LIFERUINER Release Music Video For “Day Walker”

liferuinerCanada’s Liferuiner will soon be releasing their new EP N O M A D S and the band has released a music video for a new track. The track is titled “Day Walker” and the video is weird, but cool. I’ve been digging Liferuiner for a bit now and I’m stoked to hear N O M A D S. Check out the video below and see if you’re digging it.     Continue reading

KUBLAI KHAN Streaming New Track “Life For A Life,” BURY YOUR DEAD Vocalist Guests

Kublai Khan are a band that I found out about at the exact same time I learned about Vanna. I got the same vibe off of the former band and I really enjoyed their music. The band is currently promoting their new album New Strength, which will be released next month. Kublai Khan are currently streaming their new track “Life For A Life” which features guest vocals by Bury Your Dead‘s Mat Bruso. Check out the track below. Sickkk.       Continue reading

SHAI HULUD Stream PROPAGANDHI Cover “Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette”

shaihuludhatedShai Hulud are legendary. ‘Nuff said. The band will soon release their new EP Just Can’t Hate Enough X 2 – Plus Other Hate Songs, which is a collection of original songs and covers. Said EP hosts a cover of Propagandhi‘s “Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette,” of which you can hear right now! The cover pairs Shai Hulud with Stick To Your Guns front man Jesse Barnett and it’s pretty sick. Stream it over on AltPress right now. You can check the track list below.      Continue reading

VANNA Streaming THE OFFSPRING Cover “Self Esteem”

A while back it was announced that Vanna would release an EP titled Alt which would feature cover songs. Well, the band released their cover of Marilyn Manson‘s “Beautiful People” and for some reason it missed my posting schedule. However, I am not missing the bands latest cover, The Offspring‘s “Self Esteem.” The band has unleashed the track and you can hear it below.       Continue reading

FOREVERMORE Release Music Video For “Wormtongue”

forevermoreLast summer I got turned onto a band called Forevermore. The band crafted some really rad metalcore that caught my attention and held on to it. The band has just dropped their new music video for their song “Wormtongue.” You can check out said video after the jump. It’s pretty cool, if I do say so.     Continue reading

AUGUST BURNS RED Release Music Video For “Identity”

august burns redThe reasons I love August Burn Red always get bumped up when they release a music video. I don’t know why but this band consistently releases enjoyable music videos. The band has just released a video for their track “Identity” which comes off of their most recent offering Found In Far Away Places. The video is 97% animated, with the only live action pieces being the band themselves. Check it out below. Adore.      Continue reading

BORN OF OSIRIS Streaming New Track “Throw Me In The Jungle”

BooOooooh. This is exciting. I didn’t know we were getting new Born Of Osiris this year. I’m so fucking pumped that I can’t control myself. This band has really grown on me and seriously grown as a band over the years. BoO have unloaded a radical new track from their forthcoming album, which has yet to me detailed, let alone named. The track is titled “Throw Me In The Jungle.” Check it out below.     Continue reading

THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL Release “Armilus” Music Video

Frankfurt’s The Green River Burial have released the official video for their new track “Armilus”, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming Blight 7″, which is due out on August 1. The groove heavy, unquestionably heavy tune is set to a Yves Otterbach-directed clip depicting the band performing in front of an ever-changing backdrop of nature and interstellar scenery. Check out the video after the break and pre-order the 7″ here or here.

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Review: Will Haven – Open the Mind to Discomfort


I’ve been following Will Haven since the release of their 1997 album El Diablo, when I encountered the song Ego’s Game on a Revelation Records sampler CD (back when those still were a thing).  I saw them live the summer of that year and was hooked by the downtuned, sludgy riffs and hardcore intensity. Continue reading

ZAO Streaming First New Track Since 2009 “Xenophobe”

Man it has been a long time since we got some new, rad Zao tunes. I mean, American Aftermath wasn’t even around back then and I know I’m not the only one who listens to The Funeral Of God on a regular basis, right? We have all been wondering if Zao was going to still have the chops to crush after all these years and I am proud to reveal that they do indeed have the chops. The band has a new track streaming over on Decibel and it’s wonderful. Head on over and stream it til you faint.

AUGUST BURNS RED Streaming New Track “Ghosts”

August Burns Red will release their new album Found In Far Away Places next Tuesday and the band has release it’s latest offering from the album. The new track is titled “Ghosts” and it features guest vocals by A Day To Remember‘s Jeremy McKinnon. The track, like pretty much everything from August Burns Red, is fantastic. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

Review: Bleak – We Deserve Our Failures


Syracuse, NY’s Bleak has come of age on their first full length release We Deserve Our Failures via the venerable HEX Records. Since I first encountered the band at a very random live show in 2013, they’ve changed considerably.  Most notably, they changed vocalists later in that same year, eschewing the raspy scrape and sneer of former singer Mike, and trading it in for the vicious growl of current frontman Skot.  With that altered lineup and a couple of shorter releases under their belts (2014’s s/t EP and a split 7” with PA hardcore crushers Sovereign), the band has grown from a noise drenched, simplistic assault into something somehow beefier, more mature, and more complexly heavy. Continue reading

EVERY TIME I DIE Announce Summer Tour

Every Time I Die have announced a string of summer US tour dates that will commence on July 23 and extend through August 22. The band will be joined by the likes of Real Friends, Counterparts, Gnarwolves, Brigades and Gatherers throughout the trek. Check out the touring schedule after the break.

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AUGUST BURNS RED Streaming New Track “Identity”

Man, do I love August Burns Red. The band is just spectacular and I can listen to them relentlessly. The band’s forthcoming album Found In Far Away Places is due out at the end of next month and they have unveiled a new track. This track is titled “Identity” and it is as amazing as you want it to be. Maybe more. I know I can’t wait to hear some more August Burns Red, but this track will hold me over nicely. Check it out below.     Continue reading

HASTE THE DAY Streaming New Track “Take”

haste the day- cowardsI know I have been championing the new Haste The Day album Coward for a bit now, but seeing as Burning Bridges is one of my all time favorite records, there is now way I would miss out on an album that sounds even a fraction of how that one did. Well, Haste The Day are doing just that. Uniting the current line-up with the original line-up, the band will release their ultimate record Coward next week. The band has released a new track titled “Take,” which you can now hear after the jump. It’s a bit of old and a bit of new. I dig it alot. Check it out.      Continue reading