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PLANNING FOR BURIAL Streaming New Track “Where You Rest Your Head At Night”

One man gloom machine, Tom Wasluck, has unleashed a new track over at Noisey under his Planning For Burial moniker. The new track is eight minute “Where You Rest Your Head At Night”; a track that combines shoegaze, post and black metal, and electronic music into a gloomy yet beautiful atmosphere. The track comes from his upcoming full length, Desideratum, which is due out on May 13th via The Flenser. Head over to Noisey to check it out now.


PSYCHOTIC GARDENING Streaming New Track “Origin Of The Infection”

Winnipeg death metal outfit Psychotic Gardening have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Hymnosis, over at No Clean Singing. The track is entitled “Origin of the Infection” and it is a menacing little jam that utilizes its mechanic-like riffs to bash your brains in. Head over to No Clean Singing to check it out.

Hymnosis will be released on May 13th.

GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES Preview New Track “The Ascent”



Karyn Crisis has released a video preview of a new track that will appear on her forthcoming new project, Gospel of the Witches, which sees Crisis collaborating with members of Immolation, Intronaut and Ephel Duath. The two minute clip features the eerie sounds of the “The Ascent”; one of 13 tracks to be recording in June with Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, etc).  You can watch the preview after the break.

Kickstarter campaign to help fund the album will be coming to an end on Saturday, April 20th. So help out if you can.

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SEPTICFLESH Streaming New Track “Order Of Dracul”

Septicflesh Titan promotional photoSymphonic death metal legends Septicflesh will release their new album Titan in late June and the band has released the first single off of the album. The track is called “Order Of Dracul” and it is amazing. You can check out the track after the jump.     Continue reading

YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Release New Music Video

yaitwYoung And In The Way are definitely one of my favorite bands currently. Their raw, abrasive style of blackened crust is something that I find myself heavily gravitating towards and their new album When Life Comes To Death is the greatest example of how amazing this band is. YAITW have released a music video for the new track “Be My Blood” and I can honestly say I would be anything for this band. Check out the rad, Max Moore-directed video after the jump.       Continue reading

SKINFATHER Streaming New Album “None Will Mourn”

Skinfather-None-Will-MournEpic Californian Entombed-worshipers Skinfather will release their new album None Will Mourn next week via Streetcleaner Records, a label created by Nails front man Todd Jones. I can tell you right now, this album DESTROYS and if you don’t believe me, check out Eric’s review of the album here. Trust me, you need this record in your life.     Continue reading

SWANS Streaming New Track “Oxygen”

The Quietus have premiered a new track from Swans’ forthcoming album, To Be Kind, which is out on May 12th. The new track is the eight minute “Oxygen” in which the band focus on ever mutating, psychotic grooves that will surely test the endurance of the listener. You can stream the new track after the break and pre-order the record at this location. The band’s upcoming tour dates can be found below as well.

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KING DEAD Streaming New Track “Drowning In Dust”

Pennsylvanian drum and bass instrumentalists, King Dead, have premiered a new track from their forthcoming debut self-titled EP, over at Echoes and Dust. Armed with four and six-string basses, King Dead bring the Western-tinged anthem “Drowning in Dust” to life. Head over to Echoes and Dust to stream the new track and pre-order your copy of the EP here.

King Dead will be released on April 19th.

WHITECHAPEL Streaming New Track “Our Endless War”

whitechapel-ourendlesswarI was a huge fan of Whitechapel‘s Somatic Defilement but my adoration of them kinda tapered off after that. When I learned that the band was releasing a new album, I didn’t really get excited about it, but once I listened to the record, I was really into it. Whitechapel have re-incorporated a lot of the things that made me a fan of theirs in the first place, which is good to hear. The band has just released a lyric video for their new albums title track “Our Endless War” which you can check out after the jump. Radness.     Continue reading

ABORTED Streaming New Track “Coffin Upon Coffin”

Aborted-The-Necrotic-ManifestoThe great masters of sickening gore Aborted will release their latest monstrosity The Necrotic Manifesto in just two weeks and the band has released a lyric video for their track “Coffin Upon Coffin.” Holy shit, this band gets better and better with every release and I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the new record. Check out the lyric video for “Coffin Upon Coffin” after the jump.      Continue reading


TAGPissed off UK grind band The Afternoon Gentlemen, of whom I adore, haven’t released any music since their 2012 split with Suffering Mind, but the band is back and angrier than ever. The band will unleash a new 3-song 7″ in June and they are currently streaming one of the new tracks “Grind In The Mind.” Woah. This is amazing, but duh, it’s The Afternoon Gentlemen.     Continue reading

Review: LIONHEART – “Welcome To The West Coast”

wttwcepI’ve recently started listening to a band called Lionheart, who are fairly new to me but they have a handful of releases under their belts. Their latest offering caught my eye not too long ago after I watched one of their music videos. I was instantly intrigued based on my love of this style of metallic hardcore. Lionheart kick shit into gear right away and they destroy. That’s a fact.     Continue reading


The-Dillinger-Escape-Plan-photo-by-Nathaniel-ShannonSo, I don’t know how no one on American Aftermath posted about this, but a few weeks ago The Dillinger Escape Plan released a new track called “Happiness Is A Smile” which was pressed on a limited edition 7″ and sold only on the bands current tour. Well, the band has been playing the song at every show and they have been filming every performance and it has been wrapped up into a pretty rad live video. Check out the video for “Happiness Is a Smile” after the jump.     Continue reading

RUDE Streaming New Track “Haunted”

rude-soulrecallCalifornia is just teaming with amazing music, isn’t it? A new band fresh out of the state goes by the name Rude and they are pretty rad. Their music is very reminiscent of ’90s era death metal, of which the band obviously worships. Dude, this is sickeningly sweet. The band is streaming a track from their debut called “Haunted” and you can check it out after the jump. DO IT. NOW.     Continue reading

ENTHRONED Streaming New Album “Sovereigns”

sovereignsBelgian black metal legends Enthroned have returned to the folds and they are preparing to release their latest offering in their twenty-year existence. The bands tenth album is titled Sovereigns and it is currently streaming in full over on Loudwire. This is an album that you had better get on because it is a crusher of suns. Check out a track from Sovereigns after the jump and then head over and stream the full album.    Continue reading