DEFEATER Streaming New Album “Abandoned”

defeater abandonedDefeater are havoc-inducing madmen and their new album Abandoned is a work of art. The album won’t see it’s official release until Friday, but you can stream the record in full right now. If you ask me, Defeater went above and beyond on Abandoned. It is absolutely flawless and I find nothing wrong with the album whatsoever. Check out the full stream below.      Continue reading

THE NIETZSCHE Streaming New Track “Lord Byron”

When killer, chaotic bands emerge in the world, I immediately want to know about it. The Nietzsche are the most recent to do so. This psychotic Ukrainian mathcore act will soon unleash their debut EP Intro To Advanced Poetry and have released their new track titled “Lord Byron.” You can hear the track after the jump. Take notes. The Nietzsche will be one of your favorite bands by the end of the year.      Continue reading

HORRENDOUS Streaming New Track “Sum Of All Failures”

horrendousI almost forgot about Horrendous, man. This OSDM band killed me when they released The Chills and again last year on Ecdysis. I only remember listening to Ecdysis a few times, but I’m stoked that the band will be releasing their new album Anareta this year. The band has premiered their new track “Sum Of All Failures” from the album over on Decibel. Click over and check it out. It crushes brains.

BLACKLISTERS Release Music Video For “I Knock Myself Out”

blacklistersMan, Lane got me into Blacklisters recently and I am so stoked that he did. This band has taken me by storm and I love it. They have just released a new video for their song “I Knock Myself Out” and it rules also. The video was shot live and it is extremely well done. You can check the video out below and see if it pumps you up. PUMPS YOU UP.     Continue reading

OF FEATHER AND BONE Streaming New Track “Calloused Embrace”

Denver’s Of Feather and Bone have premiered a track from their forthcoming debut full-length, Embrace the Wretched Flesh, over at CVLT Nation. Titled “Calloused Embrace”, the filth-ridden track charges forth with an onslaught of crust-coated grime and malevolence. The rapid-paced beating leads up to a metallic hardcore beatdown that only brings more pain. It will devastate you in less than two minutes. Check it out now.

Embrace the Wretched Flesh will be released on September 18 via Good Fight Music.

DEATH MOTIF Streaming New Track “His And Hers”

It’s not super often that I come across bands that are so hard to classify that I just don’t know where to go with it. I recently learned of Death Motif and this is where I stand: I have black metal in here, but there is so much other stuff going on that I don’t know where to start. The band has just released their new track “His And Hers” and if you want to know what’s up with Death Motif, check out the track below. The track comes off of the bands upcoming EP The Water.     Continue reading

AHAB Streaming New Album “The Boats Of Glen Carrig”

I’ve been following this new Ahab record very closely. I’m a fan of the band and I really dig their doom, so The Boats Of Glen Carrig was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Well, I wasn’t wrong in having it so. Ahab are currently streaming the new record in full and it’s a beeeeast. Check it out below!      Continue reading

THE OXFORD COMA Release “Canadian Questionmark” Music Video

canadian questionmarkThe Oxford Coma are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve worked with the band in the past here on AA and I will continue to cover them as long as I can. This is where we are today: The Oxford Coma have released a new music video! This video is actually for the track that we premiered here, “Canadian Questionmark.” It’s rad. Check it out below.       Continue reading

LOMA PRIETA Streaming New Track “Never Remember”

As if there was any doubt at all, I am here today to inform you that Loma Prieta‘s new record Self Portrait is going to decimate. This band has blown me away for a while now and after listening to their new track “Never Remember,” I’m convinced that this album will be their finest work to date. Check out the new track below and see what’s up.     Continue reading

AXIS Streaming New Track “Discouraged”

Florida metallic hardcore quintet Axis have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Show Your Greed, over at Exclaim. Titled “Discouraged”, the blistering tune’s arsenal of hellacious riffs will leave you in a bloody heap. It’s like getting crushed underneath the weight of tank. Don’t take our word for it, check it out now.

Show Your Greed will be released on September 4 via Good Fight Music.

The band’s upcoming tour dates with Of Feather and Bone can be found below.

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NIGHTFELL Streaming New Track “Rebirth”


Portland blackened duo Nightfell (His Hero is Gone, etc) have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Darkness Evermore, over at CVLT Nation. The new track is the eight minute behemoth “Rebirth”, which features a procession of blackened sludge riffs that lead to a depressive death march and back again. The song will provide you with your daily dose of doom and gloom. Check it out after the break.

Darkness Evermore will be released on October 23 via 20 Buck Spin. Pre-order here.

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TELOCH VOVIN Streaming New Track “Adoration/Vexation”

Teloch Vovin Live Ritual 6.21.13 [photo by Mystra]

New York City occult black metal collective Teloch Vovin have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP, Further Down The Tunnel, over at No Clean Singing. Titled “Adoration/Vexation”, the eight minute track features raw, blistering black metal that cycles between frostbitten tremolo picking, ripping thrash and technical savagery. Paul Delaney of Black Anvil also makes a guest appearance on the track. The band commented on the new tune:

“Though it is one song, this track has two completely different segments. Each segment expresses its own concept which stands in opposition to its counterpart. ‘Adoration‘ being about adoring, loving or worship. While within ‘Vexation‘ is a culling, a curse.”

Stream the track now.

Further Down The Tunnel will be released on September 23. Pre-order here.

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck

Canadian grind masters Fuck the Facts have premiered their upcoming full-length, Desire Will Rot, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, August 25, via the band’s own Noise Salvation. The record can still be pre-ordered here. If you like your grindcore forward-thinking, technical and vile, then Desire Will Rot is the perfect album for you. Stream the record after the break.

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BLACK BREATH Streaming New Track “Slaves Beyond Death”

[photo by Invisible Hour]

Seattle’s Black Breath have premiered the title track from their impending third full-length, Slaves Beyond Death, over at Noisey. “Slaves Beyond Death” churns out five and a half minutes of hardcore-fueled, scathing thrash and metal that will batter, bruise and eviscerate you and leave you for the vultures. Stream the beast for yourself now.

Slaves Beyond Death will be released on September 26 via Southern Lord.

The band’s upcoming tour dates can be found after the break.

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CULT LEADER Streaming New Track “Suffer Louder”

Salt Lake City’s Cult Leader have premiered the first taste of their forthcoming debut full-length, Lightless Walk, over at Decibel. Titled “Suffer Louder”, the track unleashes a violent onslaught of riffs that are coated in dissonance and grime. Frontman Anthony Lucero offered the following comments regarding the song:

“Lightless Walk is a catharsis, an expression of the sadness, anger and negativity that haunts our daily lives, and ‘Suffer Louder’ is a love song: a romanticization of depression.”

Check it out for yourself now.

Lightless Walk will be released on October 16.

The band’s fall tour dates can be found after the break.

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