WISDOM IN CHAINS Streaming New Track “Violent Americans”

Hardcore act Wisdom In Chains have unveiled a new track titled “Violent Americans.” This track comes off of the bands pending release The God Rhythm and, as my first taste of the new record, it has me excited for the remainder of the album. Wisdom In Chains has always been hit or miss with me, but this sounds incredible. I can’t wait to hear more. Check out “Violent Americans” below.     Continue reading

ALL OUT WAR Release Teaser For New “Dying Gods” EP

Hardcore heavy hitters All Out War will unload their unholy new EP Dying Gods in June and the band has released a brief teaser for the EP. It’s not a lot to go off of, but you can tell just by listening to the short (but sweet) trailer for Dying Gods that it is going to be amazing. Once you see the track list, you’re gonna freak out also. I mean… Holy shit. Check out the teaser for one of my most highly anticipated records of the year: All Out motherfucking War below.     Continue reading

HUNDREDTH Release Music Video For “Unravel”

Dudes, we all love Hundredth, right? Sure, we do. The band crafts phenomenal melodic hardcore that I could listen to all the live-long day. The band is prepping the release of their new album Free, which will be released this summer. In anticipation, Hundredth have released a music video for a new track off of the album called “Unravel” and it’s great. The video, the song. I cannot wait to hear more from this album. Enjoy the new video below.      Continue reading

COMEBACK KID Streaming NIRVANA Cover “Territorial Pissings”

cbkIt has been well documented that I love covers. I’ve said it again and again. Some of my favorite covers involve one of my favorite bands: Nirvana. The latest cover comes from another band that I love, Comeback Kid. You can check out the bands cover of the classic “Territorial Pissings.” COME ON PEOPLE NOW! Check it out below. The track was recorded during the band’s Die Knowing sessions and was released on Record Store Day. Check it out.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: TEAM DEAD

Salt Lake City, UT project Team Dead have released their stellar debut EP, titled Whale Bones and Tin Foil, today (April 21). Featuring guitarist Chris Clement (ex-Gaza, Bird Eater, Day of Less, Pilot This Plane Down), the band offer up a jarring maelstrom of sludge-infused hardcore/mathcore, combining dissonant tones and angular guitar work with super heavy rhythms and bleak vibes. In this American Aftermath interview, Clement discusses Team Dead’s inception, the making of Whale Bones and Tin Foil, the EP’s stunning artwork and more. Continue reading

FUCKED UP Streaming New Track “California Cold”

Every year Fucked Up release yet another installment in their Zodiac series. This year we will get a taste of Year Of The Hare. If you know Fucked Up, you know what you can expect from the music, but it’s still an amazing listen. The B-side of Year Of The Hare is called “California Cold” and it is an 8-minute blazer. You can check out the track below. It’s sick.      Continue reading

STOP BREATHING Announce Sophomore EP “V,” Release Details

I’m n0t super familiar with Stop Breathing, but I am a huuuuge fan of hardcore, so I looked into the band when I found out they were releasing a new album and, shocker, I am beyond stoked to hear the bands new record V. The band is the straight up west coast hardcore that I love so much. You can check out the details for Stop Breathing‘s V below and check out their Santa Cruz EP, which destroys!     Continue reading

NOISEM Streaming New Track “1132”

noisem blossoming decayLords of heavy, Noisem, will unleash their fierce new album Blossoming Decay in June and if you can’t hold off any longer then I have some good news for you. Noisem has released a new track titled “1132” and it is fucking fantastic. I love this band, but even if I wasn’t sure about them, I would love this track. Crush your way past the jump and see if you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’.     Continue reading

MY AMERICA Streaming New Track “Bad Hosts”

Brooklyn noise rock/hardcore trio My America (formerly My America is Watching Tigers Die) have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Misses, over at Noisey. The new track is titled “Bad Hosts” and will bowl you over with its bass-heavy, driving hardcore stylings. On the track, frontman Matt Turner issued the following comments:

 “‘Bad Hosts’ is the last song we wrote and recorded. The album itself is so serious and intense, ‘Bad Hosts’ is something we did for fun, to lighten the mood. We tracked the song live with Kevin. Although it’s not part of the album, it’s an essential part of our whole experience of making the album.”

Stream the track over at Noisey now.



Photo by Stefan Raduta

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are all, like me, likely shitting your pants about the headline of this post. I mean, fuck. That is a good goddamn tour package and it is sure to be one hell of a show. Taake, Wolvhammer and Young And In The Way on select dates,  I mean, come on. Do you want your summer blackened like your coffee?! Check out the dates below to see where you’ll be seeing these killer bands.     Continue reading