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Robotic Empire’s NIRVANA Tribute Album Streaming

In UteroRemember that awe-inspiring Nirvana tribute album we heard about a while back? We have already heard Thou‘s cover of “Milk It” and now you can hear the whole album in full. The release came out on Friday, which as most of you know was Record Store Day, but if you didn’t have a chance to snag yourself one, the release has made it’s way online.

Who wouldn’t want to hear Nirvana covered by the likes of Thursday, These Arms Are Snakes, Whirr, Daughters and more? Check it out:     Continue reading

Exclusive Interview: SEIZURES

Since 2010, California’s Seizures have been crafting abrasive hardcore that could quite possibly level cities or, at the least, melt faces. With the release of their second full length, The Sanity Universal, the five piece have become a force to be reckoned with. The album marks a big stylistic jump from their previous efforts, opting for more unyielding chaos and experimentation. They take the blueprints from bands like Botch and Deadguy and mutate it into new forms. Basically, Seizures put the “chaotic” in “chaotic hardcore”.

American Aftermath got a chance to speak with vocalist Cameron Miller and bassist Ian Hodges on the new album, band beginnings, and future plans. 

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The-Dillinger-Escape-Plan-photo-by-Nathaniel-ShannonSo, I don’t know how no one on American Aftermath posted about this, but a few weeks ago The Dillinger Escape Plan released a new track called “Happiness Is A Smile” which was pressed on a limited edition 7″ and sold only on the bands current tour. Well, the band has been playing the song at every show and they have been filming every performance and it has been wrapped up into a pretty rad live video. Check out the video for “Happiness Is a Smile” after the jump.     Continue reading


TDEP TourWell what a fucking tour this one is. The Dillinger Escape PlanRetoxTrash Talk and (Norway’s) Shining are teaming up for one beast of a tour for the month of April. I mean, holy shit, is that a line-up or what? I’m personally not a fan of Shining (not this one anyway), but the other three are all amazing bands. You can check out the full poster and dates after the jump.      Continue reading

Happy Holidays!: MEEK IS MURDER Release Free Christmas EP

Awww. Aren’t those dudes in Meek Is Murder sweethearts? Not only do they release an awesome album in 2013, they follow it up with a FREE holiday EP! That’s right! Three more rad Meek Is Murder songs for your holidaze, collected and titled Infant Worship. The band recorded the songs at the Converse Rubber Tracks’ studio, where they had some free recording time. The EP was recorded and mixed in a single day.

So, let’s kick this shit! You can stream and download the EP after the jump as well as check out a video from the sweeties themselves.       Continue reading

American Lives: THE ARMED Release Split With THARSIS THEY

Armed TharsisRegrettably, I have only posted about The Armed once on here, but I do love this band. Vicious, spastic grindcore with an Atrocitus-sized level of raging anger. If you’re new to The Armed, you can get completely caught up over on their Bandcamp page, but what I want to really talk about is the new split the dudes just released with Tharsis They. This is mad shit right here, kids.

Where The Armed assault you with their mathcore elements, Tharsis They are more straight forward vicious hardcore. The pairing of the two is something of dreams. Seriously. You can stream and download the split below. Give yourself over to it.      Continue reading

Review: SEIZURES – “The Sanity Universal”

The Sanity Universal (2013) cover art

Excuse me, but how would you like your brain demolished this evening? Well, Seizures prefers to deep-fry the brain in abrasive song structures,  beat it to a paste with the finest riffs that chaotic hardcore can buy, and served with a side of experimentation. Cheesy restaurant metaphors aside, that is the gist of what California’s hardcore quintet Seizures has to offer. The Sanity Universal is the group’s sophomore album and follow up to 2011′s Antipathy. Antipathy was a good album, but nothing that really enthralled me personally. The Sanity Universal is an entirely different story. I do not know what happened or who lost their mind during the years between the two albums but this record is absolutely viscous. There are a number of “chaotic hardcore”/”metallic hardcore” bands that are derived from the sounds of Botch and Converge but Seizures are shaping up to be an entirely new beast. Prepare your body because the next hour you belong Seizures and you are not going to escape without a few bruises. 

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The life and work of Jean Vauvais cover art

The Irish instrumental spastic grind duo I’ll Eat Your Face have released their final EP for free download over at their Bandcamp. The EP is entitled The Life and Work of Jean Vauvais and features three tracks of brain melting grindcore. You can stream the band’s final work after the break. Be sure to check out their past releases on their Bandcamp as well. They are well worth your time.

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MEEK IS MURDER Premiere New Song And Playthrough Video


Lambgoat have premiered a new track from Meek is Murder’s forthcoming album Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is due out on October 22nd. The forty-nine second grinding tune is entitled “Ashes & Glass” and  is sure to hit you where it hurts, presumably your genitalia. As an added bonus, Gear Gods have an exclusive video of the band tracking the song for your viewing pleasure. So follow the links and check them out.

Sterling Results: THE ARMED Release New Music Video

The ArmedI could have sworn I posted about The Armed at least once on here. I don’t know how the hell I could have not posted about them because they are mind-blowing. The band has executes a vicious brand of mathological grinding madness and they released a phenomenal EP titles Spreading Joy last year and they have now unleashed the music video for their track “Sterling Results.” Continue on after the jump to check out the very brief but very effective music video.       Continue reading

dillinger remix

Your Wife Is The Killer: WIFE Releases Remix Of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN

dillinger remixJames Kelly, vocalist and guitarist of Altar of Plagues, also has an electronic project under the name Wife, who has just released something very interesting: a remix of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s “One of Us Is The Killer.” You can stream the dark, ominous remix after the jump.

Personally, I think it’s pretty killer. Continue reading

MEEK IS MURDER Debut New Track And Play Through Video


Brooklyn Vegan have premiered a new track from Meek is Murder’s forthcoming album, Everything is Awesome Nothing Matters, which is out on October 22nd. The track happens to be my favorite from the new record, “Ghost Moth”. Not only do you get to jam the new song but you can watch guitarist Mike Keller perform the track via Guitar World. Well, you know the drill. Follow the links to check them out now.

Review: MEEK IS MURDER – “Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters”

There was nowhere to go but up after Meek is Murder put out their highly acclaimed debut full length, Algorithms, in 2011. Their high octane grinding hardcore, partially inspired by the late 90′s/early 2000′s breed of chaotic and metallic hardcore, was enough for Decibel Magazine to label them “the best mathcore to come along since that genre’s big hitters – Botch, Coalesce, Converge – dominated the late 90s.” After last year’s Back to The Future inspired EP, Into the Sun Where It Falls Off the Sky, it was high time for Meek is Murder to craft their next full length and show off their skills yet again. The end result was Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters; a thirteen song, twenty minute hurricane of ferocity and intricacy.

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