AHAB Streaming New Album “The Boats Of Glen Carrig”

I’ve been following this new Ahab record very closely. I’m a fan of the band and I really dig their doom, so The Boats Of Glen Carrig was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Well, I wasn’t wrong in having it so. Ahab are currently streaming the new record in full and it’s a beeeeast. Check it out below!      Continue reading

RECITATION Announce Debut Record “Carrion”


Danish psychedelic doom/sludge trio Recitation have announced the release of their debut full-length album. The new album will bear the title Carrion and will be released through Indisciplinarian on October 10. The album’s artwork and trailer can be found after the break.

Carrion follows the band’s 2014 self-titled EP. Feel free to check that out after the break as well.

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EYE OF SOLITUDE And FAAL Streaming New Split EP

The forthcoming split EP between London’s Eye of Solitude and Netherlands-based Faal can now be streamed at Zero Tolerance Magazine. The untitled EP will be released on September 18 via Kaotoxin Records and can be pre-ordered here. Eye of Solitude‘s “Obsequies” takes up the A-side with its lumbering melancholic funeral march, while Faal‘s Gothic-tinged doom leviathan, “Shattered Hope”, occupies the B-side. Both tracks are monstrous, bleak doom masterpieces. Stream the release after the break.

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SARDONIS Streaming New Track “Ruined/Decay”

Belgian doom duo SardoniS have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, III, over at Echoes and Dust. Titled “Ruined/Decay”, the seven-minute stormer presents massive stoner-influenced doom instrumentation that is drenched in fuzz and feedback. Check out the behemoth here.

III will be released on September 11 via Consouling Sounds.

TYRANNY Streaming New Track “Sunless Deluge”

TYRANNY by Peter Troest [photo by Peter Troest]

Finnish funeral doom outfit Tyranny have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Aeons In Tectonic Interment, over at Noisey. Titled “Sunless Deluge”, the track crawls through nearly 11 minutes of depressive, monolithic guitars and haunting soundscapes. It’s a crushing leviathan of a song that will suck the joy out of your day. Check it out for yourself now.

Aeons In Tectonic Interment will be released on September 18 via Dark Descent Records. Pre-order here and here.

Interview – SUNROT


NJ quartet Sunrot identify themselves with the descriptor Compulsive Post Noise Power Sludge.  In listening to the songs of the group’s recent split with fellow NJ crust apostles Inertia, I found that description to be weirdly accurate.  Sunrot embrace the legacy of bands like Godflesh without being overt worshippers at the altar of typical industrial doom.  There is a patina of grit and static overlaying every song, with vocalist Lex’s distorted shouts bringing to mind a lone survivor calling for help over the last functional radio frequency in some post-apocalyptic city.  Samples and drones and harsh noise make appearances alongside thick walls of guitars and pounding low end throughout the band’s catalog, but the sound never gives way to the machine rhythms and clockwork precision of an industrial aesthetic. There is something refreshingly organic about Sunrot’s approach to noisy, crusty doom, and so I asked the band some questions about their sound and approach to heaviness.   

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TYRANNY Announce New Album “Aeons In Tectonic Interment”

tyrannyIt has been 10 years since the last Tyranny album Tides Of Awakening was released. Well, after all that time, it appears the band is back and ready to crush skulls. This Finnish doom horde is back with a vengeance. The band has unveiled the artwork for Aeons In Tectonic Interment as well as the track listing and a little teaser. Check it all out below!      Continue reading

GREY SKIES FALLEN Streaming “Earthwalker” 7″

grey skies fallen earthwalker

NYC-based progressive doom outfit Grey Skies Fallen have released a new two-song 7″ release for free download. Titled Earthwalker, these two massive tracks are full of triumphant melody and city-leveling heaviness. The vinyl pressing of the record, limited to 120 copies on grey/green swirl wax, will be released sometime this October. In the meantime, stream and download the release after the break.

Grey Skies Fallen is currently working on their fifth full-length record and are aiming for a 2016 release.

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SPELLJAMMER Streaming New Track “The Pathfinder”

Have you been looking for some killer doom that makes you think “What would happen if Pallbearer and Helmet had a child?” Well, I have great news for you! I would like to present you with Spelljammer. This band is heavy as hell and grooving in all the right ways. Their classic dooming mentality is superb. Don’t believe me? Screw you. Check out Spelljammer‘s new track “The Pathfinder” below. Man, this is good.      Continue reading

TRAPPED WITHIN BURNING MACHINERY Streaming New Album “The Fifth Element”

Sludgy doomsters Trapped Within Burning Machinery will release their sophomore album The Fifth Element on Wednesday, but you can hear the whole thing right now. The album, which is indeed themed around the classic Bruce Willis vehicle The Fifth Element, is grand in every way. I wasn’t familiar with TWBM before sitting here today, but this band is defintiely on my radar now and I look forward to spending a good chunk of time with their new record. Check out a stream, courtesy of CVLT Nation, below.      Continue reading

MY DYING BRIDE Streaming New Track “And My Father Left Forever”

My Dying Bride are a phenomenal band who’s music has been around for-ev-ur and I am highly anticipating their upcoming album Feel The Misery, which is due out in September. The band have just released a new track titled “And My Father Left Forever.” Why such a cheery title, I asked. Check out the track below and get a nice, hearty dose of My Dying Bride. Enjoy.      Continue reading

GODHUNTER And DESTROYER OF LIGHT Streaming New Tracks From Upcoming Split LP

Both Arizonian sludge masters Godhunter and Austin doomsayers Destroyer of Light have premiered tracks from their upcoming split LP, Endsville, over at No Clean Singing. Godhunter have unleashed the grumpy, crunchy “Dull Knives, Weak Handshakes”, while Destroyer of Light stomp about with their nearly nine-minute giant “Valley Of The Dead”. Both tracks will provide you with your daily dose of doom and gloom. Stream them both here.

Endsville will be released on July 24. Pre-orders can be found here and here.

The bands’ upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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DREADNOUGHT Streaming New Track “Bridging Realms”

Bridging Realms cover art

Denver progressive/psychedelic doom quartet Dreadnought have premiered the title track to their forthcoming album, Bridging Realms, over at Heavy Blog is Heavy. The over 11-minute closing tune combines elements of post-rock, post-metal and doom with ethereal and folk nuances to create a massive, multi-faceted monolith that does belong in a single category. Stream the eclectic track after the break.

Bridging Realms will be released on August 11 and can be pre-ordered here.

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