HOMEWRECKER Streaming New Album “Circle Of Death”

homewrecker-codMOTHERFUCKER! YES! Homewrecker are a force to be reckoned with and their new album Circle Of Death is a guaranteed destroyer. The chugs! The ferocity! The fucking grooves! Dudes, believe me, Homewrecker are one of my favorite bands of recent years and if they aren’t one of yours, you’re doing it wrong. We premiered Homewrecker‘s last album Worms and Dirt and I have been highly anticipating Circle Of Death. Well, today is the day to repent, my child. Stream this motherfucker!      Continue reading

GIANT SQUID Streaming New Album “Minoans”

GIANT-SQUID_MINOANS_cover-with-logo-608x624Giant Squid are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I was never super into the band before Lane told me to check out Minoans, which blew me away. I have listened to this album a few times all the way through now and I highly suggest that you do the same. There are very few bands doing what Giant Squid are doing and even less who do it well. Check out a full stream of Minoans after the jump, courtesy of Noisey. ENJOY!     Continue reading

EXALT Streaming New Album “Pale Light”

exaltCanada’s own Exalt will be releasing their phenomenally crafted new album Pale Light, which will be released next week, is a beat down if I’ve heard one. The band took me by storm and I hope that they can have the same effect on you as they have on me. If you’re new to the band or if you’ve been anxiously awaiting Pale Light, you can stream the album in full right now! Just click on over after the jump.      Continue reading

PISS VORTEX Streaming Self-Titled Album

PISS_20VORTEX_cover_web_originalLane and I have come to adore Denmark’s own Piss Vortex. The bands vicious hardcore attack is unbelievable and we both swooned over their self-titled album, due out next week. If you have been curious about the Dannish act, you can now stream their new album in full thanks to Invisible Oranges. Check out the album after the jump and let the sweet, aggressive sounds of Piss Vortex wash over your body all nice and smooth-like.      Continue reading

NE OBLIVISCARIS Streaming New Album “Citadel”

Ne-Obliviscaris-CitadelProg metallers Ne Obliviscaris somehow alluded me with their new album Citadel. I don’t know how I didn’t know about this album, but it’s pretty cool. I’ve enjoyed the bands music in the past and I intend on giving Citadel a thorough listen very soon. You, like me, can now listen to the album in full right now. After the jump, stream away at the new record from these Australian prog kings.      Continue reading

GREBER (FUCK THE FACTS, THE GREAT SABATINI) Streaming New Album “Kiln Hardened Psalms”

Greber - 'Kiln Hardened Psalms' (album stream)

Thunderous bass and drum duo Greber  have premiered their forthcoming full length, Kiln Hardened Psalms, over at Exclaim.ca. The duo is comprised of The Great Sabatini drummer/vocalist Steve Vargas and Fuck the Facts‘ bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon. When these two get together, sludgy mayhem is made. The band issued the following statement regarding the new record:

“Hardened Psalmsis about restraint, skill, emotion and the sound of two awesome dudes, one riding a bass like a surfboard, the other in a drum kit like a barrel, plunging down the steepest face of Mount Everest, sober but mad, screaming their way through the almost impassable barrier of snow, rock, trees, starving animals and unstoppable velocity.”

If that sounds awesome to you, then check out the album over at Exclaim.ca now.

Kiln Hardened Psalms will be released on November 1st through the band themselves and Handshake, Inc.

ANAAL NATHRAKH Streaming New Album “Desideratum”

The forthcoming opus from U.K.’s death/industrial metal hybrid Anaal Nathrakh, Desideratum, can now be streamed in its entirety over at Revolver. The album will officially be released on October 28th via Metal Blade Records and can be pre-ordered here. If you like chaotic, grinding death metal and just so happen to like the electronic nuances of industrial metal, then Desideratum is the right album to you. Get your fix of aural psychopathy over at Revolver.

NERO DI MARTE Streaming New Album “Derivae”

NeroDiMarte_Derivae_CoverNero Di Marte will unleash their phenomenal new album next week and if you missed the bands track “Dite” that they released earlier this month (see here), now is the time for you to get into the bands new album Derivae. The band is currently streaming the album in full and you can hear it right now. I initially wasn’t into the band band but that quickly changed when I started listening. Check out Derivae after the jump and see if it tickles your downstairs. Continue reading

OBITUARY Streaming New Album “Inked In Blood”

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]Death metal legends Obituary are back and have returned with a vengeance. The bands new album Inked In Blood will be released next week and you can now stream the album in full. The album is a definite throw back to the bands earlier albums, but keeping things relevant and up to today’s death metal standards. I’ve really enjoyed the album and I think you should all take the time to enjoy it as well. Stream away, Merle. Stream away.      Continue reading

ATRIARCH Streaming New Album “An Unending Pathway”

Portland occult metal outfit Atriarch have premiered their forthcoming album, An Unending Pathway, over at Pitchfork. The goth, doom, black metal and hard rock hybrid will officially be released on October 27th via Relapse Records and can be pre-ordered here. While you are checking out,  stream the album in all its gloomy glory over at Pitchfork.

PURGE Streaming New 7″ “Sewage”


The new 7″ EP from Pittsburgh’s Purge, Sewage, can now be streamed in full over at CVLT Nation. If you like your hardcore grimy, dissonant, and all around chaotic, then Purge is the band for you. Feel free to stream the destructive EP over at CVLT Nation now.

Sewage is now available via Deathwish and can be purchased here.

XERXES Streaming New Album “Collision Blonde”

xerxes - collision blondeMelodic hardcore/post-hardcore act Xerxes will unleash the full force of their new album Collision Blonde next Tuesday, but if you’re an impatient fuck, you can check it out right now! The band has released the whole album for the world to enjoy and that is exactly what you will be doing: enjoying it. I’ve listened to this album countless times already and it is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, so if you trust my taste, trust in Xerxes. Stream or die, bitches.     Continue reading