GHOSTLIMB (Graf Orlock) Streaming New Track “Treason Fluently”

[Photo by Alexis Acosta]

Los Angeles post-hardcore trio Ghostlimb (Graf Orlock, etc) have premiered a new track from their upcoming fifth full-length album, Difficult Loves, at Brooklyn Vegan. Titled “Treason Fluently”, the new track barrels froward with grinding rhythms that collide head-on with triumphant post-hardcore melodies and metalcore adjacent riffs. The band’s own Justin Smith (Graf Orlock) commented on the upcoming album:

I feel like Difficult Loves is the most developed in what we have sought to do over the last ten years. True to form, it is about history, politics, and environmental stuff but it brings in a lot more from the literary realm. The title of the record is from an Italo Calvino book. It is about glimpses into normal peoples’ lives – more about capturing a feeling than being a crusader of some dialectical change.”

Check out the track here and view the album’s artwork and track listing after the break.

Difficult Loves will be released on February 5, 2016 via Vitriol Records.

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MUSCLE BEACH Streaming New Track “Pressure Kills”

[Photo by Greg Mason]

Denver-based rowdy post-hardcore outfit Muscle Beach have premiered a new track from their upcoming self-titled album at PopMatters. Titled “Pressure Kills”, the rambunctious track weaves together angular riffs, dissonant aggression, driving grooves and Blood Brothers-esque eccentricity. It’s a gloriously off-balance track. Stream it now.

Muscle Beach will be released on December 4 via Sailor Records.

MUSCLE BEACH Stream New Track “Eagle Wizard”

Muscle Beach are a relatively new name in post-hardcore and their Fugazi/Refused-worshiping ways are glorious. The band will unleash their self-titled debut in December and if you want to peep some of the goods, check out the bands new track “Eagle Wizard” below. The track premiered over on New Noise and it is fucking rad. Check it below.      Continue reading

DRIFTOFF (JUNIUS, ROSETTA) Stream Debut EP “Modern Fear”

Driftoff, the post-rocking group comprised of members of Junius, City Of Ships and Rosetta, will release their debut EP Modern Fear tomorrow. If you’re not already familiar with the band, then you need to make yourself very familiar because they are absolutely amazing. The band is currently streaming the EP and you can check it out for yourself after the jump.      Continue reading

TOOTHGRINDER Stream New Track “The House That Fear Built”

Toothgrinder today announced their new album Nocturnal Masquerade, which will see release in January. Along with that announcement came a new track titled “The House (That Fear Built)”. This track is phenomenal and I can’t wait to hear the album. Check out a stream of “The House (That Feat Built)” over on MetalSucks because WordPress won’t embed Vevo videos. Lame.     Continue reading

KUBLAI KHAN Streaming New Track “Life For A Life,” BURY YOUR DEAD Vocalist Guests

Kublai Khan are a band that I found out about at the exact same time I learned about Vanna. I got the same vibe off of the former band and I really enjoyed their music. The band is currently promoting their new album New Strength, which will be released next month. Kublai Khan are currently streaming their new track “Life For A Life” which features guest vocals by Bury Your Dead‘s Mat Bruso. Check out the track below. Sickkk.       Continue reading

CARVED UP Stream New Track “We Built Riff City”

matadorCarved Up are one of those extremely rad bands that I want more and more of. Noisy post-hardcore bands are something that I adore and Carved Up are all up on that shit. The band will release Matador in November and the shit is sounding amazing. They have just unleashed a powerhouse of a song titled “We Built Riff City” and it cruuuuushes. Check out a stream of the song below.    Continue reading

ISLANDER Streaming New Track “Wake Up!”

Islander, a band I started digging last year, will be joining Korn on their twentieth anniversary tour coming up, but so far there hasn’t been any news about a new record for the band. Luckily, it doesn’t take that kind of news for Islander to put out some music. The band is currently streaming a new track titled “Wake Up!” that is pretty cool. I’m not digging it as much as I was anything on Violence & Destruction, but it’s cool nonetheless. Check it out below.     Continue reading

ATREYU Release “Do You Know Who You Are?” Music Video

atreyu do you know who you areI’m one of the folks who loved Atreyu back in the day, but I fell out of touch with them after The Curse. Well, when the band made a comeback and released their latest album Long Live, I decided to check it out and I am proud to say that I loved the album. It’s a strong collection of tracks that has a little new and a little old Atreyu. Well, one of the slower songs on the album “Do You Know Who You Are?” now has an accompanying music video and it’s pretty cool. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

DRIFTOFF Streaming New Track “Dying Light”

Driftoff, which is comprised of members of Junius, City Of Ships and Rosetta, was destined to make good music. I am absolutely blown away by the massive sounds that this band has created. It’s got a little bit of everything and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Lane recently posted about one of the bands new tracks and I’m here to tell you about another. The latest track is titled “Dying Light” and it is the first song off of the bands debut, four-song EP Modern Fear. Check it out below.     Continue reading

ALEXISONFIRE Announce Their Return Also

AND THIS IS WHY TODAY RULES. You guys know how much I love Alexisonfire. I was distraught when the band called it quits back in 2011, but today brought wonderful tidings. The band recently played at Riot Fest in Toronto and while on stage, they announced their return. You can see the transcription of what Wade MacNeil had to say on stage as well as some fan-filmed footage of the incident below. OH, SO MUCH AWESOME.      Continue reading

CONVEYER Streaming New Album “When Given Time To Grow”

Conveyer will release their new album When Given Time To Grow this week and the band has given us a stream for the record in advance. I’m not super familiar with Conveyer, but I am digging what I’m hearing. You can check out the full stream of When Given Time To Grow below.      Continue reading

THE NIETZSCHE Streaming “Intro To Advanced Poetry”

The Nietzsche are amazing. This band came to my attention through Lane and I’m glad because their debut EP Intro To Advanced Poetry is crushing. Mathcore layered with post-hardcore and wrapped up in a nice package. You can now hear said EP right now by clicking on after the jump. Check it out.      Continue reading

DEFEATER Streaming New Album “Abandoned”

defeater abandonedDefeater are havoc-inducing madmen and their new album Abandoned is a work of art. The album won’t see it’s official release until Friday, but you can stream the record in full right now. If you ask me, Defeater went above and beyond on Abandoned. It is absolutely flawless and I find nothing wrong with the album whatsoever. Check out the full stream below.      Continue reading

BURIED IN VERONA Release “Extraction” Music Video

BIV - ExtractionMan, that new Buried In Verona album is siiiiick. It’s beautiful and sick. And it’s dope. Did I mention I like it? Well, I also like the bands new music video for their track “Extraction.” The video was just released, shortly after the album itself. Check it out below. Don’t take my word for it being rad.      Continue reading