CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Album “The Anthropocene Extinction”

cattle decapCattle Decapitation have long been one of my favorite acts in the heavy music scene. Their vicious attack is a brutal beatdown each and every time. This is why I was super stoked to learn that the band would be releasing their new album The Anthropocene Extinction. The album drops at the end of the week, but you can hear the fierceness of Cattle Decap below.     Continue reading

CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Track “Mammals In Babylon”

cattle decapFookin’ A! New Cattle Decap! Man, this band continuously gets better and better with each album and The Anthropocene Extinction is going to destroy. The band is currently streaming one hell of a new track titled “Mammals In Babylon,” which you can hear below. Check it out, dudes and dudettes. Do it now.     Continue reading

CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Track “Cannibalistic Invasivorism”

We are all super excited for the new Cattle Decapitation album. This much is clear. We’ve heard one new track from the band and it made us all really pumped up. Well the band has released another new track, but this one will not be available on the bands new record The Anthropocene Extinction. This track is for Decibel’s flexi series, but it is destructive nonetheless. Check it out below and get blasted.      Continue reading

CATTLE DECAPITATION Streaming New Track “Manufactured Extinct,” Reveal Album Details

cattle decapMan, leave it to Cattle Decap to announce a new album that I cannot pronounce. The Anthropocene Extinction may be a mouthful, but it is also shaping up to be quite the destroyer.  Cattle Decap have always pleased my earholes and this album will be no different. To prove this point, the band is currently streaming a new track titled “Manufactured Extinct” and it is glorious. Check out the new track and the details for The Anthropocene Extinction after the jump. Gravy!     Continue reading

HATEBEAK To Release New Album “The Number Of The Beak”

Everyone’s favorite parrot-fronted deathgrind band Hatebeak is back and plotting the release of their first full-length album. The Number Of The Beast will see it’s release in late June and if you’re as stoked as I am about this news, you’ll be thrilled to know that Hatebeak are currently streaming a handful of the songs off of the album. You can check out those tracks after the jump. You can also find the pre-order link for the bird shit colored vinyl. Yeah. You read that correctly.     Continue reading

KING PARROT Streaming New Album “Dead Set”

Grindcore outfit King Parrot will release their new album Dead Set in a few weeks, but there is no need for you to wait any longer. The band has, as of today, unveiled the full album for streaming! If you like your grindcore filthy and maniacal, then King Parrot is something that you want in your life. Check out the full album below and see if it tickles your fancy parts. It did mine.     Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Release Music Video For “The Harrowing”

Photo by Josh Sisk.

Misery Index, whose latest album The Killing Godswas released last year around this time, have just released their new music video. The video is for a track off of the aforementioned record titled “The Harrowing.” It’s a great video, directed by the legendary David Hall and you can check it out for yourself after the jump. Prepare. Misery Index + David Hall = Fucking rad.     Continue reading

BEDLAM OF CACOPHONY Streaming New Track “In Frantic Search Of An Answer”

Holy shit. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Bedlam Of Cacophony is a brutal blur of a technical death metal band and they are one you may not have heard of. I was introduced to Bedlam when they released their 2011 album Neuroleptic, which is unbelievable. Apparently the band is back and they are streaming a new track off of their upcoming release Abstract Gods.  Check out “In Frantic Search Of An Answer” below and get your brain busted.      Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Track “Hope Smasher”

maruta - remainDeathgrinders Maruta will soon release their new album Remain Dystopian, their first album on Relapse Records, and it is shaping up to be a destroyer of worlds. The band has just unloaded a new track titled “Hope Smasher” and it is a beast to be reckoned with. I love Maruta and I am definitely looking forward to laying my paws on this new record, the bands first since 2011! Check out “Hope Smasher” below.     Continue reading

OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up”

oblivionizedOne of my favorite groups of people, London’s Oblivionized will soon unleash their debut full-length album upon the world and, if you thought you could handle it, find out for sure. The deathgrinders have released a stream of their new albums title track. The title is “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up” and it is fucking powerful. This track hits like a truckload of bricks and keep you begging for more. Check it out below.      Continue reading