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MISERY INDEX Streaming New Track “The Calling”

Misery-Index-The-Killing-Gods-CDDeathgrind kings Misery Index are back to old tricks and are currently streaming a vicious, malicious beast of a track called “The Calling.” This track comes off of the bands forthcoming album The Killing Gods which is going to be released in May. Check out “The Calling” after the jump.     Continue reading

MISERY INDEX Streaming New Song: “Conjuring The Cull”

Oh shit, son. Misery Index are back and more brutal than ever. The band has taken four years since releasing their last full-length but it doesn’t seem like the band has lost any momentum. The band has unleashed the massive track “Conjuring The Cull,” which is currently streaming over on Lambgoat. Dude. Seriously. Go check it out!

Misery Index will release The Killing Gods on May 27th via Season of Mist.

FUCK THE FACTS Announce Mexican Tour, Release WARSORE Cover

Contrary to popular belief, the Canadian grindfiends who released Disgorge Mexico have actually never toured Mexico. Until today that is. That’s right, Fuck The Facts will kick off their Mexican tour alongside Landmine Marathon and Rottenness on this very day. After the jump you can peep the dates and you can also check out FTF‘s rad cover of Warsore‘s “Thief,” which will be released at some point on a Warsore tribute album. Radness all around.     Continue reading

CRETIN Enter Studio: New Album Slated For Fall 2014 Release

photo_4aa6a45Death metal / grindcore misfits CRETIN have entered the studio to begin recording their long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore release.  Due out this Fall via Relapse Records, this will be the quartet’s first new material in over 8 years.  The album will be recorded at Compound Recordings in Santa Cruz, CA.

Review: TRANSIENT- “Transient”

Even in this day and agem women are discriminated against. From the workplace to the home, women find themselves fighting all the way for the same things that men take for granted. Even in metal, you’ll still find the stereotypical misogynist who believes women have no place in the pit , or worse, have no place as the frontwoman in a band. However, it’s women like Transient singer Krysta Martinez who continue to fight an uphill battle for women everywhere. And on their self-titled LP, grindcore band Transient make it perfectly clear that women not only are able to hold their own playing guitar or bass, they also possess the pipes to scream and shout with the best of them.

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Excised And Anatomised: EVOCATION Streaming CARCASS Cover

Not too long ago I told you about Evocation and their (soon to be released) new EP Excised And Anatomised which is a covers album. The album features fantastic renditions of tracks by the greats At The Gates, Napalm Death and more. The band has unleashed the first cover from the album and what is it you ask?     Continue reading

Review: “INCIDENT AT APE CANYON” by Various Artists

When you throw eighty-three tracks from nine different bands on a single CD, you immediately have my attention. I am a huge fan of grindcore, as you all should know by now, and my good friend Andy, of Captain Three Leg, has sent me a spectacular nine-band split titled Incident At Ape Canyon and never before have I sat down with something this huge to review. I figured it would take me a while, so I sat down with at my computer with a juice and my electric cigarette, determined to push through this wall of vicious grindcore. I know a few of the bands on this album, but there are a lot that I don’t know. I look forward to getting schooled on this one.      Continue reading

Here Comes The Boom: Summer Slaughter Line-Up Announced

I know there are more than a handful of you who hit up the Summer Slaughter festival every year, even if it’s for a single band. Every metal site looks forward to this tour for the simple reason of wanting to see who has been announced will be a part of Summer Slaughter. This years line-up looks fucking killer, if I say so myself. Check out the full line-up and poster below.     Continue reading

Paralytic Levitation: PLAGUE WIDOW Streaming New Track

A few weeks ago I told you about that killer new track that Oblivionized was streaming off of their new split with Plague Widow. Well, The Widow has followed suit and they are now streaming an a-mazing new track called “Paralytic Levitation” and you can hear it after the jump. Trust me, you want to do this.     Continue reading

First Sign Of Defeat: OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track

Motherfucking Oblivionized, British spazzy-tech-grinders, are always on top of their shit. Last year they released a stellar EP on Grindcore Karaoke and then I told you they’d be releasing a few new splits this year. Well, the good fellows have unleashed a killer new track that you should all be streaming right fucking now!     Continue reading

Rise and Grind: Check Out VAGINAL BEAR TRAP’s Newest Album

Good mourning, American Aftermathers! On this terrible Friday morning, I bring you the gift of brutal deathgrind. Late last year, San Antonio, Texas grinders Vaginal Bear Trap (also known as V.B.T.) released a fantastic full length by the name of “Just The Tip“. Posted above is that album, so feel free to listen to it while you smoke a blunt or do a beer bong or whatever it is that you gotta do to get yourself mentally prepared for you shitty day at work.     Continue reading

Best Of 2012: Eric’s Top 30 Releases Of The Year


Similar to the conflicted state of mind the character Jules Winnfield Of Pulp Fiction was in when he decided not to execute the characters of Honey Bunny and Ringo like “fucking fried chicken”, my American Aftermath writership came at a period in my life of transition, a time of both fleeting and returning tastes. In short, my idea of “music” was flipped upside down. What was once a streamlined process of music listening and discovery was overloaded and overridden by my previous months exploration into a multitude of realms and genres previously unexplored, most notable among that being my new found discovery of hardcore and the cascading effects of that discovery, which led to realms from sludge metal to pop punk.

The following thirty album list reflects the few difficultly chosen releases that stuck with me the most throughout both the bombarding ocean of releases this year and the aforementioned musical overturn. Before we actually begin, I’d like to thank the American Aftermath crew especially Ross Gnarly, Lane Oliver, and Josh Huddleston for allowing me to be a part of their team. I would also like to thank the musicians and bands that have created music for me to write about and those that have helped out in interviews and features. Last but not least I want to thank you, the readers, for giving a shit. See you all after the jump.

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No Blast Left Behind: MUMAKIL Lose Drummer, Replace Him Same Day

Since early this year we have informed you that Swiss grinders Mumakil had started recording a new album. We also told you that the album was already postponed for a bit due to an issue involving drummer Seb’s arm. Well, the band has made another turn, as Seb announced today that he announced that they have already replaced Seb with Kevin Foley (of Benighted). You can read the first statement, concerning Seb’s departure, after the jump. As for the state of the forthcoming Mumakil release? Apparently it is “on the right track,” whatever that means. Continue reading