HOLLOW EARTH (ENABLER, SHAI HULUD) Streaming New Track “World To Come”

HOLLOW cover

Hollow Earth (Enabler, Shai Hulud) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut full length, Silent Graves, over at Metal Sucks. The new track is entitled “World To Come” and  it hits with massive metallic hardcore weight. Angular riffs are thrown all about like rogue darts before ending in a massive, chugging climax. Stream the track for yourself over at Metal Sucks.

Silent Graves will be released on November 11th via Panic Records.

Hollow Earth will also embark on a tour early next month with the likes of KDC, Run With The Hunted and Exalt in tow. Those dates can be seen below.

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ATRIARCH Streaming New Track “Bereavement”


Portland’s Atriarch have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, An Unending Pathway, over at Noisey. The new track is titled “Bereavement” and it combines elements of dismal black metal and gloomy, gothic-tinged doom rock. Get all of the doom and gloom you can handle over at Noisey now.

An Unending Pathway will be released through Relapse Records on October 28th. Pre-orders can be found here.

Atriarch‘s forthcoming tour dates can be seen after the break.

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CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Streaming New Track “Babylonian Pandemonium”

Cavalera Conspiracy Pandemonium

Cavalera Conspiracy have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Pandemonium, over at Loudwire. The new track is entitled “Babylonian Pandemonium” and it churns out down-tuned, tremolo picked thrashing riffs that are so heavy that it is almost ludicrous. Check out the track for yourself over at Loudwire now. You can also stream the previously released track, “Bonzai Kamikaze”, after the break.

Pandemonium will be released on November 4th via Napalm Records.

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THE BANNER Detail New Album “Greying”

New Jersey metallic hardcore outfit The Banner have released the details surrounding their forthcoming full length album, Greying. The Will Putney (The Acacia Strain, etc) and Randy Leboeuf produced offering has an official release date of December 9 through Good Fight Music. The album’s official artwork and track listing can be seen after the break. On the forthcoming release, frontman JSS had the following comments:

“The writing for Greying began shortly after the recording of Frailty and continued right up until we entered the studio. My motivation was to get a seamless fusion of the sounds and ideas of Each Breath Haunted and Frailty, as much as possible, then expand on that focused vein as best as I was able. Fortunately we linked up with Randy in the studio and he made this all possible in a way I believe other engineers wouldn’t have been able to. I’m very grateful to have had Randy and Will working with me on this album. I think that Greying is without question the most ‘The Banner’ album I’ve done.”

In case you missed it, you can stream the new track “Crippling Despair” below as well.

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IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS To Release New EP “Merging In Light”

Denver doom/sludge duo In the Company of Serpents have announced the release of a new three-track EP. The new release will bear the title Merging in Light and will be released independently on December 21st through the band’s Bandcamp page. The Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, etc) produced offering will follow the band’s previous release, 2013’s Of the Flock, which can be streamed after the break. The album’s artwork and track listing, as well as the band’s forthcoming live shows, can be seen after the break as well.

Pre-orders for Merging in Light can be found here.

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FEED THE RHINO Release Music Video For “The Sorrow And The Sound”

feedtherhino2Feed The Rhino are a band that I found out about earlier this year when they released their album The Sorrow And The Sound. The band is a very interesting one as they are one of those acts that I cannot seem to place into any specific genre. I do like the bands music and I really dig their new music video for the title track off of the new album. Check out the video for “The Sorrow And The Sound” below.     Continue reading

GIANT SQUID Streaming New Track “Mycenaeans”

GIANT-SQUID_MINOANS_cover-with-logo-608x624Giant Squid will release their highly anticipated new album Minoans at the end of the month and the band is currently streaming a fantastic new track over on Stereogum. I have been interested in this band for a while, but have only listened to a few tracks here and there. This new track, titled “Mycenaeans,” has seriously made me want to listen to the bands new record in full because it is so haunting and mesmerizing. Check out the track after the jump and see if it tickles your fancy the same.      Continue reading

TOMBS Release Music Video For Cover Of DAVID BOWIE’s “Heroes”

david-bowie-2013-superprideAs you guys know, I adore cover songs of all shapes and sizes, especially when they are done well. I also love the band Tombs and everything they do, so when I learned that the band had covered David Bowie‘s “Heroes,” I was over the moon. Not only is the song extremely well done, it is my favorite Bowie tune, which appears in one of my favorite movies The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Check out Tombs rendition of the track as well as their video for it after the jump.      Continue reading


The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman recently took to Instagram to tease new material he has been working on for the band. The brief clip of the new track can be seen below.

Weinman was also in the studio recent recording material with Giraffe Tongue Orchestra with producer Ross Robinson. No word yet on when that project will see the light of day.

REVOCATION Streaming New Album “Deathless”

Revocation have premiered their forthcoming fifth full length album, Deathless, over at Revolver. The album will officially be released on next Tuesday, October 14, and pre-orders are still being offered here. Deathless brings the face-shredding, bone-breaking, mind-melting riffs in abundance. If that excites you, then stream the album over at Revolver now.



AMERICAN HERITAGE Streaming New Track “Anxious Bedwetter”


Chicago’s American Heritage have premiered a new track from their sixth and final album, Prolapse, over at Revolver. The track is entitled “Anxious Bedwetter” and it churns out all of the angular grooves and sludge-ridden auditory punches you can handle. The song rips right out of the gate with bouncing rhythms and ends with a thundering onslaught of riffs in its final moments. Check out the track for yourself over at Revolver now.

Prolapse will be released November 24 via Solar Flare Records. Pre-orders can be placed here.



SAHHR Streaming New Track “Miscreant”

Blackened death metal outfit Sahhr have premiered a new track from their forthcoming self-titled EP over at Metal Insider.  The new track is entitled “Miscreant”, which opens up with blistering black metal fury before launching into a metalcore-esque section and back again. It’s heavy, as one can imagine. Head over to Metal Insider to check it out now.

Sahhr will be released on October 31st via Domestic Genocide. Pre-orders can be placed here.


WORMWOOD Streaming New Track “I’d Rather Die”

Wormwood (Doomriders) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming self-titled debut over at Decibel. The new track is entitled “I’d Rather Die” and for four minutes it will crush you with harsh and dismal sludge. The name of the track alone suggests bludgeoning heaviness. Check out the track for yourself after the break.

Wormwood will be available next Tuesday, October 14th via Magic Bullet Records. In case you missed it, stream the track “White Plague” here.

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