RINGS OF SATURN Release Teaser For “Lugal Ki En”

rings_of_saturn_lugal_ki_en_artworkPsychotically technical death dealers Rings Of Saturn will be releasing their new album Lugal Ki En next month and the band has released a five minute teaser for the album, which has got me extremely excited. This beast is sure to be a crushing blow to everyone’s skull when it drops and until then, enjoy snippets from the songs of Lugal Ki En. Jamz.      Continue reading

MARTYR DEFILED Release Cover Of LAMB OF GOD’s “Redneck”

martyr-defiled_4Martyr Defiled are a band that took my by storm with their new album No Hope No Morality, which came out earlier this year. To make things even more interesting, the band has unleashed their cover of Lamb Of God‘s “Redneck,” with their rendition being a phenomenal one. This isn’t the cover that I would have picked for MD to perform, but I dig it nonetheless. Check out “Redneck” after the jump.
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CARNIFEX Release Music Video For “Hatred And Slaughter”

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex released a pretty rad album earlier this year titled Die Without Hope and now the band has followed up with a music video for their track “Hatred And Slaughter.” The song is great and the video isn’t bad either. It’s a pro-shot live video compiling different appearances the band has made and it’s put together pretty well. Check out the video after the jump.      Continue reading



The controversial moshcore titans in Desolated have announced dates for a sure-to-be ignorant month long US tour later this Fall alongside Florida deathcore act Traitors, our Pennsylvania metallic hardcore friends in Benchpress and New York hardcore act VICE. With a strange hierarchy of hatred, wherein metalheads have come to hate hardcore shows for the violence and in turn, the hardcore scene has come to hate Desolated for the same reasons, this tour alongside its crew of bands is going to be something. Peep full details and dates via the poster above.

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS Cover “Let It Go” From Disney’s Frozen

Betraying_The_MartyrsTo get it out of the way, I have never listened to Betraying The Martyrs. They are one of many bands on Sumerian Records that I have never checked out because I didn’t figure they would entice me. BUT, I do have a six-year-old daughter so of course I know the anthem from Disney’s Frozen: “Let It Go.” Well, it appears that Betraying The Martyrs have covered said anthem for their new album Phantoms. Well, I think I’ll just let the video speak for itself.       Continue reading

SUICIDE SILENCE Streaming New Album “You Can’t Stop Me”

You_Can't_Stop_Me_(Suicide_Silence)The reformed Suicide Silence (I’m still unclear if they ever split or not) will be releasing their new album You Can’t Stop Me next week and the band has unleashed a full album stream of said album. From an outsiders prospective and as someone who doesn’t wish to speak ill of the dead, this is the best Suicide Silence has ever sounded. It’s reminiscent of what Mitch brought to the band, but with some notes that he couldn’t/didn’t hit. Check out the full stream after the jump.       Continue reading

ACRANIA Debut “Festering With Dishonesty” Lyric Video

London’s Acrania have premiered the video to their new track “Festering With Dishonesty” over at Decibel. The lyric video is not as important as the song within it, which is full of thick, slamming riffs and enough double bass to start an earthquake. The track will appear on the group’s forthcoming full length debut, Totalitarian Dystopia, which is due out on August 19th via Unique Leader. You can check out the video after the break.

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ACRANIA Announce New Album “Totalitarian Dystopia”

London death metal/deathcore outfit Acrania have announced the release of their debut full length album and follow up to their 2013 The Beginning of the End EP. The new record will bear the title (as you can see above) Totalitarian Dystopia and will be released on August 19th via Unique Leader Records. The album will feature guest spots from Lorna Shore’s Tom Barber, Aborted’s Mendel and I Declare War’s Jamie Hanks. You can check out the album’s track listing as well as a stream of The Beginning of the End after the break.

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parkwayWoah. This tour is gonna be heavy. For those of you who won’t be seeing King Diamond here in the states, those of you in Europe anyway, can hit up the December tour that features Parkway Drive, Carnifex, Heaven Shall Burn and Northlane. I mean, the breakdowns are gonna break spines. Check out all of the dates below and see if you’ll be going to one of these shows.     Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Release Music Video For “Worship The Digital Age”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarWhitechapel have made their way back on to my iPod after a few years of being absent because of their new album Our Endless War. This album reminds me more and more of the Whitechapel that I got hooked on during the Somatic Defilement-era. It’s thick, it’s chunky and it’s pretty rad. Unfortunately, I am not digging the music video for “Worship The Digital Age,” although I do like the song. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.     Continue reading

ENTOMBED IN THE ABYSS Streaming New Track “Beaten At The Knees”

entombed in the abyssI don’t know if I’m I’m becoming more acquainted with the genre or if the genre is really getting better, but I have now found a handful of amazing deathcore bands in the last few months. Some of these bands are The Last Ten Seconds Of Life and Martyr Defiled and now I have added another band to the list of bands to watch. This band is Entombed In The Abyss. These guys are a little Acacia Strain and a little early Job For A Cowboy, but mashed together in a way that I can’t deny is pretty rad. Check out the bands new track from Entombed In The Abyss titled “Beaten At The Knees” after the jump. Thoughts?       Continue reading

LORNA SHORE Debut “Cre(h)ate” Video

Lorna Shore have released the official video for their track “Cre(h)ate”, which comes from last year’s Maleficium EP. On the subject matter of the video, bassist Gary Herrera comments:

The ‘Cre(h)ate’ video builds on our message that began with the ‘Godmaker’ video. The song is about people who follow things blindly and in this video the woman continues to test her luck with demonic spirits. She eventually creates one she can’t contain using the Lorna Shore sigil. This represents our message to everyone who is listening and watching – we will not follow anything blindly and will continue to do things our way.

You can check out the video after the break along with the “Godmaker” video.

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CARNIFEX Release “Die Without Hope” Music Video

Carnifex-Die-Without-HopeCarnifex were the butt of everyone’s joke for a while, but the band is beginning to prove everyone wrong by becoming more brutal than ever before. After a few spins of the bands new album Die Without Hope, I have come to the conclusion that it is very strong. If you haven’t yet, I suggest checking it out. The band has just released their music video for the albums title track “Die Without Hope” and you can check it out after the jump. It’s a pretty explosive performance video. Check it.     Continue reading

SUICIDE SILENCE Streaming New Track “Cease To Exist”

Suicide-Silence-You-Cant-Stop-Me-artworkI know I’m not the only person curious as to how Suicide Silence would sound after the passing of vocalist Mitch Lucker and the introduction of their new front man Eddie Hermida (formerly of All Shall Perish). Well, it seems that Hermida has the chops for the job because his style is almost identical to that of Lucker. It’s got a good vibe, but I still don’t dig Suicide Silence much. Regardless, you can check out the bands new track “Cease To Exist” after the jump and decide for yourself how you feel.     Continue reading

CURSED SAILS Streaming New Track “Gasoline”

cursed sailsI’ve never listened to Woe Is Me but as of today I have heard Cursed Sails which features former members of WiM and I can say that I don’t hate it. Of course, with only one song to go on, I don’t know what way the album will go, but based on this one I definitely thrash it. It’s quick, it’s catchy, it’s heavy and I actually look forward to hearing more from the band. Check out the bands new track “Gasoline” below and weight in in the comments.       Continue reading