A389 Records Release New 54 Track Mixtape

A389 2014 DIGITAL MIXTAPE cover art

A389 Records have release a colossal 54 track digital mixtape that can be downloaded for free over at their Bandcamp page. The release features killer tracks from the likes of Full of Hell, Left for Dead, Despise You, Primitive Man, The Black Dahlia Murder, Ringworm and many more. You can stream the mixtape after the break.

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Rumors Of War: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Welcome Your Doom To

WeekendplaylistGnargonauts, today is the day you die. Nah, just kidding. It’s just a fucking Friday. I’m sure a lot of you have a lot of plans for this weekend and I wish you all the best. I however, will be working like a slave and sweating in front of a five-hundred degree oven. Sounds like a fucking blast.

Now, I present the weekend playlist this year. Fifty tracks, four-and-a-half hours of astonishing tunes. We got Orchid, Acephalix, Early Man, Saviours and more. Enjoy.     Continue reading

Ever So Sweet: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist Says “Hello, November”

WeekendplaylistWell, I don’t know about you, Gnargonauts, but I learned a lot of shit this week. I learned that Living Sacrifice are writing pretty rad songs these days, some deaf kids are getting the upper hand, the new Melvins album is pretty killer, the dude from Lions Of Tsavo is a sweetheart, a bunch of dudes waged war on an empire and we learned that Toxic Holocaust made one of the most fucked up music videos I have ever seen. So if you missed any of those posts or any other posts this week, be sure to scan through and let our awesomeness fuck with your world view.

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We Bite: A MISFITS Playlist For Your Halloween Enjoyment

MisfitsHappy Halloween, gnargonauts. In celebration of this most dreary of Halloweens, I have put together a Misfits playlist for you to enjoy. This playlist covers my favorite Misfits songs as well as some very well done covers by other artists including Cradle Of Filth, Aiden and Earth Crisis. So put on your hockey mask and grab your chainsaws. It’s that time of year. Enjoy.       Continue reading

Woah! Is Me: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Kick Your Mom To

WeekendplaylistAhoy, Gnargonauts! It’s that time of week again. I’m gonna call it a day on posting and do a little maintenance on the site, adding new buttons and shit, so I leave you with this really rad playlist. This is probably one of the most diverse playlists I’ve done in a while, so I hope you enjoy. We got some Volcano Choir, Nails, Have Heart, Demilich and many more. As usual, this playlist is over three hours. So clear your schedule, sit back and enjoy. Thanks for tuning in this week kids.

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Destroy Everything: GNARLY’s Playlist To Say “Fuck Mondays” To

WeekendplaylistHithereneighbors. What’s cracking this fine morning, Gnargonauts? I had one hell of a weekend, which wasn’t filled with as much fun as you’d think. I was actually swamped with work and spent some much needed time with the family. I know that I didn’t put out a playlist on Friday as I usually do, so I figured I would give you all a playlist to say “fuck Mondays” to.

This list isn’t filled with 100% heaviness, I will warn you. It’s mostly stuff I spent my weekend listening to while doing something lame. I’m sure you’ll all find something in this mixture of MeWithoutYou, Coheed And Cambria, Archers Of Loaf, Native, Planes Mistaken For Stars and the other 45 gnarly tracks. This playlist runs for just over three hours, so prepare to be encompassed. Let the radness ensue.     Continue reading

Life Is Short: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Say “Fuck It” To

WeekendplaylistHola, Gnargonauts. It has been a fucking day. For reals. I’ve been spending most of my day playing Diablo III and skating to and from work. It sucks. Now I’m kicking back to write a few posts and kick this bitch of a day in the teeth. Let’s get to it.

This weeks playlist is forty-five tracks of heavy goodness. All of the tracks are by bands that have been mentioned in posts here on American Aftermath over the last week. So sit back, relax and stream this weeks playlist while checkout out the biggest stories of the week.     Continue reading

Ain’t No Party: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Melt Your Banana To

WeekendplaylistIt has been a fucking week, Gnargonauts. I have been working my ass off and missing posts. Luckily, Laney has been picking up my slack and keeping you all up-to-date on what’s a-happenin’. I have put together a pretty rad playlist for you folks this week. All of these songs are killer and I’ll be jamming it all weekend. We got some Casey JonesSkycamefalling, GlassjawRetox and much more.

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Over It, Under It: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist To Kick Your Own Ass To

WeekendplaylistHello there, Gnargonauts. How are we feeling this fine day? Well, the weekend is here again and I return with my latest weekend playlist. I got some positive feedback from last weeks, so I figure I’d do it again and I’ll probably keep doing it. This week we have a pretty wide range of tunes, all heavy and all fantastic. We got some From A Second Story Window, Norma Jean, Killwhitneydead, Curl Up And Die and many, many more. Like last week, this playlist is sixty heavy-hitting tracks of pure adrenaline. I hope you enjoy. Share and repost this shit if you’re into it! Let ’em know what’s good! Here goes:     Continue reading

I Had A Week Back: GNARLY’s Weekend Playlist For Your Listening Pleasure

WeekendplaylistWith the weekend here already, my posting won’t be as steady as it is throughout the week. Why, you ask? Because I have a full-time job that keeps me quite busy throughout the weekend. This weekend, I have put something together for all of you! Today I have compiled a playlist of a lot of the shit I’ve been listening to it lately. A lot of this list isn’t exactly “metal,” but fuck it. Maybe you’ll find something new (or old) that you dig. Let’s see, we got some Thrice, Set Fire To Flames, Sunny Day Real Estate, Tegan And Sara, Glassjaw, Kowloon Walled City and more! There are a total of sixty tracks on this playlist and this is what will be keeping me sane all weekend. Enjoy.     Continue reading

Blasphemous Offerings: Sunday Blackened Sunday Playlist

BMSHello, heathens and welcome to the (damn near forgotten) Black Metal Sunday playlist. It has been quite some time since I last did one of these, but I thought it was about time it made a sickening comeback. By this point, I think most of our readers should have Spotify, as it is a great tool for vast music listening, and thus the Black Metal Sunday playlists (from this point on dubbed “Blasphemous Offerings”) will be provided through Spotify playlists put together by yours truly. Continue on after the jump for this weeks offering, featuring Lake of Blood, I Shalt Become, a new track from Aosoth and much, much more.

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