KATAKLYSM Release “Shattered” Music Video

kataklismAaaaand now we’ve only two music videos to go! Kataklysm will release their new record Of Ghosts And Gods on Friday and their goal of releasing a music video each day until then has come to fruition. Today the band released their music video for “Shattered,” which I think is my favorite of the videos. Check it out below and see for yourself.   Continue reading

PUBLICIST UK Release Music Video For “Away”

publicist ukJust a little less than a month to go before the release of Publicist UK‘s new record Forgive Yourself and the band has just released a new video. This, much like the last video I posted about, is a visualization and it’s really, really cool. You can see the video for yourself after the jump. Do it. Do it.     Continue reading

LOCRIAN Release Music Video For “Arc Of Extinction”

locrianBands like Locrian don’t really sell themselves visually for music videos. When bands like this do happen to release a “music video” it is usually more of a visualization. This is how I would classify Locrian‘s new video for “Arc Of Extinction.” It’s mesmerizing and beautiful, but it’s not a music video. Check it out for yourself below.      Continue reading

PSEUDO/SENTAI Announce New Album “Bansheeface”, Stream Title Track


NYC-based experimental/progressive metal duo Pseudo/Sentai have spent the last five years recording two full-length albums, the first of which will be released this fall. The first chapter will be titled Bansheeface and will be released independently on October 16. The album was produced by the band themselves and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, etc) at Thousand Caves: Menegroth. The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break.

Pseudo/Sentai have also shared the album’s title track for streaming. The tune revolves around weird atmospherics and complex, math rock-infused prog guitar acrobatics. Fans of The Mars Volta, take note. The track can be streamed after the break as well.

The second of the two albums is slated to arrive in 2016.

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WINDFAERER Release “Finisterra” Lyric Video


Folkloric black metal outfit Windfaerer have premiered a lyric video for their new track “Finisterra” over at Heavy Blog is Heavy. The gloom-laden track, which will appear on the group’s forthcoming full-length, Tenebrosum, is full of melodic, virtuosic riffs that are drenched in melancholic atmospheres. The band comments on the new track:

“The lyrics to ‘Finisterra’ are about discovery and seclusion. What we learn about history is only the recorded account, but the truth is eventually unearthed through the passing of centuries. The lyrics are inspired by legends of medieval Basque fishermen who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to North America, always returning with cod and never revealing the secret origin of their bounty.”

Check out the eight-minute jam after the break.

Tenebrosum will be released on September 22.

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GNAW THEIR TONGUES Streaming New Track “From The Black Mouth Of Spite”

Noisy blackened industrial  act Gnaw Their Tongues will release their new album Abyss Of Longing Throats in the next few weeks and the band has unveiled their new track “From The Black Mouth Of Spite.” This track is dark, haunting and mesmerizing all at the same time. You can check out the track below.      Continue reading

KYLESA Streaming New Track “Lost And Confused”

Kylesa are legends in the game nowadays. We all know and love the band, so it is exciting that the band is releasing a new record in October. Said album is carrying the title Exhausting Fire and it is going to be epic. Kylesa has released a new track titled “Lost And Confused” and it’s great. Check out the track below and get puuuumped.     Continue reading

KATAKLYSM Release “Carrying Crosses” Music Video

kataklysm2Well, here we are again. Another day, another Kataklysm music video. The band has been doing pretty well on these videos and the most recent is no exception. Today the band has released their video for “Carrying Crosses” and I really like it. You can check out said music video after the jump. The time is now.     Continue reading

STRAY FROM THE PATH Streaming New Track “Eavesdropping”

Man, Stray From The Path kill it every time don’t they? I mean, Subliminal Criminals is one of my most anticipated albums of the year and for good reason. Every track I’ve heard off of the album has been pure gold. Most of the bands new track “Eavesdropping” was killer, but the section featuring Enter Shakiri‘s Rou Reynolds didn’t tickle my biscuits. Other than that, this song is great and SftP rule. Check out the track below and see what you think.     Continue reading

BORN OF OSIRIS Streaming New Track “Throw Me In The Jungle”

BooOooooh. This is exciting. I didn’t know we were getting new Born Of Osiris this year. I’m so fucking pumped that I can’t control myself. This band has really grown on me and seriously grown as a band over the years. BoO have unloaded a radical new track from their forthcoming album, which has yet to me detailed, let alone named. The track is titled “Throw Me In The Jungle.” Check it out below.     Continue reading