LORD DYING Release Music Video For “A Wound Outside Of Time”,

lord dying - poisoned altarsGod, I love Lord Dying. This band and their new music video is spectacular. You know what? Everything this band does is fucking spectacular. They’re amazing. Well, speaking of their new music video, it is for “A Wound Outside Of Time,” which is my favorite track off of the band’s latest offering Poisoned Altars. Check out the video after the jump.       Continue reading

DEMON LUNG Streaming New Track “Mark Of Jubilee”

Las Vegas-based doom quintet Demon Lung have premiered a new track from their forthcoming sophomore album, A Dracula, over at Decibel. The new track is the nearly eight-minute, hauntingly heavy “Mark of Jubilee”, which is punishing and somberly beautiful in all of the right places. On the new album and its concept, which is based on the 1977 Juan Lopez Moctezuma film “Alucarda”, vocalist Shanda Fredrick comments:

“Alucarda is a more relatable story for me than our last album’s [The Hundredth Name] subject matter, which made writing a lot more fun this time around. The heroine in this story is the daughter of Satan, who happens to fall in love with the purest of souls in the convent she resides. She coaxes this soul over to the dark, with only intentions of love but in doing so she dooms her to death by the hands of the nuns. The anger consumes her and she uses her dark powers to resurrect her love and together they kill the convent and then the world.”

Check out the track at this location.

A Dracula will be released on June 16 via Candlelight Records. Pre-orders can be found here.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER Streaming New Track “Callous And Hoof”

Oh my stars and garters. New Author & Punisher? Yes, please. I want it. All over my face, neck and chest. All over my– You know what? Not the point. The point is: yes! There is a new Author & Punisher track and it is a-mayz-in-guh. Tristan Shone and his merry band of machines bring more death industrial madness and I love it so much. Check out “Callous and Hoof” below.     Continue reading

SECRETS OF THE SKY Release Music Video For “Eternal Wolves”

secrets of the skyCalifornian deathdoom horde Secrets Of The Sky released their spectacular new album Pathways today and, as if that wasn’t enough, they also released a new music video. Secrets Of The Sky have some killer marketing skills. If you figure that the people who have yet to check out/buy your album stumble across a really cool music video that was released same day as the album, said person might be swayed to purchase Pathways. Check out the video below and then go buy the album. It’s killer.     Continue reading

PRIMITIVE MAN Release NSFW Music Video For “Loathe”

loath videoWe know that Primitive Man are pretty fucked up, right? The band is gruesome and brutal and crushingly good. The band has released a new music video and it is extremely fucked up. The NSFW video is for the bands track “Loathe” and, for the love of humanity, don’t watch it around your mom or religious representative. Like, seriously. The hell is wrong with you, Ethan? Check out some Primitive Man visuals below.      Continue reading

TOTAL NEGATION Debut “Kronzeuge” Video

One-man blackened doom conjurer Wiedergaenger, a.k.a. Total Negation, has premiered the official video for his track “Kronzeuge”, over at Decibel. The dismal track, which will appear on the upcoming full-length Zeitzeuge, is set to eerie clip depicting an unseen figure perusing photographs of the deceased, among other things. Check out the video for yourself after the break.

Zeitzeuge will be released on June 16 via Temple of Torturous.

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KHEMMIS Announce New Album “Absolution”

[Photo by Travis Heacock]

Denver doom quartet Khemmis have announced the release of their debut full-length album and follow-up to their 2013 self-titled EP. The new record will bear the title Absolution and will see a release through 20 Buck Spin on July 7 on digital and CD formats and an LP version to follow mid-August. The upcoming Dave Otero-produced offering will feature six new tracks that fans of Samothrace or Pallbearer will enjoy. The album’s artwork and track listing, as well as a stream of Khemmis‘ self-titled EP, can be found after the break.

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WEEDEATER Streaming New Album “Goliathan”

It’s time to get doomsludged! Weedeater, kings of crush, have unveiled their new album Goliathan for all to stream! This album is a devastating pulse of pure sludge and it’s magical. I highly suggest you check out this beast and do it more than once. If you partake in the greenage, like I assume some of our readers do, I hear it brings the music to a new light. Regardless, steam Goliathan from the great Weedeater below. They hate your face.       Continue reading

PARADISE LOST Release Music Video For “Beneath Broken Earth”

Paradise Lost‘s new record The Plague Within is shaping up to be pretty phenomenal. The band has released a few tracks from the album, but none made quite the impact on me that “Beneath Broken Earth” did. The band has released a music video for the track and you need to check it out right now. The track so damn heavy and the video is really cool too. Check it out below and see if you dig it as much as I do. CRUSH.     Continue reading