical symphony. It’s pretty impressive. You can check out the new song after the jump.

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BATTLECROSS Are “Never Coming Back”

Michigan melodic death thrashers Battlecross have unleashed a new music video for the the track “Never Coming Back,” which comes off of their forthcoming release War Of Will. Now, while the video isn’t all that imaginative, the song is fucking rad. The video also features legendary drummer Kevin Talley, who is drumming for Battlecross all summer on Mayhem Fest. Check it out after the jump.     Continue reading

New CARCASS Track Arrives Online

Your first taste of Carcass’ first record since 1996′s Swansong, Surgical Steel, has appeared online. The track is entitled “Captive Bolt Pistol” and it features the raw grind feel of their early days with a pinch of their melodic side they explored on Heartwork. It sounds pretty damn solid. Check it out below!

Surgical Steel is expected to be release sometime this Fall via Nuclear Blast.

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