OBLIVIONIZED Streaming New Track “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up”

oblivionizedOne of my favorite groups of people, London’s Oblivionized will soon unleash their debut full-length album upon the world and, if you thought you could handle it, find out for sure. The deathgrinders have released a stream of their new albums title track. The title is “Life Is A Struggle, Give Up” and it is fucking powerful. This track hits like a truckload of bricks and keep you begging for more. Check it out below.      Continue reading

TYRANNY IS TYRANNY Streaming New Track “Pillar Of Cloud, Pillar Of Fire”

Post-noise rock outfit Tyranny Is Tyranny have premiered a new track from their forthcoming full-length, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, over at Tone Madison. The new seven-minute dirge, titled “Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire”, and it combines beautifully melancholic post-rock sensibilities and a Neurosis-esque crawl to create a very cinematic piece. Check it out for yourself at this location.

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism will be released on June 13 via Phratry Records.

GRUESOME Streaming New Track “Gruesome”

Gruesome (Exhumed, etc) have premiered their eponymous new track from their upcoming debut full-length, Savage Land, over at Noisey. “Gruesome”, as promised, is another throwback to old school death metal with its rampaging, blood-soaked instrumentation. On the track, guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey comments:

“Okay, full confession: I always wanted to be in a band that had an eponymous song, like Iron Maiden or Angel Witch. It’s the kind of thing you really need to do on your first album, though. With ‘Gruesome,’ I felt like it was the right thing to do. It’s almost like a mission statement, and since, ‘sounds exactly like ‘87-’91 Death’ doesn’t really roll off the tongue, I figured ‘Gruesome’ would work. It was one of the last songs we wrote for the album and it’s definitely one of my favorites. The lyrics are kind of a Cliff’s Notes on Scream Bloody Gore, from the burning bodies of ‘Infernal Death’ in the first verse to the zombie army of SBG’s title track in the last one. Anyway, I think it’s one of the better tunes we came up with and I hope you agree.”

Check out the track over at Noisey now.

Savage Land will be released on April 17 (Germany, Benelux, Finland), April 20 (UK/world) and April 21 (North America). Pre-orders can be placed here.

ANTIGAMA Streaming New Track “Used To”

Polish grind quartet Antigama have premiered the first taste of their forthcoming full-length The Insolent, which is due out on May 7 via Selfmadegod. The new track, which is paired with studio footage, is titled “Used To” and it will rip you to shreds with its tornado of riffs. It’s Antigama doing what they do best; delivering angular, complex grind that never fails to amaze. You can check out the track after the break.

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SHINING Streaming New Track “Framtidsutsikter

Shining-IX-Everyone-Everything-Everywhere-Ends-coverShining, the SDBM band from Sweden not the jazzy one from Norway, will be releasing their new album IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends at the end of next month and the band has released their third and final single off of the album. The track is titled “Framtidsutsikter” and, after it’s somewhat somber intro, it proceeds to crush and destroy with rage and angst. Check out the track below and get run over. YES.     Continue reading

POISON IDEA Streaming New Track “Rhythms Of Insanity”

Next week veterans Poison Idea will release their first new album in nine years and it is a doozy. The album is titled Confuse & Conquer and it’s a fucking beast. The band has released a few tracks and, with only a short time until the release date, they have unleashed a rad new track titled “Rhythms Of Insanity.” I love this band and I love this track. Check out the track below.      Continue reading

ROYAL THUNDER Streaming New Tracks “Wake Up” And “One Day”

royal thunder - crooked doorsWell, this is appropriate. I am so into Royal Thunder‘s new record it’s insane. The band has been releasing fantastic track after fantastic track and it’s not stopping, it seems. The most recent of these tracks dropped over the weekend and they are titled “Wake Up” and “One Day,” the latter of which is NOT a Matisyahu cover. So, let’s all take in the awesome rocking goodness of Royal Thunder as we wake up on this Monday morning.     Continue reading

BELL WITCH Streaming New Track “Judgement, In Fire I – Garden (Of Blooming Ash”

Seattle doom duo Bell Witch have premiered a new track from their forthcoming album, Four Phantoms, over at Pitchfork. The new track is the 10-minute melancholic monster “Judgement, In Fire I – Garden (Of Blooming Ash”, which features more auditory grief than one might be able to handle. The heavy moments are completely devastating and the more atmospheric moments are beautifully chilling and somber. Stream the track for yourself over at Pitchfork or after the break.

