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TAURUS Streaming New Track “Increase Aloneness”

Portland experimental duo Taurus have unleashed a new track from their forthcoming album, No/Thing, over at The AV Club. The new track is the 13 minute “Increase Aloneness”, which plays upon multi-layered drone and psychedelic, crushing riffing to get its point across. You can stream the new mantra at The AV Club and pre-order the album at this location.

No/Thing will be self-released by the band next Tuesday, April 1st.

CONAN Streaming Barbaric New Album “Blood Eagle”

Conan-Blood-Eagle-ArtworkI don’t think there could be a better name to associate with a crushing band this heavy than Conan. I mean, this shit is heavy. Slow and devastating is the name of the game and these dudes know how to play. I am already in love with Conan‘s new album Blood Eagle and you should all be as well. If you’re not up on this yet, let the sweet sounds wash over you. The album is streaming in full over on Noisey RIGHT NOW. Go forth, my children. Make it so.     Continue reading

TAURUS Streaming New Track “No Thing Longing… Human Impermanence”

CVLT Nation have premiered a new tune from Portland psychedelic doom duo Taurus’ forthcoming album, No/Thing, which is out on April 1st. The new track is entitled “No Thing Longing… Human Impermanence”, and for its five minutes Taurus pummels you with buzzing, droning riffs that cycle around in an almost hypnotic fashion. All the while, Stevie Floyd and Ashley Spungin layer their hums, screeches and growls, to add to the song’s unsettling atmosphere. Head over to CVLT Nation to stream it now.

No/Thing can be pre-ordered at this location.

TAURUS Announce New Album “No/Thing”

Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle) and Ashley Spungin (Negative Queen, etc) will come together again as Taurus to release their second album, No/Thing. The Portland experimental doom/drone duo will self-release the album on their Bandcamp page on April 1st. The album was recorded at Portland’s Cloud City Studios by Billy Anderson, whom also contributes guest vocals on the album as well. Other guest vocals will come from the likes of Wrest of Leviathan fame. The album is available in a few pre-order packages that can be seen below:

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SUNN O))) & ULVER Collaboration Now Streaming In Full

SULVERNNWho doesn’t want more Sunn O))) in their life? I posted about the band last week and now I’m here to inform you all that the drone kings are currently streaming their collaborative effort with Ulver in full over on Pitchfork. This album is spectacular and I highly suggest you stop whatever it may be that you are currently doing and listen to it. You’ll thank me later. Head on over to Pitchfork now. You can check out an except of the track “Eternal Return” after the jump.       Continue reading

SUNN O))) Released A New Album And I Had No Idea

SUNNFuck a fuck, dude. How the hell did I not know Sunn O))) had released a new album? Southern Lord isn’t 100% active on the promotional front for Sunn O))), I’m assuming, but I’m still disappointed in myself that I didn’t catch this somewhere. Thanks to our blogthers over on Heavy Blog Is Heavy, I got news last night.

The tracks are long, dissonant and soaked drenched in feedback. Duh. It’s Sunn O))). Stream the album, titled LA Reh 012 after the jump. You’ll need to wipe out a pretty good section of your morning to enjoy it, but you already know that if you’re reading this post. Enjoy, drones.     Continue reading

INDIAN Streaming New Track “Directional”


Long running sludge/doom outfit Indian are ringing in the new year’s gloom just right with the premiere of a new track entitled “Directional”, off of their long-awaited and upcoming fifth full length LP, From All Purity. Currently streaming exclusively over at Invisible Oranges HQ, “Directional” is a six minute trudging journey into hypnotic bleakness with rolling doom riffs canvassed across a sea of piercing power electronics and amongst some of the group’s most scathing vocal recordings to date. Drone out to the new buzz here, check out the first tease “Rhetoric Of No” here, and pre-order From All Purity via Relapse Records here.

The record hits North American shores the 21st of January, Germany/Benelux/Finland on the 17th and the rest of the world on the 20th.


INSECT ARK Premiere “Symbols” Video


Brooklyn based experimental/drone musician Dana Schechter (Insect Ark) has premiered the new music video for her track “Symbols” over at CVLT Nation. The haunting track comes from her new EP Long Arms and is set to an equally eerie and interesting video. You can check it out after break if you feel like being tripped out.

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THEOLOGIAN Premiere “Welcome To The Golden Age Of Beggars” Video


CVLT Nation have premiered the new video for the abysmal, experimental drone act Theologian track “Welcome to the Golden Age of Beggars”. The track comes from the group’s most recent effort Some Things Have to be Endured and is set to the Gretchen Heinel directed clip depicting an elaborate and highly sexualized ritual. The dark yet beautiful nature of the song fits the clip eerily well. Find out for yourself below.

Disclaimer: It’s not highly graphic but it can be considered NSFW. So don’t watch it when your boss is around.

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SUNN O))) & ULVER To Release Collaborative Album

More official details are expected to be released in the coming months, but it has been confirmed that drone giants Sunn O))) and Norway’s own Ulver will release a collaborative album next year. The album will be entitled Terrestrials and will see a release through Southern Lord sometime in February 2014. More info to come. Do not act like you are not excited.

MAMIFFER And CIRCLE Streaming Collaborative Album

The experimental musical outfits of Mamiffer and Circle are currently streaming their new collaborative effort, Enharmonic  Intervals, over at Cvlt Nation. The album is out now on Sige Records and is definitely worth your time. The album is an expansive, droning collection of haunting pieces that will chill your blood; much like Mamiffer’s collaboration with Locrian did. Head over to Cvlt Nation to check it out.

THE BODY Release “To Attempt Openness” Video

The Body have premiered a new video for their track “To Attempt Openness” from their new album Christs, Redeemers.  The clip was put together by Alex Barton and features a “bleeding picture”. It’s very simple but for some reason it is ultimately creepy. You can check it out after the break as well as the duo’s forthcoming tour dates.

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