KING GIANT Release Lyric Video For “Red Skies”

blackoceanwavesKing Giant will release their new album Black Ocean Waves in June and the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Red Skies.” I really love this track, first off. Secondly, the lyric video is strange, not really what I expect to see in 2015, but whatayagonnado? You can check out the video after the jump and see if you dig the track as much as I do. Enjoy.     Continue reading

MUTOID MAN Streaming New Track “Sweet Ivy”

Converge/Cave In supergroup Mutoid Man are prepping the release of their new album Bleeder and they have unveiled a crusher of a track upon us all. I am behind on Mutoid Man, but after listening to this new track, I want to go back and check out the bands first album. This new track is titled “Sweet Ivy” and it’s pretty fucking sweet. Let the rockin’ commence, bitches. Check it out below.     Continue reading

ENTRAILS Streaming New Track “Midnight Coffin”

Swedish death metal horde Entrails have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Obliteration, over at Bloody Disgusting. The new track is the menacing and undoubtedly heavy (obviously) “Midnight Coffin”, whose riffs lash out like the claws of some beast of apocalyptic-proportions spawned from the caverns of Hell. Listeners are sure to headbang until their brain flies out of their skull. Check it out for yourself at this location.

Obliteration will be released on May 19 via Metal Blade. Pre-orders can be found here.

Exclusive Interview: TEAM DEAD

Salt Lake City, UT project Team Dead have released their stellar debut EP, titled Whale Bones and Tin Foil, today (April 21). Featuring guitarist Chris Clement (ex-Gaza, Bird Eater, Day of Less, Pilot This Plane Down), the band offer up a jarring maelstrom of sludge-infused hardcore/mathcore, combining dissonant tones and angular guitar work with super heavy rhythms and bleak vibes. In this American Aftermath interview, Clement discusses Team Dead’s inception, the making of Whale Bones and Tin Foil, the EP’s stunning artwork and more. Continue reading

BELL WITCH Streaming New Album “Four Phantoms”

Bell Witch

Seattle doom duo Bell Witch have premiered their upcoming album, Four Phantoms, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released on April 28 via Profound Lore and can be purchased here. The album is a monolithic, dark and dreary force of doom metal that will have you collapsing under the weight of its metallic melancholy. Just check it out for yourself over at Noisey now.

PARADISE LOST Streaming New Track “No Hope In Sight”

Metal legends Paradise Lost will release their new album The Plague Within in June and the band has released a really cool lyric video for their new track “No Hope In Sight.” This band has been in my library for a long time now and I always look forward to material from them. It seems to me that The Plague Within will most definitely be a phenomenal record. Check out “No Hope In Sight” below and see for yourself.      Continue reading

BROKEN CROSS Streaming New Track “Forsaken Existence”

Swedish act Broken Cross are prepping the release of their debut album Through Light To Night and the band has released a new track titled “Forsaken Existence.” It’s a strange brand of heaviness that I am not super familiar with but it is interesting. I definitely want to check out more from this melodic monstrosity. You can check out the new track below and be sure to check back for more details concerning Broken Cross‘s new record.      Continue reading

FIGHT AMP Streaming New Track “Ex Everything”

fight amp-constnatlyoffLoveable rockers at Fight Amp will release their highly anticipated new record Constantly Off in June and the band has given us a sickeningly sweet taste of said album in the form of “Ex Everything.” This track is fuzzy, feedback-laden and fucking gorgeous. I adore Fight Amp and anything they release, so there is no doubt that Constantly Off will be a choice listen.     Continue reading

VALBORG Streaming New Track “Comtesse”

Germany’s Valborg have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Romantik, over at Decibel. The new track is the seven-minute, lurching “Comtesse”, which combines bleak, creeping funeral doom aesthetics with ambient synths and harsh, scraping vocals. Think Type O Negative, but stranger. Head over to Decibel to check out the track now.

Romantik will be released on May 19 on CD and digitally and on vinyl on June 16, via Temple of Torturous.



WRVTH Streaming New Track “Harrowing Winds”

Californian technical death metal outfit WRVTH (formerly Wrath of Vesuvius) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming self-titled album over at No Clean Singing. The new track, titled “Harrowing Winds”, builds from controlled melodic buildings into no-holds barred, spiraling madness in no time at all. Even in its most chaotic, intricate moments, the song retains a sense of melody and even plays with serene post-rock elements during its icy interludes. You can check out the track for yourself after the break along with the band’s forthcoming touring schedule.

WRVTH will be released on June 16.

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