VASTUM Stream Track “Empty Breast”

Death metal horde Vastum also hold a very highly anticipated new album this year with Hole Below. This bands sexually driven new album is sounding phenomenal and if you want to hear for yourself, check out their new track “Empty Breast.” The track premiered today over on Invisible Oranges and I’ve embedded it below. Stream or die.      Continue reading

ODIUM Stream New Track “Dead”

Melodic death act Odium will release their new record Terraform at the end of the month, but the band has unloaded a killer new track called “Dead” upon us all. The track is a grooving, chugging throat-ripper and I am really feeling this. Check out the new track below and see if you’re diggin Odium.      Continue reading

ABHORRENT Stream New Track “A Lightness Of Mind”

Abhorrent will release their new album Intransigence next month and the band has released a new track titled “A Lightness Of Mind.” This track is seriously heavy and I’m really digging it. If you need some killer death metal on your plate today, check out the new track below. It’s rad. Stream “A Lightness Of Mind” below.     Continue reading

HORRENDOUS Streaming New Track “Oxymandias”


Philadelphia death metal trio Horrendous have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Anareta, at Invisible Oranges. Titled “Ozymandias”, the new track features seven minutes of classic, blistering death metal rife with scathing riffs and spiraling licks. Check out the jam for yourself after the break.

Anareta will be released on October 30 via Dark Descent Records. Pre-order here.

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TURBID NORTH Stream New Track “Eyes Alive”

Deathgroovers Turbid North will release their new album Eyes Alive in November, but the band aren’t gonna let you just sit on that information. No, sir. They have let loose some information about the album. You can check out the track listing for Eyes Alive after the jump and you can also stream the albums title track! This track is super fucking rad and you’ll dig it. Check it.     Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Release Music Video For “Black Winged Torment”

belphegorBlackened death metal outfit Belphegor released their latest album Conjuring The Dead last year and the band has now followed it with a new music video. The video is for their song “Black Winged Torment” and it has a NSFW tag on it, so be careful where you watch it. It’s a pretty cool video, but a certain segment of it was very cheesy (see vocalist in front of graphics), but I dig it. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

ARKAIK Stream New Track “That Which Lies Hidden”

Arkaik are amping people up for the release of their amazing new record Lucid Dawn and they have just unleashed a new track that crushes. The band is currently streaming “That Which Lies Hidden,” which is a beast of a mother of a track. I have been looking forward to Lucid Dawn for a while now and it is shaping up to be as good as I wanted it to be. Check out the new track below.     Continue reading

ÆVANGELIST Streaming New Album “Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss”


Blackened death metallers Ævangelist have premiered their forthcoming full-length, Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss, at Invisible Oranges. The album will officially be released on CD and digital formats in North America on October 9 and in Europe on October 23 via 20 Buck Spin. A vinyl edition is slated to arrive in December. Pre-orders can be still be found here and here. Fans of Portal, Behemoth and Ulcerate will have no problem falling in love with this blasphemous and delightfully dissonant opus. Check it out after the break.

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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Stream New Album “Absolute Hope Absolute Hell”

Today marks the release of one of my favorite albums of the year, Fit For An Autopsy‘s Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell. This album is brilliantly crafted and stunningly heavy. Fit For An Autopsy have always been a good band, but I think this album marks their rise to greatness. The band is currently streaming the album and you need to listen to it. Get some after the jump.     Continue reading

VASTUM Streaming New Track “Sodomitic Malevolence”

Vastum Promo 2015B_web [photo credit Al Cummings] [Photo by Al Cummings]

San Francisco death dealers Vastum recently premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Hole Below, at Decibel. Titled “Sodomitic Malevolence”, the seven-minute monster of a track begins with a lengthy intro of unnerving ambiance before launching into a blistering stampede of hell-raising death metal. Get your skull caved in after the break.

Hole Below will be released on November 6 via 20 Buck Spin in CD formats, with a vinyl edition to follow in December.

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THE FACELESS Reunite With Demon Carcass, Stream “The Spiraling Void”

the facelessThe Faceless have not announced a new album, but one has been rumored for a while now. It seems as if it’s coming along pretty well, as the band have unleashed a new song upon the world. The track is titled “The Spiraling Void,” but the most exciting news is that sees the return of vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist to The Faceless. Daaaamn, son. Stream the new track below. It’s pretty sick.     Continue reading

GRAVE RITUAL Streaming New Track “Adversary Crown”

Death metal heathens Grave Ritual have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Morbid Throne, at Decibel. The new track is titled “Adversary Crown” and features a (un)healthy dose of groove-laden brutality and raspy, demonic vocals. It hits hard and fast and leaves you bleeding and begging for more. Stream the jam after the break.

Morbid Throne will be released on October 30 via Dark Descent Records.

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ABHORRENT (Ex-THE FACELESS) Announce Debut Album “Intransigence”, Stream New Track


San Antonio death metal outfit Abhorrent (Ex-The Faceless) have announced the release of their debut full-length record. The new effort will be titled Intransigence (artwork above) and will be released through Willowtip Records on November 20.  Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Garrison at Sound Crater Recording with guitar and bass reamps by Greg Tomao at The Tomato Farm Studio, Intransigence will feature 10 new tracks of cranium crushing death metal. The album will also include guest appearances by Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Matthew “Chalky” Chalk (Mephistopheles, ex-Psycroptic), Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem) and Antonio Ascencio (Serocs).

The album’s track listing can be found after the break along with a stream of new track “Ifrit”, which features a guest solo by Inferi‘s Malcom Pugh.

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REPULSIVE DISSECTION Streaming New Track “Apologist (Of Theodicy and Denial)”

Brutal death metal horde Repulsive Dissection have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Church of the Five Precious Wounds, over at Horns Up. The new track is the crushing Apologist (Of Theodicy and Denial)”, which will brutally dismember those who listen to it with its collection of savage riffs and nauseating vocals. Check out, if you dare, after the break.

Church of the Five Precious Wounds will be released on October 1 via Sevared Records. Pre-order here.

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ABHORRENT DECIMATION Streaming New Album “Miasmic Mutation”

UK death metal outfit Abhorrent Decimation have premiered their upcoming album, Miasmic Mutation, at No Clean Singing. The record will be released Friday, September 25, and can be pre-ordered here.  The album will satisfy all of your death metal needs with its thunderous blast beats, gritty vocals and bone-breaking, tech death adjacent riffs. Stream the darn thing right now.