WAKE Prepare To Slay The West Coast This Autumn


Canuck grindcore band WAKE will be laying waste to the Best Coast this autumn.
Commencing on Oct. 30 in Vancouver on the eve of All Hallow’s Eve, and heading down south to LA to play Grindcore 2015 before heading back up north to their home in the Great White North, hitting Boise on their way back.

Aptly named the “LET US BURN TOUR” WAKE will be combusting spontaneously for nearly two weeks playing shows with such greats as The Infamous Gehenna and Theories  before culminating at peak core temperature at Grindcore 2015: In Memoriam of Jesse Pintado where they will be settin’ the house on fire with such heavy hitting greats like Cripple Bastards, Excel, Despise You, Spazztic Blurr, among many other stellar bands on the more extreme and speedy side of things.

Click on after the break for their official tour poster, a full rundown of WAKE’s tour dates, and the poster for Grindcore 2015. The totally rad and gnarly extreme music fest going down in LA on Nov. 6-7:

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This Is Hardcore 2015 Lineup Revealed


The lineup for the highly anticipated tenth edition of the legendary, annual This Is Hardcore festival has been announced. Day-to-day lineups are to be unveiled later this week and information on afterparties at Underground Arts, Voltage Lounge and KungFu Necktie will be announced later on through the year. Tickets will be up for purchase starting this Friday, April 3rd at 12 PM EST on thisishardcore.com in 4 Day Complete Fest passes, 3 Day Weekend Fest passes and individual date options. Check the official announcement below.
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Gnarmageddon Fest III: A Day In Review


Much fucking thanks to Matt Ulfelder of Ulfelder Photography and Furn from Unfunzine for providing photos. 

My day started up late, circa 1 PM, nauseated and banged up from the usual “it’s probably Asbestos” climate of my upstairs bedroom. What started as just a few videos on r/youtubehaiku somehow turned into two hours and at that point, I presumed it to be the right time to start the day with some breakfast. Fish cake noodles…along with a viewing of Bad Boys II, which culminated around the slo-mo sequence where Martin Lawrence gets shot in the ass, the fated dropoff point for the eternally damned Michael Bay film which to the chagrin of the writers of Hot Fuzz, I have yet to finish. My pops and I headed down from Van Nuys to Pomona for me to hit up Gnarmageddon III at the Glasshouse and for him, to prepare for the day after of midi-tracked keyboard karaoke sessions AKA every party my family will ever celebrate AKA IN THIS INSTANCE as my grandpa and uncle’s death anniversary party version 2K14. Continue reading


The 2014 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL to Announce Cities and Venues Next Week

Mayhem-FestivalAre you ready for the summer’s biggest North American festival? The Mayhem Festival can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to the lineup, but when they have a good year they definitely have a good year. I’ve seen Behemoth, Nile, Job For A Cowboy, Trivium and other great bands at this show, so I’m always excited to see what will be next the following year. It’s rumored that Korn and Avenged Sevenfold will be on the bill. Meh.

What line up would YOU like to see?

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COMEBACK KID Announce Turn It Around 10th Anniversary Tour



Winnipeg melodic hardcore heavyweights Comeback Kid are set to embark on an eleven date tour throughout May and June to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their debut album Turn It Around with performances again featuring original vocalist, Scott Wade. Setlists will heavily feature tracks from Turn It Around as well as their celebrated sophomore LP, Wake The Dead. Support will come from Bitter End and Suburban Scum or Alpha & Omega and Twitching Tongues on select dates, full details below. Continue reading

WHIRR/NOTHING Announce March Tour

733894_534584539919409_249061834_n (1)

Prepare for shoegaze haven. Northern California’s Whirr and Philadelphia’s Nothing are going on a eighteen date March U.S. tour sure to onset relapsed depression and insomniac television marathons. Nothing have stated that South By Southwest dates of the tour will be updated in the upcoming week while Whirr has stated that the dates are final so be sure to follow both Whirr and Nothing on Facebook for updates. Whirr’s most recent release was Distressor(Tee Pee Records) and Nothing’s most recent release was Downward Years To Come(A389 Recordings). Check out the full tour circuit and a stream of both albums below. Continue reading

Return To Chaos: BOLT THROWER Announce U.S. Tour Dates


The legendary Bolt Thrower have recently announced a string of tour dates surrounding their appearances at Maryland Death Fest and Chaos In Tejas. Mostly focusing on the West Coast, Bolt Thrower come to arms with Benediction, set for support on all non-fest dates, and Autopsy, who will buttress arms for the Pomona and Oakland dates. There are no prerogatives here, but eternal war. Scout the tour battle plans (credit due to Invisible Oranges) as well as a stream of Bolt Thrower’s classic Earache release, War Master, below. Continue reading

American Aftermath Exclusive: TRAP THEM Vs. ALL PIGS MUST DIE

Back during SXSW 2011, Thrasher Magazine and Converse shoes put on their yearly Death Match showcase; this year the headlining act was Trap Them. Due to an incident the prior day where All Pigs Must Die set was cut, Trap Them was nice enough to give up half of their set to APMD, but instead of cutting the set short, Trap Them just let APMD set up their gear on stage with TT’s and perform in between Trap Them songs! It was a pretty sweet event and lucky for you guys, I was there to capture it on an SD card.

