DAWN OF AZAZEL Streaming New Track “Controlled Burn”

New Zealand’s Dawn Of Azazel are here and they are ready to fuck you up. These heavy hitting down-underers are a force to be reckoned with and if you doubt me, check out the bands new track “Controlled Burn.” Imagine getting splashed in the face with battery acid while simultaneously being beaten with a hockey stick and loving every minute of it. There. Now you know what this sick new Dawn Of Azazel track is all about. Check out “Controlled Burn” below and get a dose.      Continue reading

BROKEN CROSS Streaming New Track “Forsaken Existence”

Swedish act Broken Cross are prepping the release of their debut album Through Light To Night and the band has released a new track titled “Forsaken Existence.” It’s a strange brand of heaviness that I am not super familiar with but it is interesting. I definitely want to check out more from this melodic monstrosity. You can check out the new track below and be sure to check back for more details concerning Broken Cross‘s new record.      Continue reading

PERIPHERY Release Music Video For “The Bad Thing”

peripheryband2014_638Djentlemen, Periphery have released a new music video. The band released their fantastic double album Juggernaut back in January and it’s still a steady listen for me. Well, the band has released a music video for their track “The Bad Thing.” The video was shot live and it’s pro-fessional. Look it up in the book. It’s cool. Check it out below.      Continue reading

DRUDKH Streaming New Album “A Furrow Cut Short” In Full

Drudkh-A-Furrow-Cut-ShortI love Drudkh. The band is fascinating and they have been crafting phenomenal black metal for a looooong time. Well, they will be releasing their new album A Furrow Cut Short in May and you can now hear the album in full. I have listened to this bad boy one full time all the way through and a few tracks here and there and I gotta admit… I fucking love it. Check out the full stream of A Furrow Cut Short after the jump. All praise Drudkh.     Continue reading

FIGHT AMP Streaming New Track “Ex Everything”

fight amp-constnatlyoffLoveable rockers at Fight Amp will release their highly anticipated new record Constantly Off in June and the band has given us a sickeningly sweet taste of said album in the form of “Ex Everything.” This track is fuzzy, feedback-laden and fucking gorgeous. I adore Fight Amp and anything they release, so there is no doubt that Constantly Off will be a choice listen.     Continue reading

MY AMERICA Streaming New Track “Bad Hosts”

Brooklyn noise rock/hardcore trio My America (formerly My America is Watching Tigers Die) have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Misses, over at Noisey. The new track is titled “Bad Hosts” and will bowl you over with its bass-heavy, driving hardcore stylings. On the track, frontman Matt Turner issued the following comments:

 “‘Bad Hosts’ is the last song we wrote and recorded. The album itself is so serious and intense, ‘Bad Hosts’ is something we did for fun, to lighten the mood. We tracked the song live with Kevin. Although it’s not part of the album, it’s an essential part of our whole experience of making the album.”

Stream the track over at Noisey now.


VALBORG Streaming New Track “Comtesse”

Germany’s Valborg have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Romantik, over at Decibel. The new track is the seven-minute, lurching “Comtesse”, which combines bleak, creeping funeral doom aesthetics with ambient synths and harsh, scraping vocals. Think Type O Negative, but stranger. Head over to Decibel to check out the track now.

Romantik will be released on May 19 on CD and digitally and on vinyl on June 16, via Temple of Torturous.



STEVE VON TILL Streaming New Track “In Your Wings”

[Photo by Niela Von Till]

Steve Von Till (Neurosis) has released a new track from his upcoming record, A Life Unto Itself, over at New Noise. The track is the hauntingly beautiful album opener “In Your Wings”, in which Von Till‘s raspy croons propels the dust-laden, harrowing folk-inspired instrumentation to its ethereal end. You can check out the track after the break.

A Life Unto Itself will be released on May 12 via Neurot Recordings.

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WRVTH Streaming New Track “Harrowing Winds”

Californian technical death metal outfit WRVTH (formerly Wrath of Vesuvius) have premiered a new track from their forthcoming self-titled album over at No Clean Singing. The new track, titled “Harrowing Winds”, builds from controlled melodic buildings into no-holds barred, spiraling madness in no time at all. Even in its most chaotic, intricate moments, the song retains a sense of melody and even plays with serene post-rock elements during its icy interludes. You can check out the track for yourself after the break along with the band’s forthcoming touring schedule.

WRVTH will be released on June 16.

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Now THIS is a tour I can get behind. You all know how much I adore Coheed And Cambria and I also love emo act You Blew It!. Both of these bands get plenty of my listening time and they have just announced a brief tour together this summer. If you’re a seasoned fan of Coheed and have yet to get into You Blew It!, this would be the PERFECT time to do so. Check out the dates below and PLEASE check out one of the shows.     Continue reading

DANZIG Announces North American Tour With PENNYWISE & CANCER BATS

Danzig and Cancer Bats on tour together? Sure, I can see that. Throw Pennywise in the mix and you have my attention. That is a strange addition to this tour package and I am curious if fans of the former will dig the latter and vice versa. It should be somewhat interesting to say the least. You can check out the dates below and see if you’ll be hitting up any of these shows. Again, Danzig. Cancer Bats. Pennywise. Weird.      Continue reading

VEIL OF MAYA Streaming New Track “Teleute”

Veil of Maya are one of those bands that I only came to like in the last few years. The band never interested me before their album Eclipse. That album is fucking phenomenal and I have been seriously looking forward the checking out some of the bands new material. The band has release a new track titled “Teleute” and it’s pretty badass. I can’t wait to check out the rest of Veil Of Maya‘s new record Matriarch. Check out “Teleute” down here.     Continue reading

COLISEUM Streaming New Track “Course Correction”

Coliseum will soon unleash the madness that is their new album Anxiety’s Kiss and they have released their third song from the album. This track is titled “Course Correction” and it is fucking mean. Sludgy punk through and through and it’s so fucking killer. Check out the track via the lyric video after the jump. You’ll thank me later.      Continue reading