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KING BUZZO Unveils Track Listing For Debut Solo Album “This Machine Kills Artists”

Melvins' Buzz Osborne Announces Acoustic Solo LP 'This Machine Kills Artists'

Exclaim have unveiled the official track listing for Buzz Osborne’s (Melvins) forthcoming solo album. The album will bear the same title as his recent, tour-only 10″, This Machine Kills Artists. Four of the tracks on the 10″ will reappear among the album’s 17 original tracks. The album will be released on June 3rd through Ipecac. You can peep the track listing after the break.

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THE SOCKS Streaming Self-Titled Debut Album

Prepare to have your head subjected to copious amounts of fuzz-laden hard rock, courtesy of France’s The Socks. Their self-titled debut album is out now via Small Stone Records and can be purchased at this location. Decibel is providing an exclusive stream of all nine, psychedelic tracks for your listening pleasure. I suggest you check it out now.

LA DISPUTE Streaming New Album “Rooms Of The House”

Noisey have premiered the forthcoming third full length album from Michigan post-hardcore band La Dispute, Rooms of the House. The album officially comes out next Monday, March 18th via Better Living Records, with pre-orders still being offered here. If it’s anything like their previous released album, Wildlife, then it is sure to take an emotional toll on you. Head over to Noisey to stream it now.

CHON Streaming New EP “Woohoo!”

(Primarily) Instrumental prog rockers Chon have premiered their forthcoming EP, Woohoo!, over at Revolver. If you like your rock syrupy smooth with a good bit of virtuosity, then you are in luck. You can stream the EP in full after the break and be sure to catch the band on tour with Animals as Leaders now. 

Woohoo! will be released on March 4th. Pre-orders can be obtained here.

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ANNE Streaming New Album “Pulling Chain”

anneEveryone’s favorite dreampop group Anne will be releasing a new album next week and they wanted the world to hear it! You can check out one of the new tracks after the jump and hear the rest of the album over on BlacKBook. It’s pretty cool, but much more electronic-y than their previous material. Weird. Not bad, though.     Continue reading

Review: ZVI – “Self-Titled”

Zvi cover artZvi is the pseudonym under which guitarist Ron Varod crafts his aching, abysmal dirges. Varod has been linked to his work as the guitarist and vocalist of So is the Tongue and currently swings his axe with the avant-garde heavyweights Kayo Dot. One could attribute the sound of Zvi to the time Varod spent in both of the aforementioned bands. But the overall product is much darker and sinister than a lot of the music put out by both musical outfits, if you can believe that.

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LISSIE’s Cover Of DANZIG’s “Mother” Is Fantastic

Evolve-Goliath-Title I honestly don’t know a lot about Lissie other than she has a very interesting way of doing covers. I first heard her music during a scene in the amazing 2013 film The Dirties where her cover of Kid Cudi‘s “Pursuit of Happiness” appears. I was transfixed by the folkish, trance-inducing cover and tonight, while waiting on a video on YouTube and sitting through the interstitial ad, I heard a song that immediately caught my attention. The ad was for the video game Evolve (which looks amazing) and the track featured during the ad was Lissie‘s cover of Danzig‘s “Mother.”

It’s beautiful and a brilliant rendition of the song and I just had to share it with you. Check out the trailer for Evolve as well as the whole song after the jump.     Continue reading

YOB’s Mike Scheidt Streaming Cover of TOWNES VAN ZANDT’s “To Live Is To Fly”

TVZII_coverI love YOB and their heavy-as-fuck, crushing sound and I also enjoy the soothing, bluesy tunes of Townes Van Zandt, so when Wino (St. Vitus), Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till (both of Neurosis) released an tribute album to Townes a few years ago, I was all over it. Well, the creative minds at Neurot Records have prepped Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II. This time around, the covers will be brought to you by Mike Scheidt (YOB), Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas) and John Baizley (Baroness). Holy shit.

Well, good for you, you can peep Scheidt’s cover of “To Live Is To Fly” after the jump. It’s beautiful. Thanks to Stereogum for the stream!     Continue reading

The MELVINS’ Buzz Osborne Streaming Solo Track “Dark Brown Teeth”

Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne has premiered a new solo acoustic track entitled “Dark Brown Teeth” over at Rolling Stone. The song, while acoustic, retains that sludgy Melvins’ tinge that we have all come to admire. The song will appear on a limited edition 10″ entitled This Machine Kills Artists that will be released on Amphetamine Reptile and sold primarily on Buzz’s upcoming solo tour. The 10″ will include four original songs, including “Dark Brown Teeth”, as well as acoustic renditions of Melvins tracks “Revolve” and “Let God Be Your Gardener”. Those originals are expected to be seen again on Buzz’s 17 track full length solo album, which is being eyed for a June release through Ipecac. Head over to Rolling Stone now to check the track out. Tour dates can be found after the break.

Buzz also stated that a new Melvins album is in the works as well. Does he ever take a break? Obviously not, and that’s a good thing for us.

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THE SOCKS Premiere “Holy Sons” Video

CVLT Nation have premiered a new song and accompanying video from French psychedelic rockers The Socks’ forthcoming self-titled debut. The new track is entitled “Holy Sons” and it will make the listener feel as if they are trapped in a never-ending tunnel of kaleidoscopic colors and good vibes. On the track, the band comments:

 This is the most psychedelic song of the album, rather slow and ambient. We didn’t know how to finish the song before entering the studio. We started jamming and improvising the last part of the song, and figured out that it was the way this song had to end.

You can watch the video after the break. Be sure to look out for The Socks’ debut album when it drops March 18th.

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LA DISPUTE Debut “For Mayor In Splitsville” Video

Michigan’s emotive post-hardcore outfit La Dispute have premiered the official video for their track “For Mayor in Splitsville” over at AV Club. The simplistic yet driving song, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming album Rooms of the House, is set to a clip featuring a recently split couple who are trying their damnedest to forget about each other and find piece of mind. You can check out the video after the break.

Rooms of the House will be released on March 18th via Better Living Records.

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CROSSES (†††) Streaming New Album

CrossesIf you’ve followed this blog for a bit, you’ll know about my adoration for Crosses (often stylized as †††). I have been highly anticipating the release of their debut full-length album and now, if you’re like me and can’t acquire an advanced copy, you can listen to this grooving masterpiece. YOU WANT THIS. YOU NEED THIS. GO FORTH.     Continue reading