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AUTOPSY Streaming New Track “The Howling Dead”

Autopsy-Tourniquets-Hacksaws-and-GravesOld school death metal Autopsy have returned as brutal as ever and they are prepping the release of their new album Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves which comes out late next month. The band has just issued a vicious new track titled “The Howling Dead” that is completely blowing my mind. Check this beast out after the jump.     Continue reading

GRAVEHILL Streaming New Track: “The Ascending Fire”

Gravehill-Death-Curse-1024x1024California’s Gravehill have released another new track off of their forthcoming record Death Curse and it’s a ripper. If you liked the song I posted about the other day, you’ll love this one. It’s dripping with filth and impurity. Also, it might help to mention that the track Eric Cutler and Chris Reifert of the legendary Autopsy. Incentive much?

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Review: NUX VOMICA – “Nux Vomica”

Nux-Vomica-ArtworkFuriosity is the name of the game and a ton of bands play it. The fraction of those bands who both play it and play it interesting enough to keep my attention are bands who earn my respect, especially if I have never heard of said band before. Such is the case with Nux Vomica, who I have only learned of recently. This is a band that creates pissed off, crusty music and isn’t one-and-done in less than ninety seconds. I mean, the first song on the bands new record is seconds away from being twenty minutes in length. Continue reading

GRAVEHILL Streaming New Track: “Open Their Throats”

Gravehill-Death-Curse-1024x1024LA death metal horde Gravehill blew me away when I heard them for the first time a few years back. Amazing, filthy, blackened goodness all wrapped in a bullet belt. I wasn’t even aware that the band was preparing to release a new album. I guess I stopped getting press releases from Dark Descent and I’m behind on my news. Luckily, I was on Pitchfork today where I learned that the band was streaming a radical new track called “Open Their Throats.” Hooray for hellraisers!

You can stream “Open Their Throats” over here and check out their album Practitioners of Fell Sorcery after the jump. Gravehill will release their new album Death Curse on April 1st via Dark Descent Records.     Continue reading

VAMPIRE Streaming Self-Titled Debut In Full

vampireYesterday Swedish black/death metal act Vampire released their amazing, self-titled debut album and the band is currently streaming this beautiful beast for all the world to hear. This album is vicious and phenomenally crafted and if you are craving some filth in your day, you need this. You can stream the entire album after the jump.      Continue reading

TEITANBLOOD Streaming New Track: “Anteinferno”

TeitanbloodSpanish death metal titans (no pun intended) will release their highly-anticipated sophomore album Death in May and the band has released one of the most vicious, thundering tracks I have heard thus far in 2014. This band is phenomenal and, although I was late to it, I am still in love with their 2009 album Seven Chalices. Well, if you loved that album, Death will be right up your alley. Check out a stream of their new track “Anteinferno” after the jump.     Continue reading

BOOKAKEE Release A Bloody New Video For “A Night To Dismember”

a1879827289_10Bookakee first caught my attention late last year with their fine death metal release called “Whorrific”, a gigantic slab of Gwar meets Cephalic Carnage, then add more gore on top of it. Bookakee has a wild name and it fits their wild blend of death metal. Check out the video below for “A Night To Dismember”, which is very NSFW.

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VANHELGD Detail Forthcoming Album “Relics Of Sulphur Salvation”

Swedish death metal outfit Vanhelgd have unleashed the details surrounding their forthcoming, third full length album. The album will carry the title Relics of Sulphur Salvation and will see a release on May 27th via 20 Buck Spin. The album will feature production courtesy of Tore Stjerna (Watain, etc) at Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm. Below you will find the album art, track listing, and teaser video.

