RUN THE JEWELS Release Music Video For “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”

RTJewelsRun The Jewels, the rap duo featuring El-P and Killer Mike have released a music video for their collaborative track with Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. The track is titled “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)”. The video exhibits expression of police brutality and racial profiling, all of which was summed up by the video’s director AG Rojas. You can see the video as well as read Rojas’ blurb below.       Continue reading

TRASH TALK Announce Winter North American Tour With RATKING And LEE BANNON

Trash Talk have announced a new string of North American tour dates that will commence early next month. The trek will extend from February 13 and will extend through March 2o. The Californian punks will support from New York hip hop trio Ratking and California-based ambient/electronic artist Lee Bannon. The tour dates can be viewed after the break.

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COLD WORLD Streaming New Track “Hell’s Direction” Featuring KOOL G RAP

cold world htgcPennsylvania’s hardcore activists Cold Wold have unleashed a new track titled “Hell’s Direction” which features a rap from Kool G Rap. You may think that this would be whack, but it totally works and it’s amazing. I have long loved this band and to see them add a new level to their repertoire just makes me love their music even more. You can check out the track after the jump and get ya groove on.     Continue reading

Lane’s Favorite Releases Of 2014…So Far



It baffles my tiny, insignificant mind that 2014 has completed half of its cycle of torment and despair. Luckily a plethora of good music graced my ears and gave me the strength to make it through another six months of life. The following  10 releases have stuck with me the most during the past six months and keep me hyped for the quality that I assume will grace the remainder of the year. In no particular order, these are my favorite releases of the year so far.

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DEATH GRIPS Release New Album With BJORK

The chaotic hip-hop trio Death Grips recently released the first installment of their new two-part album, The Powers That B. The first disc is entitled Niggas on the Moon and contains 8 new tracks all of which feature appearances by Bjork. It’s noisy, it’s weird, it’s Death Grips. You can find a stream of the album after the break as well as download links.

The second installment of The Powers That B, Jenny Death, is due out later this year.

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Best Hip-Hop Label Of 2013: STRANGE MUSIC

These past two weeks I have, alongside numerous new 2014 metal releases, been catching up on a lot of 2013 hip-hop albums that I missed. One thing I have noticed is that Strange Music’s artists are the ones that I find myself listening to constantly. I put a few of these albums on my Hip-Hop Year-End List and the order of those may have changed by this point, but I have gotten into a few more records from the Strange Music roster and it is with that that I dub Strange the best hip-hop label of 2013. After the jump you can check out my thoughts on my favorite records from Strange artists from last year.      Continue reading

Best of 2013: Gnarly’s Favorite Hip-Hop Albums Of The Year

2013bestHello, kiddies. It’s that time of the year again where I breakdown and tell you all about the shit I listened to repeatedly over this shitfucking year. I didn’t listen to nearly as much hip-hop in 2013 as I did the last few years, but I still managed to get into some shit and enjoy it and you can now waste a few minutes of your time and see what rap ruled in 2013. Get bent. Continue reading

This is Violence Now: DEATH GRIPS Drop Surprise New Album


Sacramento’s own Death Grips have a history of surprising just about anyone that follows their exploits. 2013 proved to be no different due to various show cancellations and other controversies, but the band seems to be finishing the year out by dropping a new record for free on the internet with absolutely no warning whatsoever.

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10,000 Hours: TRC Release New Music Video

TRCThe UK’s hip-hopcore outfit TRC released their latest offering Nation not too long ago and they’ve now followed it up with a new music video! The video is for their song “10,000 Hours.” The video is mostly the bands front man strolling through the streets and getting busted by the cops interspersed with footage of the entire band. It’s not a relatively unique video, this the track is phenomenal. Check out the video after the jump.     Continue reading

B L A C K I E Releases New EP That’s Only For The Real

ONLY 4 THE REAL cover art

Houston, Texas based cataclysmic noise/hip-hop artist B L A C K I E has released his new EP, Only 4 The Real, over at his Bandcamp page. This seven track follows his “acoustic” album GEN of last year with huge system shocking beats. You can pick up the tape of the EP at this location and stream it below. Just be sure to turn it up.

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LILACS & CHAMPAGNE Announce New Album

Obscure samples, trip hop beats and eccentric effects are what Lilacs & Champagne (Emil Amos and Alex Hall of Grails) are all about. Their self titled release of last year was one of my favorite records of 2012. So of course I am excited that the duo will release their sophomore effort, Danish & Blue, on April 23rd via Mexican Summer. The band have released a commercial for the album which can be viewed below. In Lilacs fashion, it features strange and obscure film clips set to psychedelic tunes. I cannot wait for this thing to drop. Check out the commercial below as well as the track “Babbling Brook”.

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Yes, you are reading the headline correctly.. In true what the fuck fashion, hip-hop artist Tyler, The Creator has recorded a song with pre-teen icon Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus. The track which was also co-written with Mary J. Blige will be featured on Cyrus’ upcoming 2013 release.

When asked about the collaboration, Miley Cyrus had this to say to Cosmopolitan –

I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige, and Tyler, the Creator heard it and said, ‘I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album.’ And he killed it!

Most of the music world might find this as some what of a shock and some might even go as far as to call Tyler a “sellout”, but anyone who actually follows Odd Future shouldn’t surprised by this move. The group is always making Miley Cyrus jokes and group leader Tyler probably saw this as an excellent publicity stunt as well as a way to have some fun with his persona.

God damn, this is going to be ridiculous. I can’t wait to check this out…


— Josh Huddleston

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WTF Moment: SNL Cast Member Mentions DEATH GRIPS On Rachael Ray


Just a few days ago, television’s cooking icon Rachael Ray featured Saturday Night Live and Portlandia cast member Fred Armisen as the guest on her show. At some point in the interview, Ray gives her guests one minute of free time to purvey any message that they choose. In this particular instant, Armisen chose to go on a thirty-second tangent about “a musician who he thinks is the greatest ever”. That musician was none other than Death Grips drummer Zach Hill! According to Armisen, Hill has “reinvented how you drum”.

Man, that is some killer press, too bad it’s going to be wasted on people who’d rather listen to Justin Beiber. Can you just imagine America’s bored house wives casually youtubing Death Grips? Yeah, pretty fucking awesome, right? To view the clip of Armisen on Rachael Ray click here.


— Josh Huddleston

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DANNY BROWN Is The Black Brad Pitt


Featured above is the strange music video for Evil Nine‘s collaboration with rapper Danny Brown. The track is titled “The Black Brad Pitt” and the video features everything you’d want in a music video; Diamonds, a African solider dancing and a random chick! Yeah, it’s that strange, but at least the track isn’t bad at all.

Oddly enough, this is the first Danny Brown song I ever heard (which was when I randomly watched his set at Fun Fun Fun Fest) and I haven’t heard it since, but yet still remember all the words.. Anyway, soak in all the Danny Brown you can before he drops OLD drops later this year. it’s going to be a banger.


— Josh Huddleston

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