SICK/TIRED Streaming New Album “Dissolution”

sicktireddissolutionLo-fi grinders Sick/Tired will unleash their new record Dissolution tomorrow and if you can’t wait, then fear not. The band teamed up with Bloody Disgusting and are currently streaming the album for all to hear. Dude. Seriously. This shit is solid. Take the time, stream this slab from start to finish and then come back here and thank me. Just click on over after the jump and stream Dissolution in its entirety. YES.     Continue reading

HOMEWRECKER Streaming New Album “Circle Of Death”

homewrecker-codMOTHERFUCKER! YES! Homewrecker are a force to be reckoned with and their new album Circle Of Death is a guaranteed destroyer. The chugs! The ferocity! The fucking grooves! Dudes, believe me, Homewrecker are one of my favorite bands of recent years and if they aren’t one of yours, you’re doing it wrong. We premiered Homewrecker‘s last album Worms and Dirt and I have been highly anticipating Circle Of Death. Well, today is the day to repent, my child. Stream this motherfucker!      Continue reading

DEAD TIRED (ex-ALEXISONFIRE) Streaming New Track “Court Of Public Opinion”

deadtiredAs you all know, I am a HUGE fucking fan of Alexisonfire. I have loved the band for years and I was saddened when they called it quits back in 2011. We have seen numerous bands arise out of the ashes of Alexisonfire, such as Gallows. Well, it appears that AoF screamer George Pettit has been working hard on creating music that sounds absolutely nothing like Alexisonfire. I present to you, Dead Tired. This band is fronted by Pettit and has it’s head in the hardcore/punk/sludge variety of savage tunes. After the jump you can stream a track from the band and trust me, you want to hear this.     Continue reading

THE BANNER Streaming New Track “Send Me Down”

the banner greyinbgThe Banner will unleash their unholy new record in December and the band has unveiled a new track from Greying titled “Send Me Down” and it’s a fucking doozy. This track shows the band expanding upon their sound and performing a crushingly heavy doom-like acrobatic routine without the use of a net and quickly jumping into something a bit more Banner-esque. Check out this vicious slab of awesome after the jump. FUCK EVERYTHING UP.    Continue reading

EXALT Streaming New Album “Pale Light”

exaltCanada’s own Exalt will be releasing their phenomenally crafted new album Pale Light, which will be released next week, is a beat down if I’ve heard one. The band took me by storm and I hope that they can have the same effect on you as they have on me. If you’re new to the band or if you’ve been anxiously awaiting Pale Light, you can stream the album in full right now! Just click on over after the jump.      Continue reading

PISS VORTEX Streaming Self-Titled Album

PISS_20VORTEX_cover_web_originalLane and I have come to adore Denmark’s own Piss Vortex. The bands vicious hardcore attack is unbelievable and we both swooned over their self-titled album, due out next week. If you have been curious about the Dannish act, you can now stream their new album in full thanks to Invisible Oranges. Check out the album after the jump and let the sweet, aggressive sounds of Piss Vortex wash over your body all nice and smooth-like.      Continue reading

PURGE Streaming New 7″ “Sewage”


The new 7″ EP from Pittsburgh’s Purge, Sewage, can now be streamed in full over at CVLT Nation. If you like your hardcore grimy, dissonant, and all around chaotic, then Purge is the band for you. Feel free to stream the destructive EP over at CVLT Nation now.

Sewage is now available via Deathwish and can be purchased here.

STICK TO YOUR GUNS Release Music Video For New Track “Nobody”

maxresdefaultStick To Your Guns will be releasing their new album next February and the band has stepped into promotion of the album very early. The band has release a music video for a new single titled “Nobody,”* which I really dig. I’ve always liked this band and I think the vibe they currently have going for them is pretty rad. If the rest of the album sounds anything like “Nobody,” I’m in for the long haul. You can check out the video for the track after the jump. It’s pretty cool.

*Note: not a Skindred cover. Continue reading

FORSEEN Streaming New Track “Market Target”

Foreseen-HSWho doesn’t love speed metal-inspired hardcore? Well, I know I do, and that’s why I adore Foreseen (aka Foreseen HKI). The band’s Slayer-meets-Sick Of It All vibe crushes all, especially in the bands new track “Market Target,” which is now streaming for all to hear. The band will unleash their rad new record Helsinki Savagery will be unleashed next month and you’ve gotta get on this train, fool. Stream “Market Target” below via Noisey.      Continue reading

XERXES Streaming New Album “Collision Blonde”

xerxes - collision blondeMelodic hardcore/post-hardcore act Xerxes will unleash the full force of their new album Collision Blonde next Tuesday, but if you’re an impatient fuck, you can check it out right now! The band has released the whole album for the world to enjoy and that is exactly what you will be doing: enjoying it. I’ve listened to this album countless times already and it is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, so if you trust my taste, trust in Xerxes. Stream or die, bitches.     Continue reading

HOMEWRECKER Streaming New Track “Punish The Ignorance”

homewrecker-codCrusty hardcore titans Homewrecker will unleash their bone-breaking new record Circle Of Death at the end of the month and the band has released a rad new track for all of yu to hear. The track is titled “Punish The Ignorance” and you can check it out after the jump. The track premiered on Terrorizer and it’s fucking unbelievable. Trust me, this shit’s insane.      Continue reading

HOLLOW EARTH (ENABLER, SHAI HULUD) Streaming New Track “World To Come”

HOLLOW cover

Hollow Earth (Enabler, Shai Hulud) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut full length, Silent Graves, over at Metal Sucks. The new track is entitled “World To Come” and  it hits with massive metallic hardcore weight. Angular riffs are thrown all about like rogue darts before ending in a massive, chugging climax. Stream the track for yourself over at Metal Sucks.

Silent Graves will be released on November 11th via Panic Records.

Hollow Earth will also embark on a tour early next month with the likes of KDC, Run With The Hunted and Exalt in tow. Those dates can be seen below.

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THE BANNER Detail New Album “Greying”

New Jersey metallic hardcore outfit The Banner have released the details surrounding their forthcoming full length album, Greying. The Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, etc) and Randy Leboeuf produced offering has an official release date of December 9 through Good Fight Music. The album’s official artwork and track listing can be seen after the break. On the forthcoming release, frontman JSS had the following comments:

“The writing for Greying began shortly after the recording of Frailty and continued right up until we entered the studio. My motivation was to get a seamless fusion of the sounds and ideas of Each Breath Haunted and Frailty, as much as possible, then expand on that focused vein as best as I was able. Fortunately we linked up with Randy in the studio and he made this all possible in a way I believe other engineers wouldn’t have been able to. I’m very grateful to have had Randy and Will working with me on this album. I think that Greying is without question the most ‘The Banner’ album I’ve done.”

In case you missed it, you can stream the new track “Crippling Despair” below as well.

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Weed-based death metal project Cannabis Corpse (members of Municipal Waste) have announced dates for an upcoming nineteen date Winter tour with direct support from metallic hardcore outfit Mammoth Grinder and prog/tech-deathers Inanimate Existence. The tour will kick off November 28th in Wilmington, NC before concluding December 20th in Richmond, VA. Peep the full details below.  Continue reading

TWITCHING TONGUES And DISGRACE Announce Mini-Homecoming Tour


Having concluded their run with peers Code Orange a few days prior, California metallic hardcore outfits Twitching Tongues and Disgrace have announced dates for a mini-homecoming tour marking their return journey to California. Peep the full details below.
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