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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Announce New Vocalist “#NatesFuckingOut”

FFAA2014Up until the release of their latest album Hellbound, I didn’t care about Fit For An Autopsy, but this new album was an awe-inspiring leap forward for FFAA. Never before had I heard them sound so tight and powerful. Well, according to the band, they have been “Nate Johnsoned.” What the hell does that mean? It means that their vocalist, Nate Johnson, up and left the band “at the worst possible time.” Read more after the jump.      Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Streaming New Track “Our Endless War”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarI was a huge fan of Whitechapel‘s Somatic Defilement but my adoration of them kinda tapered off after that. When I learned that the band was releasing a new album, I didn’t really get excited about it, but once I listened to the record, I was really into it. Whitechapel have re-incorporated a lot of the things that made me a fan of theirs in the first place, which is good to hear. The band has just released a lyric video for their new albums title track “Our Endless War” which you can check out after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL & DEVILDRIVER Announce North American Tour

Whitechapel DD Tur
.Whitechapel and DevilDriver have announced a co-headlining tour with immediate support by Carnifex, Revocation, Rivers Of Nihil and Fit For An Autopsy. This is a pretty radical line up for a tour. The metal are sure to come alive on this run. You can check out he full poster and all the tour dates after the jump.     Continue reading


florence-and-the-machineWell, Sumerian Records has always been a slightly-left-of-center-thinking label and I guess the announcement of their new compilation stand by that. Sumerian Records and their artists are putting together a compilation in tribute to Florence + The Machine. Bands like Periphery, Stick To Your Guns and more have signed on for the compilation and a few tracks have been released already. Click on over after the jump to get a taste of Sumerian Ceremonials: Florence + The Sphinx.      

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KILLWHITNEYDEAD Streaming New Track “Replicate To Survive”

kwdI’ve been disappointed by the latest Killwhitneydead material I’ve heard off of the bands new album Suffer My Wrath mostly because it’s not the Killwhitneydead I fell in love with all of those years ago. I mean, somethings just shouldn’t be tampered with. Well, the band has released another new track which I don’t hate as much as some of the other tracks they have released off of Suffer My Wrath. The song is called “Replicate To Survive” and you can check it out after the jump. It features guest vocals from the singer of Vanisher (although I am not familiar with them). Check it.     Continue reading

EMMURE Release Music Video For “Nemesis”

emmure nemesisHere we go. How about I fuck up your day early so that the remainder of today’s posts (or at least some) will cheer you up. Lets kick it with Emmure. How’s that sound? Terrible? Yeah. You’re right. These happy-go-lucky dudes have released a music video for their new track “Nemesis.” It’s an Emmure video. I’m sure I don’t have to go into great detail to explain it. So yeah. Watch it or don’t.       Continue reading

WHITECHAPEL Release New Song “The Saw Is The Law”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarJust when I thought Whitechapel would never get back to the point in time where I was fascinated by the band: Somatic Defilement-era, the band releases a rad new track! I mean, I stopped giving a damn about Whitechapel a good while ago, but this track has me ready to fuck shit up. Srsly. The new track is called “The Saw Is The Law” and you can check it out after the jump.     Continue reading

CARNIFEX Streaming New Album “Die Without Hope”

Carnifex have premiered their new full length album Die Without Hope over at MetalHammer. The album is officially out next week via Nuclear Blast on March 3rd in the UK, 4th in North America, and the 7th in Europe. If you can’t wait another week to smash things in the midst of neck breaking breakdowns, then stream the new record after the break.

Carnifex is currently on tour with I Declare War, Here Comes the Kraken, Assassins, and Lorna Shore. Tour dates can be found here.

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CARNIFEX Release “Dark Days” Lyric Video

San Diego deathcore horde Carnifex have released a lyric video for their new track “Dark Days”, which comes from their forthcoming album Die Without Hope, which is out on March 4th via Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders for the record can be found here (US) or here (Europe). The lyric video can be viewed after the break.

The band is currently on tour with I Declare War, Here Comes The Kraken, Assassins, and Lorna Shore. Remaining tour dates for the trek can be found below as well.

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KILLWHITNEYDEAD Streaming New Track “Tyrant Enthroned”

kwdIn my last post about Killwhitneydead, I mentioned that the songs I’ve heard from their upcoming album Suffer My Wrath had begun to depress me. It’s just not the Killwhitneydead that I once loved. Well, the band has released yet another new track, this one titled “Tyrant Enthroned.” This is perhaps the most KWD-sounding track in the bunch, but it’s still not the same. You can check it out after the jump and weigh in in the comments section.       Continue reading

KILLWHITNEYDEAD Streaming Songs From New Album

KWDTrue fans of Killwhitneydead have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of Suffer My Wrath for a long, long time. It’s been a good while since the band released an album and there have been rumors that the sound of Killwhitneydead had changed. We all heard a demo of “Sound The Alarms” a while back and now we have the official song, which was released by the band a few days ago. Along with that, we also have another new track called “Demons Consume.” Click on after the jump to find out more.     Continue reading

CARNIFEX Release New Song & Lyric Video

carnifexAll last year I preached to the fact that a lot of deathcore bands had matured and become fascinating, fantastic bands. Fit For An Autopsy definitely come to mind and then there are those bands that are just locked into their sound. That’s where I feel Carnifex is right now. I mean, their music isn’t, and hasn’t been, horrible, but it seems kinda bland that the band hasn’t really expanded upon the sound.

If you’re into it though, Carnifex are currently streaming a new track via the below lyric video. The track is called “Dragged Into The Grave” and it comes off of the bands new record Die Without Hope, due out in a few months. Continue reading

CATALEPSY Officially Disband

Floridian metal outfit Catalepsy have officially announced their disbandment to focus on other musical endeavors. The official statement from the band reads:

We never made an announcement due to being uncertain but due to successes of other projects etc, the band has officially disbanded. This band was formed in 2004 and had a great run. We met a lot of fans and got to play music around the US. We thank everyone for the support through the years and though we understand you may be disappointed, we decided its better to give you the news then to keep you waiting for news that would never come.

Catalepsy 2004-2012.

As Above, So Below: THE ACACIA STRAIN Streaming New 7″

Acacia BelowRemember that rad The Acacia Strain track I posted about not too long ago? Well, the band has unveiled the b-side of the 7″ and have released a lyric video for that track also. Both tracks, “Above” and “Below” are fantastic. Definitely some of my favorite music The Acacia Strain has released in a while. You can check out both tracks after the jump and order the 7″ here.       Continue reading

Suffer My Wrath: KILLWHITNEYDEAD Detail New Album. Finally.

KWDHave any of you been impatiently awaiting the new KillWhitneyDead album that we started hearing about a few years ago? I have and it’s been driving me fucking bananas. I mean, come on! The band started working on this album, titled Suffer My Wrath back in 2010 and it seems the album will finally be released! KillWhitneyDead have unveiled some details about the album which you can check out after the jump.     Continue reading