Exclusive Interview: CULT LEADER


As a fan of Gaza, it was devastating to me when news broke of their split last year. Having developed a friendship with the members, it also hit me on a personal level. It was heartbreaking to see these fine people – who I had watched grow and develop as musicians over the years, and struggle through working their way up – have it all ripped away from them. However, this is what makes their rebirth as Cult Leader all the more inspiring, and the release of EP, Nothing For Us Here, even more eagerly anticipated. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: EPISTASIS’ Amy Mills

It’s seems as if New York has become (or perhaps always has been) a breeding ground for forward-thinking, experimental forms of heavy music. Only four months into 2014 and the state has given birth to riveting releases from the likes of Pyrrhon, White Suns, and Epistasis. The latter of which is the focus here. Epistasis’ unique blend of scathing black metal, technical riffing, and general avant-weirdness deserves to be taken note of. While only six tracks long, Epistasis’ Light Through Dead Glass is probably one of the more interesting releases you will hear this year. This is not a band you want to sleep on.

American Aftermath got a chance to speak to vocalist and trumpeter, Amy Mills, about the new EP and the band’s beginnings and evolution. 

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Exclusive Interview: CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR’s Tom Dring

Tom Dring
Corrupt Moral Altar are an amazing band that I have been a fan of since their inception. I have also struck a friendship with the bands drummer Tom Dring, who I have stated many times in the past is the owner of the best mustache in grindcore. I recently caught up with Tom to talk about his mustache, their recent signing with Season Of Mist and much more. Read on. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: RINGWORM


Cleveland, OH-based metallic hardcore warriors Ringworm have returned with their soon-to-be-released sixth album, and Relapse debut, Hammer of the Witch. Featuring their classic combination of extreme metal and hardcore, Hammer of the Witch is a retrospective of their two decade-plus career. The album incorporates thrash grooves and old school punk/rock influences, while maintaining relentless, more vicious than ever, aggression throughout.

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Exclusive Interview: SO HIDEOUS’ Christopher Cruz

SoHideousWell folks, a few days ago it was announced that my boys in So Hideous has inked a deal with Prosthetic Records, which means that the distribution of their amazing new album would reach many more people. That’s amazing and I wanted to catch up with the bands bassist/vocalist Chris Cruz to see whats been up in the ranks of So Hideous as of late. Check out what he had to say.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: YAUTJA

Even before the release of their debut LP, Songs of Descent, Nashville, TN’s Yautja were already being lauded as the next greatest band in heavy music. Now that the record has had a chance to see the light of day, that assertion seems legit. Featuring members of Coliseum, Gnarwhal, Nameless Cults and others, Yautja amalgamate death metal and grind with intense, discordant hardcore and infuse it with elements of sludge and crust. Filled with crushing drum patterns, distorted low-end grooves, explosive guitar lines and gnarled vocals, Songs of Descent is simply captivating.

In this interview with American Aftermath, vocalist/guitarist Shibby Poole and drummer/vocalist Tyler Coburn discussed the album and how Yautja came to be, as well as their diverse sound, which they like to call “Heavy Metal Thunder.” Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: BIRD EATER’s Jon Parkin


It would be an understatement to say that the sudden release of Bird Eater’s debut LP last week (February 11) came as a pleasant surprise. Despite the lack of promotion and shoddy planning by label Black Market Activities, the release hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. The highly-anticipated record from the Salt Lake City-based band, which features mega-talented members of Gaza, Day of Less and others, is everything that fans have been expecting. Following 2007’s Utah EP, Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set is an outstanding offering, which combines death metal with elements of doom and sludge, and is layered with country influences and dismal, eerie tones.

In this recent interview, vocalist Jon Parkin discussed the long-awaited record, the inspiring western deserts, as well as which Bird Eater members make “magic” together, and more.     Continue reading

Aftermath Exclusive: COLONY’s “Faithealer” EP

GKR023.5Rising from the ashes like the mythical phoenix, Hudson Valley’s Colony have made their ascension back into the public eye with their powerful, awe-inspiring four-song EP Faithealer. The band called it a day after circumstances left them short a guitar player but now they have returned and are back in full effect (as they say). I am proud to present to you all this phenomenal release that should be on everyone’s radar. Continue to be blown away. Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: SEVEN NINES AND TENS’ Dave Cotton

Around 2008, Vancouver gave birth to the massive (formerly) instrumental outfit Seven Nines and Tens; a name to watch out for in the years to come. I was introduced to this band through Nefarious Industries and the release of their Constants and Axioms single early last year. Since then, I continually berate myself for not discovering them sooner. Seven Nines and Tens craft innovative sonic passages that run gamut of post-rock, progressive metal, math rock, and other genres that music nerds, myself included, enjoy. The band is hard at work on their sophomore album, which will feature their first recorded material to include vocals. I had a chance to bug guitarist/vocalist Dave Cotton about the new album, the band’s origins, and so on. 

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Invasion Of The Podcast Episode 3: A Conversation With Retox

Hello there and I invite you to listen to episode three of my not-so-productive podcast. For this addition, I got a chance to sit down with Retox during their show in Dallas, TX this past weekend. We discussed a few things pertaining to YPLL, Justin Pearson’s involvement in film, and learned that guitarist Michael Crain is a pervert. Surely you’ve all become acquainted with this band at this point and if not…

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Blog Vs. Blog: American Aftermath Versus HBNBM

BvsBIf you’re into technical music and have been for a good amount of time, you must have stumbled across the acclaimed, yet not defunct The Apparat.us. This website led the way for technical metal bands getting their music heard and their fans being able to converse back and forth. It was on this site that I was introduced to one of its creators Keith Carlson. I had met him briefly on the Metal Injection Forums (which is also gone now) and he and I have maintained a friendship ever since.

More recently, Keith has become a writer for the up-and-coming metal/gaming website Headbang ‘n Buttonmash: where nerds and metalheads collide! This is Valhalla. I sat down with Keith to conduct my latest in the Blog Vs. Blog interview series. Check it out: Continue reading

Interview: LIONS OF TSAVO’s Ryan Chamberlain + Song Premiere

Ryan Of TsavoWell, folks, I posted about Lions Of Tsavo a few days ago when they released their new song “Tunnel Giant,” which destroys. If that wasn’t enough for you, I am beyond excited to let you know that we here at American Aftermath are premiering yet another radical track from the bands forthcoming album Traverser.

I also hit up Lions Of Tsavo vocalist/guitarist Ryan Chamberlain and asked him a few questions regarding the new album, so you can check that out after the jump and then listen to the bands new song “Berlahars!”     Continue reading

Invasion Of The Podcast Episode 2: Dank Shit – A Conversation With TRANSIENT

I have finally gotten around to doing another edition of Invasion of the Podcast after months of deliberating whether or not I wanted to continue it and just being broke. I attended a local grindcore oriented show this past week and hung out with the Portland grindcore aficionados, Transient, whose debut self-titled album is available now. We discussed the new record, vocalist Krysta Martinez’s involvement in Landmine Marathon, Scion, electric triangles, burning Christmas trees, and the list goes on and on. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. You can stream it below if you have a free half-hour on your hands.

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Exclusive Interview: THE HOWLING VOID

THV RyanI have been a fan of The Howling Void for a while now and I have loved each of their albums, so I figured it was about time I kick out an interview with THV’s only-man Ryan. He is an awesome guy and he gave some very intelligent insight into the creation and ideology of The Howling Void. Check out the interview after the jump as well as a teaser for the bands new record Nightfall, coming later this year.     Continue reading