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ABORTED Streaming New Track: “Necrotic Manifesto”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoBrutality will ultimately prevail in the world of metal and Aborted are definitely one of the most brutal bands in existence. The band released an amazing record in 2012 in the form of Global Flatline and now they are prepping the release of their next album The Necrotic Manifesto. This album is sure to be a destroyer. How do I know this? Because I just listened to the albums title track, which I suggest you also do. You can listen to “Necrotic Manifesto” after the jump. You want this.     Continue reading

TRIPTYKON Streaming Two New Tracks

Triptykon-Melana-ChasmataThe band featuring founding member Celtic Frost Tom G. Warrior, Triptykon will release their new album in April and the band has just released two pretty rad tracks. The tracks are “Boleskine House” and “Breathing” and they are a really amazing listen, so click on after the jump and peep ‘em out. You’ll thank me later.    Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Song: “Conjuring The Cull”

Oh shit, son. Misery Index are back and more brutal than ever. The band has taken four years since releasing their last full-length but it doesn’t seem like the band has lost any momentum. The band has unleashed the massive track “Conjuring The Cull,” which is currently streaming over on Lambgoat. Dude. Seriously. Go check it out!

Misery Index will release The Killing Gods on May 27th via Season of Mist.

BENEATH Detail Forthcoming Album “The Barren Throne”

Icelandic death metal outfit, Beneath, have released the official details on their forthcoming sophomore full length. The new record will bear the title The Barren Throne and will see a release through Unique Leader on April 29th. This will mark the band’s first release with new vocalist, Benedikt Nathanael Bjarnason, who joined the band in June of 2013. On the album itself, guitarist Johann Ingi comments:

We are truly thrilled to be releasing our second full-length on Unique Leader Records. During the writing and recording of The Barren Throne, every single member of the band has surpassed themselves, taking the album to another level. The album is tighter, more focused and doesn´t give an inch when it comes to sheer brutality. We are inspired by many different genres of extreme music and on this record we sought to embrace this and transcend the need to adhere to the common boundaries of the technical death metal genre. This has resulted in what we feel is our most dynamic and relevant release yet.

Below you will find the album’s official artwork and track listing, as well as a track from the band’s previous album Enslaved By Fear.

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MORBUS CHRON Streaming New ALbum “Sweven”

Morbus-Chron-SwevenProgressive death metal entity Morbus Chron are currently streaming their phenomenal new album Sweven right now. What else do you need to know? If you haven’t gotten up on Morbus Chron yet, then you are seriously missing out because these Swedes absolutely destroy. This album will not disappoint and you can check out the whole thing right here. Thanks Noisey! Sweven is available now via Century Media Records.

Exclusive Interview: YAUTJA

Even before the release of their debut LP, Songs of Descent, Nashville, TN’s Yautja were already being lauded as the next greatest band in heavy music. Now that the record has had a chance to see the light of day, that assertion seems legit. Featuring members of Coliseum, Gnarwhal, Nameless Cults and others, Yautja amalgamate death metal and grind with intense, discordant hardcore and infuse it with elements of sludge and crust. Filled with crushing drum patterns, distorted low-end grooves, explosive guitar lines and gnarled vocals, Songs of Descent is simply captivating.

In this interview with American Aftermath, vocalist/guitarist Shibby Poole and drummer/vocalist Tyler Coburn discussed the album and how Yautja came to be, as well as their diverse sound, which they like to call “Heavy Metal Thunder.” Continue reading

AUTOPSY Announce New Album “Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves”


Influential death metal act Autopsy have announced the release of their seventh full length album. The album will bear the title Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves and will see a release on April 29th via Peaceville Records. The band tracked the new record at Fantasy Studios with producer Adam Munoz. The band announced the outing on Facebook recently and added the following little hype-filled declaration:

TOURNIQUETS TIGHTEN….HACKSAWS RIP…..GRAVES ARE FILLED…..THIS IS AUTOPSY, THIS IS DEATH METAL…. With the stench of ‘The Headless Ritual’ still permeating the befouled air, Autopsy has once again come for your very metal soul with their newest blood soaked homage to all things dark, twisted and horrific….once again bone crushingly heavy nightmares await….”Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves” will awaken the most depraved part of the coldest zombie’s stare…..blood will flow, brains will be destroyed, coffin lids will be opened…

That should excite someone! Below you can view the album’s official artwork.

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