VATTNET VISKAR Streaming New Track “Glory”

vattnetviskar“Hands to the heaven’s….” Oh, wait. It’s not that “Glory?” Well that makes sense. I thought it sounded different. Better even. Much better. The grand masters Vattnet Viskar have unleashed another amazing track off of their upcoming record Settler. The track is titled “Glory” and it is… Oh, so good. I love these dudes and it thrills me to no end to see them prevail. Check out the new track after the jump.     Continue reading

BI$HOP Streaming New Tracks, Reveal Album Details

The other day I posted about xBishopx and now the band has gone and re-stylized their name (to Bi$hop) and they have posted up a few tracks for hardcore consumption. Dudes, I love this band and I am so stoked that they are back and as great as ever. If you want to hear a handful of new tracks, one of which is a Most Precious Blood cover, click on over after the jump. You can also check out the album art up top and the track list below.      Continue reading

SO STRESSED Release New Album “The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art”

So, I haven’t done a straight up spotlight on a band in a while, but it was about time I did another. The band I have chosen is the incredible band So Stressed. The band was only introduced to me today, but they have already made an impact on me. So Stressed have just released their sophomore album The Unlawful Tade Of Greco-Roman Art and it is so brilliant. The band crafts a wonderful brand of post-hardcore that captured the imagination and expands belief. Don’t believe me? Check out the album for yourself. You can stream all of So Stressed‘s The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art below. You’ll thank me afterward.     Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: TERMINAL NATION Stream Two New Tracks, Debut Artwork For “Waste” 7″

11301573_1017387751619748_2040786490_nTerminal Nation, the band featuring members of Jungle Juice will release a new 7″ titled Waste on the legendary Deep Six Records. If that doesn’t pump you up enough, I am so stoked to inform you all that I have two new tracks off of Waste for you today! Well, I have one 100% new track and one re-recorded track off of the bands 2014 demo. Let me tell you this, this is off the chain, son. You can stream “Freddy’s Revenge” and “Pre-Existing Condition” below. I would also like to present the artwork for Waste, which you can see at the top of this post. The artwork was done by the awesome Scott Henning. So dope.     Continue reading

TEMPEL Streaming New Track “Descending Into The Labyrinth

Tempel-tmlopMan, I love Tempel. This band and their instrumental madness is brilliant. I could honestly listen to them all day. Or I could just listen to their new track “Descending Into The Labyrinth” on repeat. Over. And Over. Ohhhhhh, it’s so good. Tempel will release their highly anticipated new album The Moon Lit Our Path in a few weeks and you need to stream “Descending Into The Labyrinth” below. YES!      Continue reading

WILLIAM ENGLISH Streaming New Track “A Monger”

The name William English doesn’t immediately scream “sludge” the first time you hear it. Just going based on name alone, you might file this band without ever hearing them. That would be a mistake because these Eyehategod-worshipping British act will fucking destroy you. I want to say I have heard William English before, but I am not 100% sure. If I have, I’m an idiot for not remembering. If not, I’m so stoked to have them on my radar now. You can heard a new track off of the bands forthcoming album Basic Human Error below. The track is titled “A Monger” and it fucking rips.      Continue reading

ABRAMS Release Music Video For “Sea Salt Lines”

At the end of last month I talked about Abrams‘ track “Sea Salt Lines.” Well, that same band has released a new music video for that same track! It’s such a great track and the video is pretty cool. It’s really fucking weird, but it is Abrams, so that was expected. You can check out the video now, just click on over after the jump.     Continue reading

LORD DYING Release Music Video For “A Wound Outside Of Time”,

lord dying - poisoned altarsGod, I love Lord Dying. This band and their new music video is spectacular. You know what? Everything this band does is fucking spectacular. They’re amazing. Well, speaking of their new music video, it is for “A Wound Outside Of Time,” which is my favorite track off of the band’s latest offering Poisoned Altars. Check out the video after the jump.       Continue reading

BATTLECROSS Streaming New Track “Not Your Slave”

Battlecross have returned! Oh, it is a grand day, is it not? The band will unleash their new album Rise To Power in August and, as if to tease us even more, the band is currently streaming a new track. This track is titled “Not Your Slave” and it is glorious. You can check out the track after the jump and see if Battlecross are going to crush you this year. N’joi.      Continue reading

POISON IDEA Cancel Upcoming Dates, Go On Indefinite Hiatus

Well, you can’t discount Poison Idea for being dishonest. The band has called off all of their upcoming tour dates and have gone on an immediate indefinite hiatus. The band has sited “some health/sanity issues, personal matters and addressing some unfortunate band behavior.” So, at least they were up front about their whole situation to an extent. We don’t know the exact reason for the hiatus, but it’s gotta be something serious. Farewell.

The band recently released their new album Confuse & Conquer on Southern Lord.