EXTREME NOISE TERROR Stream New Track “Punk Rock Patrol”

ent endBack in 2011 Extreme Noise Terror lost vocalist Phil Vane and there hasn’t been a lot of news coming out that camp since. The band hasn’t released a full-length since 2008, but the band started making waves in 2015. Earlier this year the band released a 7″ lathe cut vinyl and now the band is prepping the release of their self-titled full-length. The band has unveiled their new track “Punk Rock Patrol,” which you can hear below. Stream away, grinders.     Continue reading

ORGAN DEALER Release Music Video For “The Pear Of Anguish”

organ dealerOne of my favorite grindcore releases of 2015 comes from Organ Dealer, who unleash total hell all over Visceral Infection. The band has just released a music video for their track “The Pear Of Anguish,” which is pretty cool. The video is very fast paced and violent and it features a lot of flashing and bright lights, so maybe don’t watch if you’re epileptic? Check out the video if you dare below.      Continue reading

BEATEN TO DEATH Streaming New Album “Unplugged”

Norwegian grinders Beaten to Death have premiered their upcoming album, Unplugged, at Stereogum. The album will officially be released on October 9 via Mas Kina Records. Pre-orders can still be picked up here. The album is a high octane ride through 13 tracks of the most forward-thinking, eccentric and complex grindcore to be heard this year. Stream the record right now. Stop wasting time!

DIE CHOKING Streaming New Track “Millirem”

Die Choking [Photo by Dante Torrieri]

Philadelphia hyperviolent grinders Die Choking have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, III, at Bloody Disgusting. Titled “Millirem”, the short but shredding track will dismember you with its dizzying, noisy arsenal of riffs and decimating drumming. Get your grind on now.

III will be released digitally October 8 and a vinyl release on October 23 (pre-order here and here). A CD version will be co-released by Selfmadegod and The Compound in February 2016.

The band’s upcoming tour schedule can be viewed below.

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Exclusive: YAUTJA Unleash Grinding Mayhem With “Thankful; Appalled”

Tennessee titans Yautja are set to release their vicious new EP, Songs of Lament, early next month via Forcefield Records. We’ve already got our first taste of the seven-track follow-up to 2014’s Songs of Descent with the blistering “Breed Regret”. Now, we here at American Aftermath are beyond stoked to bring you your next helping of Yautja goodness. Behold “Thankful; Appalled”, a 77 second whirlwind of mangled madness. Furious riffs, rife with dissonance and grime, rush out of a cloud of piercing feedback and aim for the throat with open jaws. In short, it’s heavy as hell. Check it out for yourself after the break.

Songs of Lament will be released on October 13. Pre-order here (CD/LP) or here (cassette).

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BEATEN TO DEATH Streaming New Track “Knulleviser For Barn”

Norwegian grindcore outfit Beaten to Death have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Unplugged, via Invisible Oranges. The new track is a two-minute onslaught titled “Knulleviser for Barn”, which unleashes bellowing bass lines and down-tuned dissonance in abundance. It will rip the skin from your face, and that’s a positive thing. Bassist Mika Matinussen commented on the new tune:

“The track is about major pop artists writing songs about love making (knulling), ignoring the fact that most of their fans are children (barn). Hits for kids? Knulleviser for barn.”

Check out the track now.

Unplugged will be released on October 9 via Mas-Kina Recordings. Pre-order here.

Exclusive Interview: OF FEATHER AND BONE

Denver’s Of Feather And Bone are set to unleash their crushing debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh tomorrow (September 18) via Good Fight Music. Rooted in hardcore and combining different elements of crust, grind and death metal, the trio have crafted an exceedingly dark and gritty set of discordant tracks that are filled with despair and visceral aggression. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, vocalist/bassist Alvino Salcedo discussed Embrace the Wretched Flesh and working with Andy Patterson (Cult Leader, Call of the Void, SubRosa), as well as the record’s lyrical approach, the camaraderie within the flourishing Denver metal scene and more.
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OF FEATHER AND BONE Streaming New Album “Embrace The Wretched Flesh”

Colorado filthy grind outfit Of Feather and Bone have premiered their forthcoming debut album, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, at Decibel. The record will officially be released this Friday, September 18, via Good Fight Music (Pre-order here). This tumultuous album collects the grimiest crust and grind imaginable in a dismal, unrelenting assault of dissonance and aggression. Stream it now.

YAUTJA Streaming New Track “Breed Regrets”

Yautja are one of those bands who come around every so often and take grindcore fans by storm. These guys are vicious, they are sickening, they are fucking incredible. Yautja will release their new album Songs Of Descent next month, but you can check out a new track right now. The track is titled ‘Breed Regret’ and it absolutely crushes. Stream it or perish.      Continue reading



Seattle deathgrinders Theories have announced a string of Fall U.S. tour dates in support of their most recently full-length, Regression, which was released earlier this year. The trek will commence on October 22 in Seattle and conclude on November 7 in Olympia, Washington. The band will see support from The Infamous Gehenna on most stops of the tour, as well as Landmine Marathon on select dates. Check out the tour itinerary after the break.

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NAPALM DEATH Release Music Video For “How The Years Condemn”

napalm deathNapalm Death are, of course, grindcore legends and they released the really killer Apex Predator – Easy Meat earlier this year. The band has just released their new music video for their track “How The Years Condemn.” The video is really cool as it melds animation and live action performance footage. Check out the video below and grind your mind.     Continue reading

AMBASSADOR GUN Release “Once Upon The Sauce” And “Tomb Of Broken Sleep” Dual Video


Minneapolis deathgrinders Ambassador Gun have premiered a dual video for their tracks “Once Upon The Sauce” and “Tomb Of Broken Sleep”, from their album Tomb Of Broken Sleep, over at Decibel. The video, filmed by Adam Dunn, depicts the band’s drunken antics while they simultaneously storm through both raging tracks. The band commented on the video:

“The video was filmed by Adam Dunn,…and as far as quotes go, maybe just say we crushed a bottle of Wild Turkey, three blunts and a case of beer, and fired off two fresh grinders!”

Check out the video after the break.

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PIG DESTROYER Streaming “Prowler In The Yard” Deluxe Reissue

The upcoming deluxe reissue of Pig Destroyer‘s classic sophomore album, Prowler in the Yard, can now be streamed at Metal Sucks. The remixed and remastered grind masterpiece will be released this Friday, September 4, via Relapse Records can be purchased here. On the reissue, frontman J.R. Hayes comments:

Attention all weirdos, dirtbags, creeps and related scum, I’m excited to bring you the 15th Anniversary edition of our second album “Prowler in the Yard.” Remixed and remastered in SUPER-MEGA-HATE-SOUND by Mr. Hull himself. Relapse has expanded the packaging with liner notes and a ton of old photos from when I used to dye my hair black and wear button-up shirts. In addition to an unearthed instrumental track, we’ve also included the original mix for those of you who prefer the sound of basements. Hail to all PD fans worldwide. Free Mumia Abu Jamal.

Stop wasting time and revisit Prowler in the Yard here.