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FINAL CONFLICT’s “Ashes To Ashes” Reissue Streaming In Its Entirety

Tankcrimes’ reissue of Final Conflict’s renowned debut record, Ashes to Ashes, is out now and streaming in its entirety. You can check out the remastered hardcore opus after the break and order your copy at this location. As an added bonus, a video showing off the LP layout and the band’s forthcoming shows can be found below as well.

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FLOOR Streaming New Album “Oblation”

floor-oblationSo, I’ve been listening to the new Floor album Oblation for a few days now and I’m completely blown away by how amazing it is. The bands third overall full-length and first since they reunited in 2010, is a spectacle of heavy music and it… Well, it just rules Pitchfork is currently streaming Oblation in full, so you need to stop what your doing and go listen to it. YOU NEED THIS. YOU WANT THIS. Check out the track “Sister Sophia” after the jump. Continue reading

EMPLOYED TO SERVE Streaming New Album

ETSEmployed To Serve is a rad band from the UK that I was introduced to a while back by Oblivionized guitarist Sammy Urwin, who is also the guitarist for EtS and Regurgitate Life. It’s spastic, grinding madness and I absolutely love it. Well, Employed To Serve released a new album a few weeks ago and I am just now hearing about it. Click on over after the jump to check out a full stream of Change Nothing, Regret Everything.     Continue reading

SKINFATHER Streaming New Album “None Will Mourn”

Skinfather-None-Will-MournEpic Californian Entombed-worshipers Skinfather will release their new album None Will Mourn next week via Streetcleaner Records, a label created by Nails front man Todd Jones. I can tell you right now, this album DESTROYS and if you don’t believe me, check out Eric’s review of the album here. Trust me, you need this record in your life.     Continue reading

ENTHRONED Streaming New Album “Sovereigns”

sovereignsBelgian black metal legends Enthroned have returned to the folds and they are preparing to release their latest offering in their twenty-year existence. The bands tenth album is titled Sovereigns and it is currently streaming in full over on Loudwire. This is an album that you had better get on because it is a crusher of suns. Check out a track from Sovereigns after the jump and then head over and stream the full album.    Continue reading

Album Of The Week: XBISHOPX’s “Suicide Party”

SuicidePartySo, I was at a Hastings the other day looking through CDs (I know, right? Who buys CDs?) and I stumbled across an album that I haven’t seen in years. That album was xBishopx’s Suicide Party, and I was beyond stoked that it was only a few bucks and an amazing find. I was a huge  fan of xBishopx in the mid 2000s, so getting back into them all these years later is great. I chose this record as the album of the week basically because I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since I bought it.

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GHOUL Streaming New EP “Hang Ten”

Ghoul have premiered their forthcoming Hang Ten EP over Bloody Disgusting for your streaming pleasure. The blood-splattered surf metal-tinged effort will officially arrive on April 19th via Tankcrimes. But there’s no need to wait. Head over to Bloody Disgusting to stream the track now.

Ghoul’s forthcoming tour dates with Iron Reagan and Occultist can be seen below.

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FLORIDIAN WINTER Offer Two Albums For Free Download

floridian winterI am a huge black metal fan and one of my favorite styles of the genre is black punk. What is black punk, you ask? It’s a raw and filthy style of black metal that drips and oozes with punk tones. The band that got me into the genre is Raspberry Bulbs and now another band has crept into my peripheral. The band is called Floridian Winter and I have heard whispers about the band here and there across the interwebs but sitting down right now and listening to the bands material, I am blown away. Check out a stream below that is being hosted by our friends at CVLT Nation, who also have a free download of both releases in the stream.     Continue reading


Stream: THE DRIP’s “A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics”

thedripSo, I found out about The Drip a good long while back and I have grown to absolutely love these dudes and their music. The Drip are a grinding whallop packed like a bowl with hatred and intensity. The band is preparing for the release of their new EP, which also stands as the bands Relapse debut, of which I am beyond stoked to be premiering here today.To go along with the stream, I caught up with guitarist and homie Bobby Mansfield for a few questions. Check it out after the jump where you can also stream A Presentation Of Gruesome Poetics.      Continue reading

TIGER FLOWERS Streaming New Album “Dead Hymns”

Tiger Flowers - Dead Hymns

Brooklyn’s Tiger Flower’s debut full length, Dead Hymns, is officially out today through Melotov Records. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, please do so at this location. While you’re typing in your credit card information, head over to Metal Sucks to stream the album in full. You’ll be glad you did.

The band’s remaining tour dates can be seen after the break as well.

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MetalSucks Releases “NYC Sucks, Vol. 3″ Compilation

NYC-Sucks-Volume-3A while back MetalSucks released their first two compilations: NYC Sucks, Vol. 1 & 2 and now they have returned with their third. This compilation features tracks by Primitive Weapons, Ruine, So Hideous, Car Bomb and many more from the New York metal scene.. You can stream the whole thing below and download it over on MetalSucks. Rad tunes.      
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GRAVEHILL Streaming “Death Curse” In Full

Gravehill-Death-Curse-1024x1024Blackened death metal horde Gravehill have put out one of the gnarliest albums of the year and definitely one of the filthiest. The album is called Death Curse and I have already told you about one of the brilliant tracks from the album. But wait, that’s not enough for you? You want more? Well, have I got something for you! Gravehill are currently streaming their new album in full! Check it out:      Continue reading