WRETCHED Release Music Video for “Wetiko

Wretched by Daniel Clark CunninghamDeath metal powerhouse Wretched released their phenomenal new record Cannibal not too long ago and the band has now issued their latest music video for the track “Wetiko.” The video is very cool and very well put together. I often find myself bored by a lot of videos I watch, but this one kept me going. Check out the video after the jump and be sure to pick up Cannibal, out now on Victory Records.       Continue reading

CANNIBAL CORPSE To Release New Album In September

cannibalcorpseaskeletaldomainOh hell to the yes. My favorite death metal monstrosity Cannibal Corpse will be releasing a new album this year! The bands thirteenth full-length album since their inception in 1988 is titled A Skeletal Domain (see artwork above) and sources say that it is due for a mid-September release. As it has been two years since the band released Torture and the fact that Adam D. of Killswitch Engage somewhat spilled the beans on Metal Injection’s weekly podcast a few weeks ago, I had a feeling that a new record would soon be upon us. You guys have no idea how stoked I am. Now, off to re-jam Torture! Check out the track list below.    Continue reading

ACRANIA Announce New Album “Totalitarian Dystopia”

London death metal/deathcore outfit Acrania have announced the release of their debut full length album and follow up to their 2013 The Beginning of the End EP. The new record will bear the title (as you can see above) Totalitarian Dystopia and will be released on August 19th via Unique Leader Records. The album will feature guest spots from Lorna Shore’s Tom Barber, Aborted’s Mendel and I Declare War’s Jamie Hanks. You can check out the album’s track listing as well as a stream of The Beginning of the End after the break.

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BELPHEGOR Streaming New Track “Gasmask Terror”

Belphegor-Conjuring-the-Dead-620x620Blackened death metal horde Belphegor are back and they have brought the apocalypse with them. The band will release their new album Conjuring The Dead in August and the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Gasmask Terror.” This track encompasses everything I love about Bephegor and projects it through a deadly filter. Check out the track after the jump if you know what’s good for you.       Continue reading

HOD Announce New Album “Book Of The Worm”

San Antontio blackened death metal outfit HOD have announced the release of their new full length and follow up to 2012′s The Uncreated demo (of which the new record shares its three tracks). The new record will be entitled Book of the Worm and will be released on September 9th via Arctic Music with pre-orders being offered here. The band comments on the forthcoming recording:

 “Finally, Book Of The Worm is finished! Through Hell and back we went to get this completed. Comrades fell. Labels failed. Studios changed. But we soldiered forth with iron determination and it is done. Blood, sweat and sacrifice are the ingredients. Fueled by hate and blasphemy. Prepare for the storm!”

You can check out the album’s artwork, track listing and a stream of The Uncreated demo after the break.

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ALLEGAEON Premiere “Our Cosmic Casket” Video

Allegaeon - Elements of the Infinite

Allegaeon have premiered the official video for their new track “Our Cosmic Casket”, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming album, Elements of the Infinite. The video is mainly a performance clip with images of cosmic bodies and planets thrown in the mix. The video is apart of a four-part series that began with the band’s humorous “1,618″ video. You can stream both videos after the break and check out their previously released track, ‘Threshold of Perception”, over at Metal Sucks.

Elements of the Infinite will be released on June 24th.

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ENTRAILS Streaming “New” Track “Voices”

Swedish death metal outfit Entrails have premiered a previously unreleased track entitled “Voices” over at Decibel. The new track will appear on the group’s forthcoming compilation, Resurrected From the Grave, which collects the band’s early Reborn and Human Decay demos. You can stream the filthy yet catchy tune here.

Resurrected From the Grave will be released on July 22nd via Metal Blade. Pre-orders can be placed here.

FALLUJAH Premiere New Track “Carved From Stone”

fallujah-thefleshprevails-620x619One of my favorite newer death metal acts has to be Fallujah. This band, along with The Kennedy Veil prove that death metal can be reinvented and still be relevant in 2014. Fallujah will be releasing a new album titled The Flesh Prevails soon and I am getting more and more excited for it with every passing day. The band have unveiled a new track titled “Carved From Stone” and it is just unbelievable. Check out the track after the jump courtesy of Lambgoat.     Continue reading

ZOMBIEFICATION Streaming New Track “Procession Through Infestation”

zombieficationMexican death metal act Zombiefication are going to be releasing a new album soon titled Procession Through Infestation And the band has unleashed one hell of a debut track. This track is titled “Procession” and it is five and a half minutes of pure death metal power and mastery. This band has only put out amazing records in the past, so I look forward to hearing another one from them, especially since their just put out their previous album At The Caves Of Eternal. Check out the new track below.      Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Release Music Video For “The Calling”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-Gods-CDDeathgrind horde Misery Index released their amazing new album The Killing Gods last month and the band has unveiled their new music video for their track “The Calling.” The video is really cool, shot completely in contrasted black and white. It has a very dark and bleak feel to it as a whole. Not to mention, the track is phenomenal. You can check out the video for “The Calling” after the jump.       Continue reading

COLUMNS Streaming New Track “Mudfucker”

columnsColumns, which is headed up by Glass Casket/Wretched vocalist Adam Cody, is a band that has just be brought to my attention and holy hell, am I glad they were. This band will be releasing their new record Please Explode in August and they have just unleashed a new track to get everyone excited. Or, at least I would assume people were getting excited. The mass majority of the comments on the track are negative, but I hear only positives in the song. The track is called “Mudfucker” and based on the title alone you’ll be clicking over to listen to it right now.     Continue reading

WRETCHED Streaming New Album “Cannibal”

VR707I am so stoked that Wretched are back on my radar because the bands new album Cannibal is fucking intense. I mean, serious, straight up death metal aggression through and through. If you fell out of touch with this band like I did, Cannibal is a great place to get back on. I mean, Wretched are stronger than ever and now you can see what the hell I’m talking about. The band is currently streaming the new album in full and you can listen to it below. Hell yeah!     Continue reading

CANNABIS CORPSE Streaming New Track “Individual Pot Patterns”

CC FWTBEveryone loves the weed-themed death metal act Cannabis Corpse. Duh. The band is incredible and to show this, they have released a fantastic new track titled “Individual Pot Patterns” that not only crushes with Cannibal Corpse-esque death metal madness, the track features guest vocals from former Cannibal Corpse/current Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes. Duuuuude. The pot will flow like the blood of the innocent! Check out the track below.     Continue reading

Review: BLEED THE PIGS – “Overcompensations for Misery”

After being exposed to Nashville, TN’s Bleed the Pigs’s debut EP Mortis Fatum I was intrigued by the promise this young band showed. While showing great potential they nonetheless fell short of expanding their
sound beyond the already aging Entombedcore sound pioneered by Nails and further popularized by a host of bands. However on their followup EP, Overcompensations for Misery they have smashed right thru the
glass ceiling and have, in my mind, established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the national punk/hardcore/powerviolence scene.

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Review: BODDICKER – “False Flag”

My attention was first alerted to the existence of Boddicker last fall when I was tasked with the responsibility of reviewing their split with Kata Sarka. I was immediately impressed with the unbridled fury Boddicker was able to contain in each of their songs so I was very much interested in reviewing their latest release, an EP entitled False Flag.

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