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New York’s underground metal queen, Karyn Crisis (Crisis, etc), has announced a new solo project that has been dubbed Gospel of the Witches. The new work will feature 13 tracks and is currently in the pre-production stages. Tracking for the effort will begin in June with producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, etc). Gospel of the Witches will feature an impressive lineup that includes Danny Walker (Intronaut), Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), and Ross Dolan (Immolation). Crisis had the following to say on the upcoming effort:

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BORIS Announce New Album “Noise”, Stream New Track

Japan’s prolific rockers, Boris, have announced the release of their 19th full length album. The album will be entitled Noise and will be released through Sargent House on June 17th.  Pre-orders for the effort can be obtained at this location. Pitchfork has also premiered a pummeling new cut from the album, “Quicksilver”, which can be streamed after the break. Below you will also find the album’s artwork, track listing, and the band’s tour dates in support of the album.

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Exclusive Interview: EPISTASIS’ Amy Mills

It’s seems as if New York has become (or perhaps always has been) a breeding ground for forward-thinking, experimental forms of heavy music. Only four months into 2014 and the state has given birth to riveting releases from the likes of Pyrrhon, White Suns, and Epistasis. The latter of which is the focus here. Epistasis’ unique blend of scathing black metal, technical riffing, and general avant-weirdness deserves to be taken note of. While only six tracks long, Epistasis’ Light Through Dead Glass is probably one of the more interesting releases you will hear this year. This is not a band you want to sleep on.

American Aftermath got a chance to speak to vocalist and trumpeter, Amy Mills, about the new EP and the band’s beginnings and evolution. 

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Review: PYRRHON – “The Mother Of Virtues”

The Mother of Virtues cover art

There is very little you can do to prepare yourself for the disorienting madness that is Pyrrhon. You could study the technical death and experimental metal greats for hours on end, but you may still find yourself at a loss for words. The New York experimental metal quartet have unleashed an utterly polarizing, 54 minute behemoth that is sure to perplex and mesmerize those who allow it to enter their ear canals.  The Mother of Virtues is proof that there are still boundaries to be pushed and areas left to explore in metal.

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TAURUS Streaming New Track “Increase Aloneness”

Portland experimental duo Taurus have unleashed a new track from their forthcoming album, No/Thing, over at The AV Club. The new track is the 13 minute “Increase Aloneness”, which plays upon multi-layered drone and psychedelic, crushing riffing to get its point across. You can stream the new mantra at The AV Club and pre-order the album at this location.

No/Thing will be self-released by the band next Tuesday, April 1st.

EPISTASIS Streaming New EP “Light Through Dead Glass”

New York experimental metal outfit, Epistasis, are currently streaming their forthcoming EP, Light Through Dead Glass, at Noisey. The EP will officially be released next Tuesday, April 1st, via Crucial Blast. But you don’t want to procrastinate on these six mind-boggling tracks. Head over to Noisey to stream it now. If you live in the Brooklyn area, be sure to check out their record release show on April 6th with Kayo Dot, Pyrrhon, and White Suns.

PYRRHON Streaming New Album “The Mother Of Virtues”

The Brooklyn purveyors of mentally-deranged metal, Pyrrhon, are currently streaming their forthcoming album, The Mother of Virtues, over at Pitchfork.  The album will be officially released on March 31st in the UK and April 1st in the U.S. via Relapse.  You can still pre-order your copy  at this location. Head over to Pitchfork to stream the psychotic opus.

THE BODY Streaming New Album “I Shall Die Here”

Nihilistic doom duo, The Body, are currently streaming their forthcoming full length I Shall Die Here over at Pitchfork now. The album was a collaboration of sorts with producer Bobby Krlic, who is known for his work with The Haxan Cloak. The album will be released on March 31st in the UK and April 1st in the U.S. via RVNG Intl. Head over to Pitchfork to have your life destroyed.

Review: EPISTASIS – “Light Through Dead Glass”

epistasisEpistasis is a New York City experimental metal quartet that aim to make their music as confrontational, polarizing, and plain unsettling as possible. Light Through Dead Glass is the band’s new six track EP and the second release from this fairly new act. Epistasis combine elements of black metal, technical metal, noise, classical and others into a malevolent stew that is unfit for human consumption. But you would be wise to taste this psychotic concoction, because it is far too good to pass up. For the next 27 minutes, you belong to Epistasis.

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CARA NEIR Streaming New EP: “The Overwatch”

Cara Neir OverwathcCara Neir are one of my favorite black metal acts of the last few years and not just because I’m friends with the guys. I love their music and how consistently they release albums. The band released their third full-length album last year titled Portals To a Better, Dead World and now the band has unleashed a new EP called The Overwatch. Coming in with seven tracks of hatred and despair, Cara Neir have once again totally destroyed. Check out a stream of the new EP and download it after the jump!       Continue reading

PYRRHON Streaming New Track “Invisible Injury”

Noisey have premiered a new track from NYC psychotic metal act Pyrrhon’s forthcoming album, The Mother of Virtues, which is due out on March 28th (Germany/Benelux/Finland), March 31st (UK/Word) and April 1st (North America). The new track is the seven minute “Invisible Injury” and it is filled to the brim with all of the mangled, Gorgutsian riffs you can handle. Head over to Noisey to stream the track now and pre-order your copy of the album here.

Be sure to stream the previously released tracks, “Balkanized” and “The Mother of Virtues”, if you missed them.

EPISTASIS Streaming New Track “Witch”

New York’s experimental metal outfit, Epistasis, have premiered a new track over at No Clean Singing for your ears’ punishment. The new track is entitled “Witch” and will appear on the group’s forthcoming EP, Light Through Dead Glass, which is out on April 1st via Crucial Blast. The track combines Deathspell Omega-esque black metal, noisy barrages, doom, and graceful trumpet playing, into an oddball amalgam that is quite mesmerizing as well as terrifying. You can stream the new track over at No Clean Singing now. Pre-orders can be obtained at this location.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area, be sure to check out the band’s record release show. Details after the break.

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CLOAK OF ALTERING Detail New Album “Plague Beasts”, Stream New Track

Dutch eclectic metal wizard, Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, etc), has announced the release of the third record under his Cloak of Altering project. The new album will carry the title Plague Beasts and will see a release through Crucial Blast on April 29th. The project combines twisted, mangled metal riffing, with waves of intense electronics and synths. It’s like the soundtrack to a SNES game from the bowels of Hell. You can check out the album’s artwork, track listing and title track after the break.

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ANNE Streaming New Album “Pulling Chain”

anneEveryone’s favorite dreampop group Anne will be releasing a new album next week and they wanted the world to hear it! You can check out one of the new tracks after the jump and hear the rest of the album over on BlacKBook. It’s pretty cool, but much more electronic-y than their previous material. Weird. Not bad, though.     Continue reading

CROSSES (†††) Streaming New Album

CrossesIf you’ve followed this blog for a bit, you’ll know about my adoration for Crosses (often stylized as †††). I have been highly anticipating the release of their debut full-length album and now, if you’re like me and can’t acquire an advanced copy, you can listen to this grooving masterpiece. YOU WANT THIS. YOU NEED THIS. GO FORTH.     Continue reading