LAMENT CITYSCAPE Streaming New Album “The Torn”

Lament Cityscape TheTorn cover

The upcoming full-length from industrialized post-metallers Lament Cityscape, The Torn, can now be streamed in full. The album will officially be released Friday, September 4, and can be purchased at this location. Picture the most visceral of Godflesh‘s works, combine them with the heaviest of Neurosis‘ material and you have the gist of what to expect going into The Torn. Check it out after the break.

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NIGHTFELL Streaming New Album “Darkness Evermore”

nightfell-darkness evermore

Portland doom duo Nightfell (His Hero is Gone, Mournful Congregation, etc) have premiered their forthcoming album, Darkness Evermore, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Friday, September 11, via 20 Buck Spin and can be purchased here or here. Darkness Evermore is a bleak combination of doom, death metal and black metal that is undeniably dark, sinister and heavy. Check it out for yourself after the break.

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AXIS Streaming New Album “Show Your Greed”

Floridian metallic hardcore outfit Axis have premiered their forthcoming album, Show Your Greed, over at Metal Injection. The album will officially be released this Friday, September 4, via Good Fight Music and can be pre-ordered here. Show Your Greed features enough bruising riffs and cataclysmic breakdowns to excite even the most reserved of music listeners. Commence moshing at this location.


PIG DESTROYER Streaming “Prowler In The Yard” Deluxe Reissue

The upcoming deluxe reissue of Pig Destroyer‘s classic sophomore album, Prowler in the Yard, can now be streamed at Metal Sucks. The remixed and remastered grind masterpiece will be released this Friday, September 4, via Relapse Records can be purchased here. On the reissue, frontman J.R. Hayes comments:

Attention all weirdos, dirtbags, creeps and related scum, I’m excited to bring you the 15th Anniversary edition of our second album “Prowler in the Yard.” Remixed and remastered in SUPER-MEGA-HATE-SOUND by Mr. Hull himself. Relapse has expanded the packaging with liner notes and a ton of old photos from when I used to dye my hair black and wear button-up shirts. In addition to an unearthed instrumental track, we’ve also included the original mix for those of you who prefer the sound of basements. Hail to all PD fans worldwide. Free Mumia Abu Jamal.

Stop wasting time and revisit Prowler in the Yard here.

MAMMOTH SALMON Release Debut Album “Last Vestige Of Humanity”

Mammoth Salmon came to my attention when I was building the Autumn Annihilation compilation. I fell in love with the bands stoner sludge magic and I was thrilled when I got an email from the band stating that they had released their debut LP Last Vestige Of Humanity. The album is brilliant, as expected and you can download it right now for Pay-What-You-Want. Stream the album below.    Continue reading

CONVEYER Streaming New Album “When Given Time To Grow”

Conveyer will release their new album When Given Time To Grow this week and the band has given us a stream for the record in advance. I’m not super familiar with Conveyer, but I am digging what I’m hearing. You can check out the full stream of When Given Time To Grow below.      Continue reading

THE NIETZSCHE Streaming “Intro To Advanced Poetry”

The Nietzsche are amazing. This band came to my attention through Lane and I’m glad because their debut EP Intro To Advanced Poetry is crushing. Mathcore layered with post-hardcore and wrapped up in a nice package. You can now hear said EP right now by clicking on after the jump. Check it out.      Continue reading

RAMMING SPEED Streaming New Album “No Epitaphs”

Insane thrashers Ramming Speed will release their new album No Epitaphs next Friday. I will tell you right now, it is a fucking beast. I am happy to inform you all that if you can’t wait a week to hear the album, you can do so today! That’s rigth, Ramming Speed are currently streaming this sick slab for your listening pleasure. Check it out below.      Continue reading


Hardcore act Wilderness Dream won’t be releasing their new, self-titled EP until October, but if you don’t want to wait that long I’ve got good news for you. The band has put the album up on Bandcamp for all to hear two months in advance. Check out the full stream below and get a nice dose of Wilderness Dream.     Continue reading

CRUCIAMENTUM Streaming Debut Album “Charnal Passages”

cruciamentum charnal passagesI started posting about Cruciamentum back in 2011 when I got into bands such as them, Grave Miasma and Father Befouled. That run of crushing old school death metal in the 21st century was game changing for me. I love all of these bands and I will go out on a limb and say that Cruciamentum have the best death metal album of 2015 under their belts right now. Charnal Passages is an unrelenting beast. Don’t believe me? You’re wrong. Stream the album below and get learned.      Continue reading

CAVERN Streaming New Album “Outsiders”

I try to keep up on up-and-comers, but I have somehow missed Cavern doing my rounds. I came across the band today and I was pleasantly surprised by their music. The band’s Baroness-esque stoner attitude is on par with any band out there I’d say. The band has teamed up with MetalSucks to stream their new album Outsiders and it is definitely worth your time. Check it out below.     Continue reading

DOWN I GO Streaming New Album “You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You”

Experimental hardcore trio Down I Go have premiered their forthcoming album, You’re Lucky God, That I Cannot Reach You, over at Upset Magazine. The album will officially be released this Friday, August 28, via Holy Roar Records and can be purchased here. The record is the first collection of new material since the band initially disbanded in 2011. The band offered the following comments regarding the new effort:

“We wrote this over nine days in virtual isolation at a farm on an ancient, deserted lava field in Western Iceland, …With little more than a store of Icelandic booze, some duty free sweets and a few horses for company. Stealing ideas from a borrowed book on Icelandic Legends, we threw together these ten songs. It was exhausting.
Our shows and media coverage have always woven around Holy Roar bands and we have a lot of respect for the label, so we offered the results to HR and they decided, with a bit of arm bending, to put the album out. We all believe it to be our best, most interesting work to date.”

Stream the oddball affair now.

DEFEATER Streaming New Album “Abandoned”

defeater abandonedDefeater are havoc-inducing madmen and their new album Abandoned is a work of art. The album won’t see it’s official release until Friday, but you can stream the record in full right now. If you ask me, Defeater went above and beyond on Abandoned. It is absolutely flawless and I find nothing wrong with the album whatsoever. Check out the full stream below.      Continue reading

AHAB Streaming New Album “The Boats Of Glen Carrig”

I’ve been following this new Ahab record very closely. I’m a fan of the band and I really dig their doom, so The Boats Of Glen Carrig was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Well, I wasn’t wrong in having it so. Ahab are currently streaming the new record in full and it’s a beeeeast. Check it out below!      Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Album “Desire Will Rot”

Fuck the Facts Return with 'Desire Will Rot' LP, Premiere Split with Fistfuck

Canadian grind masters Fuck the Facts have premiered their upcoming full-length, Desire Will Rot, over at Noisey. The album will officially be released next Tuesday, August 25, via the band’s own Noise Salvation. The record can still be pre-ordered here. If you like your grindcore forward-thinking, technical and vile, then Desire Will Rot is the perfect album for you. Stream the record after the break.

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