Posted above is Trap Them’s intro featuring Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) as the second drummer. Posted after the jump is the rest of the show Continue reading

Start Your Morning Off With Footage From The A389 IX Anniversary Bash

Last weekend, record label A389 held their annual weekend long hardcore festival in Baltimore, Maryland. The festival is usually a pretty notable show that combines a mixture of classic hardcore bands with current up and comers. This year the fest featured performances from the likes of IntegrityFull Of Hell, Like Rats, Weekend Nachos and several other artists.

For those of you who aren’t luck enough to live on the east coast, the incredible Metal Nick was there to capture a lot of the mayhem. Posted above is a sweet bootleg of Despise You ripping shit up. To view more Despise You as well as footage of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats continue after the jump.  Continue reading

WTF Moment: WAYNE STATIC Performs with DMC of RUN DMC

Run DMC recently reunited to play Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. The next day DMC played a solo show and this is what went down.. The title of the article says it all. Seriously, what the fuck? It’d be one thing if I just found this around the internet, but no, I actually had to watch the abomination in person.

But hey, at least I saw Kreayshawn right after this…


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— Josh Huddleston

WTF Moment: DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Guitarist Joins Singer KIMBRA On Stage


So it looks like jazz/pop singer Kimbra was not bullshitting when she claimed to be collaborating with The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman. Featured above is a fan-filmed video of Wienman performing a guest guitar solo with the singer during her recent CMJ showcase performance.

I will admit that his solo starts off a little bland at first but does inevitably flow into the noisy signature style that we’ve all come to love. I can’t wait to hear the studio project from these two when it finally surfaces. Some might find it odd that Wienman’s guitar style could fit so perfectly with a jazz pop fusion but anyone who really jams DEP knows that this could potentially be a match made in music heaven.


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— Josh Huddleston

TURNSTILE Debut New Track “Canned Heat”

Back at the devastatingly brutal Florida based Bringin’ It Back For The Kids Fest 2: Electric Boogaloo last week, the grooviest band in contemporary hardcore, Turnstile, ended up debuting a new song entitled “Canned Heat”. While the current discography for the group has been short(a demo, a 7″, and a spot on the excellent Extermination Compilation), every piece of work has been a pure slice of fried gold. Shredtastic, groovy, and all out fun, Turnstile’s relation in the hardcore world mirrors that of Bloodbath’s in the death metal world. Both bands contain members of prominent acts within their respective scenes(Turnstile with Trapped Under Ice, Mindset and Bloodbath with Opeth, Katatonia) and both bands I wish were more active than their more popular counterparts. Yes, I like Bloodbath more than Opeth and Katatonia. Anyhow, enough rambling, check out the live shot video for “Canned Heat” and a track from Turnstile’s 7″ EP Pressure To Succeed(Reaper Records,pick up here) below. Mosh on. Continue reading

Too Little, Too Late: LENG TCH’E Post New(ish) Music Video


Who releases a music video for a two year old song? Razor grind (whatever the fuck that means) band, Leng Tch’e,that’s who! The band has debuted a new music video for “A.men“, a track that was featured on the band’s 2010 release, “Hypomatic”. The performance video consists of several clips from the band’s past performance at the Obscene Extreme Music Festival. OEF is known for it’s somewhat outrageous attendees, which in this case makes for a pretty cool video.

As someone who has kind of grown out of Leng Tch’e over the past 7 years, the video for A.men does not exactly reignite my romance with the band even though I do dig the video. It actually makes me wanna go to OEF more than it makes me wanna jam Leng Tch’e, but whatever.


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— Josh Huddleston


Stream DEATH GRIPS Live Performance At Tonight’s CMJ Showcase

Hip hop favorites Death Grips and Flying Lotus are performing tonight at an NPR showcase during this years CMJ festival in New York City. Luckily for all us non east coasters, NPR will be streaming the concert. So once the show starts (I am assuming around 9pm eastern time), you can head over to NRR’s page and stream the entire event live.

So it looks like I might have figured out what I am doing tonight. I mean I’ve already seen DFGRPZ 3 times but never while in my boxers, taking bong rips. This should be fun.

P.S. I’d like to add that Mitt Romney wants to cut the funding for NPR… Fuck that guy.

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— Josh Huddleston