WREKMEISTER HARMONIES (THE BODY, INDIAN, Etc) Streaming New Track “Run Priest Run”

WH Katie Hovland [Photo by Katie Hovland]

Wrekmeister Harmonies have premiered a new track from their upcoming full-length, Night of Your Ascension, at Revolver. Titled “Run Priest Run”, the new track features 12 minutes of slow-burning, experimental doom. Cataclysmic bass lines and primal percussion thunder throughout the track, while multiple layers of instrumentation, noise and vocals meld together above the rhythm. Stream the track after the break.

Wrekmesieter Harmonies is a music collective, led by J.R. Robinson, which boasts a cast of nearly 30 musicians including  Lee Buford and Chip King (both of The Body), Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten), Cooper Crain (Cave), Marissa Nadler, Mary Lattimore, Olivia Block, Eric Chaleff (Bloodiest), Dylan O’Toole and Ron DeFries (both of Indian), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Buried At Sea), Mark Solotroff (Anatomy Of Habit), Solomon Lee Walker, Chris Brokaw (Come), and Jaime Fennelly (Mind Over Mirrors).

Night of Your Ascension will be released on November 13 via Thrill Jockey. Pre-order here.

The band’s upcoming tour dates can be seen below as well.

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JK FLESH Releases New EP “Nothing Is Free”

Surely you people are familiar with JK Flesh at this point but if you’re not, the project is one of the many brainchildren of Justin K. Broadrick, mastermind behind Godflesh. The project is electronic on a massive scale and it’s really fun. Well, Justin has released a new EP under the JK Flesh moniker titled “Nothing Is Free” and despite the name, the release is available for “Pay What You Want” on Bandcamp. Stream and donate/download below. Spreaaaaaad.     Continue reading

ZOMBI Streaming New Track “Mission Creep”

Electronic duo Zombi will release their new album Shape Shift in October. The band will also be heading out on tour with Pinkish Black in November, meaning that it’s going to be a pretty cool couple of months. Zombi want to keep everyone pumped, so they have released their new track “Mission Creep” today. You can check out the track below.     Continue reading

LOCRIAN Release Music Video For “Arc Of Extinction”

locrianBands like Locrian don’t really sell themselves visually for music videos. When bands like this do happen to release a “music video” it is usually more of a visualization. This is how I would classify Locrian‘s new video for “Arc Of Extinction.” It’s mesmerizing and beautiful, but it’s not a music video. Check it out for yourself below.      Continue reading

ZOMBI Streaming New Track “Pillars Of The Dawn”

Electronic, instrumental space rockers Zombi haven’t been on my radar in a long time. I mean the band hasn’t released anything since 2011, so the fact that they are back and prepping the release of their new record Shape Shift is pretty cool. The band has released a new track for us to enjoy and it’s pretty rad. If you’re familiar with the band, you know what you’re in for and you’ll dig it. Check out the track below, it’s called “Pillars Of Dawn.”     Continue reading

BLACK WING (HAVE A NICE LIFE) Streaming New Track “I Let Him In”

Have a Nice Life‘s Dan Barrett has premiered a new track from his new electronic-centered Black Wing project over at Tiny Mixtapes. The new track, which comes from the upcoming album …Is Doomed, is the eight-minute closing number “I Let Him In”. The track features melancholic yet bright and buzzing synths and atmospherics that will bring to mind the likes of Zombi, Salem, or the “Drive” film soundtrack of which Black Wing was partially inspired by. Head over to Tiny Mixtapes to check it out now.

…Is Doomed will be released on September 25 via The Flenser.

LOCRIAN Streaming New Track “Arc Of Extinction”

Oh, snapmachine. Apparently I have been overly excited about the new Locrian, but the shit has taken me by storm. I really dig the record and I’m stoked when I hear new shit from it. The album is a beast and if you doubt me, check out “Arc Of Extinction” below. This track builds and builds through the first half and then explodes. Greatness.      Continue reading

LOCRIAN Streaming New Track “Heavy Water”

So, you remember when I was really stoked about that last Locrian track I heard? Well, guess what, I am suuuuper excited about latest track that emerged today. The track is titled “Heavy Water” and it is weird, spacy, loud and powerful. Locrian were a late find for me, but I am totally looking forward to the bands new record Infinite Dissolution. Check out “Heavy Water” below, thanks to Noisey. It’s sick.      Continue reading

BLACK WING (HAVE A NICE LIFE) Announce Debut Album “…Is Doomed”

Have a Nice Life and Giles Corey‘s Dan Barrett has announced the release of the debut full-length for his electronic-centered, Black Wing project. The new seven-track record will bear the title …Is Doomed and will be released through The Flenser on September 18. Barrett commented on the project:

A while back I released a short, digital EP of me messing around with a lot of software instruments. This was after I watched Drive and enjoyed the soundtrack, and was really just me fiddling around. It got released as the ‘Drive 2 Soundtrack’ under the name ‘Dan Barrett and the Cruisers.’ I gave it away for free and promptly forgot about it.  About a year later I ended up listening to it again and decided that there’s something fast and enjoyable about all digital stuff – no tuning, no strings breaking. It came at a good time (we [Have A Nice Life] were just finishing up recording songs from The Unnatural World), so I decided to jump in….Black Wing started as a sort of opposite to Giles Corey – whereas Giles started as ‘only acoustic instruments allowed,’ Black Wing started with ‘only digital instruments.'”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break along with the video for the track “My Body Betrayed Me”.

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LOCRIAN Streaming New Track “An Index Of Air”

Oooooh, shit. Locrian! Locrian, mother fucker! The band is back and they will release their new album Infinite Dissolution next month and you can hear a killer new track right now. The track is titled “An Index Of Air” and it is an extremely awesome block of odd. If you know Locrian, you know they are very hard to define, but they are killer. Check out the new track below.      Continue reading

AUTHOR & PUNISHER Streaming New Track “Callous And Hoof”

Oh my stars and garters. New Author & Punisher? Yes, please. I want it. All over my face, neck and chest. All over my– You know what? Not the point. The point is: yes! There is a new Author & Punisher track and it is a-mayz-in-guh. Tristan Shone and his merry band of machines bring more death industrial madness and I love it so much. Check out “Callous and Hoof” below.     Continue reading