Exclusive: LAE Track Premiere + Interview


After nearly a decade-and-a-half of silence, Montreal-based experimental rock act Lae will release their long-awaiting debut full length, Break the Clasp, on November 25th.

The band were initially active in the mid 1990s under the name Lae-Tseu and impacted the Quebec art and post-hardcore/emo/indie scenes and earned a solid regional fanbase. As they were preparing to recorded their debut full length, the band dissolved and was put on hold in 2001. Now, nearly 13 years later, the newly reformed Lae are ready to unleash these songs upon the world.

We here at American Aftermath are excited to bring you your first taste of Break the Clasp in the form of the album’s seventh track, “Sister”. The song echoes psychedelic progressive rock and post-rock but the overall picture is far more expansive. The song, as well as the album in general, is wholly unique and escapes categorization. Stream “Sister” for yourself and read a quick interview with Lae mastermind Marc Lucas Ablasou after the break.

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Exclusive Interview: OLD WOUNDS

Last week (September 16), New Jersey metallic hardcore warriors Old Wounds released their incredible new EP, Death Projection. The EP follows their highly praised 2013 debut LP, From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest, and sees the band maturing and further honing their sound, which is rooted in a distinct ’90s hardcore influence. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, drummer Brandon Gallagher discussed the new release, how it compares to their previous material and the band’s influences, as well as creating the Death Projection artwork and more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: THE CONTORTIONIST


Earlier this week (September 16) progressive metal act The Contortionist released their latest album, Language. Their third full-length and follow-up to 2012′s Intrinsic features a new line-up, with original members, Joey (drums) and Robby Baca (guitar), now accompanied by Michael Lessard (vocals), Jordan Eberhardt (bass) and Eric Guenther (keyboards). Along with the personnel change, Language sees the band delve further into experimental and atmospheric territory. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, Joey Baca discussed the new release, the member change and The Contortionist’s progressive sound, as well as the themes behind Language and more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: LAST PLAGUE

Over the six years my band has been part of the Vancouver live circuit, one particular show stands out in my memory. Within thirty seconds of their set, the band onstage at the Patricia Hotel caused total chaos when their vocalist jumped into the crowd. I remember thinking to myself, “Who is this madman?” Not only did the vocalist have the crowd at his whim, the vocal sounds coming out were powerful. Turns out that man was Last Plague’s Heath Fenton. Along with Last Plague, Heath played in the bands Witness Protection Program and Angry. I got a chance to pick Heath’s brain and find out what’s going on these days with Last Plague.

How has the Vancouver changed from your days as an all age musician to the present day?

Heath Fenton (vocals): It has changed a bunch. When I first moved here in 1996 it was the music scene that brought me here. There were a shit load of wicked bands and there was tonnes of support for the scene. All ages shows would sometimes draw in the high hundreds for local shows. Amazing stuff. That’s the main difference. Unfortunately that scene fizzled out shortly after we moved here. For whatever reason. People growing up. Drug addiction was a major factor in it. The scene is healthy now. There are a number of places to play. And so many amazing bands. people really have got to pay more attention to what is going on with heavy music in this town. Another difference is, in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s there was really only a couple of venues that would house heavier type bands. So that has changed. There are at least a dozen right now. And crowd support seems to be coming around again. But nothing like it was in the mid 1990s. Maybe that will change, but I have no idea what the kids are doing these days. And the bar crowd is not getting any younger.heath

What Vancouver venue sticks out in your memory as being fundamental to your show going/playing past?

The venue that stands out the most to me over the years is obviously the old Cobalt. That and the Columbia, which is called 303 now. Both were run by Wendy13, and anything she does pretty much rules for the metal/punk community. When I was in my first real Vancouver band (Human Resistance Program) she ran the Columbia shows and always booked us. We played a shit load of awesome shows there that stand out in my mind. After that place closed then it was onto the Cobalt. I don’t think i need to explain anything about that place and the legendary status it achieved with in the community. It’s just too bad it ended.

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Quick Interview With OLD WOUNDS’ Brandon Gallgher

Brandon GallagherIt was recently announced that my homies in Old Wounds had inked a deal with Good Fight Music, which is a huge step forward for them and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Well, I caught up with my good friend Brandon, drummer for Old Wounds and I asked him four very important questions. It went a little something like this.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: PELICAN

Forever Becoming, Pelican’s fifth full length album, represents a turning point in the band’s 14 year existence. The album is the first to not to feature founding guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec, who parted ways with the band roughly a year prior to the album’s release. But that didn’t stop the band from pushing through and creating possibly their most solid effort to date. The album retains elements of Pelican’s traditional massive sound while continuing along the more experimental and aggressive route touched upon on the Araraxia/Taraxis EP. American Aftermath recently caught up with the band to delve a little deeper into Forever Becoming, the band’s other musical endeavors and future plans and releases.

