Tasmanian Devil Worship: ASTRAL WINTER Release Covers EP

The one-man Tasmanian black metal act Astral Winter is currently giving away their 3 song EP of cover songs for free download. This EP is fantastic and features covers of “Thorns Of Crimson Death” by Dissection, “Sleeping Stars” by Wintersun and
“Our Dawn Of Glory” by Vinterland. Astral Winter is a band that I wasn’t really aware of until now, but I will definitely be looking into the tunes. Check out the cover of “Our Dawn of Glory” below and download the album here.

No Womb: AVULSE Ritual on #BlackMetalSunday

Good mourning, good people. I won’t have a lot of posts going up today because, well I want to take it easy once more. It happens to be my day off and I want to enjoy that. Is that a crime? Nah. I will be making some more posts as the day progresses but as for now, I have chosen Avulse for the mourning playlist. Enjoy.


OPERA IX Unveil Album Art And New Video

Well, the Italian black metal band Opera IX is another new one to me. I saw a press release come through my inbox a few days ago but I hadn’t gotten to it just yet. This band is different. Not your everyday black metal band. These guys remind me of another band but at the present time I can’t say who. I know that I fucking love their music, it’s dark, atmospheric, it has just enough synth to make the ambiance stick but not make it too overbearing.

And this music video that Opera IX have released is nice also. An attractive, fully naked chick dancing around a fire, a dead bird and the band playing in a dark, eerie room. Obviously this video is NSFW, so watch it when you’re not around your boss or whomever. Check out the video below and the album art for the bands forthcoming Strix Maledictae in Aeternum at the beginning of this page. The album comes out on January 24th. Get into it.

The Folds Of Darkness: SILESIA INFERIOR

Silesia Inferior aren’t a band I was too familiar with before MetalUnderground posted about them. Since I read that post however, I have learned a bit about the band. Apparently they are a Polish two-piece black metal band who are giving away their latest album Lot Walkirii for free. Well, I love black metal and free albums, so of course I downloaded this and I loved it. Lot Walkirii is a fast, aggressive and pissed black metal record that should not be passed up. You can download the album here. Get it. Enjoy.