In this review Profane Existence, one the most trusted names in crust/d-beat, were kind enough to furnish me with preview copies of their 2013 Limited Edition Singles Series. With 12 7″s of some the best crust, d-beat, powerviolence, grind,Oi!, and even some folk punk; your ears will sure to never find themselves bored with this eclectic mix of all things punk.

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TRANSIENT Release New Track “Positivism”

The self-titled debut LP from Portland’s Transient is well on it’s way (September 10th) and the outfit is gaining more hype with the release of new track “Positivism”. The song is one big kick in the gut that hints at death metal and crust throughout. You can stream the track right now over at Pitchfork and check out the previously released “False Philanthropy” while you are at it.

Stream DEAD IN THE DIRT’s “The Blind Hole”

Dead in the Dirt’s new album The Blind Hole is officially out now and Invisible Oranges have got an exclusive stream of this grinding monstrosity. If you like your grindcore fast, dissonant, noisy and malevolent, then Dead in the Dirt have your favorite album of the year right here. Stream it now god damn it!

-Lane Oliver

No Fucking Chain: DEAD IN THE DIRT Release New Track

Georgia’s Dead in the Dirt have released premiered another new track from their pulverizing new record The Blind Hole, over at Metal Hammer. The track just so happens to be one of my favorites from the record, “No Chain”; a song that will rip the throat from you. Head over to Metal Hammer to check out this little caustic ditty and continue reading to peep Dead in the Dirt’s upcoming touring schedules.

The Blind Hole will be released on August 6th.

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Review: DEAD IN THE DIRT-“The Blind Hole”

By Lane Oliver

After two crushing EP’s, it’s high time that Dead in the Dirt deliver a full length record unto us. Well, the Atlanta bastard trio of all things crust and chaos certainly deliver on The Blind Hole. With twenty-two tracks clocking in at just under twenty-four minutes, The Blind Hole is a short but sweet excursion down a demented grindcore path riddled with riddled with the decaying remains of listeners’ sanities.

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Best of 2013: Eric’s Favorite Albums Of The First Half Of 2013


Making lists always makes my head hurt and this year’s massive inventory of beautiful releases isn’t making that any easier. With my “to-check-out” list filled to the brim, I have to say that I took a bit more relaxed stance to music discovery this year and enjoyed select releases over extremely long durations of listen rather than hunt down and chronicle as many good albums as I could. The albums in the list below here are those releases. Give them a thorough listen before the end of the year if you can.  Continue reading

Review: ANTIGAMA-“Meteor”

By Lane Oliver

Last year, Antigama left me salivating at the mouth with their brief but sweet Stop the Chaos EP. After the previous three year silence, those six songs on that EP packed enough punch to rekindle my initial fondness for the band’s intense, complex grindcore stylings. The Polish grindcore squadron has returned again this year with the follow up to Stop the Chaos, the ever blistering Meteor. Though only a half hour, these eleven new tracks further prove that Antigama are on the cutting edge of grind.

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DEAD IN THE DIRT Streaming New Track “The Pit Of Me”

In contrast to the razor sharp, thirty seconds of “The Blaring Eye”, Dead in the Dirt’s new track “The Pit of Me” is two minutes of caustic, dissonant sludge that is pretty terrifying in the best way possible. Follow the link above to Pitchfork to stream the new track and peep Dead in the Dirt’s upcoming tour dates below.

The Blind Hole will be released on August 6th.

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