THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL Release “Armilus” Music Video

Frankfurt’s The Green River Burial have released the official video for their new track “Armilus”, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming Blight 7″, which is due out on August 1. The groove heavy, unquestionably heavy tune is set to a Yves Otterbach-directed clip depicting the band performing in front of an ever-changing backdrop of nature and interstellar scenery. Check out the video after the break and pre-order the 7″ here or here.

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THY ART IS MURDER Release NSFW “Holy War” Music Video

taim holy warWell, it appears that Thy Art Is Murder are coming to completion with becoming the most offensive band of 2015. The band have released their new record Holy War, which an offensive cover was moved to the inside booklet and now the band has released a music video that just makes you go “woah.” The video is for the title track off of the new album and it is… Woah. I have this labeled as NSFW for decapitations, ISIS-references and things of that ilk. Check out the video if you dare.     Continue reading

THY ART IS MURDER Streaming New Album “Holy War”

Thy Art Is Murder are a band that I have only gotten into on their current album cycle. The band will release Holy War next week and if you, like me, have been sleeping on this band, get into Holy War. Thy Art Is Murder are one of the bands proving that deathcore isn’t always a bad word and they absolutely kill on this new record. Check out the album in full below and see if its for you.     Continue reading

LORNA SHORE Streaming New Album “Psalms”

I’ve been proudly supporting Lorna Shore over the last year or so because the band is seriously talented. They have matured over time and they are currently producingwill me of the best deathcore on the market. The band will release their new album Psalms next week and the album is currently streaming in full. If you’re curious, head on over and check out some of that new Lorna Shore. Radness.       Continue reading

THE JULIET MASSACRE Streaming New Album “Human Abuse”

Italian death metal/deathcore outfit The Juliet Massacre have premiered their forthcoming album, Human Abuse, over at Metal Underground. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, May 26, and can be purchased at this location. Vocalist Antomega offered the following comments on the record:

“Its long gestation period has meant that the successor to ‘Pray for an Afterlife’ appears to be faster, more brutal, more intense, but also more deep. We have written about how much the mankind likes to abuse and destroy everything, even itself, and how all this is leading us to an inevitable collapse. These are all tangible things that each of us savor every day and against which ordinary people can do little or nothing. ‘Human Abuse’ can be considered as an anthem to what actually the mankind should never be. We are totally convinced that this new work will satisfy all fans of the genre and, in some way, will satisfy even the most discerning ears”

Head over to Metal Underground to stream the record now.

THE BIG JAZZ DUO Streaming New Album “Enemy”

Italian death metal/deathcore outfit The Big Jazz Duo have premiered their forthcoming debut full-length, Enemy, over at The Circle Pit. The record will officially be out next Thursday, May 21, via Fire Was Born Records and can be purchased here. The album features all of the gore-splattered riffs, spine-crushing breakdowns and blood-curdling squeals you can handle. Check it out at The Circle Pit now and check out the video for “Haunted” below.

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LORNA SHORE Release Music Video For “Grimoire”

Deathcore act Lorna Shore have released a music video for their track “Grimoire,” which comes off of the bands forthcoming debut LP Psalms. The music video is pretty cool. Nothing new, but enough to hold my attention. I’ve really been digging what I have heard off of this album so far and I’m interested in hearing the rest of it. Lorna Shore are one of the better deathcore bands in the scene today. Check out the bands new video below.     Continue reading

OCEANO Release Music Video For “The Taken”

Oceano, fresh off the release of their most recent album Ascendants, have released a music video for their new track “The Taken.” I think this album was a definite step forward for Oceano and I think this video is pretty cool as well. You can check out the video for “The Taken” after the jump and be sure to check out the full album, which is available now through Earache Records.      Continue reading

LORNA SHORE To Release New Album “Psalms” This Summer

Lorna Shore, who are one of those awesome deathcore bands who are just doing it right, are plotting the release of their new album Psalms this summer. The band’s last record Maleficium was phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what they pull off on their newest outing. As of now, we have the artwork, release date and track listing for the album. You can see the artwork at the top of the post and the rest of the information after the jump.       Continue reading

VEIL OF MAYA Streaming New Track “Teleute”

Veil of Maya are one of those bands that I only came to like in the last few years. The band never interested me before their album Eclipse. That album is fucking phenomenal and I have been seriously looking forward the checking out some of the bands new material. The band has release a new track titled “Teleute” and it’s pretty badass. I can’t wait to check out the rest of Veil Of Maya‘s new record Matriarch. Check out “Teleute” down here.     Continue reading

OCEANO Streaming New Album “Ascendants”

Next week Oceano will release their new album Ascendants, which some people are having trouble digesting. I didn’t used to like this band whatsoever, but I feel they have somewhat matured over the years. I think they are becoming a competent band, just as long as they continue to progress and improve. Well, the bands new record Ascendants shows quite a bit of improvement, if I do say so myself. Check out the album below and see if you agree with me about Oceano.      Continue reading

OCEANO Streaming New Track “Transient Gateways”

oceanoDeathcore powerhouse Oceano will unleash their new album Ascendants next month and the band has released their latest track from said album. This track is titled “Transient Gateways” and, if you know Oceano, you know what you’re in for. It’s loud, heavy-hitting and groovy. Check out the track after the jump and see if you tickles you.       Continue reading

SWORN IN Announce New Album “The Lovers/The Devil,” Stream New Track

sworninloverI almost missed the news that Sworn In would be releasing a new album in April titled The Lovers/The Devil. I passed over it a few times before actually noticing it and I’m glad I did. I have an odd fascination with Sworn In and I enjoy their music, so learning of the bands impending release was exciting. On top of the album news, apparently I did miss the band releasing a new track titled “Sunshine” last week, so I’m including that below as well as the information about The Lovers/The Devil.     Continue reading

TRAITORS Release Music Video For “The Hate Campaign”

traitorsRemember that band Traitors I talked about last month? Well, the band has made it’s way back onto my radar and have released a new music video.  The video is for the title track off of the bands new album and it’s pretty cool. I’m not totally into the video, but the song is fucking crushing. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

OCEANO Streaming New Track “Dawn Of Descent”

oceanoI was never a huge Oceano fan, but the bands last album was quite enjoyable, so I was a little shocked when the band called it quits. And then announced a reunion. Like, super quick. Well, the band is prepping the release of their new album Ascendants in March and they have debuted a new track titled “Dawn of Descent.” The track is pretty cool. Rad and heavy-as-fuck. Check out the track below.    Continue reading