DIE CHOKING Announce New 7″ “II”

Philadelphia-based grind/hardcore act Die Choking (Total Fucking Destruction, Cop Problem, etc) have announced the release of their second 7″ release. The new release, simply entitled II, will feature five new tracks in just under six minutes. The EP was recorded and mixed with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Baptists, Code Orange Kids, etc). An official release date is still pending.

You can check out the 7″s artwork and track listing after the break. A stream of the EP’s predecessor and the band’s forthcoming live shows can be seen below as well.

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DOC - WRMRTWe all love Wormrot, right? Duh. Of course we do. The band has become a favorite to grindcore fans all over the world and now they have become to subject of a tribute compilation! That’s right, we will soon be hearing covers of Wormrot tunes done by the best in grindcore. The French band Department Of Correction have unleashed their cover of “Evolved Into Nothing,” one of my favorite Wormrot tracks. You can check out the cover after the jump. Grind on.     Continue reading

WARSAWWASRAW Debut “Hollowcost” Video

French noisy, chaotic hardcore act Warsawwasraw have premiered the official video for their track “Hollowcost”, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming full length, Sensitizer. The blistering, frantic 30 second track is set to a barrage of creepy, flickering images. You can check out the bizarre video after the break.

Sensitizer will be released on September 23rd via ThreeOneG (U.S.) and Music Fear Satan (Europe).

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CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR Streaming New Album “Mechanical Tides”

cma - mechtidesOne of the UK’s greatest assets is their immense and incredibly talented grindcore and hardcore community. One band that has been a constant staple for me is Corrupt Moral Altar. I adore this band with every fiber of my being and I am thrilled that the band is finally streaming their new album Mechanical Tides in full so that the entire world can enjoy the grinding madness. You can check out a full stream of the album over on Stereokiller right now. The album will be released on July 22nd via Season Of Mist.

MAN MUST DIE Streaming New Track “Slave To The Animal”

manmustdieMan Must Die has released a lyric video for their new track “Slave To The Animal.” This track was written and recorded for the MMA fighter Dustin Graber, AKA Waterfall. The track is ferocious and I’m sure Dustin will not be a slave to intimidation with this as his entrance music. You can check out the track after the jump and weight in (haha, pun intended) in the comments section.      Continue reading

VERMIN WOMB Release Debut Album “Permanence”

Vermin-Womb-Permanence-620x620Vermin Womb, which is 2/3rds of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, are a band that we have posted about before and I am thrilled to be posting about them again. The band has released their debut album Permanence, which you can now stream and download for free. How is this possible, you ask? Well, the album is being distributed by Throatruiner Records (who brought us Cortez, Plebian Grandstand and Vuyvr), which happens to be a label that offers up free downloads of all of their albums. Stoked? You should be. Stream the entire album by the soon-to-be legendary Vermin Womb.       Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: COLUMNS Premiere “Punching Nancy Grace”

columnsRecently I was informed about an amazing grind band that features members of Hemdale (swoon!) called Columns. The band absolutely crushed my world when they premiered “Mudfucker” (see here) and now I have the distinct pleasure of streaming another amazing track from the bands forthcoming record Please Explode. Trust me, you have got to hear this track. The song is titled “Punching Nancy Grace,” which is something that all of us have wanted to do at least once in this life. Check it out after the jump or get fucking bent.     Continue reading

ACXDC Streaming New Album “Antichrist Demoncore”

ACxDCHouse favorites ACxDC new, self-titled album was released yesterday and to celebrate, Terrorizer is streaming the amazing new record. West coast grindcore is a force of nature and if you haven’t been anticipating this album then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Antichrist Demoncore is filled to the brim with vicious grind and madness. Check out a full stream of the album after the jump. Get rad.      Continue reading

THE DRIP Announce Summer Tour

Washington grinders The Drip have announced a string of summer tour dates in support of their most recent EP, A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics. The tour will extend from July 19th until August 12th and will include an appearance at the Denver Black Sky festival in Denver, Colorado, alongside Xibalba, ACxDC, Brutal Truth and others. You can check out the touring schedule after the break.

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CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR Streaming New Track “Line Check”

cma - mechtidesMy homies from across the pond, Corrupt Moral Altar, will be releasing their debut LP Mechanical Tides pretty soon and the band has unleashed a monster of a track via Metal Hammer. The track is titled “Line Check” and it will fucking destroy you with powerful sludge and grinding madness. As much as I adore these dudes, I cannot wait to hear Mechanical Tides and you should be as excited. Check out “Line Check” below and see if it tickles your naughty parts.       Continue reading

BLOCKHEADS Release Music Video For “All These Dreams”

blockheadsBlockheads released one of the most phenomenal grind records of the last few years in the form of This World Is Dead and now the band has followed it up, a little late if I say so myself, with a rad music video for their track “All These Dreams.” The video is fast-paced and there a lot of flashing lights, so go into this with caution if you happen to be epileptic. Check out the video after the jump to get a face-full of grind.      Continue reading


DI PLFDead Instruments and PLF are both band that I have followed for a good while now and I dig both of them, but I’ve been wondering when I would hear new tunes from either. Well, lucky me. The band will be releasing a split EP titled Season Of Velocity, which  you can stream after the jump. Both of these bands destroy and it’s amazingly awesome that they are together at last. Check out the tracks after the jump.     Continue reading

SLOWLY WE ROT Streaming New Track “Solitary Realm”



Up and coming Belgian metallic hardcore outfit Slowly We Rot are currently streaming a new track from their upcoming split Depravation over on their Bandcamp page. The new track is entitled “Solitary Realm” and it rips out the gate with crusty, scathing riffs before launching into a lurching, sludgy climax. You can stream the jam after the break.

Slowly We Rot’s split tape with Depravation will be released on August 1st via Skin & Bones Records (UK) and Dark Omen (Germany).

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COLUMNS Streaming New Track “Mudfucker”

columnsColumns, which is headed up by Glass Casket/Wretched vocalist Adam Cody, is a band that has just be brought to my attention and holy hell, am I glad they were. This band will be releasing their new record Please Explode in August and they have just unleashed a new track to get everyone excited. Or, at least I would assume people were getting excited. The mass majority of the comments on the track are negative, but I hear only positives in the song. The track is called “Mudfucker” and based on the title alone you’ll be clicking over to listen to it right now.     Continue reading

BRUTAL BLUES Streaming Debut EP

Norwegian mind-distorting technical grind duo Brutal Blues have premiered their forthcoming self-titled EP over at Invisible Oranges. The EP will officially be released on June 17th via Selfmadegod and can be purchased here or here. But please feel free to have your equilibrium raped by rhythmically complex grind from the future at Invisible Oranges now.

Brutal Blues’ forthcoming touring schedule can be seen after the break.

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