MUSK OX Streaming New Album “Woodfall” In Full

musk oxLane has been keeping you up-to-date on the happenings and streamings of Musk Ox over the last few weeks while I have been quiet about the band. Truth be told, I have been loving the bands new album Woodfall and as of today, you can love it as well. The band released this monumental album today and you can stream the whole thing below. It truly is a masterpiece of neo-folk done in the exact right way. Proceed after the jump and get some.       Continue reading

PANOPTICON Streaming New Track “Chase The Grain”

panopticonPanopticon have always been an interesting band and one that I always find new things in every time I listen to them. The band has just released a new track titled “Chase The Grain” from their new album Roads To The North. The track is odd but beautiful at the same time. It’s as much black metal as it is folk and it really expounds upon the bands sound. Check out this twelve minute beast after the jump, courtesy of StereoGum.     Continue reading

LISSIE’s Cover Of DANZIG’s “Mother” Is Fantastic

Evolve-Goliath-Title I honestly don’t know a lot about Lissie other than she has a very interesting way of doing covers. I first heard her music during a scene in the amazing 2013 film The Dirties where her cover of Kid Cudi‘s “Pursuit of Happiness” appears. I was transfixed by the folkish, trance-inducing cover and tonight, while waiting on a video on YouTube and sitting through the interstitial ad, I heard a song that immediately caught my attention. The ad was for the video game Evolve (which looks amazing) and the track featured during the ad was Lissie‘s cover of Danzig‘s “Mother.”

It’s beautiful and a brilliant rendition of the song and I just had to share it with you. Check out the trailer for Evolve as well as the whole song after the jump.     Continue reading


In this review Profane Existence, one the most trusted names in crust/d-beat, were kind enough to furnish me with preview copies of their 2013 Limited Edition Singles Series. With 12 7″s of some the best crust, d-beat, powerviolence, grind,Oi!, and even some folk punk; your ears will sure to never find themselves bored with this eclectic mix of all things punk.

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Aftermath Exclusive: HARM WÜLF Show You Their “Silk Soul”

harmwulf2-e1369238898691What’s that? You have never heard of Harm Wülf? Well, that is because this is a new project by a veteran. Headed by Blacklisted front man G. Hirsch, Harm Wülf is Hirsch’s first solo outing and it is a hodgepodge of different genres from different eras in many different ways. I honestly don’t know how to describe the music that is about to flow forth from your speakers or headphones, but I will tell you that it is brilliant and mesmerizing.

There’s Honey In The Soil So We Wait For The Till is the title set for Harm Wülf‘s debut and it will be released by Deathwish, Inc. on 12″ vinyl and as a digital download. You can pre-order the album here. And now, I present to you, “Silk Soul,” the dissonant, emotional eruption from G. Hirsch’s Harm Wülf. Howl, baby.      Continue reading

KING DUDE Debuts “New” Track “Born In Blood”

Stereogum have premiered a new track from King Dude’s upcoming Born in Blood 7″, which is due out on October 1st via his own label Not Just Religious Music. The track in question is the title track, “Born in Blood”, which is a short morose rocker that is sure to inspire blood drinkers the world over. It is actually a re-working of a previous track of his which was featured on the album Tonight’s Special Death. This Fall the Dude will also tour across the Western states in support of the upcoming 7″. Keep reading to peep the tour dates and stream the new track.

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DUSTIN KENSRUE Premieres New Track “It’s Not Enough”

Alternative Press has premiered a new track from former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue’s forthcoming solo effort, The Water and the Blood, which is due out on October 1st. The track is an emotionally powerful piano driven track entitled “It’s Not Enough” that has been unfinished for years until now. Dustin tells Alternative Press that it might have ended up a Thrice song but he never finished until recently. Head over and check out the track now and check out his first solo record Please Come Home if you haven’t before.

-Lane Oliver

All Things Unholy: ROTTING CHRIST Release Video For “666”

Rotting Christ have been a staple in the extreme music scene for a long, long time. The band has had quite a few genre shifts in their career, starting off as a grindcore bands before switching to straight-forward black metal and now to blackened extreme whateveryouwant. Regardless, the band’s career has ebbed and flowed with me, with some albums standing out much more than others. The band’s latest album Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy has stuck with me, however, and I see it as one of their best releases in years.

The band has recently released a new music video for the final track on Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy titled “666,” which you can check out below.     Continue reading

The Legend Of Hretha: MOSS OF MOONLIGHT Release New Lyric Video

I’ve fairly new to Moss Of Moonlight. By “fairly new,” I mean I have never heard them before this very post. After a few listens to the bands new track via their recently-released lyric video, I am definitely interested in them now. Described as “blackened folk metal,” I knew I was in for something interesting, but had no idea I was going to get this. Blissful melodies, harsh vocals, harmonized clean vocals, everything working so well together. It’s great. If you’ve haven’t checked out Moss of Moonlight, do it below.     Continue reading