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Exclusive Interview: THE GREAT SABATINI

Earlier this week (June 2) Montreal, QC noisy sludge warriors The Great Sabatini dropped their latest album, Dog Years. The follow-up record to 2012′s stellar Matterhorn, and accompanying EP The Royal We, sees the band further honing their chaotic, diverse sound that seethes elements of doom, grind and crushing ’70s-style rock. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, guitarist/vocalist Sean Sabatini discussed Dog Years, their unique “swamp trench arithmetic” sound, as well as their musical influences, unusual album art and more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: TIGER FLOWERS’ Jesse James Madre

While they may have a pretty dedicated following in New York alone, Tiger Flowers are posed to take the heavy music world by the throat and choke it into submission. After a well-received EP in 2011, Tiger Flowers have finally released their debut full length upon the world. Dead Hymns jarring blend of off-kilter riffs and rhythms with post-hardcore melodies is sure to punish anyone who dares to let into their ears. American Aftermath recently caught up with frontman Jesse James Madre to discuss the band’s beginnings, the new record, and their penchant for blowjobs. 

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Exclusive Interview: SECRETS OF THE SKY

SOTSromo1On Friday I posted my interview with the fantastic doomsters Godhunter and now it is time to release my interview with their upcoming tour mate, Clayton from Secrets Of The Sky. This band is also wonderful and I was stoked to interview Clayton. We talked about the tour, the bands new album and who has the best beard in metal. Check it out.      Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: ACXDC

e3800-acxdcwebWhen it comes to West Coast Grindcore, there is no way that you cannot think about ACxDC. This band has been crushing for years and they haven’t lost any of their integrity or drive along the way. The band recently released their debut LP Antichrist Demoncore and I had a chance to interview vocalist Sergio Amalfitano. We discussed the album, what Sergio has been listening to, what’s next for the band and more. Check it out.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: JAR’D LOOSE

If the miscreants in Jar’d Loose haven’t crossed paths with your ears yet, then you are missing out. This Chicago-based four-piece are experts in all things heavy, noisy and eccentric. The driving rhythms that always have one foot deep in noise rock, and the barking and commanding vocals, all give Jar’d Loose their own unique persona. The band may have passed under a lot of radars in the past, but with the release of their second album just around the corner, they are sure to garner a lot of attention this year. American Aftermath was able to catch up with vocalist Eddie Gobbo and bassist Eva Bialecki to talk about the band’s beginnings, the new album Turns 13 and White Zombie cover shows.

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Exclusive Interview: AUTOPSY


No one does gore-soaked death metal quite like Autopsy. The legendary Bay Area band have been unleashing a slew of stellar releases since 2011′s Macabre Eternal, and their latest offering, Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves, is no exception. Their seventh full-length to date, the album sees drummer/lead vocalist Chris Reifert, guitarists Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler, as well as bassist Joe Trevisano carry on Autopsy’s classic gruesome sound. In this recent interview with American Aftermath, Reifert discussed the new record, their distinct sound, as well as the band’s 1995 disbandment (which I guess we all should stop asking about) and their well-received return. Continue reading


Exclusive Interview: FLOOR


The anticipation for a new album from Miami, FL-based band Floor has been building since their welcomed 2010 reunion. Featuring Torche vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks, along with guitarist Anthony Vialon and drummer Henry Wilson, Oblation is the group’s first new release in 12 years and it picks up right where their highly revered 2002 self-titled LP left off. In a recent interview with American Aftermath, Vialon discussed Floor’s return, the making of Oblation, the band’s unique set-up, and more. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: SEIZURES

Since 2010, California’s Seizures have been crafting abrasive hardcore that could quite possibly level cities or, at the least, melt faces. With the release of their second full length, The Sanity Universal, the five piece have become a force to be reckoned with. The album marks a big stylistic jump from their previous efforts, opting for more unyielding chaos and experimentation. They take the blueprints from bands like Botch and Deadguy and mutate it into new forms. Basically, Seizures put the “chaotic” in “chaotic hardcore”.

American Aftermath got a chance to speak with vocalist Cameron Miller and bassist Ian Hodges on the new album, band beginnings, and future plans. 

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