BIRDS IN ROW Streaming New Track “O’Dear”

Birds In Row (Deathwish Inc.) premiere panicked love song on “O’Dear” (exclusive)

French hardcore outfit Birds In Row have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP, Personal War, at Alternative Press. The new track is titled “O’Dear” and it barrels forth with driving, melodic hardcore that is as blistering as it is emotive. Stream the three-minute stunner at this location.

Personal War will be released on October 30 via Deathwish, Inc. Pre-order here.

Additionally, the band will be releasing a split 7″ with WAITC on October 30. That release can be picked up here.

WIZARD EYE Streaming New Track “Stoneburner”

Victoria Bowman - Wizard Eye 7 v.2 [Photo by Victoria Bowman]

Philadelphia psychedelic doom trio Wizard Eye have premiered a new track from their upcoming self-titled album at The Obelisk. Titled “Stoneburner”, the new tune is a nearly nine-minute journey through crunchy bass lines and kaleidoscopic, hazy-eyed stoner riffs. Vocalist/guitarist Erik Caplan commented on the new jam:

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CARVED UP Stream New Track “We Built Riff City”

matadorCarved Up are one of those extremely rad bands that I want more and more of. Noisy post-hardcore bands are something that I adore and Carved Up are all up on that shit. The band will release Matador in November and the shit is sounding amazing. They have just unleashed a powerhouse of a song titled “We Built Riff City” and it cruuuuushes. Check out a stream of the song below.    Continue reading

THIS GIFT A CURSE Streaming New Track “Hanging Feet”

This-Gift-is-a-Curse-Swinelord-620x620This Gift A Curse are phenomenal. I just heard this band last night and they absolutely blew me away. I was not expecting that sound to come from a band with that name. Well, I like being surprised and I like discovering amazing music. This Gift A Curse will be releasing their new album All Hail The Swinelord in a few weeks and MetalSucks has premiered a new track titled “Hanging Feet,” which killlls. Check out the track below and make sure you keep your eye on this band.       Continue reading

COHEED AND CAMBRIA Streaming New Track “Eraser”

Only a few weeks left until the entirety of Coheed And Cambria‘s new album The Color Before The Sun hits. I am really excited for this record and the first two tracks released have been great. Well, lets go for a threepeat because the third single from the album, “Eraser,” is also really, really good. You can check out the track below. Stream it with everything you’ve got.     Continue reading

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Streaming New Track “Lost Communion”

low by levan TK [Photo by Levan TK]

Abigail Williams have premiered a new track from their upcoming album, The Accuser, at No Clean Singing. Titled “Lost Communion”, the new track barrels forth with a seemingly endless onslaught of melodic, yet scathing guitars and thunderous blast beats. Guitarist/vocalist Ken Sorceron issued the following comments regarding the new tune:

“This is probably the most straight forward song on the album. It’s restless as we were when we wrote it and it burns like alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It reflects upon burning bridges, dependency, negativity and self-destruction. Wrote this one at a low point but it still fits like a glove.”

Check out the track now.

The Accuser will be released on October 30 via Candlelight Records.

Abigail Williams is currently on tour with noise metal legends Today Is the Day. The remaining dates can be found below.

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KOWLOON WALLED CITY Streaming New Track “Grievances”

Kowloon Walled City have premiered the title track from their upcoming album, Grievances, at Decibel. “Grievances” is a lurching, six-minute beast that stomps steadily through bulky bass lines and melodic, towering guitars. Guitarist/vocalist Scott Evans offered the following comments regarding the track:

“The song ‘Grievances’ started with the investment bankers who threw a cocktail party overlooking an Occupy protest, and ended up at a 1911 shirt factory fire where dozens of employees died because the owners had locked the exits and stairwells. The album cover is related in some ways—look up Lewis Hine’s photography from the early 1900s.”

Check out the track now.

Grievances will be released on October 9 via Neurot Recordings. Pre-order here.

TWITCHING TONGUES Stream New Track “Sacrifice Me”

Not too long ago Twitching Tongues signed to Metal Blade Records and now the band is prepping the release of their new record Disharmony. The band isn’t wasting any time because they have just unleashed a powerfully epic new track titled “Sacrifice Me.” The track is pretty rad and I’m looking forward to hearing the album in all of it’s glory soon. Check out “Sacrifice Me” below.    Continue reading

VASTUM Streaming New Track “Sodomitic Malevolence”

Vastum Promo 2015B_web [photo credit Al Cummings] [Photo by Al Cummings]

San Francisco death dealers Vastum recently premiered a new track from their upcoming album, Hole Below, at Decibel. Titled “Sodomitic Malevolence”, the seven-minute monster of a track begins with a lengthy intro of unnerving ambiance before launching into a blistering stampede of hell-raising death metal. Get your skull caved in after the break.

Hole Below will be released on November 6 via 20 Buck Spin in CD formats, with a vinyl edition to follow in December.

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THE FACELESS Reunite With Demon Carcass, Stream “The Spiraling Void”

the facelessThe Faceless have not announced a new album, but one has been rumored for a while now. It seems as if it’s coming along pretty well, as the band have unleashed a new song upon the world. The track is titled “The Spiraling Void,” but the most exciting news is that sees the return of vocalist Derek “Demon Carcass” Rydquist to The Faceless. Daaaamn, son. Stream the new track below. It’s pretty sick.     Continue reading

SHAI HULUD Stream PROPAGANDHI Cover “Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette”

shaihuludhatedShai Hulud are legendary. ‘Nuff said. The band will soon release their new EP Just Can’t Hate Enough X 2 – Plus Other Hate Songs, which is a collection of original songs and covers. Said EP hosts a cover of Propagandhi‘s “Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette,” of which you can hear right now! The cover pairs Shai Hulud with Stick To Your Guns front man Jesse Barnett and it’s pretty sick. Stream it over on AltPress right now. You can check the track list below.      Continue reading

ALL HELL Stream New Track “Graveyard Dust”

Blackened thrashers All Hell are new in my book, but this band will definitely be making waves. Their sophomore album The Red Sect will see release next month and they are streaming a new track titled “Graveyard Dust.” This track is crushing as all hell, no pun intended. All Hell have a Toxic Holocaust slowed down vibe to them. Check out the new track below and see what’s up.       Continue reading

ISLANDER Streaming New Track “Wake Up!”

Islander, a band I started digging last year, will be joining Korn on their twentieth anniversary tour coming up, but so far there hasn’t been any news about a new record for the band. Luckily, it doesn’t take that kind of news for Islander to put out some music. The band is currently streaming a new track titled “Wake Up!” that is pretty cool. I’m not digging it as much as I was anything on Violence & Destruction, but it’s cool nonetheless. Check it out below.     Continue reading