THE CRINN Streaming New Album “Shadowbreather”

Crinn_SilentBetrayerThe Crinn, AKA one of the meanest, heaviest bands currently on my iPod, are gearing up to release their new, highly anticipated new album Shadowbreather and you can hear it all right now. The Crinn are fucking fierce and brutal and their mathcore is unrivaled. Period. If you know the band, then you will be pleasantly pleased with Shadowbreather. If you’re new, prepare to get your face ripped the fuck apart. Get a dose below courtesy of Metal Injection.      Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: TEAM DEAD

Salt Lake City, UT project Team Dead have released their stellar debut EP, titled Whale Bones and Tin Foil, today (April 21). Featuring guitarist Chris Clement (ex-Gaza, Bird Eater, Day of Less, Pilot This Plane Down), the band offer up a jarring maelstrom of sludge-infused hardcore/mathcore, combining dissonant tones and angular guitar work with super heavy rhythms and bleak vibes. In this American Aftermath interview, Clement discusses Team Dead’s inception, the making of Whale Bones and Tin Foil, the EP’s stunning artwork and more. Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Onward Toward A Red Horizon”

32fd2-onward-smallWho doesn’t love new Meek Is Murder? I know that I fucking adore these dudes and their music and I listen to them non-fucking-stop. Well, it won’t be long before the Meek release their new record Onward/Into The Sun and they have unloaded an unholy slab of vicious heaviness upon us. The track is titled “Onward Toward A Red Horizon and you can check it out after the jump. Fucking do it.     Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Upward”

Who else is excited that Meek Is Murder is back? We all are because we all love Meek. The band’s branding of mathy hardcore is punishing and fun, so any new material surfacing from the band will gladly find a post here on AA. Speaking of, Meek has released a stunning new tack titled “Upward.” This track is absolutely killer and you’ve got to hear it. It’s waiting over on Decibel Mag. Ooooh yeah.

ROLO TOMASSI Streaming New Track “Stage Knives”

rolo tomassi stage knivesI don’t know a lot about Rolo Tomassi, but Lane has told me numerous great things about the band, so when they released a new track, I was interested in hearing it. Well, I was beyond blown away at the power this band has. And they’ve been around for ten years! Well, the band will unleash their new album Grievances in June and the band is currently streaming their new track “Stage Knives.” Its incredible. Check it out below. Seventeen times.      Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Streaming New Track “Downward”

We love Meeks Is Murder here on AA because they rule. The band is always spectacular and I always look forward to listening to new music by them. It doesn’t feel like it was waaaay back in 2011 that the band released their Into The Sun Where It Falls Off The Sky EP, but it was and the band has teamed that up with a new EP to bring us their third full-length. Outward/Into The Sun is sure to destroy and the band has gifted us with a new track titled “Downward.” Check it out below. It’s sick.      Continue reading

OUTLET Signs to GLORY KID , New Song Streaming Now

Born in the Year of Our Lord 2007 in the town of Idaho Falls melodic metallic hardcore quintet Outlet prepare to bequeath to the world the follow up to their acclaimed 2009 EP “Broken Is The Man, Vital Are The Missing Parts”. Consisting of 6 songs and spanning over 30 minutes the new EP “Memento Mori” contains in it just as emotion as it does math or heaviness, though it has plenty of all three. Slated for a Spring ’15 release in digital and physical formats on Glory Kid Ltd. “Memento Mori” marks a milestone in the development of Outlet as such innovations as the conservative use of clean, melodic, vocals and a light math influence are incorporated by the band, always in a subtle way.

Continue on after the break for a sample of Outlet’s maturation as a band in the form of their new song “Mortal Coil”. Streaming right now over at New Noise Magazine.

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RETOX Streaming New Track “Disappointing Grade”

retox6Retox have been releasing some killer fucking tunes as of late. The bands new album Beneath California is going to absolutely destroy everything in it’s path. This is a guarantee. All you need to do to believe me is to check out the bands new track “Disappointing Grade” below. This track is so fucking good. I mean. Damn. Stream it after the jump.     Continue reading

RETOX Release Music Video For “Let’s Not Keep In Touch”

etoxHardcore heathens Retox will unleash their new record Beneath California next month and the band has released a very fun music video for their song “Let’s Not Keep In Touch.” The video features one of my lifelong dreams: to be chased by Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato with a baseball bat. Lucky fuck. You can check out the video below. It’s rad. Enjoy.     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: WARSAWWASRAW

Warsawwasraw‘s debut full length, Sensitizer, came seemingly out of nowhere this year. I was not aware of the French duo’s existence until Three One G label head Justin Pearson (of The Locust/Retox) shared their track “Hollowcost” on various social media outlets. As if the whole “chaotic hardcore” genre couldn’t get more…chaotic. The instrumentation is fast and intense beyond measure. The drumming is furious and bludgeoning. The guitars churn out riffs that are extremely complex, noisy and vicious. Sensitizer is a whirlwind of auditory insanity that aims to distance itself from being just another album that simply echoes the work of Botch or Converge. In short, the album is a good kick in the ass. I recently got in touch with the two masterminds behind Warsawwasraw to discuss the album and more.

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