Four Phantoms will be released on April 28 via Profound Lore.

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PRURIENT Streaming New Track “Dragonflies To Sew You Up”

[Photo by Becka Diamond]

Experimental sound architect Dominic Fernow, better known as Prurient, has released a new track from his upcoming record, Frozen Niagara Falls, over at Rolling Stone. The new track is the chaotic yet serene “Dragonflies to Sew You Up”, which features colorful layers of electronics writhing underneath a persistent, pummeling, mechanized rhythm. Check out what Fernow calls a “chaotic and decadent mess” after the break.

Frozen Niagara Falls will be released on May 12.

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THE CROTALS Streaming New Track “Lipstick On A Pig”

Swiss sludgy trio The Crotals have unveiled the opening track from their forthcoming debut full-length, Fuel! Flames! Blast!. The track, titled “Lipstick On A Pig”, features driving, sludgy grooves and massive bass lines that venture into more noise rock territory. The raspy, throat-searing vocals are just the icing on the cake. You can check out the track after the break along with their video for “Never Sorry”.

Fuel! Flames! Blast! will be released on April 3 via Tenacity Music. Pre-orders can be found here.

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SULPHUR AEON Streaming New Track “Titans”

German death metal unit Sulphur Aeon have premiered a new track from their upcoming sophomore full-length, Gateway To The Antisphere, over at CVLT Nation. The new track is the menacing “Titans”, which wastes no time ripping you into bits. The gruesome track is heavier than the Titans themselves. Head over to CVLT Nation to check it out yourself.

Gateway To The Antisphere will be released on April 3 via Imperium Productions and Ván Records.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER Streaming GODFLESH Cover, European Tour Begins Today

One-man industrial sound manipulator and honorary cyborg Tristan Shone, better known as Author & Punisher, is currently streaming his cover of Godflesh‘s “Body Dome Light” via his Soundcloud page. The catclysmic, robotic cover comes from the Godflesh tribute album, Fathers Of Our Flesh – Tribute To Godflesh, and can be streamed after the break.

Author & Punisher‘s European trek commences today in Hamburg, Germany. The eight-date trek will see Shone alongside digital hardcore legends Atari Teenage Riot on select dates. The touring schedule can be found below.

Shone is currently working on the next Author & Punisher full-length for Housecore Records

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PHANTOM WINTER Streaming New Track “Avalanche Cities”

exc - phantom winter-avalanche cities

Germany’s “winterdoom” quartet Phantom Winter (ex-Omega Massif) have premiered a new track from their upcoming record, Cvlt, over at Arctic Drones. The track in question is the nearly nine-minute leviathan “Avalanche Cities”, which features disgustingly heavy chugging mayhem peppered with icy, melancholic post-rock interludes. Get crushed to death at this location now.

Cvlt will be released on April 24 via Golden Antenna Records. Pre-order here.


WEEDEATER Streaming New Track “Cain Enabler”

[Photo by Scott Kinkade]

Southern-fried, resin-soaked sludge trio Weedeater have premiered a new track from their forthcoming fifth full-length album and follow up to 2011’s Jason… The Dragon, Goliathan, over at Noisey. The new track is titled “Cain Enabler” and features everything Weedeater is known for; hazy-eyed, distorted sludge and raspy vocals. You can check out the new track at this location.

Goliathan will be released on May 19 via Season of Mist. Pre-orders can be found here. The album’s artwork and track listing can be seen below.

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