WATER TORTURE Announce Disbandment

New York’s noisy, bass and drum duo Water Torture have announced that they will cease to be a band. The band’s statement is as follows:

Welp, its been real, thanks yall for the support over the years. We will be posting announcements for the final show/shows. And ill be posting a way to buy what ever merch is left as well. We had a really good run and made alot of friends over the past few years. Im sure there will be new projects from us as well, but there will be no further new recordings or tours. For now thanks for giving a fuck about what we did, we love you.

The band’s final release, 2014’s Pillbox, can be streamed after the break.

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BURNT BOOKS Announce US Tour

South Carolina experimental punks Burnt Books have announced a string of US tour dates that will early next month. The tour officially kicks off next Thursday, July 1, in Asheville, North Carolina and will conclude on July 17 in Atlanta. This will be the fist time the group has toured the West Coast. Those tour dates can be found after the break.

The band’s newest effort, Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire, is available now via Retro Futurist Records. A stream of the record can be found below.

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OLD WOUNDS Streaming New Album “The Suffering Spirit”

Man, it seems like only two days ago that I was posting about a new Old Wounds song. Oh yeah, it was two days ago. Well, the dudes aren’t slowing down, as they have unleashed their entire The Suffering Spirit LP for the world to hear. Old Wounds are spectacular and this album is most definitely their best work. Sit back and groove some motherfucking hardcore. Check it out below. Continue reading

WISDOM IN CHAINS Release “When We Were Young” Music Video

wisdom in chainsWisdom In Chains released their new album The God Rhythm not too long ago and now the band has released a new music video. The video is for their song “When We Were Young” and it’s a really cool video. The video features a lot of things I enjoy. Wisdom In Chains, 16 bit video games, skateboards and stuff! Check out the video below and see what’s up.      Continue reading

THE CLEARING PATH Streaming New Track “Holy Waters”

[Photo by Virginia Sarediy]

One man blackened hardcore purveyor Gabriele Gramaglia, AKA The Clearing Path, has premiered a new track from the forthcoming debut, Watershed Between Earth And Firmament, over at Decibel. The track is titled “Holy Waters” and will appease fans of Young and In the Way and the like. The track balances icy melodies and fiery black metal assaults as it rampages your eardrums with a hardcore gallop. Check it out for yourself below and get that head a banging.

Stream the previously released track, “Sacred Mountain”, if you missed it.

Watershed Between Earth And Firmament will be released on July 11.

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REFUSED Streaming New Album “Freedom”

Refused are currently streaming their highly-anticipated follow-up to their quintessential The Shape of Punk to Come, Freedom, over at this location. The record will officially be released next Tuesday, June 30, via Epitaph Records. It’s obvious that the band did not want to write Shape Part II, as the album explores different territory than what you would normally find on a Refused album. Stream the album for yourself and tell us what you think.

OLD WOUNDS Streaming New Track “On Leather Wings”

Hardcore heathens and homies here on AA, Old Wounds are closing in on the release date for their new record The Suffering Spirit. To keep anticipation high, the band has released one hell of a track. This is standing right now as my favorite track off of the album and it’s called “On Leather Wings.” This song will grind you down and keep pounding. It is fucking relentless. Check out the track below and get stoked.    Continue reading

ALL OUT WAR Streaming New EP “Dying Gods”


New York’s infamous hardcore act All Out War have premiered their new EP, Dying Gods, over at CVLT Nation. The EP is officially out today via Organized Crime Records and can be purchased at this location. If you like your hardcore with a healthy dose of blistering groove metal and scathing breakdowns, then you do not want to miss out on this release. Stream the EP at this location now.

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST Streaming New Track “An Ever Changing Cast Of Characters”

Boston hardcore brood Great American Ghost will release their debut album Everyone Leaves next month and it is sure to be siiick. Proof? The band has released a fantastic new track titled “An Every Changing Cast of Characters.” Enough said. This track took hold of me and wrung my neck. I listened to it a good four times before writing this post and it keeps getting better. Check it out below.      Continue reading

Review: Bleak – We Deserve Our Failures


Syracuse, NY’s Bleak has come of age on their first full length release We Deserve Our Failures via the venerable HEX Records. Since I first encountered the band at a very random live show in 2013, they’ve changed considerably.  Most notably, they changed vocalists later in that same year, eschewing the raspy scrape and sneer of former singer Mike, and trading it in for the vicious growl of current frontman Skot.  With that altered lineup and a couple of shorter releases under their belts (2014’s s/t EP and a split 7” with PA hardcore crushers Sovereign), the band has grown from a noise drenched, simplistic assault into something somehow beefier, more mature, and more complexly heavy. Continue reading