SO STRESSED Release New Album “The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art”

So, I haven’t done a straight up spotlight on a band in a while, but it was about time I did another. The band I have chosen is the incredible band So Stressed. The band was only introduced to me today, but they have already made an impact on me. So Stressed have just released their sophomore album The Unlawful Tade Of Greco-Roman Art and it is so brilliant. The band crafts a wonderful brand of post-hardcore that captured the imagination and expands belief. Don’t believe me? Check out the album for yourself. You can stream all of So Stressed‘s The Unlawful Trade Of Greco-Roman Art below. You’ll thank me afterward.     Continue reading

PYRRHON Streaming New EP “Growth Without End”

Man, I am so glad Lane turned me onto Pyrrhon. This band is beyond insane, but their music is so fucking good. They’re vicious brand of extreme loudness is brilliant to the core and if you’ve been dying to hear the bands new EP Growth Without End, then the time is now. The album is due out next week, but if you want to get a dose of that sweet death metal now, check out the full album below. Ooooh, Pyrrhon. Why you so good?     Continue reading

MARUTA Streaming New Album “Remain Dystopian”

maruta - remainWith only a week until the album is officially released, I am not surprised that Maruta are now streaming their phenomenal new record Remain Dystopian. We’ve heard numerous tracks from the album and I can honestly say that it is one of the heaviest and nastiest records of the year. I have been jamming Maruta‘s latest beast all day and you should also. Check out the album after the jump, courtesy of MetalSucks.     Continue reading

OBSEQUIAE Streaming New Album “Aria Of Vernal Tombs”

Minnesota-based medieval-inspired metal act Obsequiae have premiered their forthcoming album, Aria Of Vernal Tombs, over at Noisey. The album is officially due out next Tuesday, May 26, via 20 Buck Spin and can still be pre-ordered here. If you like galloping melodic metal with a folk, black metal and symphonic twist, then this album may be right up your alley. Stream the album over at Noisey now.


MAMALEEK Streaming New Album “Via Dolorosa”

Experimental duo Mamaleek have premiered their forthcoming full-length, Via Dolorosa, over at Steel for Brains. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, May 26, via The Flenser. The band issued the following comments regarding the release:

“It is at once, a solicitation and renunciation of the genres that are blended together to create something other…Traditional music turned against itself, in treasonous alliance with the barbarians at the gate whom it once hoped to keep out. May the acoustic ruin here documented compel you to turn to your lord. You may take these songs to your judgment day as a protest against the filthy oil pumping in your veins.”

The album is strange, often terrifying and in a league all of its own. Listen for yourself at Steel for Brains now.

LIVHZUENA Streaming New Album “Dark Mirror Neurons”

The debut full-length from French groove-heavy death metal outfit Livhzuena, Dark Mirror Neurons, can now be streamed in full over at Metal Injection.  The album is officially due out this Friday, May 22, via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist and can be purchased at this location. The album features a plethora of crushing, rhythmically-complex instrumentation that could be compared to the likes of Gojira and Meshuggah, but with a more death metal twist. If that interests you in any way, and it should, then head over to Metal Injection to check it out.

THE JULIET MASSACRE Streaming New Album “Human Abuse”

Italian death metal/deathcore outfit The Juliet Massacre have premiered their forthcoming album, Human Abuse, over at Metal Underground. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, May 26, and can be purchased at this location. Vocalist Antomega offered the following comments on the record:

“Its long gestation period has meant that the successor to ‘Pray for an Afterlife’ appears to be faster, more brutal, more intense, but also more deep. We have written about how much the mankind likes to abuse and destroy everything, even itself, and how all this is leading us to an inevitable collapse. These are all tangible things that each of us savor every day and against which ordinary people can do little or nothing. ‘Human Abuse’ can be considered as an anthem to what actually the mankind should never be. We are totally convinced that this new work will satisfy all fans of the genre and, in some way, will satisfy even the most discerning ears”

Head over to Metal Underground to stream the record now.

SECRETS OF THE SKY Streaming New Album “Pathway”


Oakland progressive/post-metal quintet Secrets of the Sky have premiered their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Pathway, over at Invisible Oranges. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, May 19, via Metal Blade Records and can still be pre-ordered here. Gargantuan-sized metallic riffs are met with serene melodies and dreamlike atmospherics on this 46-minute heavyweight. If that excites you in any way, and it should, then stream the record here.

The band’s remaining tour dates can be found after the break.

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FUCK THE FACTS Streaming Split With FISTFUCK, Announce New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts are currently streaming their recently released split with release with Fistfuck over at Exclaim and can be ordered through the band themselves at this location. In addition to the new split, the band have announced a new full-length is on its way. The forthcoming full-length will bear the titled Desire Will Rot and will arrive on August 25 via their own Noise Salvation label. Guitarist Topon Das commented on the upcoming effort:

“Even though we’ve been consistently releasing new music over the past few years, we haven’t put out a full-length album since 2011’s Die Miserable. I love the EPs that we’ve released since then, but this album is long overdue and was initially intended to come out much earlier.

Our 2013 EP Amer is actually the B-sides of Desire Will Rot, and the original plan was for them to be released together (like we did with Die Miserable and the Misery EP). Over the past 12 months we’ve only played a handful of shows, and this has finally allowed us the time to not only complete this new album, but also our Abandoned EP that came out in October last year, and the split with Fistfuck, which has just been released.

Obviously some similarities to the Amer EP are to be expected on this new record, but I think Desire Will Rot is also very similar to our 2008 album Disgorge Mexico in sound and feel. For me, Disgorge Mexico is the album that really defined what I wanted to do with Fuck the Facts, so to finally have a record that I feel has matched that, is something I’m very excited about.”

The album’s artwork and track listing can be found after the break.

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THE BIG JAZZ DUO Streaming New Album “Enemy”

Italian death metal/deathcore outfit The Big Jazz Duo have premiered their forthcoming debut full-length, Enemy, over at The Circle Pit. The record will officially be out next Thursday, May 21, via Fire Was Born Records and can be purchased here. The album features all of the gore-splattered riffs, spine-crushing breakdowns and blood-curdling squeals you can handle. Check it out at The Circle Pit now and check out the video for “Haunted” below.

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